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Mazda MPV Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got 2 quotes from different Mazda dealer in San Diego, CA
    Please let me know if there are fair prices or I should ask them more.

    Dealer #1 Silver LX (Fully loaded) $22,800 (Tax included)

    Dealer #2 LXs (Fullyloaded) Blue, black or silver.
    Invoice price and 3000 Rebate and 1000 manager special discount.

    If I use Mazda finace, Both of them will give 1000 finace rebate.

    We have been to Toyot dealer to check SIenna and Highlander, but they don't give us any discount. All they can give us is Toyota factory rebate.
    I like Toyota car better but I guess I should buy Mazda due to our tight budget.

    Please give me any advise about the Mazda MPV.
    Thank you.
  • Hello. Thank you for your adivise.
    Can I ask which dealer did you go and buy a car?
    Because I think you had a better deal than I was offered....
  • I have another question.
    All Mazda dealer told me if I finance through Mazda, they give us $1,000 extra rebate.

    I want to pay by cash so I told them I don't need it.
    Then, the salesperson told me if I just finance for 3 months and then I re-finance so I may lose only $ 60 but I still get $1,000 extra rebate.
    Have any body ever tried this re-finance?
    Did you pay everything after 3 months?
    I don't want to end up paying so much interest.
    I prefer paying by Cash but if I will be able to re-finance in 3 months, I think I should try...????

    Also, Mocha 46, I'd like to know your dealer in San Diego.
    Can you give us any information about your dealer, please.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    Your salesperson was correct..

    Many people that would otherwise pay cash, have financed with Mazda Credit to get the rebate, then paid off the loan after 90 days..

    Of course, they are hoping you don't pay it off...

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  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Dealer #2 sounds the best if the $1000 manager discount is off of invoice. Finance thru Mazda and thats $5,000 below invoice. Can't beat that with a stick.

    The Mazda MPV is just as good a minivan as the Sienna (for my needs) you'll be saving around $7,000 by buying the Mazda MPV. The Highlander is overrated and overpriced in my opinion.
  • Thank you for your advice everyone!
    I will go to Mazda and try to get the best deal!
  • covertcovert Posts: 1
    Just bought the high end model, Loaded. Leather, DVD, Moon Roff, power sliding doors, rear a/c and heat, 4 seasons etc. Sticker MSRP was 32K, paid 25K something. A few hundred bucks under invoce, plus 4 cash back. I figure we will have this van for a while so why not load up. I was temped to get the low end model, since they are selling for about 17K, but for once in my life I got what I really wanted. The price was not to bad. Plus it is nice.

    The only I dont like is the front flip up table. I hate that. Why not put a console in there? I may try and take it out so I can buy an after market one. I like to keep snacks for the kids so I need the space. :)
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Congrats on your new MPV covert. I believe Mazda put the "front flip up table" where it is so the driver or passenger could have access to the middle and back rows quickly if the young ones started acting up, or for whatever other reason. Though it is a bit to narrow to comfortably get through. I would much rather of had a console as well. I can always lasso the youngens from the front seat if they start getting to rowdy. The console could hold the snacks and a container of moist towelettes for the messes from the snacks. :)
  • leffleff Posts: 5
    2005 MPV LX with
    - LX Plus package
    - Four seasons and towing package
    - Side air bags and traction control
    - Roof rack

    Total $23775 before rebates - $4000 rebates and $500 Zoom Zoom certificate = $19275. Plus tax, etc.

    From Sentry West Mazda in Shrewsbury MA. Good guys to deal with. Real professional.

    Van looks nicer than I orginally thought it was now that I own it!
  • aj4aj4 Posts: 14
    Got my mpv LX-SV with roof rack for 17.2 K after 4k rebates. Dealer also gave good price for my trade in to lower the overall tax. I think it is a good deal. Any opinions??
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441 that a Canadian model? What options?
    17.2k doesn't sound to shabby, even for a stripper(which are usually very well loaded). Congrats.
  • asafonovasafonov Posts: 403

    LX-SV is the base model new for 2005. According to Edmunds, the only difference is that it has 15" steel wheels with hubcaps instead of alloys. It is also possible that some options available on the LX are not offered for LX-SV, but I am not sure on this.

    My search for nice, preferably non-rental, "pre-owned" 04 or 05 MPV continues :)
  • aj4aj4 Posts: 14
    asafonov is right. Except for alloy wheels there is no real difference. Another difference is that with LX you can upgrade with different packages - LX plus, 4 seasons etc. (which I didnt want anyway), but LX-SV you cannot upgrade. My MPV has only roof rack as the extra option (although everything I wanted -cc, pw, pl, abs etc. are standard on it anyway).

    I was on a tight budget, and had a troublesome trade-in which had about 1.5k due in repairs. It was such a relief to get rid of that trade-in.

    I'm hoping to have at least 7-8 years of troublefree ownership with new MPV.
  • Was that $17.2 pre-TTL?
  • aj4aj4 Posts: 14
    yes it was pre ttl.
  • aj4aj4 Posts: 14

    After seeing all these rebates, it seems dealers are still making a good kill on each MPV they sell ($1500 dealer holdback). Combine that with the volume discount and accessories profit, I think each MPV sell is good news for dealer too.

    See the article on cnn.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    There isnt $1500 holdback in anything Mazda sells...A base MPV has holdback in the $300 range.
  • aj4aj4 Posts: 14
    Hi audia8q.

    I dont really know for sure what is the holdback on MPV. My only source of info was the cnn article (See link in my previous post). Another way I think that you know the holdback should be more than 300$ is that if you configure the same car via, it shows a price of 17K for base model. Considering there is a profit of 250$ for in it, the dealer has to have way more than 250$ profit, in order to sell the mpv profitably.

    What is your source of information about the 300$ holdback?
  • asafonovasafonov Posts: 403
    If I can jump in and answer for audia (who is certainly capable of doing it for himself), $1500 in that CNN article has nothing to do with holdback - it is the manfucaturer to dealer incentive which was in effect in November and has been renewed until the end of December (or is it 01/02/06?). This incentive information is available here on Edmunds. In addition, it mentions a $500 incentive for financing with Mazda credit at, I assume, market rates.

    aj4, good luck with your van.
  • aj4aj4 Posts: 14
    I do not agree with your comment that $1500 was dealer incentive rather than dealer holdback. If you observe closely, the article is dated Jun 2004 - not november 2005.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    What is your source of information about the 300$ holdback?

    the book of 200 or so invoices sitting on my desk. I'm a dealer.
  • Hi,

    I just got a new Mazda MPV ES. It was just great. But it did not come with a DVD system. To save a few bucks, I am thinking about getting a DVD system in stores like Best Buy or Circuit City. Can anybody share some experience about installing a DVD system out of dealership?

    Don Juang
  • asafonovasafonov Posts: 403
    Thank you for pointing this out the date on the article. I still think this was the then-current mfr-to-dealer incentive. $1500 is about 6-7% of MSRP on the MPV, it is way to high for a holdback.
  • I just purchased a 2005 MPV LX - sunlight silver metallic with the only options being a roof rack and the floor mats. Here is what I paid:

    I had a trade with a negotiated value of $6000 (about $400 below Kelly Blue Book - it was a 5 speed and was a 1999 with 86000 miles on it).

    The out the door price was $14,120 including my trade in and all of the rebates and ttl. Let me see if I can back in to what this means off of sticker. I am doing this from memory so it is probably +/- $200 or so. Did not pay for glass etching.

    Purchased at New London Mazda, New London, CT.

    Actual sticker price on the vehicle window was $23,882.

    $14,120 out the door
    $6,000 trade in
    $169 conveyance
    $85 Title, license
    $1,015 sales tax (approx.)

    $23,885 sticker
    $6,000 trade in (subtract)
    $3,000 mazda rebate (subtract)
    $1,000 Mazda american credit rebate (subtract)
    $1,015 sales tax (add)
    $169 conveyance (add)
    $85 title, licencse (add)
    $14,120 out the door price paid (subtract)

    difference - $1,034 = amount dealer (effectively) lowered sticker price.

    Total price including $4000 rebates and dealer reduction (before taxes, licence, etc). -

    23,885 - 4,000 - 1,034 = $18,851
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Congrats...sounds like a good deal frog. What's a conveyance fee though($169)...some type of dealer fee?
  • In CT they charge you around $150 to $200 for "conveyance" Basically you are paying them to fill out the DMV forms.
  • I bought another 2005 MPV last Saturday since the dearlership really gave me a good discount... 30 percent, almost $9000 OFF of MSRP! I got the Razor Blue ES model. I hope I can get the fully loaded model with all the toys for around $32K with $9600 off, but they only have four ES left... Black, White, Sand or Blue..., all of them are base ES with few options for around $29.5K with $8900 off.

    I got the Blue one since the color is not as common as the other three, plus it's a very good looking one. They don't make the Razor Blue in 2006 which make it even better for me since I want my car to be more different from others!

    The drive out price is around $20.5K plus tax... a very good deal and I am going to keep it for 5 plus years!
  • aj4aj4 Posts: 14
    Seems like a really good deal.

    Edmunds and carsdirect are showing about 23K for base ES model, after considering 4k rebates.
  • Yes, it is a very good deal! Since it is a year end inventory sell out. I will save more than ten thousand dollars for a similar equiped Honda EXL or Toyota XLE if I am going to keep the van for 5+ years (8K on initial cost and 3K on financing cost)!

    In my opinion, MPV is the most reliable van in the market if you take good care of it! I have driven the 1990 model and 2003 model, never have any problem except oil change, tires and brake services. Hope my 2005 model will be the same for the years to come!
  • I got brand new 2005 Mazda MPV-ES base model with no option
    at 30% off base MSRP ($29065) = $20345. The drive out price
    with including tax/title/tag/adv fee came to around $22K.
    I think it is a very good deal. Even at the end of the last
    day of Mazda deal that's going on right now ($4000.00 off)
    I tried to get similar quote from other dealers in the same
    area but no one gave, most of them just offered the $4000
    off. Dealer was excellent, every thing went very fine and I
    did not have any problem with pressure/haggling. My good
    research worked.

    One question though inspite of my excellent credit history
    I was offered 8.9% APR for 5 years, did anyone have similar
    experience? I am anyway going to pay off the remaining at
    the end of 4th payment!

    This new van is amazing, fits perfectly well in my GARAGE
    (compared to Sienna/Ody) and my kids love it. :)
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