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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • I am looking at a 2011 MINI Cooper with Auto Transmission, Bluethooth, Armrest and Harman sound system. The TMV with these features is $21,853. I then deducted an Options Credit of $1,125 that MINI is offering for Auto Transmission from the TMV for an adjusted TMV of $20,728. This is the price I offered the dealership. The dealership said the Options Credit was already taken into account on the TMV and by me taking it out, I was "double dipping". I'm I correct in my offer or is the dealer correct?
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Hi bamatx. I tend to agree with you - the TMV can't account for the free option on this vehicle (Invoice $20635 / MSRP $22850.) I think your approach was a fair one (taking TMV, minus the invoice of the free option.) Having this "free" option gets much more confusing when negotiating - I bought back in December when there was the flat $1k "You-ification" credit.

    If the Automatic really is "free", then the adjusted invoice is $19510 and the adjusted MSRP is $21600. Your offer of $20728 is still giving them $1200 of profit...
  • I picked up my 2011 Mini Cooper yesterday. MSRP $24,200 dealer invoice $22,532. Using I offered $500 over dealer invoice minus $1575 premium package credit for a price of $20,957. with tax title and license OTD was $22,593.86
  • Hi there,

    Unfortunately no it didn't.
  • koblixkoblix Posts: 8
    I just started looking into the Mini this week? Any advise? Many TIA
  • jlin1028jlin1028 Posts: 2
    Hey guys,

    Im trying to buy a mini before this August.Since I still have months, all i can do is search for the best deals. Before i going to buy one, I really need help for answering few questions that im concern.

    When is the best time to buy a mini???

    Since the I want the mini Nav Connected, i have to order the mini, I did customized it online, and the total comes up 32,000. Do car dealer allow give deals for ordering a mini?? How much is they usually offer??

    and last, I learned to drove a manual transmission 4 years ago (mostly forget it all), and Im in New York City. Do you recommended to buy a manual or automatic?? the manual could save $1700, but im worry a new stick driver will damage the engine if I didnt drive it properly.

    Thank you for replying, im really appreciated.
  • phunke1phunke1 Posts: 3
    Mini's current deal looks pretty sweet.

    On select Mini's (Have been in contact with my local Mini dealership (Atl, GA) and it's all Cooper and Cooper S')

    0.9 % Financing
    You get one of the following packages for free:
    Premium Package ($1750 Value), Sports Package (1250), Automatic Transmission (1250)

    I'm headed to the dealership easter weekend. The question is if I end up with a Cooper or a Cooper S :)
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    You should buy a manual S with only the suspension and performance upgrades. None of the bloat and bling. This will result in a car that is highly sought after when you sell it, and it will drive very well.

    Note - stick with the stock tires.
    Here is what I suggest:
    Manual, S hard top.
    - Center Arm Rest
    - Sport Suspension
    - Traction Control
    - Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
    - Premium Sound
    - Homelink/Garage Opener
    - JCW Strut Brace
    - JCW Sport Suspension
    - JCW Sport Gauge Kit
    $27544 MSRP (figure $26K or so after haggling) - All the meat and none of the fluff. If you need a GPS, get a Garman. For $400, you can get a unit that's portable and four times better than any OEM unit. This will be depreciate 15-25% slower than the normal models as this is what tuners and drivers who want the manual will want used. And it's crazy fast.
  • Getting automatic HT with premium package and bluetooth in base color (chili red). Got offer of $20887 (before taxes and fees) which is $1152 over factory invoice. MSRP is $23600. This is taking into account the premium package promotion.
  • phunke1phunke1 Posts: 3
    Based on other deals I've seen recently, that seems like a good deal. The Promo they are running currently is the best promo in over a year. They are really trying to push Mini's right now. The issue I'm having with the dealership is that they don't have many base models with just a prem package, so they just don't have many to chose from. I think I just need to get over wanting a specific color.
  • phunke1phunke1 Posts: 3
    After reading through all the horror stories in the "Clutch" thread, I think I will be going with the automatic transmission. I'm actually going this weekend rather than next. I'm having problems sleeping at night thinking of my new Mini :shades:
  • kent2kkent2k Posts: 3
    Would you mind to share from where you got the price? we tried to get exact same configure, even same red color, the local dealers won't budge, we tried costco auto program was offered meagerly 250 off msrp from a 40-mile away dealer. we are in N. Cal, bay area.

  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Well, if you don't know what to do, you can burn out a clutch fairly quickly. Then again, I've had a car with a completely dead clutch only once in my life, so YMMV of course.

    In any case, the solution to it when or if it happens is to replace the OEM clutch with a racing one that's 2-3x stronger.
  • kida1kida1 Posts: 1
    Wow, this is insanely great deal! Where are you located? I feel like I got ripped off then. I just put a deposit down on a 2011 Mini Cooper, premium package, automatic trans, with Mini Connect no navigation. MSRP was $24300 and I tried to get them to go below $22000, but they wouldn't budge off of $22725, which was pretty much the option credit! They gave the same story about "double dipping", that the credit doesn't come off their invoice, but I thought that was bs. I was kind of annoyed but they had to transfer this specific car from the port, so I thought it was still a pretty decent deal considering all the leg work they did to find the exact car I wanted. I'm located in So Cal and wondering if anyone has had success negotiating in this region. Bleh, I really want the car and actually don't mind paying that price until I saw that you got your car close to 2K lower than mine!! ignorance is bliss..heheh.
  • I'm in LA. Dealer is Southbay internet dept. Please private msg me for the name of the internet mgr who took care of me. It was painless and actually a great experience! I just picked it up this weekend and I'm in love. I have been dreaming of this car for a long time and it's finally a reality!
  • Looking to buy a new Mini cooper within the next two weeks. A couple of questions -

    1. Any sense on price flexibility? I know that most minis are customized, so it may be difficult to do exact numbers, but roughly a couple thousand or so?

    2. Any idea what it takes to actually get the 0.9% financing they advertise? (I have great credit, but sometimes that's not all their looking for.)

    3. Are brokers like carwoo or others actually good ways to buy a car, or is it better to just go straight to dealer? (I live in CT.)


  • hachicahachica Posts: 1
    Hello Elizabeth --

    I don't know if you have had much luck in CT, but here in Southern California it is a really crazy time for Mini shopping.

    I don't know if it is gas prices, the impending summer buying season, or the current Mini promotion, but they are flying off the lots here. If you see a car one day, it will likely be gone within a few days. This is true for hardtops with the premium package, and especially true for S versions of the cooper with premium package and automatic transmission.

    Also, all dealers are telling me that production is slowing right now. One attributed the slowdown to the fact that automatic transmissions are coming from Japan, another said that they are changing their coding system, and yet another said that they gearing up for a transition to the 2012 model. It is tough to verify the validity of these claims, but considering they are all saying variations of the same thing, it is worth noting.

    In terms of pricing, most dealers are willing to honor the 1 free package promotion, though they usually only have premium packages here. Keep in mind that they will only discount the invoice price of the package -- not the full retail value. As many others have noted, it is very difficult to get further reductions on Coopers (though it may be easier for S versions since they are usually more loaded). Expect them to offer only the package discount, and work from there. If you mean a couple of thousand beyond the promotion discount, I would say that is almost impossible at this point. Maybe in a year -- as long as they don't make significant changes.

    I am close to closing a deal on a Cooper S with automatic transmission, premium package, and a few more options that I don't really need. I thought there would be more wiggle room, but dealers are standing firm. I'm sure if I don't buy it, someone will.

    Oh, in terms of interest rate, the .9% is for 24-36 months, I think. Something a little short. 2.9% for 60 months. If you have good credit and are willing to borrow a certain amount, you will likely get approved.

    Hope that helps! Anyone else shopping for a Mini right now?
  • I just got back from a dealer and this is the quote that I got:
    2011 mini hardtop S, manual transmission, premium package, armrest
    MSRP $26,200 (including destination fee which is $700)
    Discount that I got is $1884.92. They charge delivery package which is $299.00 so the price total purchase price is $24.614.08 plus tax and $599 doc fee.

    Do you guys think this is a good deal? I got the one option package free discount which is $1750 and they didn't want to move away from msrp as you can see, only $134.

  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    I wouldn't deal with a place that charges $599 doc fee, just out of principle. And the $299 delivery package? What's that?? They already charge you the destination fee. That's $900 in extra padding for 2 hours of paperwork and prep which they should do anyways. Doc fee should be $200, tops. It should be MSRP+destination fee+taxes+doc fee in that order.

    The free option package, btw, should be the sport suspension, as it dramatically changes the driving dynamics. Add the options that you want, one at a time as it will save you money (ie - the premium package is only worth the AC, which can be added by itself). The one option that people want on used Minis is the sport package. Doubly so if it has manual.

    Also, remember, that the dealer literally will have his rear end on the line if you give him poor marks on the feedback, so that's plenty of leverage to get that silly "delivery package" markup removed.

    Here is what I would get:(in the configurator on their website)
    Mini Cooper S, (free sport package), (manual) [so far, base model price], (color of choice - the Ice Blue with black roof looks nice and if $0 extra), and the following options you pay for:

    Color: Ice Blue with black roof ($0)
    - Design - Anthracite headliner if ordering black roof ($250). Chrome line interior ($250).

    - Packages - only the free sport package ($0)

    - Performance - All season tires ($0), Sport Suspension ($500), Auto dimming rear mirror ($250).

    - Instruments - Nothing ($0) Stock AC is fine, $500 for your iPod is silly - I use MP3 CDs andyways. 50 cents each and I can fit 50-60 songs, typically on a "mix" CD. Spend the $500 on the better looking interior.

    - Accessories - Wheel Locks ($64), Mud Flaps ($66), Floor Mats ($119), Glovebox Organizer [also gives you a place to put you iPod if you get an aftermarket connection kit/jack installed in the glovebox] ($57), Magnetic Stone Guards ($36) , Bumper Protection Strip ($46)

    - JCW - Strut Brace. This is horribly important to tightening up the front end. ($277) Order it at the time of delivery so that it will be installed for you.

    Total:$25533. All sport, a few nice options to add to the looks, and the basic accessories. High resale value as well. But you'd have to order it tomorrow.
  • wannamcwannamc Posts: 1
    Just test drove the Mini Cooper Hardtop and right now the local dealer has very little in stock, but a few coming in this month. Two of those look interesting, but how much can I expect them to budge on pricing? Both are 2011 base model, manual trans, with Premium and Cold Weather pkgs in the color I like, with sport seats (which I liked). Both have bluetooth and USB/ipod adapter (for $500, seems silly to me, but all of them coming have this).

    #1 version has the black alloy wheels for $750, which I despise -- can't they switch those out to the old wheels? -- priced at $24,600 w/destination charge, then they'll take $500 off for it being a manual (really pushing them since autos are out of stock) plus $295 for dealer crap (mats, etc.) = $24,395.

    #2 Version has center armrest (which didn't matter to me) plus the really nice leather/cloth seats for an extra $1,000, which I don't really need, but they are pretty nice. $25,100 minus the $500 as above, plus $295 as above = $24,895.

    So how to proceed? Do we go back and make an offer, or are these things in such short supply that dealers won't budge? Guess we should have shopped last month during the free package deals, but didn't know we'd be shopping (my car DIED, so we need something soon).

    Any advice welcome. Thanks to all for enabling my admission to the MC Club!
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    See my previous post. What you do is you custom order the vehicle and then you get it exactly as you want. And you really DO want the sport package.
  • I just purchased a mini for my wife who happens to like fast, fun cars. She had a 3000 GT VR4 that I really liked as well as a BMW M3 that turned out to be a favorite. We just purchased a 2009 John Cooper Works for $23K with 10 K miles. You could always try and negotiate the price down. The dealership usually has a markup just because they know people typically want to feel that they talked there way down and have gotten a better deal than the "Average Joe". Bottom line is, do your due diligence and find a price for the car you want. Then try to get them to the price you are willing to pay for that car. If you have done your research, they will know and they will understand you are looking for a fair price. I paid asking price on my mini because through all of my research, I knew I found a great car at a good price. I love our JCW!
  • I ordered my Mini Clubman on the 9th of June. This is the first car I will have ever owned so needless to say I am SUPER excited. I got a pepper white ext. with black bonnet stripes, Nav system, sunroof, and auto transmission. And its the 2012 so I am quite happy about that. In the owners lounge for mini owners it says it is still on order, the first step. It has been 7 days, when does it usually go into production? I am more than anxious about it getting here!!! I live in Florida, so abut how long should I be looking at for anticipating the call from my dealer telling me it has arrived?! Thanks!
  • fierketfierket Posts: 6
    The owners lounge is usually behind and your baby is already in the next step. I have ordered 2 and that has always been the case. I got my 2011 Mini Countryman All4 in about 12 weeks from order. And my 2009 Cooper S took about 10 weeks. Just depends on when it gets into production and how long it has to wait for the boat ride. Enjoy it when you get it!
  • @fierket-when you ordered your cars did you live in Florida?
  • el3553el3553 Posts: 3
    I'm in LA southbay as well. Do you mind sending me the name of the dealer & manager who helped you out? Thanks!
  • el3553el3553 Posts: 3
    I'm ordering a '12 Countryman S. MSRP is $32,050 and two dealerships have given a final price of $31,500. Does this seem reasonable based on your experience w/ the Countryman? Should I expect to pay the delivery and doc fees?

    Thanks for any advice.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Check Their prices and service use the same back-end as several other major sites.

    Still, $32K is a lot of money for a car like that.
  • maddiesonmaddieson Posts: 2
    I love the mini cooper.Ever since I saw that car I've been courting my dad for one.Is it a high maintenance car?
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Unfortunately, while most of the car is very well built, the transmissions and engines are known to be problematic The S moreso due to the supercharger). And rather expensive to fix.

    It's a great car. But it's not an economical choice by any means.
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