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Chrysler Voyager/Dodge Caravan Prices Paid and Buying Experience 2003-2007



  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    People who buy Caravan and T&C do not consult CR or other sources to stroke their ego. Most don't even read CR or lurk here in Edmunds. :shades:
  • Interesting about the reflections on the Toyota dash. Now that I go back and look at it I tested it a night and drove it home at night. My wife took it for a drive during the day and then I took it back that night. I never did really drive it in the bright sun. The Stow and Go was a must for us. With the greyhounds I had to be able to seat people and at other times haul 4 greyhounds around so the seats were on the top of the list. Also, interesting on the computerized information center. My windstar had the info center in the lower right side of the instrument cluster and made it much easier to read. I was able to configure it for MPG, DTE, and temp all in one display. I am really not a fan of having to look up and away from the road to see what the temp is or MPG. However, like most things in life you adjust. I will just have to see how it goes. We are going to Jekyle Island Georgia in March (600 miles plus one way, in one shot) and that will tell me a lot about the van.
  • 150 miles!!?? I'm glad you walked out despite the distance. If you know exactly what you want, many people shop dealers on-line. Some even deliver.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I agree that it is better to have all the trip computer data displayed in the instrument cluster than in the overhead console.
    You also have an excellent reason to prefer Stow and Go.
  • on the 2008: "ugly" so I guess we made the right move on the 2007. The exterior is "blocky" and she really does not like the placement of the shifter. The power stow and go is nice but we can put them down ourselves. I wish Chrysler the best on the 2008 but want to thank the company for paying me 4K to buy one that I like.
  • Anyone know if they'll bring back the incentives on the 2006 caravan? No point in buying a 2006 if it costs more than a 2007, which still has the 3K cashish.... And if anyone knows, what do they traditionally do with the new leftover cars that now cost more than brand new ones?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,730
    Usually, when there are big year-end incentives on an outgoing model, they never really "go away". At some point, Chrysler will just pay the dealers the incentive on whatever units they have left on the lot..

    So, even though the incentives appear to be gone, it is possible that they have just been paid "upfront" to the dealer.

    I have no idea of the specific incentives on this model, or if that is the case, but I would certainly not pay any more of a net price for the vehicle this month, than I would last month.



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  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I agree with your wife on everything.
    However, the less rounded corners increase the interior volume and make the new style more practical.
    As with you and your wife, I prefer the interior of the 2007 and the $ 4,000 "Bribe" makes the 2007 a BEST BUY :shades:
    I do NOT like the shifter on the dash - either high like on the 2008 T&C and GC or lower as on my 2006 Sienna or on the Odyssey. I also do not like the placement of the cruise controls on the stalk of the steering wheel and think the 2007 T&C placement is much better.
  • Thanks for this. We figured we'd just be paying more for the 2007 since we'd missed the deal. I found a black 2006 Caravan in Spartanburg, SC for 15,104 OTD. With the power package.

    Just because I hate myself I emailed Lake Norman offering them the chance to beat it, since The Spartanburg place is an extra hour away (2.5 hour trip) and because they have the light blue color which I'd prefer, but I'm probably going to Spartanburg! :shades:
  • Well, I contacted Lake Norman, and told them about the 15,104 quote, and they offered 14,500 out the door. Almost fell off my chair since this is the same car they wanted 15,600 for. works out to about 13,900 +TTL. with our piece of crap trade-in counting for 800 dollars, we got an excellent deal. The only problem is that we haven't paid for the car. When we got there last night, the people responsible for setting up the deal were gone, so we drove the new car 60 miles home, and then today the finance guys still aren't there, so we won't be returning to sign the papers til tomorrow. I love extended test drives.

    thanks! :D
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Does the inline 4 cyl engine provide enough power for the Caravan? :shades:
  • yeah, it was decent, but we didn't buy the car. Turns out Lake Norman Chysler really are just the scum of the earth.

    So I contacted them as stated earlier with a price from a dealer of 15,104. I included the price breakdown from that quote, and Lake Norman said they'd beat it, and quoted us 14,500 Out the door. THe last time we talked they'd offered us 800 for my mother super crappy trade in. We took it.

    So we come in tonight after having this new 2006 Caravan 2 days while they got everything together. We wanted no extra warranty, so we expected to pay:

    14,500 for the car, OTD.
    - 800 for our trade in
    -3100 for our down payment = 10,600 financed.

    So we couldn't understand why they wanted 11,400. Turns out that when our dear sweet SalesWoman quoted us the 14,500 price, she was including the 800 dollar trade in. So there never was a car for 14,500. There was a car for 15,300, and after they gave us the trade in credit, the result was 14,500 OTD. Unbelievable. If the 15,300 figure sounds at all familiar, it's because instead of there being an 1100 dollar savings between their last quote (15,600) and this one (14,500) the difference was really only 300 bux. The finance guy and I argued vigorously, and truthfully had been anything less than an absolute [non-permissible content removed] we might have been willing to deal. But he was a jerk, with a smug attitude and a tired catchphrase "I can't change anything, It is what it is."

    We walked. And we will not be buying a dodge of anykind. we drove more than 360 miles in 3 trips to this dealership, and there was no way we were going to reward their underhanded dealings with even 10 cents more than we agreed on.

    Before we started the paperwork, I gave them a 100 dollar bill since we'd lost the title to our trade in. I just wonder if we'll ever see it again.

    I seriously wouldn't buy from them if they hand delivered the car and massaged our feet while my mother signed the paperwork.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Is the bottom line you had a 2 day 120 mile test drive of a 2006 Caravan SE for $100? :shades:
    How difficult was it for you to get your "trade-in" and keys returned to you?
  • Perhaps you could say that, I still want my money back. With our car, we'd never given them our keys for the trade in, so it was parked where we left it. My mom just started putting her stuff back in her old van and it was over pretty quickly.

    one casualty, we left my Daughtry Cd in their van...

    it was just dirty because when I'd sent them the price quote from the other dealership, it showed that we were getting the car for like 14,600 + TTL and the complete breakdown, so they could see that the 15,104 number did NOT include a trade-in, so for them to just subtract our trade in from their "hidden" selling price was just so wrong.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Thanks for the clarification. That is a sleazy dealership.
    When we have talked about trading, we give the salesman the spare key to take it to Used Car Sales Manager for appraising. It is not as easy to get the key back as I would desire. :sick:
  • I am in the market for a new minivan. I like the Chrysler T/C and Dodge Caravan both 6 cy short wheel base. I found several 2006 models left on the lots. I'm trying to negotiate a price. What I want to know is, have any of you ever negotiated a successful 0% financing rate without giving up the rebates? I am going to try this. Last summer I was offered employee pricing plus the 0% for 60 months. I think if me and the dealer agree on a price, Chrysler financing will give me the 0% for 60 months when we get them on the phone. I've successfully negotiated my interest rate on other items before and it works. If any of you have done this, post a message. I'll let everyone know if this works.
  • sparkybsparkyb Posts: 4

    I'm in the market for a Dodge Caravan in the Nothern Virginia area. I'm not looking for any special options outside of a V6. Any info on OTD ranges would be helpful.

    I've been reading the previous posts in this discussion and found they've been very helpful.

    BTW, I bought and still have a 95 Caravan SE. Outside of replacing transmissions, I've been very happy with it.

  • manummanum Posts: 13

    I am in the market for Chrysler T&C or Dodge Caravan - need to buy it by next week.

    My company offers a preferred price program of 1% below invoice - Is this a good deal? or is there a better deal out there?

  • Hi,
    I'm in Georgia. Around here we can purchase a 2007 Dodge Caravan SE for $13999. That's with a 4 cy engine and no power windows and cruise. They run the ad in the newspaper all the time. I test drove one of those but wanted a little more. But still that is a super price for a brand new van. They had two new 2006 fully loaded SXT caravans that they hadn't sold. The MSRP on both was just under $25,000. I purchased one of those for $17800. I saved $7000. I love it. Hope it holds up good. I believe you might want to get the 6 cy engine instead of the 4 cy.
  • I looked for a van with only a v6. The price was at least $16500 to $17000 everywhere I looked. Since I could buy a new 2007 Caravan SE 4 cy van for $13999, the 6 cy price didn't sound like much of a deal. Try to locate a new 2006 still on the lot somewhere. I got a sweet deal on a fully loaded Caravan SXT. Read my other post. Thanks.
  • manummanum Posts: 13
    Actually .. i am looking for

    SE or SXT Grand Caravan ..
  • sparkybsparkyb Posts: 4
    Thanks. I found a few dealers that still have 2006 models. I will check those out.
  • manummanum Posts: 13
    2007 GC SXT - Silver
    Premium Package

    $23,800+TTL in Texas
    Sounds ok?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter with a national newspaper is hoping to talk to consumers who currently are or just recently purchased a new vehicle and factored or will factor in where the car was made (i.e. made in the USA). Please reply to no later than Friday, March 16, 2007 with your daytime contact info.

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  • How is it that nobody has posted in 'prices paid/buying experience' since March? Especially with the 2008's now out?

    Color me confused - this is usually the busiest discussion in any Edmunds forum...

    Is there nobody buying '08 Grand Caravans? :confuse:
  • I am looking to buy an 08 right now. I am in Florida and I was quoted 19k for the 6cy SE with stow and go seats and rear air. Thats with a $4000 worth of rebates and supposedly half of their holdback and all of that off of invoice pricing. LOL! He even sent me an email with the Edmunds TMV price report on it and then a sticker breakdown showing a better way to calc it then Edmunds.

    There is a dealership claiming to be selling SE's for 14k but this guy tells me that they are lying. And that they will add something in there somewhere and it definitely won't have any options.
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