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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jwalzerjwalzer Posts: 1
    I would like to pay $20,000 for an loaded Element EX-P (auto, AWD) including tax, title/plate. is this reasonable?

    One dealer is offering a loaded Element for $21,677 w/o tax, title/plate. I'm thinking they should be able to knock off at least $1,000 on this price if not more.

  • mickjazzmickjazz Posts: 21
    I finally found a dealer in oregon with the ex awd auto i wanted - arctic blue - and picked it up sunday. purchase price $20027 not including tax and titling. had to pay $50 for a temp 30 day permit as i am titling it in utah. No access on the car which the dealers will often load up in oregon. Not the cheapest price i found but within a few hundred and the others were in calif where you must pay the 8.75% sales tax regardless.

    FYI the dealer - ron tonkin - was very good but it did take hours to get out of there even tho signing the papers only took 10 minutes! the finance person did offer me a 7yr/90000 ext warranty with $100 ded for $1200 and seemed to be surprised when i turned it down.

    i fiananced it with honda credit as they had 4.99 for 48 months just for the weekend i think. not great like the 1.9 i got in april of 2005 on my first element but ok for the times.

    car drives just like my other one but has different wheels and the audio controls on the steering wheel which is nice.

    we really like the gray and blue interior of the arctic blue model.

    good luck to all.

  • cperficiocperficio Posts: 1
    I purchased a new LX w MT at my local dealer for $16,500. It had zero miles on it. I've never driven an Element and I just LOVE the seating position...I could drive ALL day.
  • takytaky Posts: 13
    Go online and buy the carpet floor mat. They make the element looks even nicer and it helps reducing the interior noise. It is $112 at this online vendor
  • takytaky Posts: 13
    The EX audio system plays MP3 and WMA CDs. Each CD can hold more than 200 songs. There would be no need to get a 6 discs changer.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    LX vs EX should be a no brainer. If one totals up all the benefits from overhead storage, to better stereo inc. XM, MP3 jack, to nicer wheels, to better rear seat quality, remote entry/lock, map lights, seatback pockets... All this and more for $1875.-- or less depending on your negotiations. For me the EX is a bargain in comparison to the LX features. This same assessment goes for the entire Honda line, I would never even consider an LX model over an EX, - ever!
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    ...go look at and my last post...

    And then go to a dealer to just poke around a bit...
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    ...what color?? :-)
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Yep, they should... Where are you at? So Cal?
  • I'm near Harrisburg, PA and have my eyes on an Kiwi Green 5-speed 2WD EX-P and received an offer for $20757 out-the-door ($19590 + $1167 in taxes). Before-taxes invoice is $19158, before-taxes MSRP is $20675.

    Is this decent, or you think I can whittle them down a bit? Looking forward to my Element!
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    " For me the EX is a bargain in comparison to the LX features."

    I agree.

    "This same assessment goes for the entire Honda line, I would never even consider an LX model over an EX, - ever! "

    I agree.
  • smeadowssmeadows Posts: 1
    I am planning to buy an EX-P in the next few days. I was quoted an internet price of 19,900 + tax, tags, etc. I live in the Washington, DC area.
    Does that seem reasonable? MSRP is 22.325. Still deciding on what color. Love kiwi but not sure if I will get tired of it over time...
  • I got my EXP - (a 2wd manual) - $20000 out the door, or around 18800 + taxes. I ended up with the tangerine -- awesome color, but the green's cool too.
  • tterragtterrag Posts: 1
    I just now (today) purchased an '06 Ex-P AWD in Kiwi...

    I was quoted $19,700 and after taxes/etc. it came to $21,577. 2.9% for 36 months.

    I was pretty happy with the dealership (Northern California), but there was one thing that soured the experience a bit.

    After I had agreed to the price and came in to sign papers and fill out the credit application, the finance person informed me that there was an additional $695 charge for the anti-theft system. The window sticker lists "Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System" as a standard option. So, my question is, did they try to charge me $695 for something that I should have gotten for free? I have a call in to the dealership to ask, but I'd love to hear if anyone else knows about this one...

  • dhnsxdhnsx Posts: 5
    What's the average price everyon's payin' for Elements these days? thanks in advance!
  • Hey Car_Man.......we need a Lease thread for the Element!! Or am I the only one? If your are monitoring, thanx for the numbers on the CX-7

    I'll need MF & Residual for...

    06 EX-P
    MSRP: $22,325
    36 / 12K year
    Los Angeles

    Thanks in advance!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,334
    Here you go:

    Honda Element: Lease Questions



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • soulsssoulss Posts: 1
    Hello. I bought a '06 EX 2wd automatic silver with blue trim for $19,050.00 (MSRP=$20,975.00 Invoice=$19,556.00 OTD=$20,019.50 + $750.00 for 5 year 60,000 mile warranty)in NC. Does this sound like a good deal?
  • I am Hunting for EX-P 4WD
    and two Dlr
    quoted me with 22.5-22.7
    19890 Invoice
    300 + reasonable Profit
    800 + installed option (tire lock and other blah blah)

    I still think that I can bring him down by 1K
    I quated 21000 (Out of door) and the sales guy tried but could not make it.
    I am sure he will agree on 22000 Out of door but want to get little better because I am current grad and gonna pay hafty on APR 10+ :cry:
    as allways any suggetion is warmly wel comed
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I think tire locks are $35, so if the blah blah blah stuff is like pinstriping and fabric guard, replace 800 with less than 100, eliminate the 300, and get about 1000 off.

    I would want $2500-3000 off MSRP of these vehicles as they have mediocre resale. Especially with 10% interest. Hit all the sales managers in your area the last few days or so of AUG.


    quoted me with 22.5-22.7
    19890 Invoice
    300 + reasonable Profit
    800 + installed option (tire lock and other blah blah)
  • Thanks JFRITSCH
    You mean I should stick to 21000$ (OR even less? ;) )
    the dealer quated Invoice Price is 600 less than what edmunds price is. this is what stops me from bringing edmunds in nagotiation.
    so far the best price i noticed in this thread is 217XX
    so I am thinking if i will get 21.5 with my choice of color i will close the deal.
    ALso my credit is not too great 650+/-5 My credit unions are asking 9.9 & 11.2 is it a good idea to check the rate with multiple sources like e-Loan and dealar financ or just stick to my credit union? because multiple hits on my record can bring it down further.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I thought the msrp or an exp awd auto was 22800 with a invoice of 21300. Perhaps you have an manual in mind.

    I have purchased many autos (most of them used fleet cars for my and others businesses and parts, but numerous new cars also and have also sold cars. I am not an expert on credit, but one national source, other than CU's may be desirable, as they are supposed to have the rep of being local and for the little guy, this may or may not be the case. Having the financing out of the dealers hands are a plus.

    You'll find that the only true price that matters is ... Price. (with or without taxes for your state---OTD) Working 2 or 3 dealers probably won't do it. Especially by clicking on quick quotes from edmunds, etc. A Few dealerships in an area pay for exclusive rights for zip codes from these sites and your 2-3 quotes from these will many times be non competitive. (within 100 of each other) Better to use dealer locator from manufacturer site and use Faxes (2nd best emails) to get 15-20 +

    I have run across two resources over the years that are useful to car buyers.

    1) Braggs fighting chance package (34.00) (Most modern) buy it for your auto, read the market survey and fax as many sales managers in Dallas Fort worth and any other locality you would be willing to drive. Many use emails to internet managers or store managers but the Faxes (following instructions) seem to have a weeding out quality of the turkeys who don't really need to make a sale. You get about 50% response to your 15+ contacts. Easy to do with fax software, addressing them by name and personal fax # (if any) Bragg basically tells it like it is and :

    -the fact that new cars are commodities and must be acquired like any commodity (Soybeans, Corn, Wheat etc)putting many managers in a competitive bidding situation, never setting foot in a place except for a test drive, and the winning few bidders.
    Walking into dealerships to negotiate the deal is a fools game. In the past and especially now.

    - You have no way of knowing what the dealer's true cost is as the invoice has become a rather nominal figure in the last decade. Lotsa profit is in bonus money for meeting sales targets etc at the end of months/qtrs. Braggs method stresses trying 10=20+ dealers in an effort to find 1 or 2 standouts who will sell at a loss/low profit deal just to book a sale. make his numbers toward the end of the month .

    -Spend some money on Amazon (may be updated) or save some at the library and eventually read the classic "Dont get taken every time" by Remar Sutton (1981) Been in the business and it is the most accurate description I have run across, excepting a few magazine articles. Also a fun read.

    There you have it, for 34.00 and a library card you can learn more than 99% of new car purchasers 95% of salesmen themselves (there is a high washout rate and even I when I started years ago couldn't understand why the store would let go of some cars for a song and stubbornly hold out on others) This info will last you for life.

  • My Mistake. I missed to mention I am Looking at Automatic.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I think auto exp is 22800 msrp. I believe this car wholesales for 16500 in a year. So I believe 3000 off wouldn't be giving it it away this late in the model year.

  • tterrag
    hey is this auto or mannual?
    and you mean you finally paid 21577+ 695 ?
    I am also looking for Ex-p AWD auto Kiwi green.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    More than I would have spent but I don't have Element fever (anymore) :)

    750 is rather pricey for 2 years extension of 1/2 the warranty (not Bumper-Bumper)? (the factory is 3/56 BB and 5/60 powertrain?)

    In any event if it is hondacare (hopefully) D56 (no deductable) warranty it is available from (Saccucci Honda) for $405 (plus a 25 certificate for honda extras or parts)

    I Believe your hondacare warranty is cancellable within 60 days so go beat your dealer to refund 350, extend the warranty, just cancel and forgo the warranty or go to Sacucci -- internet.

    If not hondacare obviously cancel it immediately (if possible) and possibly get hondacare from Sacucci. If you have 750 to spend look at 80 - 100k warranties available and more years extension than 2.

    IMO 750-$405 is also expensive for 2 years of non power train warranty for just years 4 and 5. This may be even less as many will have 80000-100000 K miles by year 5. Add in the fact that the car may get totalled... or worse repoed (++++ does happen folks )

    These warranties (even at Sacucci and other internet prices ) should be a poor investment for a honda. (In fact the insurance actuaries bet on it, even with the lower $ they pay for labor)

    35-80000 miles should be the sweet spot for any car, and with honda you should be into outer space for reliability (after all, this is why we are coughing up $$ for a honda in the first place right?)

    After the initial 35k break in almost any ext warranties can be almost pure profit for most car makers, this should especially be the case with honda.

    Most of you should self insure. (esp with 3/36 and 5-60000 powertrain std.)

    Just my 2B. (Y'all asked)-- Ive made all the stupid mistakes before to advise others.


    Hello. I bought a '06 EX 2wd automatic silver with blue trim for $19,050.00 (MSRP=$20,975.00 Invoice=$19,556.00 OTD=$20,019.50 + $750.00 for 5 year 60,000 mile warranty)in NC. Does this sound like a good deal
  • :shades:
    Hi all
    I finally joined the "E" Club and closed the deal at 20485+ T&T(6.25 in Tx ) for
    EXP 4WD Auto Kiwi green
    I know I paid 500 over but I was tired negotiating with Chinese Manager and Sales guy.
    I just gave up and closed the deal I did not had option to go to any other dealer in Dallas because no one else had Kiwi Green color and swap would have added its 100 or 200 extra on it.
    Big thanks to JJF for giving me courage to stick to my price.
    My own experience at Lute Riley Honda Richardson did not ended up good. The whole place was like a big circus place and as soon as they know you are a big bargain customer everyone starts behaving differently. The manager took 10 minutes to decide weather to throw front window tinting for free or not even after I told him that I know it costs him <60$ I personally liked Rusty Wallis Dallas. I will suggest everyone to try them first.

    Unfortunately I will get my car tomorrow because I changed my financing co y&#146;day and need to finish paper work.
  • Test drove an element last week. Had a blast! It'll be my first honda. After unsucessfully trying to locate an 06 AWD Manual or an EX 2wd Manual or automatic, I ordered an 07 Element LX AWD manual for $18000 ($19200 after all taxes, title, doc fee, etc)($17500 after trade). I'm hoping it was a good deal since, I was not able to find an invoice price. Anyway, it will be here between 11th and 15th of this month. The only upgrade (besides stereo), I'm wanting to do is swap the wheels for the alloys. I might see about them adding it into the cost of the vehicle (hoping I can get a credit for old wheels and dealer discount for alloys). Anyone know if they normally do this? I'm in the Raleigh NC area.
  • Hi. New to this. Just bought an 06 EX AWD Auto Silver Metallic. Used Edmunds to get 4 quotes in my area (Riverside, CA). Closest dealer was highest at $20300. Cheapest was 35 miles away at $19300. Also tried Costco's pricing - their dealer was the one that gave the cheapest via Edmunds. Spoke with dealer's Costco salesman, made appt., drove 35 mi. through heavy rush hour traffic. Meet salesman and he says, "Oops - we don't have your vehicle." Clod. Called 2nd cheapest dealer ($19500) who also doesn't have the vehicle. We go home. Called closest dealer (highest bid), told him I would buy it for $19300 - he counters for $19500. Deal! Plus, got Honda's 2.9% financing. Happy! Love the Element. :)
  • Bigworld2000

    Could your let me know which dealer you bought from? I am in OC and looking to buy an Element. Thanks!
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