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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yesterday my wife & I purchased a new 2008 Honda Element EX AWD Auto for $20,300 - delivered to my door. I'm in Portland, Or.

    Being a rainy city, these plastic boxes are a relatively popular car in these parts, so there didn't seem to be any mass discounting on the '09.

    We didn't purchase any accessories as we'd rather live with the car for a few months and decide what we really need/want.

    I got the run around at one Honda dealership on the west side of Portland, where the sales guys actually lied about the EX on their lot being sold, as they were trying to get rid of their last LX. We'd even made an appointment with a salesman to come in and buy the EX. My wife and I got so sick of their games, we left empty-handed. 3 days later and both the EX and LX are still sitting on their lot. Fools.

    We wound up buying from Griffith Honda in the Dalles (1.5 hours from Portland). I called them up and they gave me the price of $20,300 (delivered to my door) straight up. Did the whole deal over the phone/email and had the car roll into our driveway about 3 hours later.

    Maybe I could have got a slightly better deal if we kept shopping around, but the guys at Griffith were straight shoots, a pleasure to deal with, and therefore we were happy to give them our business.
  • I told the dealer I'd give them a plug, so here goes.

    I had been calling just about every dealer in southeast for about a month, I became somewhat discouraged because I know I should be able to get a deal somewhere. right? Unfortunately, I always had to go through the typical crap, eventhough I always asked for the out-the-door price (which I never really got). For a while, I stopped looking, yet yesterday (2/27/09) on a whim I re-searched the certified pre-owned Honda site and came up up with a hit at King Honda World in Auburn , Al.

    I noticed they had nearly exactly what I was looking for listed on their web site, a certified pre-owned 2008 Honda Element LX FWD 5AT with appx 10,000 milles on it. This was the only Element listed on there web site at this time (2/27/09). It had no price on it, it just said 'Call us'. I was quite hesitant, I just knew I was going to get some sales pitch that would somehow end up with talking about things I did not want to discuss , like trade-ins , rebates or monthly payments.

    I called, and I nice lady answered the phone. She didnt throw out any sales pitch or anything, she just asked how I heard about them and how she could help me. I just said if the vehicle listed on your site is still available and is as good as shape as it looks from the photos, I'd like to make an offer. She said Ok, and I just said , $16,000 out-the-door, thinking I'd might as well start real low. She said Ok, let me go see about this. I dreaded what was coming due to dealings with several other dealers. She came back and said , $16,375 out-the-door. I was puzzled for a moment, this sounded to good to be true. I really could not believe it ,so after several minutes of disbelief and asking her , 'what's wrong with it?', or 'you mean $16,375 and that's all, nothing tacked on?.., no gimmicks?,.. TTL price right? , drive away price right?!'. After about the third round of repeating questioning, she politely transferred me to the manager. I repeated myself again and stressed about how upset I would be if I drove the 4hr from Huntsville, AL only to find the price changed , or did not include something. He said $16,375, that's it, I assure you cause I'm the one who quoted the price. I said I'll be there tommorrow.

    Long story short, it is now the day after and I am happy and still a little amazed and bewildered. Of course, I inspected the vehicle and gave it a good test drive prior to purchase, and yes It was exactly in the condition described, excellent. I'll end this with the complete stats:

    Dealer: King Honda Car World in Auburn, Al
    Vehicle: certified pre-owned 2008 Honda Element LX FWD 5AT
    Milage: 10,000
    Condition: Excellent
    Color: Black (gray interior)
    Appx Sale price: 15,630
    Appx sales tax: 530.00
    Doc Fee: 199.00
    License: 16.00
    Total out-the-door price: $16,375

    Did I do good, or what?
  • saw11saw11 Posts: 4
    Beware Prime Honda in Saco Maine. I tried to purchase a 2008 AWD EX leftover in December, and they used 2 distinctive tools to try and up the purchasing price;
    1. After a few phone calls to inquire and begin the interest portion of the deal, they stated a price on the phone that seemed in the correct ballpark for this car. When arriving to have the face to face encounter, they denied stating that price and said to me, "you must be mistaken!".
    2. I was trading a 2004 EX AWD with 56K on it, and after a 40 minute delay and having never looked at my Element, they came back with a price in the $8K range for my trade! Book was $11.5-$12.5K.
    I was astounded and stormed to the door of the dealership, which they had locked because of the severe wind that day.
    I demanded to be let out of the store while glaring at them.

    In a nutshell, Prime Honda in Saco Maine are basically a group of low-class liars who try to screw anyone who goes there.
    I ended up buying a 2009 RAV4 AWD 6 cylinder and will never again, consider going to a Honda dealership, especially Prime Honda in Saco Maine.
    THey also tried calling me back 3 times in the next few weeks but I would not return their call. I will not continue any relationship with a group of liars!
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Now isnt it a little unfair to label a brand for what a dealership does? I know that most of the Honda dealers i went to in MN were almost as bad as that dealership sounds. They offered me in 2006 5K for an 01 chev silverado 4x4 custom, never even looked at it. It booked for around 10K at the time. I sold the truck on my own and went to Walser Honda in Burnsville and was treated very well.
  • chill77chill77 Posts: 1
    Hi gang,

    First time poster here.
    I'm looking to purchase a 2WD EX - Automatic. I'm located in the South Bay area of California.

    A few internet quotes I've obtained so far seem rather high when compared against some of the other posts I've seen on here recently (circa 20k otd). Has the reduced supply for the element raised prices? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. The quotes I've obtained so far are:

    $24, 097 (out the door price)
    $24, 000 (out the door price)
  • miffedmiffed Posts: 36
    I just purchased a 2009 EX 4x4 from Rolling Hills Honda in St Joe MO 22,800 otd. It's Orange and I love it. Rolling Hills was great doing business with for all of those who won't deal with you keep looking there is always a bright spot on the horizon. Would I buy from them again ABSOLUTELY. :)
  • gerarygerary Posts: 1
    I have been offered $21,700 for a 2009 EX 4WD 5A before tax, etc. in Lynnwood, WA. Am I receiving a fair deal? Thanks!
  • elenarainelenarain Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I am looking for a Honda Element EX 4 WD in western Washington and would like to apply the cash for clunkers tax credit to my purchase....I am paying cash and want to know what is reasonable to expect to pay...(ie: what is the invoice on these cars and how is the credit being applied)

  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Has anyone bought an Element since July of last year?
  • jrw118jrw118 Posts: 14
    I bought my husband a certified used 2006 Element EX AWD in October 09. It had 10,668. I paid $15,465 before tax and warranty. I bought the extended warranty to 100,000. for about $1200. really wanted peace of mind. It had some extras like roof rack and side rails. My hubby loves it. I have also used it with my two kids and two huge car seats and no issues. A little hard ot get my little guy in because the seat is set far back, but they have a lot of room.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798

    Sounds like you got a very good deal.

    I was looking for info on new Elements. But, it does not look like too many new Element buyers are posting, or there are just no new Element sales...
  • n4lbn4lb Posts: 3
    Is a price of $21,000 for a 2010 a good price for a LX model? I'm in TN.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    edited March 2010
    What does that price include? There are two AWD LX for sale in no. VA at 20,769 which is 500 over invoice. And another dealer here swears they will beat that price. We're trying to decide between the LX and EX.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Do those of you who drive Elements find them to be comfortable?
  • nicmartnicmart Posts: 3
    I find my 2008 Element's seat to be plenty comfortable. I also have a 2002 Honda Accord EX, and I get lower back pain when I drive the Accord for many miles, while I do not with the Element.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    I have a 2007 Element EX and I find the seats in mine comfortable. Keep in mind im also 6'5 so being a taller driver isnt a big deal. Only thing i wish it had which isnt a big deal on these is a lumbar adjustment.
  • nicmartnicmart Posts: 3
    My '02 Accord has lumbar adjustment, but kills my back on long trips. My Element has no adjustment but causes me no back grief. Go figure.
  • n4lbn4lb Posts: 3
    I have been looking for a 2008 element the last few weeks and can't find one that is not got problems. Looking for mileage about 30K or less. Red, Orange, Plum or Green. Not Gray or Black. Would also consider a 2009. Would like to be within 150 miles of Nashville Tn. Anyone know of one for sale?
  • n4lbn4lb Posts: 3
    It's a two wheel drive EX model with very few miles on it.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    They really hold their value, don't they? My son bought a new 2010 EX AWD today for 22935 in MD. A 2WD would have been about 1250 less - so I think new is a better value.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Really??? Aint that some shhhi something else i mean. The only thing i could complain about on my seats are the head rests but 2007 and after i believe they had to change since the gov't told them to. Otherwise the only complaint i have hear is from the GF who is 5'2 and complains that the seat belt lock when she leans forward to get something from the glovebox. Not a big deal to me since im not her son its ok!!! HA :)
  • I'm looking at buying a 2008 EX 4x4 Honda Element with moonroof and roof rack. Only has 12,000 miles on it offered at $20,800- is this a good deal? I'm located in the midwest!
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Price seems pretty high to me but check nada and on here and verify. At that price id go another four grand and buy new.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    These don't depreciate much do they? You can get a new 2010 EX 4x4 for 22935 - at least that's what my son paid 3 months ago. The new ones no longer have the moonroof if that is important to you.
  • mrmike38mrmike38 Posts: 7
    This is a perfect sized vehicle for my needs. I totally removed the back seats and use it as a van. I have some disappointments like The stereo system is ok at best. The front seats should've been able to go all the way forward when in forward position. The rustproofing found under the fender wells should've been sprayed everywhere on the undercarriage. It deceives a buyer into thinking he has rustproofing there.
    In my opinion, even a weekend car painter knows that all the door jambs should be painted the same as the rest of the vehicle. My Element is like that n some parts of the jambs while the rest is the same as what you find under the hood. I cant believe this is standard for a car company like Honda. Or is mine one of the exceptions to the rule? But, because I failed to notice it during the excitement of the purchase its not their problem and they have the law on their side (according to Honda Windward's owner and GM) They know these problems were there prior to the sale but got it past me
    The two side doors, with no center support, would be great for accessibility if the front seats didn't block 40% of the space. When I bought my Element I failed to notice the drivers door was out of alignment. What might have been a minor fix before the sale has turned into a big problem for me, again because I didn't see it before signing and driving off, its my problem. True they did attempt to realign the door for me but now I have air leaking from the seals. It is fixed to their satisfaction so, as far as they are concerned, nothing is wrong with the vehicle.
    I've owned this vehicle for 2 months now and have not been happy for a moment and actually want to get rid of it because of the door. Otherwise Id be thrilled with it. Check every nook and cranny before you buy because they don't inspect before the sale which leaves the problems to you if you miss them at first.
    Thanks Honda Windward Hawaii and Honda of America for the screwed up door and an unhappy customer. They know these problems were there prior to the sale but got it past me during the buying process. I'm wondering if I'm the only person out there that bought a Honda and were forced to settle with a less than perfect new car. Lucky you if you got one with no problems because we probably paid the same price.

    May I strongly suggest that if you must buy a Honda do so from anywhere but Honda Windward in Kaneohe,Oahu,Hawaii.
  • mrmike38mrmike38 Posts: 7
    I paid $25,460.41 For the 2010 Element EX out the door. This price does not include any extended warranties or extras. I was told that I should feel lucky because the took their adjusted market value ($2,487.00) off the price listed on the vehicle. The listed price $26,357.25 not including tax and all the other fees added on. At first I was interested in the SC model but quickly changed my mind when they quoted me a price in the high $31,000.00. This dealership claims to be #1 in Hawaii for customer service and satisfaction. Who are they trying to kid... the dealership? Honda Windward of Hawaii SUCKS!!!!!
  • I purchased a 2010 Element EX msrp $23,345.O.T.D. price $25,600 w/o extended warranty. At that time they had 2 used ones on their lot and both of them were 2 yrs old. They were priced in the upper $22,000. and I felt that was rather high priced. I asked a salesman about it and he said that the high prices give the impression that they hold their value and since it cost almost as much as a new one they end up selling a new one instead.
    This sneaky sort of selling strategy can be found at Honda Windward. I cant say this holds true for all Honda Dealers in Hawaii or elsewhere but Honda Windward SUCKS!!! If you must drive a Honda do yourself a favor and buy elsewhere
  • Is that total price and what options did you have? Thanks
  • cscdscscds Posts: 11
    We received a USAA price protection certificate for 2010 Element TRIM (NYC region): 4WD 5dr Auto EX to see certified dealer - CLEARANCE pricing on remaining inventory. So I went to the closest Honda inventory in my NYC region and found the sticker price as follows:

    2010 ELEMENT 5DR 4WD EX (NYC region)
    MSRP: $ 23,885.00
    Full Tank of Fuel: N/C

    XM Satellite Radio
    Includes free activation
    3 mos. Free service

    Destination & Handling: 780.00
    Total Vehicle: $ 24,655.00

    The clearance pricing is basically - give me your I would like to negotiate an OTD price of $21,000 (I would like the selling price slightly over dealer invoice price including the documentation fee AND subtract the dealer cash, if any).

    I also found out that this particular make/model is involved in the shift lever recall notification (in the VIN Range/Dates of Manufacture). Has anyone had any experience with the shift lever or had it fixed by Honda?

    The pricing seems almost the same for a 2010 or 2011, perhaps 500-700 increase. Any insights would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Kind regards,
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