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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • kwma3kwma3 Posts: 11
    The price does include destination charge. Basically the amount you see on when you configure the car + your local tax and licensing fee. Good luck!
  • ltqltq Posts: 28
    I believe someone else asked you about your LOCATION - can't help much without that info. I just bought a Clubman S from Cincinnati MINI, and there, they sell the cars MSRP, e.g. as shown at the website (so that includes destination). Period. In fact, while I was signing my paperwork, the dealer stated that they just finished selling to two folks in CA, due to high markups on the west coast.
    No negotiating. I thought MSRP was fair, didn't expect any discount. It was fast, simple, and low-stress.
  • ltqltq Posts: 28
    I agree with aafflyer, that is NOT good deal. The MINI does have a significant break-in on brakes & engine (in contrast, some new cars don't, amazingly), so that demos - given the mindset of the MINI clientele - will have been driven very hard !!! I know that I drove the demos hard myself...... I don't know if an extended warranty will offset the undue wear&tear from rough handling during break-in period, because such abuse can affect the life/performance 'way after the warranty expires.
    Having said the above, the same is true of pre-owned cars. Some new owners are complete idiots, ignoring break-in instructions, especially those that lease (they know they don't have to worry about later life of the car), and some that are just plain juvenile. It is tempting to abuse a MINI when you first get it !!!!
  • Thanks for the input. I'm from Indianapolis area and the only MINI dealership is Dreyer & Reinbold. Is it reasonable to ask them to waive all other dealer fees (if there's any, like doc fee) on top of MSRP (includes dest) ?
  • I had a great experience buying my Mini Cooper and love the car however, every time i have had to bring it in to the White Plains, NY location for service - no matter how minor (I had two flat tires within two weeks) they make me leave the car ALL day, even with a scheduled appointment. No loaners, just a taxi drop off to one destination and back. This is so inconvenient. I live in the Westchester, NY area and I would like to find a dealership that offers better service (i.e. schedules appointments so that I could wait for service) even if it means a little bit of a drive. I don't want to use the one in White Plains anymore. Has anyone had the same experience I have had and can anyone recommend a service center that they have had good experiences with?
  • ltqltq Posts: 28
    Oh, so you're close. I was just in Indy last weekend. Nearest dealer to me - I'm in Louisville - is Cincinnati MINI. Held me back for quite a while to have the nearest dealer 90 mi away. Maybe you want to talk to them as well as Dreyer & Reinbold..... does D&R have a good rep? I know a few folks both here and in Cinci that thinks Cincinnati MINI is pretty good..... I will find out, I guess. As I said, they were straight up MSRP pricing.
    But it still holds that a demo MIGHT not be a good deal - what you're saying is having them waive the doc fess (about $250?) and dest ($650): I don't know, for about 3% of the price, is it worth it? If we were talking about a Lincoln Navigator or Camry demo, yeah it's only been softly driven. But a MINI ?!?! As stated before, I myself was quite tough on the demo (but I didn't go to D&R, so abused demos there are not my fault !!!)
  • Finally bought and picked up a brand new 2009 cooper with 6 miles on it before my test drive. It comes with cold weather package, sunroof, multi-function steering wheel, bluetooth and ipod adapter. It's a shame MINI didn't put automatic A/C in it because the sunroof plus multi-func wheel cost the same with premium pac. couldn't figure out why, they don't want to give the auto A/C for free? D&R wouldn't budge even 1 cent, paid MSRP plus all the fees. Thanks for all your input, I think it would work out better if we have time to wait or place our own order, but it's time to forget about the price and enjoy the car!!!
  • I'm paying MSRP on a mini cooper that is already in bound I didn't order it. It's supposed to arrive in the 3rd week of November. I'm paying MSRP at 22,300 but with taxes and all other fees it comes out to about 24,447. Is this a good price? The mini comes with the premium and cold weather packages and black bonnet stripes. I checked and it is the exact price it would be if you built it on Please gimme some feedback.

  • Hi minime23 and other current Mini Cooper buyers,
    Besides the MSRP of the car ( base + options) and its destination charge,
    what other dealer-fees are fair/reasonable/expected to buyers today ?
    I am seeing that different buyers may have paid different dealer-fees depending
    where they are localed in the US states.
    I live in San Jose, CA ( bayarea of CA) and in the market for a 2009 Mini Cooper S purchase.
    CarLover always-
    MB CLK320 & Miata
  • I just leased an '09 Cooper S for December delivery with pretty much every available option other than auto trans, from full leather to sunroof to Sirius radio. MSRP was $31,500, plus the $650 delivery charge. Deal was done at MSRP (no additional dealer markup).

    Here are the important numbers:

    Cap cost reduction: $1500

    Money factor (reduced slightly due to BMW "loyalty factor"): .00195

    Residual: 72% on a 3-year, 10,000 miles/yr lease (would be 69% on 15,000 miles/yr)

    Monthly payment: $370 including tax ($342 before tax)

    Dealer was Bob Smith Mini near Los Angeles. Dealt directly with sales manager. Overall very pleasant experience. Can't wait to get the car!
  • Did you also pay an acquisition fee or doc fees?
  • Yes, but I don't know exactly what they were at this moment as I don't have the documents handy. The quoted payment includes the fees, however.
  • you should think twice about trying to get out of your deal.
    if the economy was better and demand for coopers was going up, would you be mad and have the right to sue the dealer if he said he was able to get a higher price for your car, so he sold it to someone else? if the answer is yes, then you should honor your deal and pay for the car you ordered notwithstanding the downturn in the ecomony and demand for minis.
  • The market here in Norther California has been really tough. I have been shopping for the last several months and hearing 1500 to 2000 over MSRP to start from the five area dealers. Today I got the deal I was looking for and placed my order for a 09 Chili Red base auto with black roof, mirrors and bonnet stripes. I was able to get a reasonable discount under MSRP with destination charge from Mark Schutten in Sacramento (let them know Dennis sent you)! Mark was great to work with and really the only dealer I found that was actively looking for orders. It should arrive in 8-10 weeks. In addition to government fees(sales tax, title/license, tire) I am paying $55 dealer doc fee. If your car is already ordered you can always ask for a discount or free extras when you go to pick it up. The worst they can say is no. The market is starting to thaw, good luck shopping and happy motoring.
  • Hi behrens , This is very good info to have for Mini buyers. I've also been in the shopping market for a new Mini Cooper S. I live in San Jose (bayarea of CA), and have been hoping to get a discount for under MSRP. I noticed that my local Mini dealerships have been starting calling me (like twice per week) to push me coming in their shop to place a new Mini order.
    May I ask you how much is the discount you got off the MSRP ?
    And what is the name of the Sacramento Mini dealership that you ordered from ?
    ( is it the Niello Mini dealer ?). I google "Mark Schutten" to look for such a mini dealership but did not find anything related. By the way, what is the tire fee/tax ?
    Thanks much for your info.
    Car Lover!
    MB clk320
    Mazda Miata
  • Hi all.
    I will probably be ordering my MINI next week! I'm really excited but can't decide if i should go with another car to save something, but i adore the MINI. The dealers here in IL are willing to throw in some accessories for me but keep the car at MSRP. What do you think? Go ahead with it?
  • Carlover3,
    The only mini dealer is Sac. is Niello. I promissed Mark I would not say how much the discount was, however it was substantial and reasonable. The tire fee was $8.50 so I am ignoring it. You can get all the dealer contact info at
    Good luck!
  • Was told by gentleman in so. cal that 2009's were going at $1000 over MSRP. Is this right? Has anyone got a 2009 under MSRP? I have a feeling I should be able to get a 2009 at i right?

    Also told that the new 2008 Cooper (base) they still had on the lot was going for MSRP, no less? Is this possible? Need some insight.
  • At or below. Nothing in so cal (well maybe a GT-R) sells to a sensible buyer for above sticker.
  • I have an '09 MCS on order, leasing at MSRP and security deposit was waived!! With all options, stickers for 29,600. Two year lease, 2.5K down, 10K mileage@ for 398@ month, good deal or not, any thoughts?? :confuse:
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    here in eastern pennsyltucky one dealer has 1000.00 off on 2008 minis.
  • I just ordered a clubman S from Bob Smith Mini near Los Angeles to lease.
    $1700 drive off, 67% residual 10K miles a year. Price was MSRP $24,700, $351 a month including tax. I thought it was reasonable.

    Before I ordered I went to Universal Mini. Told them what I wanted. They came back with.....get ready for this.....$3000 markup,$1000 lojack, $300 for nitrogen for tires, $5300 drive off and $461 a month!!!! That is a difference of around $12,000 on a $24,700 car!! When I told them of the deal I had at Bob Smith they came back with almost same deal as Bob Smith except payment was $363/month. They dropped all the other markups and charges. I think we know what dealer to stay away from.
  • I'm interested in a Mini but whenever I go look at the NWMINI site's inventory there is nothing short of $26K ranging up to $41k. Can you get a Mini Convertible (s or not) in the Northwest for anything like MSRP?

  • Hi,

    I have a question for anyone that custom-orderd a Mini and purchased it with outside financing (not the dealer) or cash. Did the dealer still require you to fill out a credit application? The dealer I visited in southern California told me that it's required, in addition to the deposit ($1000). Is it a standard requirement to apply for credit before being able to order a Mini? She told me that it's for their protection, but that got me thinking- isn't that what the deposit is for?
  • Be careful - they're gonna play games with you. Tell them you have your own financing - which you should probably get anyway through a CU as BMWFS isn't offering anything on Coopers.
  • Skylers,
    I ordered one in Nov. from a Northern Cal dealer and we never discussed a credit application. Have you checked with other area dealers to see what they are doing? It may be that just this dealer requires it. It seems reasonable if they want to make sure your qualified for financing on the car you are ordering. However, I suspect the main reason they want to know your credit limit is that way they can push options, packages and cool extras on you until you are maxed out. Definately get preapproved from another financial institution so you can defend yourself against any dealer games. The deposit is fully refundable and does not protect the dealer if you order something out of your price range.
  • I agree with getting your own financing. I picked up my 09 MCS about a month ago from Motor City Mini in Shelby MI. They handled the financing but because of the rates offer by BMWFS it was much better to go with a local CU that they deal with. I got 5.6% on a 60mo loan.
  • Considering year end is just around the corner, what would be a good deal for a 2009 Mini Cooper base model with absolutely NO add-ons/pkgs/upgrades. I priced this on the mini website it came to 19200 MSRP (Chili Red/White roof).

    Maybe it doesn't matter, but I'll be financing my self.

    Any tips on where I can get a deal will be much appreciated. Mini of Woodlands? Momentum Mini? Mini of SanAntonio?

  • Custom ordered a MCS at the end of Oct. supposed to take delivery next week!! No credit app. $500 deposit......Flow MINI Winston-Salem, NC :)
  • for those looking at MINI's, there's nothing out there right now less than MSRP. That's just the way they do it. I bought Jan. 2 (HT w/ Sport seats and upgrade Steering Wheel which was already on the car) @ MINI of Sterling, Virginia. Salesman took me over to their storage lot which was loaded with Minis. I asked why they had so many - he replied they've been buying other dealer's inventory. I had a really good choice with many of the HT at BASE configuration. Sales rep. remarked they don't discount, but they don't do dealer add-ons either. BTW, the dealership is a stone's throw from Dulles airport and he said they'd pick you up if they know you're coming. Check their website for inventory and 800 phone #
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