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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I would do that for new but not a demo
  • This just seems to be getting better and better. Could be a new XC90 in the driveway today!

    I am getting some unclear information from my dealer who ether doesn't really know what's going on or is playing dumb.

    Here's the contradictions:

    They tell me employee pricing is invoice. I have found evidence that employee pricing on the one I am looking at is $1499 less than invoice.

    The post above says 3K from Volvo and I am told it is 2K.

    Dealer (and a post somewhere above) says that the DVD system cannot be combined with the Volvo lease cash. So it's either the DVD system or the 2K (or 3K if that is correct)

    Dealer says Volvo requires $895 aquisition fee. I have not found any indication of an aquisition fee in any promotional info.

    Can someone confirm or clarifiy this stuff for us?
  • slackjaw, per Edmunds the incentive is definitely $3000. And it looks like you can get another $400 by financing a purchase through Volvo. zip=19707&state=DE
    Also note that is says "may be combined with other offers", hence the ability to combine with Costco deal. And the "complimentary rear seat entertainment system" only applies to the lease I believe.

    My big question is this: why is Volvo doing this? Low demand? Acknowledgement that the vehicle is overpriced?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The Costco deal is A Plan.
    Which is invoice.
    Since you are leasing, NOT buying, the lease cash is $2000
    Plus, the $1,000 incentive from Costco.
    The DVD program CANNOT be combined w/ the lease money.
    Acq fee is $595 for Tier 0 credit
  • How does the costco plan come out when buying: INV -$4000 + DVD? does the car have to come from dealer stock or can it be ordered? thanks.
  • Complimentary Rear Seat Entertainment is NOT only for the lease. I'm about to purchase one this weekend and was told that it is included.
    Hope that helps.
  • Not sure about the aqusition fee, sounds like it is up to the dealer what they are willing to discount to move these, but I am still waiting for Costco Rep to call me back as of 5 PM last evening??? I didn't think that Costco would be the bottleneck on this. Anyway we won't buy/lease until we get the referral from Costco rep since that's the best way to participate in this. I'll post whatever NEW information I get after Costco calls me back.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Here is how the DVD incentive works.
    Volvo dealer charges you $1800 for the DVD(if it is dealer installed)
    If it is already on the car the price is $1823
    NOW, if you are leasing, you get a $2500 incentive that goes w/ the DVD promotion.
    There is also a $2000 lease incentive. This is only for people who don't want to do the DVD.
    You cannot combine the 2 amounts.

    Same on a purchase. The regular purchase incentive is $2500. Or, you take the $3100 DVD incentive.

    If you are a Costco member, you can take another $1000 incentive.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The acquistion fee is not subj to negotiation.
    As a matter of fact, Costco will refer you back to the dealer for lease questions.
  • volvomax, I'm not clear on your explanation. So if someone is buying (not leasing) on the Costco deal they pay invoice, less $3000, less $1000 Costco, plus get $500 Costco cash card, right? Now for the entertainment system you state "dealer charges you $1800" or $1823. So you're saying this is an added cost and not a "freebie"?
    Also, is it true as Edmunds states in their incentives section that you also get $400 if you finance through Volvo?
  • Volvomax: Thank you. You have been very, very helpful.
  • Your right, aquisition, lease payment, and interest rate is Tier driven which is based on creditworthiness and credit score IIRC. What Fico score range is tier 0?

    I did speak with Costco person this evening several times. Since I called Thursday afternoon, they were able to build my vehicle, verify my membership, now I am set to go with a vehicle tommorrow if I like the deal. Costco informs me that they have a had a fair amount of inquiries on this particular program. They must verify membership status is current and you were already a costco member before sometime in early November ?? to qualify for the Volvo program.

    Since the dollar is tanking against the Euro, Sek, and Pound. We opted for local delivery.

    The program they are offering is the invoice pricing which is what is showing at the costco website. Also any Volvo factory approved options that can be ordered or dealer added(Volvo stuff only) is at invoice too. Costco will audit post purchase to verify customers are getting the costco pricing on your survey you must complete to get the $500 gift card and they will also audit the paperwork the customer signs at the dealership since they are cutting the dealer a check for $1000 for the additional $1000 in discount the dealer gives you.

    Cash to Dealer and cash to customer is really the dealers decision. I have been working with some honest people since they have explained how this deal works and have offered $4000 off of the invoice plus another $1000 below invoice price, plus I have been told that I am getting the DVD player too FOC installed by dealer. Leased and then bought Volvo S60R with the same dealer last year. We received the car for $11K off of MSRP with all rebates and incentives on that deal that was a steal. This one seems about as good as it gets for the XC90. I will let you know how the deal goes down tommorrow

    The Costco people told me to take advantage of the offer you have to go throught the refferal process with Costco FIRST, They build the car and verify membership. After that they will contact you to go to the dealer.

    I'm hoping for best, we'll see.
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    Very interesting....

    If it works for you volvo_r, I'm canceling my X-Plan order, and reordering through Costco. I've got a black card Executive membership, also.

    Excellent find!!! Please keep us informed.
  • I am interested in this deal through costco as well but according to the website, you have to be a member before NOVEMBER 15 and I just became a member 2 days ago. I have a family member that is a costco member (brother and his family). Would i be able to use his membership info and still be able to purchase under my name? I know its doubtful but i guess its worth a try....Any help would be appreciated
  • well my friend --

    i took the plunge and got exactly what i wanted...

    after hasseling and bargaining with several salespeople - i think i found a pretty good deal:

    Black XC90 5 passenger
    Beige leather interior
    Premium Package
    Moonroof/BLIS system/Wood Grained Steering Wheel
    Sirius Satellite Radio

    Final Price: $35,900 + TTI

    I'm very happy with my new car! Just thought I'd share!
  • Did I mention it is BRAND NEW 2008 with 12 miles! Woohoo!
  • We pulled the trigger did
    Black XC AWD
    Premium Package
    Black Leather
    Climate Package
    Versatility Package
    Free DVD system
    $36094 Plus TTL out the Door!
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    That is a superb deal volvo_r..... almost $5K under invoice plus the free DVD. Well done!

    Several questions:

    1. Are you special ordering the car, or is it in stock?
    If ordered, does it have to be delivered before the end of the year?
    2. Did you deal with Costco first, and then the dealer?
    3. Was it Costco or the dealer who gave you the final price?
    4. Is this a purchase or lease?
    5. Do you mind going through the math that got you to what looks like $4,725
    below invoice deal? Part of it is the $3K dealer cash and $1K Costco rebate, I
    assume. Then there is the additional $500 from Costco, I think.

    I have a Volvo X-Plan ordered, and thought invoice + 2% was a good deal, but what you got seems to about $2,500 better. That's more than enough to make me cancel the first order and go to Costco.

    Even if I can pull off a similar deal as you, it wouldn't be quite as good because we don't want the third row (Versatility Pkg), so we couldn't get the free DVD.

    Any advise and details will be much appreciated.
  • That is the exact package and deal I am hoping to get. Can you share dealer name and location? Thanks and enjoy the new car.
  • Can someone point out some evidence that there is a $2,000 lease cash program? The big-city dealer I am working with claims there is no such thing. I cannot find anything other than here and what my local dealer told me. It's all message board and verbal. I need something to show the big-city-dealer. Thanks all!
  • Car was in stock but you can order it if they don't have what you want. IIRC you have to place your order with the dealer before December 31st.

    Costco first no exceptions.

    Costco had build prices at the website, but dealer adds Tax Title License.

    Leased to get extra cash but will convert to purchase.

    This is for real go to costco then go to the dealer they refer you too.

    Ours: Ken Garff Volvo South Town Mitch Cameron
    He's located in Draper Utah

    500 cash card comes from costco after you complete purchase and then fill out survey.

    Good luck everybody!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The DVD player is not a freebie.
    NOTHING in the car biz is a freebie.
    If you are buying you get the A plan price, plus the cost of the DVD palyer minus the $3100 DVD incentive, minus the $1000 Costco incentive.
    Costco mails you the $500 card.

    The $400 APR bonus is available if you finance thru VFNA.
    However, VFNA's rates are about 2 points above a good banks, so that $400 doesn't do you a whole lot of good.
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    For sure, when we are paying, and someone else is selling, ther is no such thing as a freebie.

    With The Costco plan, I understand the invoice pricing, the $3K dealer cash back, the $1K Costco cash back, and the $500 survey rebate card.

    Are you also saying that we can either get the DVD option (dealer installed I believe), or the invoice value for it, as a further discount on the deal???

    This would be great news, indeed. I spoke with the Costco (really Affinity Auto Program) rep yesterday, and plan on sitting down with the dealer this evening. The rep wasn't sure about the DVD incentive, especially with a 5 seat XC90.

    Can you confirm, one way or the other? Thanks, in advance.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    You will be charged the cost of installing the DVD system, which cost the dealer @ $1800 to install.
    The regular incentive on an XC90 is $2500
    the DVD incentive is $3100.
    So, the DVD costs you @ $1800 minus the $3100.
    The $1000 Costco incentive is deducted either way.

    If you buy a 5 seat XC90, your price is invoice minus $2500 minus $1000
    If you buy a 5 seat XC90 w/ a dealer installed DVD, your price is invoice,plus the cost of the dvd install minus $3100 minus $1000
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211

    That's basically exactly what my dealer told me several hours ago.

    Invoice, less $2,500 from Volvo; less $1,000 from Costco; less a $500 gift card from Costco for answering a survey; plus only $600 to have the dealer install the DVD entertainment system.

    Still much better than X-Plan pricing. Thanks everyone, including Edmunds!
  • I just got quoted white XC90 AWD, climate, xenon headlights, premium, versatility, road side assistance, $39961 plus taxes, fees, footprint fee(?) etc, total $43185. I told the salesman about this forum and that I feel people were getting a better deal than this and he said that this was all he could offer me and there wasn't any room for negotiation. He said that different regions had different incentives. Is this true? He was getting really frustated with me because I was hoping for a better deal. Can I do better? The car was on the lot. They also only offered me $7000 for my trade in.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    As you have described, that is a $45,200 MSRP car.
    So, getting it for $39,961 is a very good deal.
    Since you are essentially invoice minus the incentive I'd be frustrated with you too.
  • where are you located?

    basically what i did was that i did extensive research on my own and with the help of i had about 3 different dealerships get me quotes for exactly what i wanted -- nothing more, nothing less.
    this migh help you -- and then compare the 3 -- see what each will do -- if they will match the 'lowest' offer, etc.
    this is what i did -- and this is the first time that i have ever bought a car on my own.
    to make a long story short -- i'm not sure what what the versatility package runs you, or if you have the 3rd row of seats --

    the 3rd row alone adds about 2K to the car.

    i bought:

    XC90 - 5 passenger
    black / beige leather interior
    sirius satelite radio
    premium package
    wood steering wheel..

    i ended up paying 35,900 (+ TTL -- which the total came out to about 38,500 i believe. they also gave me 4K for my trade -in -- only because i had gotten this quote from another dealership -- they only were going to give me 2,500)

    i think the trick it to just compare among several dealerships offering the same product - there are deals to be made.

    for example -- my local volvo dealership wanted to sell me the car for $8K more! i'm talking the identical vehicle that i bought at another dealership!

    hope this helps..:)
  • Ok I understand it is a good deal, but I was comparing it to "Volvo r" who got the xc90 with all the packages plus free DVD for $36094. And guess what? He got his car from the same dealership (Ken Garff) that I'm getting my quote from, just a different location in Salt Lake. So I think I can do better!
  • I'm in Salt Lake City. And interestingly enough I just found out that the quote I was comparing mine against from "Volvo R" is at the same dealership, just a different location. So I think I'll give the guy that he recommended a call. I think I'll also try and get another quote for my trade in. Thanks.
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