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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sssquakesssquake Posts: 8

    Yes you are being ripped off! $20800 is almost MSRP. They are selling at invoice including destination charges. For a 2wd exp automatic is like $19400 so just add $200 for the ipod link and you are looking at $19600 plus tax & license. Get your deposit back and walk. Deal strictly with internet manager/fleet manager to get a better price. G.Luck.
  • lukus99lukus99 Posts: 5
    Hi ,

    How's this for a deal: I am being quoted 16700 for a LX 2WD AT here in California.

    How come no one wants an LX?:)
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Got a quote for a 2006 EX-P AWD with a 5-speed for $19,790
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    I have been offered a new 2005 Element EX 4WD automatic for $18,200.-- incl. dest. charge, here in SoCal... I feel like jumping at it but mama doesn't like the idea much...

    longing for an Element ........ :-I
  • pleiadespleiades Posts: 38
    I'm looking at the LX, manual trans.....the EX has some things I'm just not interested in at the price..where are you buying? I'm in LA and I'd been hoping to say under 18,000.
    How much does the tax and all the other things that add on to the price come to?
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Tax, lic. and fees add to almost exactly 10% of the bare price. With a quote of $18,000.-- you will drive off for just under $19,800.--.
    Personnally I do not think of the LX as a good value considering how much more one gets for the relatively modest price differential. chris.
  • lukus99lukus99 Posts: 5
    Pleiades, I'm buying in nocal. It seems like they might be giving better proces on LXs because a lot of people are going for EX-P (Personally, I don't like the colored panels).

    cwalti, you're now making think I should go EX:)

    Anyone else wanna chime in?
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    You say nothing about 4WD or FWD, so I assume that is unimportant but why a manual trans? I would agree that a Civic Si would be a lot of fun to stir up the gear oil manually, but an Element?
    Back to EX vs. LX...
    The EX has all 4 seats in the high grade fabric, the sound system 270W with Kelton bass and 6 CD changer is plenty for all but the most fussy customers, the alloy wheels look much better then the full covers,

    16" alloy wheels
    • Front side airbags w/ passenger-side Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS)
    • Remote entry system
    • Metallic blue or solid black composite body panels on select EX models
    • Map lights
    • Overhead storage compartment
    • Passenger-side seatback pocket
    • Driver-side (front and rear) seatback bungees
    • Steering wheel-mounted audio controls
    • MP3/auxiliary input jack
    • 270-watt AM/FM/CD audio system with MP3/Windows Media™ Audio (WMA) playback capability and 7 speakers including a 6.5" patented DLP (Dynamic Linear Phase) subwoofer
    • XM® Satellite Radio†
    • Waterproof FXC™ fabric on front and rear seats
    • Driver- and passenger-side armrests
    • Steering wheel-mounted audio control

    ...all this for less than $1900.--

    Again your needs may be unique...

    I bought a '91 Accord LX new, still have it but whished I had opted up for the EX, especially since I do keep cars for a long time... I plan on keeping this Accord for another 10 years... :-)

  • mickjazzmickjazz Posts: 21

    Anyone heard rumors of upcoming low interest financing, like the 1.9/60 of last april?

    just wanted to wait a bit if it might be around the corner.


  • sssquakesssquake Posts: 8
    If you are in ncal you just miss it. It was on last weeks paper. Winter Honda in Antioch/Pittsburgh and Honda of Oakland both had long term 0% APR. I believe max borrow is $15000 with credit score above 715 for 48 months. GREAT deals. Don't worry it will come back again on Memorial Day...
  • lukus99lukus99 Posts: 5
    darn, just missed it. ca't really wait till memorial day..oh well, i guess i'll have to pay in full (i hate writing big checks)
  • pleiadespleiades Posts: 38
    Does using Cost co or AAA buyer assistance really help?
    Can their "fleet" prices really be better than shopping around?
    what about waiting until the new models are due?
    How low will car dealers go on a slow day?
  • monty_hallmonty_hall Posts: 2
    I picked up mine yesterday. 4WD EX auto trans: $19,562.00 + tax and registration.

    That price is invoice minus dealer holdback minus $500 dealer cash from Honda passed on to me, in other words it's net cost to dealer. It is an advertised internet special on Herb Chambers of Boston website, and another dealer verified that $19,562 is net dealer cost on that model, including the $500 dealer cash that goes 'til the end of May. I also picked up the 8 yr 120k mi warranty for $1074.

    Honda also has low financing for the Element until end of May, I financed for 4.9% 60 months. 3.9% / 36 mo is also available.

    What a deal!
  • monty_hallmonty_hall Posts: 2
    Oops..forgot to mention, the $1074 is HondaCare 8yr/120k mile, not some private warranty garbage...
  • dombrodombro Posts: 1
    I am looking to lease a 2006 EX-P AWD manual transmission and just wondering what others are getting for monthly rates on a 3 year 12K mile?
  • pleiadespleiades Posts: 38
    Hmmm....talked me into it......Ok, forget replacing the patio door for a year or in Ca anyway, little rain. I'm really not interested in the music features (though the six cd sounds handy). K-mozart kinda' a woman...few long road trips.
    Manual trans because I've been shifing all my life and I don't mind, saves money and I really think a four cyl. performs better (maybe because my last automatic was owned 30 years ago). Best quote so far (internet) $18,200. Everything (think that was for EX, man, 2wd)
  • Yes the dealer is Autowest in Roseville CA.
  • now1now1 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to buy 2W EX auto in NC.
    If I pay between 19000-19500 including dest. charge, would it be a reasonable deal?

    by the way, what's different with LX, EX, EX-P?
  • lukus99lukus99 Posts: 5
    Actually the EX does not have 6 disc changer. It does have XM though. I was in the same situation as you thinking baout the LX but splurged for the EX. I drive my cars to the ground so I'm want to enjoy the "little" luxuries. Ended up paying about 18400 for EXD, 2WD , AT here in Norcal. It was about 20300 OTD.

    Good luck!
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    'Fur Elise' and 'Ride of the Valkyre' sounds a heck of a lot better on a 270W system of the EX then on the generic LX system. If you like classic music and appreciate crisp and clear sound this should be a plus in itself. As for MT vs AT, I think it would be worthwhile condsidering the AT for this vehicle. I grew up in Switzerland where 99.99% of all cars are sticks. Automatics have come a long way, and if you research the site you will see that the automatic gets 2 mpg more on the fwy then the manual shifter. To scoot through SoCal traffic I wouldn't even consider anything but an AT... If you are a bit savy I think it should be possible to drive a 4WD EXP Element off the lot for close to $20,000.-- in L.A. county...
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    I think this is a good time to buy an Element.

    My brother in law just drove a 2006 Pilot 2WD EX-L DVD with running boards, mudguards, wheel locks, and mats off the lot for $31,100.--. I thought this was a smoking deal!!! I would be happy to make the connection to MY Honda pusher... I got three, my brother in law has two and mother in law has an 06 Accord EX... :-) (-: Chris.
  • missbethmissbeth Posts: 2
    I want to buy a honda element but a review said that they bog down when you have 150 pounds in the back or more. I want to buy the ex-p but I dont know that much about them.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    That has to be a bunch of carb... 150lbs cannot even bogdown a Yugo... Go look at one at your local Honda pusher. They arebuilt like a tank and will easyly last you 20 years if you look after it a bit...
  • mickjazzmickjazz Posts: 21

    After a long search for a 'good price' on a awd ex auto i found a dealer in oregon who would sell me the car for about $700 under inv incl dest.

    Because we are not near the dealer at the present time we were going to buy the car sight unseen and then pick it up a few weeks later. his price expires he says on 5-31-06 i guess when the $500 dealer cash from honda also ends.

    no problem, even tho i thought about issues with the paint or something like scratches whatever. i asked him how many miles on the car and he told me on the phone 8 miles.

    so he sends the purchase paperwork - about 10 days late - and on the odometer statement it says '54 miles.'

    my wife thinks and i kind of agree with her that this is not the original car which has probably been sold and the car in question is likely a demo car but it may have been driven over from another dealer.

    anyway we are now going to go to the dealer before the end of the month to see any car we buy before we buy it.

    it just sounds a bit fishy.

    what do you think?

    thx mike
  • pleiadespleiades Posts: 38
    I'd never be tempted to "buy" sight unseen" unless I had recourse. If it's been sold before, that would be on record and it's a used car.
    Picked up my new LX today, miles=49, they drove it from another dealer because they didn't have the one I wanted at Gardena H. I'm told they need about 200 miles of easy, various speed driving to fully "break in" evenly, so the way I see it, they helped.
    My car had a few "rubs", but I don't worry about pristine, it also came with wheel locks, a tray and mud flaps I didn't have to pay for and it's only a matter of time before some idiot bangs it with his car'm not going to worry about anything minor.
    I hope you get what you want and a good deal! I'm very pleased with mine, I put about another 150 miles on it today getting used to it (getting lost in OC looking for the Container Store and a place to eat). I loved it!
  • pleiadespleiades Posts: 38
    18,090.88, total (car, delivery (included in all their estimates), documentation, alarm, tax)LX, 2wd MT. Mud flaps, a back tray and wheel locks thrown in because I didn't want them and they didn't want to take them off. A little song and dance about "protection" plans when I asked about installing an alarm and whether it would effect my warranty if installed elsewhere (answer, yes it might/would in the event of electrical problems (client telling long sad story about running between dealer and instller when problems developed))Alarm at $595 between my estimates from local profesionals (400 to 700). Later wished we had been more specific about what exactly was going to be installed, but I haven't had a problem with them yet, so don't expect it to start now.
    Went for a long drive today, down to OC on PCH to get used to it, easier than I thought in spite of it's size. Really enjoyed driving my new Element! Funny time trying to figure out windsheild wipers...must read book.
    Gardena Honda, internet department...lots of talk online, saved me lots of time
  • philcarphilcar Posts: 2
    only mag I found mentioned wind noise at highway speed.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Congratulations!!! The thing is built like a tank and will last you a lifetime...!!! Crank up Brahms abd Dvorak and you will be in 7th heaven!
  • pleiadespleiades Posts: 38
    Thank you! I am most pleased! You must be psychic, making some "car copies" of favorites today, Brandenbergs, The Four Seasons...Jai Uttal...
    I just need to get used to the "spacial" quality, backed into a post wisely placed at complex to protect outside faucets, significant "thump", thought "darn, there's my first ding!" to work and looked, not a mark on it! But I need to go out and practice moving around accurately, backwards.
  • pleiadespleiades Posts: 38
    I didn't notice wind noise, road noise though and it's a bit bumpy, maybe because it's new. Rides more like my ex's 3/4 ton stepside than my bosses new 4-runner. I don't mind it but I see why it would bother some. It doesn't ride like a comfort car and our CA freeways...well, more like an off road experience. We need to re-elect Arnie so they can continue fixing them.
    I was never a fan of cushy cars, don't know why.
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