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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • I went to Truecar to configure my own MINI and found that "6-SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION" is on the option list.
    What that mean? :confuse:
    Does it mean that unless I select this option, the car will only have manual transmission?

  • Yes, that is exactly the case. Manual transmission is standard and automatic is optional.
  • In all honesty my wife drives our Mini on a daily basis and it is just a Mini Cooper, not Cooper S. I drive it occasionally and find that for day to day driving it is fun, perfectly powerful (remember it is a lightweight car) and goes 80 and above with ease if you are not paying attention. If you are not planning to floor the accelerator every time, it should be perfectly fine. If the car was for me, I would have gone for the S version and may have checked fewer option boxes than my wife had. Since the car was for her and she did not care as much about power, she got what she wanted.
    I shall note that our car is 6 speed manual. I had a chance to drive the car with automatic transmission and when you put that transmission in the Sport mode, it is also quite fun to drive, perhaps because it keeps car in the lower gears and higher RPMs resulting in more pull and better responsiveness. Of course it burns more fuel that way too.
  • Thanks, Alex

    As to Sport mode, do I have to select the sport package or it is an choice in standard model?
  • Is any one know MINI's maintenance and service, like:

    Can walmart do the regular maintenance, for instance, oil change and filter change?
    Can normal bodyshop do the regular repair, if there is sth wrong with MINI?
    Is spare parts available in Autoparts zone?
    How about the overall quality of MINI? (I suppose it is good.)

    Thanks. :)
  • Anybody can do the service.
    BUT, warranty service and the included 3 years of service can only be done at a Mini dealer. Not even at a BMW dealer.

    As far a quality, JDPowers results show the Mini to be one of the worst cars.
    Consumer Reports shows reliability to be mediocre.

    Considering the reliability, dearth of Mini service, and high price, I'm probably going to get a Mazda 3 instead.

    Of course if you really want a fun car that is reliable too and can live with 2 seats, get a Miata!
  • I have had my 2006 mini cooper s with john cooper factory install for about 1 year. i bought the car used, 2 years old with only 5000 miles on it. It had never been to the dealer for service. so you know mini has 2 warrantees-one is the maintanence--covers everything like oil changes, wipers --everything-- the other covers all mechanical issues . you will have to check the length of these when you buy new or what is left on a used car. i have found the mini service to be overall amazing. since these cars have a lot of tech in them--they plug them in and find things i didnt even know about. i find they go beyond what i ask every time. the warrantee service has to be done at a mini/bmw dealer-they are all over. there are great mini mechanics around the country when the warrantee runs out. regarding the other persons comments on ratings, i have found my mini to be one of the most maintaince free cars i have had. if you live in atlanta, one of the top mini master mechanics in the country is here-after warrantee if you need him. lastly---i have the most powerful engine combo they make--this car is the most fun, fastest, most torque of any car i have owned. so you know i have a 930 porche also--this has more power in early gears than the porche--it is fast-and with top down a blast--i recommend it strongly
  • I got a cooper S at Nashville. I only got $500 off MSRP:(

    I just read the documents from them. There is a fee named "PHANTOM FP," which is around $260 apart from the dealer fee $399.50. What is PHANTOM FP?
  • Hi ncmini,

    I called the MINI dealer in Memphis. They said the 'extra' fee they charged is only document fee $399, which,as argued by MINI salesman, is the 'general level in TN'. I haven't visit them and talk face to face yet. But at least they cut off 1,000 for their cooper (1,500 for Cooper S) in stock, which is ad. on their website.
  • Wihelmw,

    Thank you for your message. I wish I know that information earlier:(

    I just called the dealer. I was told that Panthon FP something is something used to track my car in case it was stolen.

    I am a girl, and I went to the dealer by myself. I though I would be tough to argue with them. It looks like I did not do a good work:)

    I wish you get the mini you want, and good luck with your purchase! I will be envious:)
  • BTW, there was one couple who also became interested in that chili red copper S I have been interested in. There seems to be no room for me to argue with the dealer.
  • Any idea on current (September residuals) on Clubman and Clubman S? 58% and 57% sound correct for Texas?
  • How's this lease deal?


    36 months 12K miles

    $1375.76 due at start (1st month, bank fee)
    $488.92 per month INCL tax
    $18960.00 residual 60%

    MSRP: $31600
    Negotiated selling price: $30850

    How'd I do?

    Thanks to all who responds!!
  • The sales staff at my local dealer (unidentified for now) have told me that 2010 factory orders will be taken AT MSRP. Using the Edmunds TMV calculation page that is approx. 10% over invoice cost. In my configuration that is close to $3,000 profit to place the order (because the dealership does not incur any of the costs associated with a car designated for lot sale).
    Has anyone out there ordered a 2010 for less than MSRP? I live in CA and really have no problem dealing with any of the dealers in the state (or NV & AZ for that matter).
    I probably would have paid the MSRP cost justifying it by saying that the dealer is entitled to a profit (even if a bit steep) until the sales person said that all their 2010 orders are done with Lojack and Perma plate. I said no to both then their "out the door" quote was still $600 OVER MSRP + tax/license/title. Making for a $3,600 profit!!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935 available-through-mini.html

    My daughter has a MINI - at 38,000 miles -ish
    Need to investigate this.
    May make some folks more comfortable
    with a MINI purchase...
    - Ray
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Hi Ray,

    The protection plan info is really interesting. I wish that I had the same warranty options when I purchased a '04 Certified Pre-Owned Mini S with extended warranty. You would think that everything would be ok-not so much.

    I have driven the car 15,000. Here is the quick and dirty:
    38,700 miles Bought a Certified Pre-Owned 04 Mini s w/ extended warranty-April 08

    38,708 miles Returned the car because the rear bumper was two-toned-April 08

    46,629 miles The crankshaft pulley, bolt, tensioner were repaired-Jan. 09

    53,000 miles The clutch, tire arms, tire bolts, tires…all need repairs-Oct. 09

    The January repairs were covered. The October repairs are not covered and will cost $6,600 from the dealer or $5,400 from a mechanic.

    It may make sense to check out the other forum discussions like clutch/transmission to hear other drivers experiences...

    I have more info on my experience & the forensics of buying a mini.

    I hope that this helps.
    Good Luck!
  • exit56exit56 Posts: 9
    Need a convertible by Thanksgiving Day (wife's 40th birthday).

    Are New York area dealers still getting full sticker price for the 2009 models? Seems to be a lot of inventory still left.

    Are the 2010s in the showroom yet?

    Would I get a better bang for my buck with a used one?

  • Yo Exit56

    First the 2010s are in the showroom here... second, I sense an urgency in the tone of your email... If a dealer senses that also they will be much less inclined to "deal".

    I would suggest that you check the dealer inventory on the MINI USA site of every dealer within a few hundred miles, make a list of those that have what you want and then send the sales manager of each one an email in essence saying what you want, that you are ready to deal and see what their best offer would be... and see who gets back to you. THAT'S who you want to deal with!

    Two alternative suggestions... There are more convertibles in inventory in Fla & California this time of year. Buy one there and give your wife a plane ticket for her birthday... she can drive it home!! OR If she really wants a MINI, she probably knows exactly what she wants... for her birthday let her order a 2010 exactly the way she wants it... Trust me, the weeks between order date and delivery date will probably be some of the best of your life!! hahahahah...

    NOTE: Shop around. Even on a 2010 order don't pay MSRP! I was able to get a dealer to agree to Invoice plus a flat fee of $1,500. A factory order costs a dealer very little. IMHO, all dealers should adopt a policy on factory orders of "invoice + set fee".

    Hope this helps you out some....
  • Hi, bilseg47, so according to your experience, how much flat fee we should add on top of the invoice for a 09 model? thanks
  • hey, bilseg i live around the nyc area and i just want to know when u mean invoice plus set fee u mean u pated the out the door price of invoice+1,500? or do you have to add tav title and registration and anything else? I really wanna buy a mini cooper.
  • No.... you're reading me wrong. IF you are in negotiations for a 2009, it's because it's ON THE DEALERS LOT. That means that the dealer accepted it into inventory, and has costs associated with doing same (lot fees, taxes, insurance, etc). They have an investment in the vehicle. MSRP offsets those costs and builds in a profit margin.
    So Invoice + flat fee is an unrealistic request on a "lot" car... but it makes sense on a factory order because the dealer incurs little cost and the fee is pretty much his profit. Depending on the volume of MINIs he sells per month and/or the time of the month when you order, they can gauge whether the deal works for them. "flat-fee" levels the playing field for the buyer. Example: Two buyers want to do a factory order. Buyer (a) wants a "basic" MINI with no add-ons and Buyer (b) wants a "fully loaded" MINI... from the dealers perspective it doesn't cost them any more to order/deliver either one so the "fee" to do so should be the same. And lastly, FIND A DEALER THAT WILL WORK WITH YOU. Not all dealers are the same. Shop around. Expand your search out a few hundred miles... if you're doing a factory order most of it can be done via email any way!
  • Invoice + fee is for the vehicle only.... Once you've agreed to that your dealer can then calculate tax, license, and registration fees and give you a detailed, firm "out-the-door" price.
  • ok bilseg47.Thanks for really helpimg me out, i appreciate it. So pretty much you got the cr for 1,500 over invoice before tax title and reg. and i should be expecting the same? What city did u buy it in? i live in the same nyc area and i know theres a few dealers in our ara. Dawm my keyboard sucks,
  • Expect nothing grasshopper... Negotiate. And if you are making contact with dealers via email, send your email to the Sales Manager... THAT is the person that ultimately will make the deal! Proposing your deal to any sales staff below the mgr. is a waste of time.
    I live in SoCal (82° today *grin*)... My dealer would probably do the deal, but that don't help you much unless you have some time... I mean, if you're gonna save $1,500 or more, the plane ticket and vacation trip driving back home would be "paid for". Or check down south... same thing only closer to you.
    I just read on the net that October was a bad sales month for MINI in the USA... maybe your local dealers will be more receptive to dealing with you in the latter part of the month when they have a better handle on their projected monthly sales...
    Your job now is to keep this dialog going... keep us posted on what you do and what you experience on your trek toward MINIdom... so as to educate those that follow.
    I leave you with this observation... "He who can not afford a new $15 keyboard should perhaps pause and reflect before buying a new car." hahahahahahaha
  • Hi bilseg47. While the situation that you described sounds good in theory, in reality exactly the opposite is true. Dealers are almost always much more anxious to sell vehicles that they have in inventory and are willing to cut thinner deals on them than on ordered vehicles. The sooner a dealer sells a vehicle that they have on the lot, the sooner they can stop paying floorplan interest on it.

    Plus as the old saying goes, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Dealers would much rather send a consumer off in a vehicle that they have ASAP than wait for an ordered vehicle to come in and possibly watch the deal fall apart.

    Lastly, the longer a vehicle sits on the lot, the less desirable it is. Mini dealers will be very anxious to unload any remaining 2009 models that they have now that the 2010 models have started to arrive. The longer it takes them to unload their leftover inventory, the less desirable it is to consumers and the larger the hit they will have to take to get rid of it.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Yo Host....

    The basic thrust of my initial comments are from my very recent, personal experiences in doing a "factory order". Having gone to, or contacted a number of dealers within a wide radius over the past few months, I am convinced that there is no way I could walk on to any MINI lot tomorrow and get a 2010, equipped the way mine is for the price (below MSRP) that I will have paid. (it should be here in a bit over two weeks)
    I certainly agree that dealers should be more receptive to deal on 2009s the later we get into 2010 season, everything you say is true, but that goes for any "year old" model product be it a car, a computer or a washing machine, but I will still counsel anyone to shop around. I talked to MINI dealers during my search that, because they were the only dealer in the area, tended to fall into the mindset that they controlled the product and if you wanted it you had to deal with them. I was actually told by a sales person while looking at window sticker that they were charging a premium over MSRP because of demand, and that was just the way it was... I have their card posted on my bulletin board as a constant reminder. B-)
  • hey bilseg, member me? i tried to get a mini and basyards wouldnt work with me. They said because only 45,000 cars are sold a rear and there rare they really dont have to work with me that. Ill try looking for a 2009 and go according to car man then
  • I spent the last month reading this forum, trolling craigslist and ebay. I have visited 2 dealers (the last was today for 2 hours) and had a very nice and patient sales rep who gave me his "final offer". Of course, I was able to walk away unemotionally and say I'd think about it.

    If there are a few people in the NY area that are looking to buy, perhaps we can all save a few hundred or maybe a grand each if we all go in together to buy.

    The best dealer out of the 6 or so places will get 2, 3, 4, or 5 car sales in one fell swoop - if they give us aggressive pricing.

    Anyone in? I'm looking to pull the trigger in the next few days - week at the latest.
  • I'm looking to get one for my wife's 40th too - a few days after Thanksgiving! How are you celebrating? Funny!
  • jvst1ce,

    I'm in. I'm looking to buy within the next few days as well and any help in reducing that MSRP will be very much appreciated.

    With that said, I am currently talking to dealers in the Princeton NJ and Morristown NJ areas and if I make any good negotiations there, I'll be sure to mention the possibility of pulling in more buyers for further reductions, if any.

    What kind of car are you looking? Factory-built or on the lot?
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