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Mazda MPV Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Aside from the high mileage ;) ...I'd jump on that deal.
  • secret1secret1 Posts: 1
    May I know where are you and how did you get the price, I am in NC and seems difficult to get a price like this. Thanks
  • Where is "here" more specifically?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Here is in southern ohio in Cincinnati.

    Where is "here" more specifically?

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Numerous Dealers near my home in southern ohio have 05 MPVs Ls's and Es's which were yesterday's news 8 months ago. I counted 15 among 4 dealers.

    One Dealer has 10 count em 10 05 es 30-31k msrp MPvs Lined up along a major thoroughfare with 10K off painted on every windshield and 20xxx selling price. This has been followed up by numerous color news ads announcing the same for over a month. If they are actually advertising this god only knows what deal they would make. I drove by yesterday and egads! one actually is missing! Did it actually sell?

    -These machines are not popular
    -If a poster was correct, and this is the last year for the MPV this may also explain part of the problem
    -They depreciate from MSRP like hell ... more than Oddessey and Sienna? The 31K es wholesales realistically a little over 18k after a year.

    One may believe more aggressive deals can be made on these machines than usual (05-06)

    On the other hand, maybe the reason they're not moving is the factory has no more unadvertised support to offer.

    I guess only an inquiry toward the end of the month like now will tell.....

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Also numerous deals around here (southern ohio) on 06 Mpv's (usually Lx's) 6000-7000 off msrp advertised on windows. FYI.... Also see ads on motoralley from across country. I think they are similar. Bargain down from here.

  • nashesnashes Posts: 12
    Saw this ad in the newspaper for a new 2006 Mazda MPV LX for 16,995 (MSRP quoted is 23,075). Have a couple questions:
    1) Why more than 6000 off on this vehicle. Is it because its not selling/ not good? I guess I want input if it is worth buying!!!!
    2) The second question is how do I negotiate further> I am sure I can talk them into giving more rebates/discount - since this is the advertised price only. Also what are the other costs/fees that I have to take into consideration and
    how to negotiate that amount as I am sure they will to try to add more fees/or try to rip me off in other areas.
    3) What about financing? what is the going interest rate for someone having a good credit score?
    Thank you very much for your time guys.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    The '06 is the last year of the MPV. Plus, they've never been a strong seller, most of the minivan market wants the bigger Ody and Sienna. $6k off sticker is good, and it should already include the discounts/rebates. You may be able to squeeze a bit more out of it, but that's a fairly good price right now. You should only need to add tax/title/license in most cases. It's up to you to say yes/no to the extras they most certainly will try to add. An extended warranty might not be a bad thing if you like to pay for the protection up front, but these can also be cash pigs for dealers.

    Financing? Check with your local bank or credit union, or even some of the online loan places. The dealer will offer their preferred banks financing or even Mazda's.

  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    They really aren't selling MPV's for that much less than they did two years ago when I bought mine. I think I got my 2004 LX with MSRP of $26,000 for $20,500.

    The MPV isn't selling well, mainly because BIGGER minivans are in(i.e Sienna,Ody, DGC) well as the fact that the MPV doesn't have many of the modern features(navigation, rear back up sensor, side curtain airbags, stability control etc) that it's competitors have.

    Is it worth buying? Absolutely...if it fits your needs. I would match the MPV's fit/finish and overall quality against any other minivans. It's also has the best interior and exterior very sporty looking. Many think it resembles an SUV.

    Offer them about $600 less than what they are asking. Try to get them to throw in free oil changes. They will definitely want your business and don't want you to walk. If they won't budge, tell them you want to go home to think it over. If they let you walk...wait a couple days for a call. If they don't call back they probably aren't able to lower their price.

    In reguards to fees...don't pay any. Tax, title and license yes...any dealers fees or advertising fees, no. Focus on your out the door price, what you will pay with everything added up(price of vehicle, tax, lisence, title)...if they try to add anything just say no.

    Financing...get pre-approval from your bank. If the dealership can beat it...great. But, bring a calculator and check their figures. Good luck.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    The mazda 4/50000 mi warranty is good also.

  • nashesnashes Posts: 12
    Hi guys, thanks for your input. I appreciate your advice about looking for the "out of the door price" and getting a bank loan pre-approved.
    I am going to check out the vehicle tomorrow and will let you know how it went. Hopefully, I will be a proud owner of the MPV soon!
  • I bought my 06 MPV LX from a dealer in Roanoke,VA. MSRP was 28,370 and the out the door price was 21,409 plus tax and title. No fees of any kind. $2500.00 in mazda rebates and $4461.00 taken off by the dealer. I live in Knoxville,TN and after contacting dealers in 10 different states, the dealer in Roanoke won my business. There were two other dealers that were in the same price range and it appears that the bottom line price is somewhere between $6500.00 and $7000.00 off MSRP. I think it depends on the rebates the dealer gets from Mazda because it does vary by state. The dealer in Knoxville wouldn't budge more than $6500 off and I think its because they only had $2000 in Mfg. rebates whereas the dealer in Virgina had $2500.00 and so they had no problem going near $7000.00 off MSRP.

    I drove my car home last night with 4 miles on the odometer when I left the dealership. It now has around 260 but so far, I like the van and I feel that I got a great deal. In case your curious it has the LX Plus, Sport Package, DVD, Remote Start and Sirius Sattelite for options.

    I hope this information helps someone out there who might be looking to deal on one of these vans. My wife is not a minivan person but she loves her new car. Its sporty, has plenty of power and versatility and it doesn't look or drive like the other minivans. My wife can still be a mother and look cool and hip doing so and so this was a great choice for us.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    It is helpful. I went looking for an MPV this week with LX-Plus package, Four Seasons package, roof rack, and Side Airbags/Traction control. Those I found also had Cargo net, door edge guards, compass/autodim mirror, step plate and wheel locks. MSRP was $26,530.

    Ira Mazda in Peabody and North End Mazda both quoted $21,500. They would have offered $500 less for financing with Mazda, which I did not plan to do.

    My feeling was a really good price for that vehicle was $20,000 so I didn't buy. The same incentives seem to be in place this month, so we'll see what happens. My wife actually prefers the prior generation Toyota Sienna so if we find a 2002 or 2003 XLE we may well buy that instead.
  • I recently bought a similarly equipped MPV (w/o roof rack) as garandman for $20,200.

    I, however, took advantage of the $500 discount by financing through Mazda. Their terms were 10% for 6 years - but I plan on simply 'refinancing' through my local credit union which is at 5.75. I look at it as getting $500 for one months worth of payments @ 10%.
  • I am looking for mpv es loaded everything all options st blue color . I am comparing price on 2006 to 2005 . Can you please give me names of dealers who you see have most 2005 mpv ES on there lots thank you so much . I buy you dinner if i head out that way to buy :) . I so far have gotten st blue with all options 32995 out door 24989. You think that is good . I am in Phila Pa. area . Have a great day .
  • mom30mom30 Posts: 1
    I am closing a deal tomorrow on MPV ES w/ DVD, moonroof & 4 seasons package. is the simonize a smart move? i have 4 small children so dirt is abundant and cash is tight. they was $258 for simonize _inside and out, and $458 to warranty for 5 years, unlimited miles. Is this advised?

    what should i expect to pay for the car in total????
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    I don't know what Simonize is(fabric protection & paint sealant?)But, the majority opinion on those type of options are they are worthless. Buy a couple cans of Scotch Fabric Protection...reappply every 6 months. Wax your van every 2 or 3 months. You will have saved yourself $258 with protection that is just as good. I wouldn't buy any warranty...especially for $458(rip off)

    What to expect to pay? Well, we will need the year(new or used), miles, options and condition of van to suggest a price. But, most buyers of new MPV's are getting between $6,000 and $7,000 off MSRP. There is not a big demand for these bargain hard mom.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    The mazda dealer On Burlington Pike in Cincinnati (Kerry I believe) had the 10K off advertised for 05 MPV es. He either sold most of them or transferred them to another of his stores.

    The MPV es (around 32000msrp) is an 19000 vehicle in a year. Only a masochist wants to eat 12-13000 dollars in a year so bargain hard for at least 9000 off an 06 or 11k off an 05. This is last year for MPV so even more reason.

    If your 25000 otd price includes 2100 in sales tax and about 200 total in fees you are in the ball park for an 06.(23000) Just be aware that it is a 19000 vehicle in a year and they still aren't giving it away despite 10k off.


    Vehicle already has 4 year 50000 mi warranty so that deal seems marginal also.
  • valleyvalley Posts: 12
    Throughout July and perhaps a month earlier, SF Bay area Mazda dealers had been advertising 2006 MPV LX for $14,488 through $14,788 (before taxes + fees). There was "one at this price" nearly every week.

    It was clearly misleading advertisement - to some extent false considering they command $1,000 difference between LX and LX-SV. But I didn't know this when my wife couldn't resist the deal. I rushed a little research comparing LX with Odyssey and Sienna base models and decided I couldn't go wrong - except maybe for mileage rating.

    We went to the $14,788-dealer the last weekend of July. The salesman initially said the advertised inventory had been gone but he was willing to "see how close I can get you to this price" on a different inventory. (So much for "one at this price".)

    After feature bluffing and test drive, he magically pulled out the advertised inventory ("we hadn't sold it after all") - essentially the same except colors. We actually liked the exterior (earth green) better but my wife really hated the beige interior. (There's no color remix in MPV).

    My wife wanted a grey inventory that was actually an LX with LX Plus package. Again, at the time I didn't have full knowledge about MPV trims and packages/options :blush: . The salesman "worked" with his manager to say that the grey (LX Plus) could go for "just" $1,000 above advertisement and touted how much greater the installed options were. To me, those were all vanity options and worth nothing - not $1,000 anyhow. (But if you believe in MSRP, this LX Plus would be a much sweeter deal than the LX-SV - that's $2,250 for $1,000. In hind thought, the 16" wheel on LX vs. the 15" wheel on LX-SV has some value, especially because the two trims have the same ground clearance. I could have bargained the $1,000 down.)

    So we went back to the blue (grey interior - the only other) that I test drove. My wife wanted the lowest advertised price ($14,388). "What's the difference $300 is going to make?" he quipped. "Let's put it this way: $300 is an even less deal for a dealer," I countered. After several attempts to walk off the lot - and the salesman having "called" the other advertiser (by the same owner according to him) and claiming their inventory had been long gone, he swallowed the $300 difference.

    Throughout the 3+ hours he spent with me, the salesman said absolutely nothing about the -SV designation; even when we were haggling over that grey LX Plus, he would only talk about "options". When our MPV was nearly hit side ways by a red light runner during the test drive, the salesman even said "these cars have side impact air bags." This is downright cheating :mad: , because even standard LX doesn't include side impact air bags, nor does any package. He'd be the lousiest salesman if he didn't know this.

    In the F&I office, I bought the protection sealant for $600. I also paid a $45 documentation fee. Adding taxes ($1536) official fees ($192), my OTD cost was $16,848. Even with my excellent credit score, the finance guy gave me 10.99%. (The actual loan bank eventually reduced this to 9.59%.) MAC financing was a prerequisit for the $500 rebate advertised. The salesman and finance guy both claimed that I had to make at least 4 payments to qualify for the $500. ("You can pocket this $500 and refinance or pay off after 4 months," the salesman said.) Now this forum prompted me to read those papers I signed. I couldn't find any requirement as such. It is fair to say that F&I made a false statement.

    He also stretched some details about the sealant warranty, stressing that "even if the surface is damaged due to tree sap and bird drops, it is warranted; it is specifically written there." (The salesman also made similar statements.) Specifically written, indeed, in the following words: "Liabilities resulting from ..., bird drop, tree sap, ... is limited to the cost of professional detailing." Like most consumers, I didn't read these details before putting down my name. When I first read them at home, I knew there was a fair chance that he wouldn't make this sealant sale after contradicting the actual warranty; his chance of selling would improve if he didn't mention tree sap and bird drop. But I doubt if any buyer actually read any warranty text on spot. So their chance of making the sale improves by stretching the truth.

    But all in all, the transaction was smooth and I felt that I got a good deal - I still do, despite the misrepresentation of LX-SV as LX. Features and performance of MPV LX-SV are a lot of vehicle for under $15K. Into August and this deal is gone. As of late, $6K off MSRP was the best advertised deal. And recently, MPV disappears from advertisement all together.

    The salesman explained the deal like this: the dealer loses $3K by selling at the advertised price (hence the "1 at this price"); but Mazda pays $3K to the dealer to make up the loss in order to push for volume. (This compensation is on top of consumer oriented factory rebate.) Mazda must have stopped this $3K dealer rebate. But then, the $3K couldn't have applied to only one MPV per week per dealer. So my guess is, whoever bought an LX-SV above that advertised price during that time must have overpaid. I even suspect that the $3K applied to all MPV's, not just LX-SV.

    One last thing about the deal: I think the F&I has cheated - at least tried to - the salesman of some commission. I was too tired (after two hours of haggling around lunch time) to notice that the finance guy conveniently "forgot" that I agreed to a $6K down payment on the sales sheet, and put the entire OTD on MAC. He agreed to make a new contract the next day when I called, but not before saying that the contract may have been sent out.

    Because I already planned to make a quick pay-off, the actual financing terms wouldn't do real harm. I only came to understand this game after reading Phillips' "confession" on ( The finance guy probably knew very well that he would look bad in salesmen's eyes if I made an issue to the dealership. In his 2-month stunt as an undercover salesman, Phillips once got a $65 check for leasing an SUV at sticker price - "No explanation. No hint of where my commission had gone."

    Lucky for my salesman. I called him and asked him to fix this down payment omission before he suggested me to call F&I directly. Hope he got a hint :P
  • Is this a good price:

    $20,284 out the door, without tax/tags/title. Also does not include $500 if we finance through Mazda.

    '06 MPV LX

    LX plus package
    power driver's seats
    side airbags and TC
    cargo net
    compass/temp/autodim mirror
    rear bumper step plate
    roof rack
    wheel locks

    Thanks for any input. I'm in central Virginia BTW.

  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Do you have the All Sport Package?(includes spoiler, 17" wheels, 6-disc Cd changer) Also, maybe helpful to know the MSRP of the vehicle. Looks like a invoice minus rebate may be able to go a little lower considering the low demand of the vehicle. Did you have to negotiate that price any or was it immediately offered to you?
  • Thanks for the reply. No, it does not include the Sport package. The MSRP is 26k+ with those options. I called an out-of-town dealer and told him I was not impressed with my local dealership (true) and told him just to give me a good price (I had the VIN of the vehicle I wanted from the Mazda site) and I'd buy it but I didn't want to play any games. He called me back with the quote. From what I'm reading it sounds like a fair price to me. Also thinking I should wait for the first of the month to see what new incentives come along. It's an acceptable vehicle with those options but I'm not tied to buying that exact one.
    Thanks again for any feedback.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    I got the invoice for that vehicle at $23,973. I've read Mazda has a $3,500 rebate for the MPV, though Edmunds only lists $2,000. Take the higher rebate off and you are looking at $20,473. So, you are already about $200 under dealer invoice without the extra $500 with Mazda financing.
    So, yeah...that looks like a good price without having to play any games.

    You're getting almost 6k off MSRP. If you wanted to play "the game", and there are a surplus supply of MPV's in your area, you could probably get more off.
  • Wow, that's a good confirmation for me. Should I wait for Sept. 1 or just jump on this now?? I've let things get away before because I'm too cautious. Thanks jipster
  • I want to buy a new MPV in the next two days, but the quotes I'm getting from my local(NYC) dealers don't seem that good. I visited two dealerships and both gave quotes of invoice +500, before $3000 rebate. That would mean I get about $4500 off MSRP. From what I read on the posts it seems that people are getting $6000 or more off MSRP.

    I emailed a couple of dealership outside of my area and one of them sent me this quote. Which looks good to me but I would really appreciate any input.

    New 2005 MPV LX (no rebates)

    $18,899 out the door, without tax/tags/title.

    With Options:
    # Plus package
    # Cargo net
    # Door edge guards
    # Auto dim mirror
    # Rear bumper step plate
    # Roof rack
    # Wheel locks

    Thanks for any input. I'm in New York City.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Many are getting 6000+ off of msrp on 2006 models. Yours is 2 yrs old. perhaps 8000 is what your're looking for. Look up wholsale with 0 miles in excellent condition for your 2005 Lx in excellent condition on KBb.COM AND try to stay within 500-1000 over (or less ) for the vehicle over average wholesale for 2 sites. One dealer cleared out 7 of the $30000 ES models for about 20k (10k off) in a little over a month here so I would want about 8-9 K off yours. (26oo0 msrp)Start at 9500 off offer and move up, you cant't go down but you can always increase your offer as you read the situation. Emphasize this car was yesterday's news a year ago. And isn't the MPV being discontinued?

  • I have found out that if your Mazda dealer sold 4 MPVs this month, they were given an additional $1500 per auto. I have had some luck in getting some local dealers to give me a total of $5000 below invoice without the Mazda leasing rebate. We can swap info on dealers if you like.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    I've let things get away before because I'm too cautious.

    I hear that...I'd probably still be looking at minivans(bought our MPV in July 2004) if my wife hadn't threatened me with that frying pan. :sick:

    If there is a lot of inventory in your area it probably wouldn't hurt to wait a couple more days. Most of the MPV's I have looked at have been around the $25-$26k MSRP price range. So, there should be a lot more of this type of priced vehicle then the base models with no options. We bought our MPV July 1st 2004, and a week or two later the rebate went up an extra $500 to $3,500. So, it's difficult to know for sure about the rebates.

    Make sure you let the dealer know your purchase is contingent on a satisfactory inspection and test drive. Also, be careful not to let them slip in any dealers fees or other malarky since he has already quoted you an out the door price. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    I think you should be able to do a lot better than $500 over invoice. How many MPV's did they have on each dealers lot? If they had 4-6 or more you should be able negotiate a better price. The fact their are two dealerships goes in your favor as you can play one against the other.

    The thing you have to remember is that unless you exert some pressure on a dealership, show them you are a serious buyer...then they are going to try to squeeze as much money from you as they can. But, that is what a good salesman/dealership will try to do. Their job is to try to make the most profit.

    The 2005 MPV MSRP's for around $25,700. So, $18,899 is pretty good. But, like another poster pointed could probably do better. Be prepared to walk if the deal isn't going your way. Believe me...dealerships want to move these vehicles. You are in the drivers negotiate hard. Or, make a firm take it or leave it offer. If they don't accept...then leave, offer more at the other dealership.
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