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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • trout2trout2 Posts: 13
    ^ Is that with AWD or without?

    If it IS with AWD, that is $285 BELOW invoice, and not a bad price.

    I paid $20,140 in NC for a 06 EXP Manual AWD.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Sorry yeah that is with AWD. Problem is there are NONE in the state of minnesota i have seen yet.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Feb. 2006 Internet Price Quote:
    2006 Honda Element 4WD EX-P 5-Speed Manual Trans: $20,440.00 including $550.00 destination fee.

    Feb. 2006 Total "Out the Door" figure:
    $20,440.00 Vehicle price including destination
    57.00 DOC Fee
    1,332.31 Sales Tax @ 6.5%
    143.00 New License plates or $80.00 plate transfer
    + 7.50 Joliet Vehicle Tax
  • EX, AWD, 5-spd with roof rack & rear air deflector: 21,270$ (upper NYS, not incl: additional cost: 67.50$ state inspection & paperwork)
  • I bought an stock/standard Element XP, AWD w/ auto, 2/19/06, from Autowest in Fremont, Ca for $20,777--which was $200 & almost $500 lower than 2 other dealers bids--this was an internet sale--showroom/retail sales are higher.

    Sales price excluded all licensing fees & taxes.

    MSRP: 22,325 + $550 freight or $22,875
  • I recently took a trip north towing a trailer and quad. The trailer itself is heavy duty, weighing close to 1000# empty! Add the 400# quad and a ton of camping gear in the back of the Element, and I was at or over capacity. While I certainly felt "heavy", and the car needed to downshift most of the way up the hill (10 miles of 6%+ grade), the car did OK. My last vehicle was a Ford Explorer. There is a big difference in towing capacity and handling. I would zoom up the hill in the Exp. But I would also suck gas at 14 MPG and pay $10,000 more for the SUV. I like the Element, and for as often as I will be camping with big loads, it will serve my purposes well. It is fun to drive and economical. By the way, once at the campsite, the car came into its "element". Seats down, doors open, skylite off. I think I'll buy one of those tent extensions. One note of caution!! While it didn't happen to us while camping, a few weeks later I had the doors open and radio playing (XM is great) and after an hour or so the battery was too dead to start the car. I went the next day and bought a jumper unit from Costco - $49.99. A MUST if you are going to be in far away places. The radio is too tempting to listen to all the time.
  • intheboxinthebox Posts: 1
    I was quoted $300 below invoice for a 2006 Element LX AWD (Kiwi metallic) which came to 18,660 (incl Destination) + TTL. I am in Houston TX.

    Is this a good price :confuse: ?

    Can you guys post some of the prices you got on a LX AWD?

    Thanks :D .
  • i bought a 2005 honda here in LA over the internet. (the place where i went to test-drive it were less than helpful.) i emailed all the local honda dealers. got a few responses. and the dealer i bought from was willing to tell me how much it would cost me; (i'm leasing it). learned this from my wife who's bought/leased two cars this way. great car. love to drive it. (don't have the towing package.)

    good luck!
  • What have peopel paid fro teh 6 yr/120,000 extended warranty? Any tricks to this?
  • Bought a Black 2006 Honda Element EXP AT 2WD for $19575 including dest fee. this is in california where they are selling pretty well. i suggest going through internet or fleet sales and seek outside financing to avoid the salepeople as much as possible. :) i bought mine from an area in L.A where the element isnt selling as well....(non beach community)
  • ashburyashbury Posts: 9
    I was wondering if the $20,777 cost included destination

  • mt25mt25 Posts: 1
    Used advice found on (and other sites) and gave my dealer a written offer to buy a Metallic Orange 2006 Element EX-P AWD Automatic (no options) for 20,540.00 + $550 destination. Total price: $21,090.00 before tax, license, etc. The salesman didn't blink (couldn't see him anyway- he was on the phone) and accepted the offer w/o haggling. So... my first thought was: "O.K., what did I miss? Some secret incentive or double holdback plan or something???" (It always sucks to start second guessing one's self.)

    By my calculation (barring some secret built-in profit that I missed), I gave them a 3% profit of $598.25 with the salesman getting about a $50 commission.

    Someone ease my mind or hit me with the truth: How'd I do??
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89

    That is pretty close to an internet price quote I received from a Honda dealer in Dayton, OH. I was looking for an Element EX-P AWD, automatic, and he provided a quote of $21,065, so very similar. Don't know if there is more wiggle room here, because I am going back and forth between wanting an Element or a Forester, so I haven't pursued the Element further.

    Hope you enjoy yours!

    Does anyone know when the 2007 Elements will come out -- and if they will have either curtain or head protecting side airbags -- this is the primary issue that is preventing me from choosing the Element over the Forester.

  • sssquakesssquake Posts: 8
    In Northern California, I got several quotes and they are going for invoice (like, 19900 withno options)including destination charges for 06 EX-P manual AWD. For $21065 for an automatic, they added the 550 destination to the invoice, so I bet if you offer at invoice (like 20500), you will get the car. I try bargaining with the options I wanted and no Honda dealer will do that consider the price they quoted me. Anyways, I am waiting for this Memorial day for better financing like, 1.9%. Maybe they will have a promotion or something. Than, I will certainly pick one up. I love this car!
  • rsb1rsb1 Posts: 4
    As you said about 1.9% loan coming up in May, what makes you say so ?
  • sssquakesssquake Posts: 8
    One of the Honda dealer near my area already had 0% and 1.9% long term financing for all 06s models a month ago. I have a hunch that they will repeat this during Memorial day weekend. I also went to another dealership after the promotion 2 weeks later and told them about match the rates that was advertised and they did base on your credit score of course. They first told give me 3.9% bs, and later I show them the newspaper and they check my credit and say okay. But I never got the car because I couldn't get the options I wanted for the price I wanted.
  • ces064ces064 Posts: 3
    I live in Fresno, CA. A dealer just gave me a quote for 20,875 for a EX-P AWD automatic. This includes destination fee. Is this a good overall deal? I am going to buy it in Kiwi Green and I think this car is really unique and meets my needs but I just wanted some feedback.

    Thanks :)
  • rsb1rsb1 Posts: 4
    Gee... it seems that it is a local promation. I live in Chicago area and they offer 3.8% until May 1st but I rather have 0% or 1.9%. I do not know if any dealer will tell me in advance that 0% or 1.9% will be offered soon. I guess Ill ask around.
  • Does anyone know the Element's buy-rate money factor and residual value on a 36 month least at 12K miles/year? What kind of lease prices are people getting?
  • sssquakesssquake Posts: 8
    I think 20,875 is a pretty good deal consider the invoice for awd ex-p auto is around 20,600 excluding destination. Maybe to close the deal tell them to throw in the capets or something...;-)
  • ces064ces064 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the feedback. I went out and bought the car and could not be happier. I love it in Kiwi Green. I thought it was an overall good deal. Andy by the way I asked and they gave me the mats and wheel locks. Not too bad! :shades:
  • greg_nygreg_ny Posts: 8
    :) :) Dealer always wins ! Just like in Las Vegas.
    If they lower the price of the car , they will still get you on the loan by adding few % to the rate given by the lender, extra warranty, lojack etc. - all those overpriced items make extra $$$ for the dealer.
    Very good example of such practices is
    First question they will ak is ......"how much do you want to may per month"
    They agree to one price & APR so you will give them deposit over the phone on your credit card etc. and 10 minutes later they will call you with some BS story that you do not qualify for previously given rate for some reason.....
    And if you question their practices F&I "manager" or even a sales rep will hang up the phone. (happened to me yesterday)
    90% of car sales people are BAD and not well educated, but they love to talk and will say anything you like as long as they can sell you that car.
    I was a car salesman for a while, did not make much money since I do not like to cheat unwary customers.

    Before anyone buys a car you will need to do their homework!

    Here is a good link for car buyers

    To see how the car business looks from inside you can read about all those sales managers with fake Rolexes @ :)
  • I am also in Northern California, I recieved two quotes for 2006. One for an EX-P 4WD for 20,477. The second was for a EX 2WD for 19,552. Does anyone have any advice is this a good buy? I think it is but would like any opinions here.
  • I just bought a EX=P 4WD for $20,477 (including destination charge) on Wednesday. I'm in Los Angeles. So obviously I think you're getting a good deal.
  • sssquakesssquake Posts: 8

    For EX-P 4wd Automatic for $20477 sounds like a great deal! Just make sure they don't get you on the financing if you are borrowing from them. If you have excellent credit try negoiating it down. :)
  • Hi, I ended up going with the 2006 EX 4WD Auto for 19966. I couldnt justify the extra 500 for colored panels but thats just me. I closed the deal today and I am driving it. I think I made a good deal.
  • Greeley sounds familiar. If you are anywhere near Beale or Roseville CA I suggest Honda Roseville I had a pleasant experience and got a decent deal. I hate it when a dealer is dishonest.
  • pleiadespleiades Posts: 38
    I'm starting think that the Element is the car I want, started shopping used small SUVs but the Element is so low...
    is the 2005 a good car if I find a new one? All the information I find is on the current year... Or would it be worth waiting for the 2007s to come out and shop 2006s?
    Might there be significant savings?
  • mickjazzmickjazz Posts: 21

    can you give us the name of the dealer ??


  • minpminp Posts: 1
    I was offered $20800 for EX-P 2WD after destination charge
    from Honda of Bellevue in Washington State. It comes with
    the music-link option. Seems like everyone in here is
    getting EX-P 4WD at that price. Am I getting ripped off?
    This was my first new car buying experience. I haven't
    signed anything yet, except letting them hold a $2000
    check for downpayment. I should be at the dealer
    tomorrow night to close the deal. Please, give me few advice.
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