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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    1. Clubman would be a bit more practical. I have a 2007 Cooper S and once in awhile it's not exactly. Ideal. If you have other cars in the house, it's not a problem to live with a Cooper.

    2.Drive them both. I can't imagine living with a base Cooper. But to each his own.

    3.Not at all. I have let many 6 foot+ friends drive my Cooper and they love. For someone your size a clubman might be a good option just in case.

    4. We love our seat warmers. My wife will often pick the Cooper S because of the seat warmers. DSC is useful as the cooper will spin its tires quite easily. I can't imagine in a cold climate with rain and snow how bad this would be. Just switched my cooper S to normal tires. Love them. The ride quality improves drastically as does the performance. RFTs are evil.

    The aux comes standard on all Coopers.

    The Strut tower is not for vibration - it's to quell chassis flex. If you're not a hard driver, you'll never notice the difference.
  • supriyasupriya Posts: 1
    Thanks, that was quick! :)

    Unfortunately the Clubman is certainly out of my budget. Not unless I get some kind of magic deal on the 08 models right around the time the 09 models come in.

    Has anyone had any luck with this strategy? From what I've read, there doesn't seem to be much in store for the regular Cooper or the S. I think a complete new variant like the Clubman was on the cards though.
  • 1.cooper S is the way to go. it's a zippy, fun ride. i have an 07 S model and i'm in love with my car, its too cute. the regular cooper has a lot of minimal additions, which the cooper S comes with sport seats (that you'd have to buy on the regular, etc)

    2.i bought my car 2 years after graduation and about the time my corolla decided that it was time to leave me, even if i wasn't letting her go. i've never looked back since.

    3.i dont think your size will be an issue. my boyfriend is 6'2" and he loves driving my car. the sport seats fit him like a glove. there is no backseat to speak of. dont expect any room. i think its a great car, even if you do have a family. as long as the babies dont need too much leg room and u only have 1 or 2 kids, it's fine. since that's not an issue, you'll be fine.

    4.i have a minimally customized mini and i lived.

    a. i have metallic paint but it's your choice. the dark silver is a great color as is the green.

    b. The Cold Weather Package is definitely a choice but the package i regret not getting is the comfort package and the multi control steering wheel. i said the same thing about the steering wheel when i purchased the car and now i regret not having it. :( it's worth it.

    sunroof is your choice although the car is sturdier without it.

    c. DSC. no idea but any and all features available except for Stability Control should be bought.

    d. i have run flats and they're so bumpy. i'm assuming regular tires are better while driving and less expensive. i did get a flat on my run flat and the purchase of a new tire cost me 200.00 w/ discount. they're very expensive to replace. i did, however, insure the rest of the tires for any further damage. you may want to consider that.

    good luck buying! it's a great little car and the waves dont hurt either. :)
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    couple of questions and answers to guy above:

    1. Features I discovered I couldn't live without--autodim rearview mirror, comfort access (it's WONDERFUL), auto headlights--I think all these things are in the comfort package which is totally worth it--all these things mayke your life much easier.

    2. Features I don't care about: inside trim, fancy steering wheel with the buttons--I NEVER use the steering wheel to control any of the radio or bluetooth phone stuff, I do it on the radio and it's much easier actually, sunroof, you get more breeze from window and it won't block out the sun with that mesh thing, and it makes noise on the freeway, I don't like it. I don't like the armrest. I'd rather by a non-Mini one that's big--I've seen them on the Mini accessory websites and wish I'd done that.

    Has anyone noticed how low the front window is? So when you are first in line at the stoplight you have to crane your neck under to see the red light turn green? This is pretty annoying, I wish they'd extend the window higher. I'm only 5'6" so not like I"m too tall or anything.
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    I leased my Mini Cooper basic 11 months ago and the time is up to decide what to do.

    I have a basic Mini with a sunroof, it has lots of options--more than I would have chosen if I ordered, but I bought if off the lot. It was priced at $24,300 at the time. I got an amazing lease deal (2% interest for some odd reason). I put 2350 down and 169/month for past year. My buying price now would be 21,3000.

    But one thing that has bugged me is the intermittent check engine light. It's gone long periods without going on, then occasionally will be on for 5 days for some reason, then go off. It was on a few months ago for like a month and I finally took it in to the Mini dealer for the first time and they reprogrammed it and it went away. They didn't think anything had been wrong. But then 1 month later it went on for 5 days and then off for no apparent reason. It does not nec. coincide with gassing up or anything.

    Anyway, I have 6300 miles on it in one year (new york city driving.)

    I'm trying to decide if I should give it back and get a 2008 model with fewer features (but exactly the ones I know I want now.) It would run at around the same price or maybe 1000-ish more. But I'd get one year newer car and one year warrantly for about the same price.

    A bit of hassle, maybe waiting since it's now 4 weeks till my return date.

    Would it be better to have a new car? I would get the basic again, without the sunroof (I don't like the sunroof at all.) should I worry about the check engine light in the future--like 3 years from now--is it a potential lemon?

    any opinions welcome
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    I get the CEL. It has no impact, so I ignore it. A day or two later it goes out. Shrug.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the info.

    Does it cost to get the run flats replaced back to the original ones? Do the wheels need to be changed as well? I read a few pages back that the wheel to rim matching was sometimes as issue when changing from run flats to stock tires?

    Also, any final thoughts on the dynamic stability control(DSC)? I definitely won't be racing the car so limited slip differential(LSD) might be overkill but with snow and ice in Connecticut, would LSD help? Would DSC be of assistance in the same situation?

    The COMFORT PACKAGE seems to be most popular option! :) Is reaching into your pocket for the car keys that much of a hassle? :P Just kidding, its definitely on my wishlist and will get it if I manage to save some money in the coming months.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Sporatic Check Engine Light is often associated with a loose gas cap, since the entire fuel system is normally under pressure, as it is a sealed system. You may wish to examine your cap the next time the light illuminates, and verify that it is sealed properly. Also, examine the gas capfor a worn/broken gasket.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    Okay... the buyout is $21,300..

    How much would a new one be? If you can get out for $24K or less (before taxes), then get the new one.. One extra year of warranty, one extra year of free maintenance, and exactly what you want...

    I'm assuming you are going to buy this time (because you are never going to get a MINI lease for under $300/mo. again.. ;) ).



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  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Sporatic Check Engine Light is often associated with a loose gas cap, since the entire fuel system is normally under pressure, as it is a sealed system. You may wish to examine your cap the next time the light illuminates, and verify that it is sealed properly. Also, examine the gas capfor a worn/broken gasket.

    Nope, not a noob. Neither thing is an issue. This is a problem with the car's sensors. I've had another sensor go wonky on me in my first 12 months of ownership. Shrug. Compared to my Bimmers, this car has been near flawless...
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    Comfort Access is THE BEST., I never would have thought I needed it/wanted it, it came with the car cuz I got the one off the lot. But it is AWESOME. You are grateful every single time you open the door. You never have to dig for keys in your purse, if you are carrying a bunch of stuff you don't have to juggle it all whhile you find your key and open. you can open and close really quick and lock it quick. I think it's great for women, especially from a security standpoint. I don't think I could live without it now. Seems like a lazy thing but there you have it. Once you go Comfort, you never go back!

    As far as my lease, yes, I had no idea how rare and great that 169/mth deal was. And yes, the new quotes have been in the 300s, so might as well buy. I am, gasp, thinking about the Smart Car too--for NYC--even better for parking--however, I think I might be terrified of driving on the freeway with it. Unfortunately I can't have too cars.

    I do have to decide in the next month or before since my lease is running out.

    So yes, the new car with only options I want would be less than 24K with taxes. Maybe more like 22ish, so I guess it's worth it? yikes, such pressure.

  • In one way or another Mini cooper has been around since the 60's . I wouldn't call it a FAD.

    Just test drove the Clubman here in ft. lauderdale. You see the cooper everywhere. I suspect that will increase as the Buba pickups and Giant Suv's sales sag.

    I am considering a Clubman while I wait for a clean diesel "that I like", to come to the USA. Consumer reports give the Mini the same reliability as the Toyota, Honda and Subaru. I presently own an Outback which I want to sell and a toyota Sienna(for work).

    The Clubman is great fun to drive. And safety is good for a small car.
    would like to hear from other s on their Mini experiences.
  • rtboonrtboon Posts: 21
    Just ordered a Mini Clubman S from Peabody Mini in MA and was told the wait is 3 months withan earlt June delivery. This seems a little long and was wondering what the usual delivery times are? Test drove a Mini S and Clubman with the Clubman superior for ride and room. While the price is high, the key is how you option it.

  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    My wife has an 05 Mini Convertible (non- S model) with 5-speed manual and all options except NAV system. She absolutely loves the car.

    Only service problem was a temp sending unit that began leaking at 25 K miles (now at 30 K miles) and was fixed hassle-free at the local dealership, no charge.

    She has been involved in 2 accidents, neither her fault, and no injuries. 1st was a rear-ender, with a Ford F-150 P/U sliding up her butt. Minimal damage to the Mini (new trunk lid and bumper), but it broke the hell out of the F-150 front end. 2nd incident was on the right side, with a 75 year old lady deciding she wanted the lane my wife was currently in...immediately! This time, she got a new right-side door. This car is bright red with white bonnet stripes and a black cloth top, and you would think it would be highly visible...

    The only issue in repairs was an extra 2 week wait on the rear bumber backup sensors being shipped from England. Evidently, they must be painted at the factory in order to work correctly. In both repairs, the dealer's body shop performed the work, and I promise you cannot tell the auto was ever in an accident. I was amazed how well they matched the red color.

    Being in our 50's, my wife isn't into high speed performance driving, so that may explain why no problems, or it could be that the car is really well built. Being a convertible, it is a bit noisy and has some of the expected convertible squeaks and rattles, but overall, its very tight...and the tops opening/closing performance is superior to any other convertible that I have ever driven.

    Great gas mileage, too...Usually around 35 MPG in both city and hwy driving.
  • ksmotoksmoto Posts: 4

    I have to say you should see the Stock Clubman's at your Dealer before you think you cannot afford a Clubman 08. I was shocked myself at the prices at my Mini Dealer.
    I have been on the Miniusa site a thousand times for research of each model 07, 08. I have built many Mini's online via the Mini Site.

    After logging over 1000 hours online in researching Auto's ...for my New Purchase I found I kept coming back to the Mini Cooper. The Miniusa site allows you to build them and I almost always came up with a figure I could not afford.

    However going to the Dealership * BMW MINI COOPER Dealer* I found that I had many choices with many Mini's including the Clubman that were affordable and had many packages on them.

    I just purchased a 2007 * built 10/07 Mini Cooper this Month with -
    Sport Pack, Cold Weather Pack, Black Leather Seats, All Black Gloss Inlay of Dash and interior, Chrome kit exterior,Duel Moon Roof, IPOD, the list goes on and on ... Has Everything plus +++++. Not to mention all the incredible Adds that BMW offers when you purchase a vehicle from them. Was a Win Win for Me.
    23k MSRP. When I built a similar on line it came up over 29k +.

    Think of this - at least - Green Rating
    Mileage - which is top
    Depreciation on any Mini Cooper is little to none comparative to any other Car on the Road today. :shades:
    My Purchase of a Mini came with no cost added - Bumper to Bumper free Maint -55k miles, Free Oil Changes for 3 yrs, 24/7 Road Service from BMW for the duration of owning the Vehicle, its worth going to the Dealership and hearing the bottom line and Seeing the actual Vehicles .. Then YOU Can see what is feasible for you to Buy, Lease etc...... I have had my MINI for a few Weeks Now and It's Better than I ever could Expect it to be. It Puts a Smile on My Face Every Time I drive it.
    I Love MY Car and I cannot even state how Good it feels to know my purchase of this vehicle "for once" .. I have no regrets on how I spent my money on a vehicle.
    I am tired of investing in Bic Lighter Auto's ..that the Vehicle itself Runs out of Worth before the loan is paid.
    Time For You too .. Make Your Money work For You ;)
  • Hi Ksmoto,

    It's funny to see someone else spending hours on the Mini website as well. I must have at least 10 different configurations from the past 3 months. It does get addictive..tinkering around, adding features you want and then making up for the extra cost by cutting back on stuff you weren't sure about.

    It's astounding that you got a $6000 dollar discount on your fully loaded Mini.Its great to know that buying a previous years model does result in major dealer price cuts.I plan on keeping my Mini for a few years so the instant depreciation of buying a previous years model doesn't really bother me. Do you mind me asking where you got your Mini from?
  • ksmotoksmoto Posts: 4
    Where I purchased my Brand New Baby - Motor City Mini in Michigan. Its the Only Mini Dealer in MI. I checked Kelly Blue book even prior to purchasing my Mini. I checked first a 2006 Model - It had less than 1000.00 in depreciation ... even purchasing it 2nd party. I know for a fact that any other car would depreciate up to 7000K just from signing and driving it off the Dealer lot. My Dad sold Cars for 47 yrs .. Yes he did. And I learned throughout the years from him. My Mini Purchase was my First purchase of a Car in my life that I had " purchase power" on my own. Meaning I was able to Chose the vehicle of my choice on my Own without others inside you should, you could blah blah. I live in Michigan Automotive STATE ... Used to be our Motto. Its not the Automotive State any longer ...I can say. I worked in Automotive for 9 yrs myself. I know the inside of what is within the Build of a car - how many hours of design, engineering ..etc.. and it's really amazing that Any One can afford to Purchase any Vehicle at all. Seems to all come together in the End on the Window Sticker ;)
    Keep in Touch Waterflame
    K S is MOTO ..and Loving it
  • jackel142jackel142 Posts: 47
    Towne Mini in Buffalo is offering $800 off MSRP on a Cooper S.
  • Cool tip!

    I hope this is the appropriate forum for this.

    International Autos of Milwaukee,WI has 2 automatic 2008 Clubman S models on the lot that are about $2500 off the MSRP of $29,000. Too bad thats still about 3k above my price range.

    Also, all they're willing to knock of the MSRP for a previous years model was $1000. That too in January 2009 for the 08 models. :cry:
  • smdb4smdb4 Posts: 2

    I visited Boston Mini dealer shop today.
    I tried to find the car what I want but I could not.
    A dealer offered me 08 mini cooper with Premium Pkg, Cold Weather Pkg, Auto Transmission, DSC, 16" alloy wheels, center armrest, and fog lights.
    Actually I do not need center armrest and fog lights. I need Xenon headlights and multifunction wheel :cry:
    Though I did not negotiate the price yet, MSRP of that car was $23,700.

    1. How much is the best price for it? I will buy it as cash.
    Please tell me about your buying experience.

    2. I consider to buy alarm system. Do I need it?

    3. Can I have a cruise control without buying a sport wheel w/multifunction?

    4. How can I make good deal?

    It will be my first car, please help me~~~~~~ :cry:
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    I have had an 07 mini for about a year. I never use the fancy steering wheel and never use cruise control. I personally don't think the steering wheel is worth it. I also only control my stereo and bluetooth phone through the radio, not the steering wheel. I don't do that much highway driving, more NYC driving, but still, if you're unsure about the steering wheel, I woudln't bother.

    Features I can't live without
    -comfort access (it's AMAjZING)j
    -autodim rearview mirror (SO MUCH better than just flipping your mirror)
    -Bluetooth phone--really great, although perhaps the ones you buy and just clip on your overhead thing are good too...sometimes my caller can't hear me too well, but I can always hear them loud and clear--I don't know if their reception is my phone or the bluetooth
    - auto air and warm seats are good although not sure they are that necessary
    -the armrest sucks, I would buy a non-Mini kind that is much bigger and install it later, there is a website with Mini accessories that has some good looking ones

    I got my car off the lot so I ended up with features that I wouldn't have necessarily ordered, and some, like the armrest, I thought I must have, I wouldn't have once I used them. But COMFORT ACCESS IS A MUST, esp. if you are a girl--you get in your car FAST in a dark parking lot, and also when you are carrying heavy things and can't dig for your key.
  • smdb4smdb4 Posts: 2
    Thank you for helpful answering!!

    Did you get discount on your car?
    Can you tell me where you bought?
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    I got some appareantly unheard of deal--
    a one year lease for 2350 down plus 169 month, for 12K miles. The car was originally 24,300, and now my residual to buy after a year is 21,300. So apparently that was a super low interest rate. IT was at Hassel Mini in Long Island, NY. Not sure if that deal is possible again.
  • liz_wwliz_ww Posts: 5
    could I ask you guys, when you mentioned about MSRP or the OTD price in the posts, do you include the warranty? tax? and other registration fee/ Documentation fee ?

    Besides the price, the tax, the insurance, what else cost I should consider about? I just got my license...totally new here :cry: ...thank you! :)
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    OTD = every additional charge and in states like CA that's usually 10% of the sale price. So 110% of MSRP is often the OTD on a new Mini sale in California.
  • liz_wwliz_ww Posts: 5 are fast. Thank you! :)

    For my example, my configuration by building my car is 24,000 of MSRP in the, the dealer says I could get 500 suppose the deal is $23,500 now, how much extra cost do I need to consider before geting to OTD price (as far as I know, 6% tax, and property tax for CT...), could you estimate how much is reasonable for the rest of the fee generally?

    Because I try to reply my dealer by offering the OTD price, but I have little knowledge of all kind of transaction fee. I just don't want to win the discount part and actually lose the fee part...thank you! :D
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603

    Well.. you know about the sales tax..

    Property tax? Do you pay that upfront? Check with someone in Connecticut that owns a car..

    Connecticut dealers are pretty famous for charging a "conveyance fee". That is a fancy name for a dealer fee or document fee.. It's just added profit.. Most often, I see around $250-$300 for this.. (kind of cuts into that $500 discount, huh?)

    The easiest way to do this? Ask them for a quote that itemizes every charge, including taxes, etc.... and a breakdown.. On a MINI, there isn't going to be much negotiation room, anyway... That way, you'll know what to expect, and you'll be able to tell if they are adding any "fluff".



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  • liz_wwliz_ww Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reminder and suggestion! :) kyfdx. your information is quite useful! I would figure out the fee I need to pay by asking them the breakdown.

    learned a lot from this forum. Thanks! :D
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603

    What sort of options and color combo?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • liz_wwliz_ww Posts: 5
    here is my configuration :)

    MINI base
    ZPP Premium Package
    205 Automatic Transmission
    210 Dynamic Stability Control
    comfort asscess
    302 Alarm System
    507 Park Distance Control
    431 Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror
    4BF Interior Surface Brushed Alloy
    927 All Season Tires

    not sure Xenon Headlights necessry...
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