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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • Depends on where you are looking. Just a few days ago I was offered $2500 off an 09 Clubman S model and $3000 off of a JCW Mini S. This is in Oklahoma City. For what it's worth the prices were quoted to me prior to introducing a trade-in.
  • kajakkajak Posts: 1
    On Dec 6 I was offered $ 350 off MSRP on 09 Cooper at Patrick MINI in Chicago. I asked also for taking off 175 doc fees and they said my pricing was too aggressive. This car was their lowest priced 09 MINI Cooper with auto trans and according to dealer, received quite a bit of interest from other customers. Its Jan 4, and this car is still listed on their inventory. I will wait .... I like Minis, but they should not cost more than $16000.
  • I like Minis, but they should not cost more than $16000.

    You may be shopping at the wrong place. Honda's Fit is more in keeping with your pricing expectations.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,595
    are you still lovin' your Cooper S?

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    you should be able to get 1K off now. inventories are climbing and bmw just dump a load of coporate minis for dealers to sell. so look at some used ones they get the corporate ones for a good price. In fact they ill make more on them than a new one. hold you ground .
  • NYC I'm at 22 months with my cooper s and it's still a hoot to drive. My 5 week old isn't afraid of it yet - the crazy dance of his car seat to get in the back will either make him a fighter pilot or afraid of roller coasters. My wife is gently pushing me to consider at least a 3 series so we can have two cars with decent room for all of us. I must admit I almost took an M3 the other day at $600 a month lease - hard to say no to that kinda car for so little.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,955
    " I almost took an M3 the other day at $600 a month lease"
    How much down?
    A new M3 base = almost $55K...
    - Ray
    Very curious.
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Title, license, 1 refundable security deposit and acquisition fee. - about 1800 total.

    2008 M3s are getting at least 6k off MSRP. I've seen some as much as 10k off MSRP. This was a fairly low content model at 59k and the dealer would accept 52500 on Dec 31. With a money factor of 0.00025 and 56% residual (10k a year lease), the payments were $605 a month. If for some reason I was going over miles I could buy more or just aim to buy the car outright. Heck, with a 0.6% finance charge I was getting the car at a cut rate.

    I would actually prefer an even more stripped M3. Totally base. There's nothing I really would want on it that isn't standard.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,955
    Very interesting...
    - Ray
    Thinking this means some BMW
    dealers, at least, really do need sales........
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Have you gotten the price you want? or even close?
  • They were off 40% for December. Only Mini gained in December - by 4 cars!
  • Probably not considering you should be able to get around $500-$700 off MSRP in Dallas.
  • Kuni in Portland was $500 under MRSP for Cosco plan when I checked a while ago. Kinda gave up for a while so I dont know if that is still the case. Wife is interested again so she should be test driving today.
  • Don_CDon_C Posts: 8
    I am considering getting a 2009 Clubman (maybe S, maybe not). I can go 200 miles north to Indianapolis or 198 miles northeast to Cincinnati. Neither are showing a car I want on their web sites, so I probably will have to order it.

    I have chatted on the phone and passed e-mails with both dealerships and so far have no reason to choose one over the other. Indy is in state so the paperwork might be simpler (minor issue, for sure) and has promised a loaner car on days of routine maintenance, so I could spend some time kicking around Indy while the car is in the shop. Have not talked to Cincy about that.

    My main concern is warranty work from a dealer that far away. Bad tires or a problem that makes the car unsafe to drive that far could be a problem.

    Do I need to be concerned about this?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    The MINI dealer in Cincinnati is also my local BMW dealer. They provide loaners for service, etc... They also wouldn't have any problems dealing with Indiana paperwork, as the state line is only 20 miles away, and they have many customers from Indiana.

    I'm not familiar with the MINI dealer in Indianapolis, so I can't give you any help there, one way or the other..

    I would talk to someone specifically about inventory before assuming they don't have an acceptable unit based on the website. Cincinnati MINI seems to have 30-40 MINIs in stock at any one time..

    I like the Cincinnati dealer for service, etc.. Very efficient, helpful, etc.. Price is less of an issue with a MINI, as most dealers stick with MSRP.

    From the mileage, I'm guessing you live somewhere along the Ohio River in the far southern part of the state.. The issue about not having a local dealer is one that I've never had to deal with.. You can get tires from any local shop, but a mechanical breakdown might be an issue. You might try discussing that with a sales associate at either dealership, to see if they have any info on how that would be handled. I can see where that might stop you from getting a MINI.

    Are you really 200 miles from Indianapolis? (doesn't seem possible from the south?) If so, you might consider Nashville, which might be slightly closer, depending on the highways necessary to get there.. (and less chance of winter weather issues).

    Good luck!


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  • Don_CDon_C Posts: 8
    I am just outside of Louisville, on the Indiana side of the Ohio River. Nashville is also about the same distance from Indy and Cincy so it is an option as well. I tend to think north rather than south, but that is a lifestyle kind of thing.

    I am planning to drive to Indy on Monday and visit. I'd have time to then drive to Cincy, although I expect I'd hear the same story. Both are apparently reputable dealers with no particular difference between them. We'll see how it goes.

    I am trading in my 1997 Z3 thinking it would be good to part with it before it gets to 100,000 miles (psychological values being what they are).

    Thanks for the information!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    That isn't too far then.. just a couple hours...

    Good luck with it!


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  • My dealer is 35-40 miles away. That is a major hassle when there is any kind of problem with the car. One day a warning came on my 2007 Cooper S during my drive to work - 2 problems at once:

    1. There isn't a San Diego dealer so I was faced with driving through rush hour to get out of the city for service.
    2. I called the dealer and they told me I could bring the car in but they had no idea when it would get looked at or if I could get a loaner (even though I bought from them).

    I wasn't real thrilled with losing a day of work because my car had warning lights telling me ABs/traction control was disabled/broken.

    Also, when I take the car in for planned service (4 service appointments in 22 months of ownership), this pretty much slaughters half a Saturday. The drive up, the wait to get the car processed and get the loaner (always the cheapest, lowest form of cooper with an automatic) and drive home = 2.5 hours gone. Then the eventual drive back up, re-gas the loaner, return it, go through the brouhahah with with the SA, wait for the car to get returned (always 20 minutes after I finish with the SA) and the drive home.

    This is one big reason why the Cooper S Clubman won't be replacing my Cooper S. I do not like having to waste huge amounts of time getting to and from a dealer. And with only one dealer locally, they have zero interest in providing good customer service. There's no competition and that's always bad for customers.

    Just something to keep in mind. After years with BMWs and access to several dealers within 10 minutes of my home, I find I do not relish another dealer network that's so sparse (our audi has the same problem).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    Couple of other things to note about Cincinnati..

    1) Loaners: For scheduled service at least one week out are almost always available... Unscheduled could be an issue..

    2) The dealer charges $0.15 per mile on loaners to cover fuel... .That way, you don't have to fuel up near the dealer.. If you happen to fuel up, they will reimburse you...

    3) Great lease deals on 135i coupes and convertibles right now, if you wanted to go that way, instead... that way you have a local dealership (Louisville). Of course, if you've had your current car since '97, then leasing probably isn't for you..

    I have to agree with blueguy... Not sure I'd risk buying a car where the closest dealer is two hours away... but, that's easy to say, when my local area has everything but Ferrari, Lambo and Aston..


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  • Don_CDon_C Posts: 8
    Brain burp there. Indy and Cincy are 120 miles, 2 HOURS away. Don't know why I got that 2 working wrong!

    My wife would like a Mini and another strong advocate is my mechanic who has and LOVES his convertible. I've only had the Z3 for a couple of years, but it at 94000 miles it is showing some wear and tear with the possibility of needing some work. Plus, it's just an old car now (features).

    There is a shop in town who specializes in BMW and MINIs but would probably not be able to do warranty work.

    Thanks for the comments. I have the advantage of not really needing a replacement right now, so I can go up and do a test drive with no pressure at all on deciding whether to buy something. When I do make the change, it will be my drive around in retirement car (late 2009!) which will be cheaper to run than the wife's Quest. If we could just get a dealer HERE!
  • I love my mini but there are sacrifices to go with it. If I merely wanted a run-about I'd strongly consider a Fit. I like pushing cars and the Cooper S can be wrung out...
  • Saw on the Global Imports Mini website that they are running 2009 Mini Coopers at $500 below MSRP. I guess the market has slowed even for them!
  • Don_CDon_C Posts: 8
    Decided to see what the excitement was about, so on Monday, drove the two hours up to Indy to look over the Clubmans. Kinda wanted a Clubman S manual, but they had none. We drove a manual coupe, a basic Clubman auto and an S Clubman automatic.

    They did have a basic automatic in Nightfire Red with cream interior accents and black top and stripes. Sport seats and bluetooth were nice additions. We decided that we REALLY liked that car.

    The new car bug bit real hard. The rational, "This is too far for service" and "The features we really want ..." and "I really should buy American to help OUR economy" all went by the wayside when I compared the thought of driving home in that sparkling red Clubman vs driving home in the 97 Z3. I'm not a high performance kind of driver so I think the basic will serve me well.

    Worst case warranty issues seem to be addressed by both MINI and the dealer. I would still be pretty inconvenienced for less than critical problems but I guess I'll just gamble that I won't have those.

    So I'm a member of the club. Gonna pull out the manual and go through the feature list again to be sure I know what all the buttons are for and how to use the hands free phone system. Much to learn!

    Next is checking the forum for any discussions about grade of gas.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667

    The MINI sport seats are awesome! Plus, it sounds like maybe you've got regular tires with a spare... can't beat that!


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  • Don_CDon_C Posts: 8
    The manual of the new base Clubman says that AKI91 gas is preferred but the car can take as low as 87. Being more of a "commuter driver" than a "sport driver" would I notice any difference between 91 and 89 gas?

    I know that some sources claim that 91 is a waste of money, other say that the car performs noticeably better using the higher grade. It is possible that the latter comment refers only to the higher performance engines than what I have.

    The last comments about gas that I found on a search here are a couple of years old and thought I'd see what the opinions are for the more current engines. My first refill is a few days away so I thought I'd be ready.

  • Yes, you can use 87. The engine will produce even less power (the ecu will retard the car's power so you don't damage the engine) and it will be less efficient. With gas so cheap, i can't fathom why people would buy a car and then worry about $3 a fill-up. If $150 a year makes that much difference, maybe a new car isn't the best economic choice?

    I fill up my Cooper S 3 times a month. Always with premium. Then again, I find the power in my Cooper S to be adequate - but I push it to 4-5k rpm on most shifts. I would notice less HP.
  • Don_CDon_C Posts: 8
    Point made.
    Point taken.
  • Don_CDon_C Posts: 8
    First refill ... just over 33 mpg which includes 100 miles of straight highway driving at varying speeds (break in recommendation) and the rest commuting with some highway speeds and some slow traffic.

    Filled with 91.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    Hello everyone and I hope that you are having a great day.

    I am interested in ordering a new 2009 base Cooper that would have an MSRP of approximately $20,050.00.

    The best discount that I have been offered for a factory order is $330.00 inclusive of all dealer fees.

    Is this the going market price given the current market environment and what should I expect?

    I live far away from the closest dealership and am concerned about potential problems. How reliable is the Mini?

    With appreciation and kind regards,
  • I've done a lot of research on the Mini and it appears that you are getting a pretty good deal. I was offered 250 off the msrp and 125 floor mats. :)
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