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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • Hey jvstice. That is a good idea.I will do that but do you really think that will work. I went to the dealer in mahway and for a mini mayfair s that gave me a offer of 29879 after all the fees. What did the dealers in priceton and morristown give u as the final offer?
  • Guys/Gals - How can we do this tomorrow - discuss tonight?

    Maybe we can open a chat via aim or facebook? etc..

    I hit 3 dealers already with the email quote thing.

    I'm looking for an S Convertible.

    This could really work? Even though I know dealers read this blog.. They need to sell - last month was very slow.

    Let's do this.

    You can email me -
  • I think I'll get a better deal (and quicker) with an on the lot car.. I'm not too picky about color, etc..

    So how can we do this? email me -

    I have 3 other people so far who SAY they are interested.
  • I've started the quest.. getting some very good quotes... who else is in?
  • doraedorae Posts: 4
    I'm actually looking to order a MINI and am from socal. I was wondering which dealer you went to? i've sent out emails to irvine and crevier, but from reviews and such i hear they sell at or above MSRP. I've also been to LB, and sent an email to South Bay, so am just waiting until they get back to me. I'm new to buying cars, so I was wondering how you went about getting them to lower the price. thanks so much for your help!
  • Yo dorae

    First, have you "built" the car you want at the on-line MINI website? If you haven't, then do it now... if you have, then be prepared to attach it to your follow-up email to those dealerships that get back to you...

    Give me your email address, once we establish a dialog I'll send you contact names and numbers.

    BTW, I forwarded your email to them already, asked them to be on the lookout for an email from you.
  • doraedorae Posts: 4
    sweet! thanks a lot bilseg47. you can reach me at thanks!
  • Hey - are we doing this as one group or two?

    With one group - we have even more power?

    Please let me know.

    With this big of a group - we can email directly to the FLEET MANAGER.. who doesn't make commission.

    Frank -
  • doraedorae Posts: 4
    Just came back for a socal dealer and ordered a 2010 mini S. Pretty smooth ordering. Dealer said they would do $700 over invoice.

    2010 Cooper S

    Black Metallic
    Xenon Headlights
    Automatic Climate Control
    Navigation System
    Bluetooth/USB/Ipod adapter
    Alarm System
    Limited Slip Differential

    MSRP: 28000
    Invoice: 25452
    Price Paid: 26152 (not including TTR)

    Dealers going to throw in the floor mats. Says estimated arrival will be some time in February (if not earlier). Can't wait!
  • Hello, I am in the market for a new Mini in New Jersey/Philadelphia area.

    Do dealers negotiate from the actual dealer cost, or the higher priced "factory invoice?"

    I know that the actual dealer costs are lower then the "invoice price."
  • dorae

    I am in socal and am looking to get a similar deal on a Clubman I am going to order. Can you tell me the name of the dealer and sales person you spoke to?

    Thanks much Please reply to miniclub"at"
  • Hi Car Man -

    Do you happen to know the December money factor/residual rates for a 2010 Mini Cooper S? Looking to lease in SoCal.

  • doraedorae Posts: 4
    hey brmini,

    i sent you an email a few days ago. not sure if you got it. if you didnt, let me know
  • I recently placed an order for a new Mini Cooper Clubman, From a Souther California Dealership, and not only did I get the best price but this Internet Sales Manager was the best I have ever experienced. I paid only 700 over invoice, My vehicle will be here before Feb, I didnt even have to step into the dealership. I build my car on MINIUSA.COM i emailed it to him he replied back in a matter or minutes. He gave me invoice price which invoince included 100 for maco and 82 for training fee he was able to explain why Mini charges those fees. I agreed on pricing 700 over total invoice he faxed me credit application, and a credit card for to take out 1,500. My car is now order and expected to be received either end of jan or begining of Feb. This guy is so wonderful and easy to deal with. I got his contact info by someone who order a car from him and he advised that he already placed orders for about 5 people in this forum. I have his info if any one you guys need it. This has been the easiest and the happies shopping ex ever. P. S he was also able to lock the 2.9 rate for 60 months for my mini even tough my car will be here until next year. He also explained that if the rate is better in feb I have the option to take either 2.9 or whatever rate they have in Feb. My cousin who lives in vegas placed a order from him as well so he does do out of state deals.
  • hkyhky Posts: 71
    Is it ok to pass the dealership name? Thinking about doing the same thing since dealership here in tx will only discount $0.
  • Hi luka822. I'd be happy to help you out. Mini's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Mini Cooper S with 15,000 miles per year are .00170 and 58%, respectively.

    The forums actually has a specific discussion about leasing a Mini, "MINI Cooper Lease Questions". Any future posts on this subject would probably be better off there. Thanks.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Sure email me so I can give you his contact info
  • Hi dorae,
    Could you send me an email with the same information too?
  • joepojoepo Posts: 10
    Hi Dorae,
    Congrats on your purchase - you did very well. If you don't mind me asking which dealership did you purchase your Mini from? I'm also getting ready to order mine.
    You may send your reply to

    Thanks and regards,
  • Purchased a Honda Fit last year and it is a fine car but tinny, poor acceleration, squeaks and rattles and not a comfortable ride. Was thinking of a mini but not sure if i will have the same a comfortable ride, good suspension, quieter ride and hate rattles. What are your experiences? the review says it is a noisy ride. Will primarily be used to commute to Manhattan from Eastern Queens. Thanks for your help Joe
  • Sounds like you don't really want a sporty vehicle... I suspect from what you've said you're looking for in a vehicle, you'd be much happier in a Cadillac Escalade.
  • Thanks for your reply, not interested in a Cadillac Escalade, but I take it from your response that the Mini must not be a comfortable ride, has poor suspension, is noisy and full of rattles. Joe
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    First: I do think you definitely need to drive one.
    "Ride quality" is largely subjective.
    Second: I have driven my daughter's 2007 MINI
    [ edit: non-S ]
    a number of times, and ride in it regularly.
    It is a long way from anything with a wheelbase
    as long as an Escalade.
    But for what it is - and the 'real world' fuel mileage -
    it has been an excellent car - for her.
    - Ray
    Good luck....
    2016 BMW 340i
  • I'd like to get your salesman contact info. Thanks.
    CALBEAR85 @ gmail dot com
  • We just picked up our 2010 Mini Cooper hatchback today. We worked with four dealers trying to get the best deal, and it was Mini Morristown, NJ. Ask for Dave
    This month of January you can get some great deals, we got the premium package free, but you must purchase by Jan. 31st. :)
  • Hi there, could you please email me the dealer's contact information?, Thanks in advance!
  • sw2sw2 Posts: 3
    Hi, I just had a great buying experience at Momentum Mini in Houston. I got an 09 MCS Auto, Sparkling Silver w/ white roof and mirrors, white bonnet stripes, prem pkg, xenons, clear signals, bluetooth/ipod adapter and tint for $26,700 inc ttl. The service was great and I would recommend them anyone in the Houston area. Matthew was my salesman and he was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Mini of the woodlands were also very helpful, but they didn't have the options we wanted on anyy of their 09's.
  • mru862mru862 Posts: 1
    fcuneo, can you tell me how much you paid for yours and the specifications if you don't mind?
  • fcuneofcuneo Posts: 2
    I ended up going with an 08 Sport, 21,000 miles with all the options, for $18,000
  • I love my car! Was going to buy a prius, but after the recall drama, thought I would check out the Mini, before I bought. I drive a lot, and need super gas mileage. I LOVE love love this car! So cute, and sporty, and it goes and goes on a tank. Love that I can parallel park in a tiny space at the mall!
    I bought mine from a socal dealership. Awesome buying experience. They even have a bulldog mascot, there! My salesperson was not pushy, knew about the product, and even drove a vintage mini, herself. I really appreciated not being pushed, and that she let me take my time to check out the cars, and make a decision. I am very pleased with my car, and the price I paid. Will be a Mini owner for life.
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