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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • Any suggestions for good places to sell a used 2007 Mini Cooper S?

    Auto Trader
    Craigs List
  • Ebay is a great place and you can also try Craig's list but becarfull of the scams on Craigs list. I have bought 6 cars on Ebay! No I am not a dealer just have lots of kids.....:)
  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    I am afraid I ran into a scam yesterday. My daughter is looking for her first car and found one on line by a private seller that was too good to be true. Well, when we contacted the seller, we got a story about putting half the money in Yahoo Auto and the car would be sent to us with us having 3 days to take it to a mechanic before the sale was completed. It didn't seem right so my wife got on line and found the exact same thing happens all the time except no car shows up and the down payment is gone. Needless to say, we went no further. Armed with this new outlook, we quickly foundseveral other Mini's that appear to be in the same category. Lesson to my daughter, if it seems to good to be true it may well be too good to be true. Oh well, back to looking and saving.
  • I purchased a 06 cooper conv. in March of 08. The closest dealer is about 2 hours away in Indianapolis. I took my car there for warranty work and the service was great. I asked for a loaner car and they had a car rental company bring a car to me. When my car was finished, it was washed and vacumed. Appointments are made on line. Great service.
  • Have you found a Mini for your daughter yet? I have a 2003 Mini non S for sale.
    I am in Indianapolis if intrested
  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    She is but at this point she is on,y looking for real bargains. She has all summer before she really needs a car (she has use of mine until than). We do love Indy. She and her aunt have two horses in training outside of Indy. Really is a nice city.
  • I have found the car that I want and the MSRP is 23,800. When I asked what the dealership was willing to do on this car, the salesman asked me what I would be comfortable with. Somewhere on this site I had read that if I could get $1000 off MSRP it would be a good deal so I asked for $1000 off. He did not bat any eye. Was this a good deal or should I hold out for more.
  • I've been following this forum for awhile, as I'm going to lease a new Mini next month, and the best I've heard is $1000 off MSRP. If the dealer didn't bat an eye - can I ask where you're located? Fingers crossed you're somewhere in CA so I can use the dealer too!

    Either way, if the dealer was okay, I'd either ask for more off, or for something else to be thrown in complimentary, like floor mats are something.
  • Thanks for the input. The dealership is Brian Harris Minis in Baton Rouge,La. Coming off the MSRP like he did has something to do with the 4.9% financing for 60 months. MINI allows $500 as a incentive and he came off a package that was worth $500 that I did not want. So I guess that is $1000 off.
    I did ask for more off and got a thumbs down on that. He told me he'd try to find a car with fewer options. He had previousl mentioed floor mats, what a crock to not provide mats, gees, but he has not said that again. May push for that since he already mentioned it. Again thanks for the input.
  • tclstcls Posts: 8
    We bought our Mini Cooper S from Brecht Mini in Escondido, CA, yesterday (2009/2/28). Cooper S hardtop ($21,950 MSRP, same below) on the lot, T6 gravity leather (not leatherette) seats ($1,500), 205 auto ($1,500), 6ND iPod/Bluetooth adapter ($500), California destination charge ($650) for a total of $25,850. Paid $24,742, which is $1108 off MSRP.

    This price includes the dealer's paint protector (Perma Plate), window tinting, and the de-activated LoJack. Floor mats were not.

    End of the month timing and the fact that we did not use the financing program (4.9%) that will end on March 31 might have helped the negotiation.

    Initial prices for the dealer items were: Paint protector: $800. Window tinting: $500. Floor Mats: $110. LoJack: $900. When the deal was done, the finance person tried again to sell LoJack for $700 and then $400.

  • nickr1nickr1 Posts: 51
    Hi. I'm thinking of leasing a Clubman but am concerned about NY dealer markups and cost of "extras". I like the idea of a $19,000 car, and I like the Clubman style and performance but it seems to be a stripped down version of every other car that pretends to be "economical" but when you add in some desired extras it jumps to over $30,000. Now it may be that you can't get a car these days with auto, nav, and heated seats and run flat tires for under $30,000 but I guess I thought perhaps the Clubman might be the first. But plugging in numbers on the Mini site it pretty much looks like this:

    Clubman (not S) with auto, nav, cold weather: $32,000 ($20,000 base)
    Lease: 36 months 2,750 due at signing (which is about 10 months of payments in advance) then around $300 a month (the site says $274 but that's stripped down).
    Milage: 10,000/year. So in effect that's $13,550 to drive the car for 3 years and then you return it. I don't know, to me, in this economy, that seems exorbitant.

    So, here is my question: Doesn't that make the Mini Clubman just as expensive as any so called "economy" small suv or small crossover?

    I guess I thought the Mini was an ultra cheap car, but it's really not, is it?

    Thanks for the replies.
  • pilotman5pilotman5 Posts: 20

    How are you coming up with $32,000 selling price?

    a 2009 Clubman (non-S) with automatic transmission ($1,200), cold weather package ($500) and navigation ($2,000) is about $25,350.

    You are about $7,000 too high. Also, save yourself $1,700, get a Garmin and you can lease this car for $300 a month without a huge cap cost reduction.

    Am I missing something here?
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    you are lookiing at this all wrong. order a jcw clubman loaded for maybe 40K. then ask the government for a bailout. problem solved.
  • kragerkrager Posts: 8
    Can I buy a house, too? : )
  • nickr1nickr1 Posts: 51
    Yeah, my mistake on the price, but not the lease. I was quoted 25,350 like you said but the lease is 331 a month for 10,000 miles and 2,500 down. To me, that's a terrible lease deal for an economy car.
  • johnxyzjohnxyz Posts: 94
    rik4 & krager - Funny stuff - I'm still grinning - Made my (daylight savings) Monday a.m.!
  • ltqltq Posts: 28
    Hi Don_C, I bought a Clubman S from Cincinnati Mini and live in Louisville. See some of my other posts. A few things:
    a) For me, Cincinnati Mini is 88mi away.
    b) Careful driving gets me about 33 mpg on both computer & tallied by actual fills.
    c) Ambient temp makes a big difference on mpg.
    d) Car is happy on 89 gas, but use 91 in the summer, for sure! It's never happy with 87 gas (note that I have the turbo).
    e) Car purrs best on Shell Super. I also found that Costco Premium gas is also a good match for the car. It does NOT like Speedway or Kroeger's gas, and Thornton is OK.
    f) I have no problems with the car so far, except for a bit of rear weatherstripping coming loose.
  • mathew1mathew1 Posts: 42
    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the information and that helped me negotiate a good price. We recently purchased a Mini Club with Prem+cold+auto for $1500 off MSRP. I hope this helps others to purchase their Mini Coopers at a competitive price.

    BTW after we bought it noticed the forums with horror stories on transmissions. I am hoping this was for the early models with CVT and not for the new models. Anyone can confirm.

  • What if you put in 1/2 93 octane and the other 1/2 with 89 that's what I do because Mobile does'nt have 91 octane. The car seems to run as if on 91.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,720
    91 is recommended, so that works... Sort of a pain, though...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • joem5joem5 Posts: 201
    I think they have it fixed.You got a good deal also.
  • First of all I'd get a coldweather pkg and all seasons tires. How ever what about sunroof not being insulated? :confuse:
  • tezzztezzz Posts: 15
    MSRP $25,600
    Discount $500

    $25100+I pod interface and floor mat

    Good Deal?
  • Mathew.....what was the dealer than gave you $1500 off? Where?

  • queenmaqueenma Posts: 1
    Just bought a new Oxygen Blue Cooper. It has manual transmission, premium package, bluetooth/Ipod package and its MSRP is $21,200. Dealer discounted $600 and threw in floor mats.
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 18
    I'm interested in any feedback on recent deals on the 2009 MC Base with auto. Seems from what I read here that max discount is around $500 to $600 with sales still declining for Mini and BMW I want to double check on this as there are not many posting on the subject. I'm in the South East Market (Charlotte), I have only one dealer nearby Hendrick's which I really hate because of their sales tactics, I'm willing to travel to another dealers but wanted to be sure first what I'm up against in pricing first...thanks to all/any with information...
  • luckyme1luckyme1 Posts: 29
    I was looking to buy a Clubman S, but have not found just want I want. The Cincinnati dealer had almost 60 new units in stock, but won't budge on MSRP. Too bad, because there are a couple that would work for me. I won't go back there. Very arrogant attitude in my opinion. And I'm a cash buyer, w/ no trade. Unbelievable.
    I have seen some dealers willing to go $1500 off MSRP on stock units, even noting that on their web sites. I would drive a few hours for that.
  • joe0302joe0302 Posts: 16
    So I don't have a Shell station or a Costco. Whats wrong with Mobile 93 octane. I fly my Cessna on Sunoco260.
    If I were you I'd worry about how much Eyth :shades: nol is in the gas you purchase.
  • sugarbellysugarbelly Posts: 29

    Dealers should be negotiating these days, surely. Try another approach, since they see your hand & guess you're loaded with dough. When you find a MINI you want-- email 'em asking for best price on the car. But, - tell 'em you're looking to lease. ;) This widens their eyes, since they make more money off leases. Once you've locked-in a price, go in & tell 'em you've changed your mind & wish to pay in full. They very rarely balk; you get the upper hand; your price target & a grin to motor away with in your fab new MINI.

    ps. in a few months MINIs will (very likely) receive their mid-cycle "refresh" as 2010 models. Slight interior & exterior changes, etc. Yet another reason you're in the negotiating driver's seat. :shades:
  • Don_CDon_C Posts: 8
    You might check the Indy dealer. I bought my 2009 Clubman there in January. Cannot say what kind of a deal you'd get today, but the salesman was very patient, letting take three different cars for test drives.

    He was pretty good at listening to us and was certainly not pushing us as some sales people do. Urging? Maybe but no hard sell.

    My only complaint is the time it took from when we decided on a car on the lot and when we drove it away. Certainly two, maybe three hours for a cash deal. I find that unacceptable. That time does include pulling it off the lot for final cleanup and filling the gas tank, but I still think that the deal should happen much faster than that. It was light when we said "That one" and it was well past dark when we left the lot. (This issue is true with every dealer I dealt with regardless of brand.) :shades:
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