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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tonyg41tonyg41 Posts: 17
    I just got an 09 XC90 last saturday and mine has all the things you are looking for except the versatility package cause i didnt want the extra seats but it has bluetooth and the msrp was 41,750 I got the car for 31,750 so they took 10k off the price with all incentives and such your only looking at tops of 3k in features difference from what I bought mine. I think 33k is a reasonable price you should shoot for dont let them trick you. The only issue you might have is my deal was with feb Incentives for march it might be different. Also another suggestion is go in for a lease and buy it out it was cheaper to do that then to finance it out because if you lease it and volvo isnt the one leasing it to you directly you get 6k off the car price. Luckily the dealer I went to deals with US Bank and I think most of the dealers do so you can get that off the car price. Good Luck
  • chefseanchefsean Posts: 2
    does anyone know Volvo's incentives out for march on '09 3.2 xc90
  • s0l0s0l0 Posts: 39
    Did you really get 10k off the price of a 2009 model? As far as I know the 2008 models can be bought for 10k off MSRP, but not the 2009s.
  • raffiemraffiem Posts: 11
    07 AWD 3.2

    has 15,000 miles.

  • ali14ali14 Posts: 1
    Hi, Can you email me the Contact information and dealer name at [email protected] Your deal sounds great. Did anybody else camee cross such deal? If so please refer me your contact.

  • Thanks for the info Tony. Sounds like you got a great price. I'll try $33K and see if anyone bites.
  • Hello
    I was looking at T5 7 seater with about 47000 KM (29000 miles) on it. It is certified and has approximately 1.5 years left on the warranty. Not sure of all the options it has on it but it did have leather, sunroof but it did not have a power seat on the passenger side. The dealer is asking 33,995 CDN (~27,500 US). Wondering what a fair price for this vehicle is. The dealership is in Eastern Canada.

    thanks for any help
  • nikjreecenikjreece Posts: 11
    I was told by my local Volvo dealership that if I don't purchase my vehicle from them that they will not provide me with a loaner car or shuttle service because I'm not "technically" their customer.

    The dealership that has given me the best price is an hour away.

    Can they really do that?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 119,685
    Yes.. Loaners are provided at the discretion of the dealer..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • nikjreecenikjreece Posts: 11
    MSRP $46420
    Invoice $44184
    Selling $35659 includes all rebates and discounts
    Residual $$16864
    money factor .0024

    36 months
    $1775 due at signing

    XC90 3.2 AWD, Versatility, Convienence, Premium, Climate. Black Metallic.

    Is this a good deal>
  • raffiemraffiem Posts: 11
    An 08 AWD leftover
    comes with Climate, Premium, and Versatilty. for $34,725 plus ttl. thats $10k off sticker.

    they'll add dvd for 1500 but i need to get back to them soon.

  • I am now thinking we are stupid! We paid near KBB for an 04 with 90k miles on it, I am now afraid that the transmission will go out on it or something similar (it is not the T-6). I feel we were so excited to own one that we went with the first good deal in our price range, please help me, did we make a stupid decision to buy a car with this kind of mileage? I keep reading too many negatives about replacements on major parts, etc :( On the positive front, clean carfax report, 1 owner (she just owned a home in FL, so mostly interstate mileage), and it was ALWAYS serviced at the dealer where purchased, so they have all up to date records. No warranty though b/c of mileage :(

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    As you said, it's not the T6.
    As long as it has been properly serviced,it should be a good car.
    Biggest issue is going to be maintaining it properly.
    Brake pads,tires and rotors tend to wear quicker because it's a bigger heavier car.
    DON'T skimp on maintenance
  • Thank you volvomax; I honestly feel like we have a VERY good vehicle, lots of miles, but honestly I have been stopped by people asking if it's brand new! (b/c of body style not changing :) which is a plus!) We purchased it for something safe for our growing family ( have a 15 mo old) and I already feel much safer than I felt in my Jeep Liberty 02' :P I have ALL records and previous owner took meticulous car of the vehicle - like I said, always serviced at the same place, etc. My husband says we'll get oil changed every 2,500 miles to be on the safe side! Thanks for the advice and I really think it's not a lemon and nothing major will go out - our salesperson said next major service is at 125,000k and that will cost about $700 for a new timing belt, does that sound right? Thanks again!
  • palaverpalaver Posts: 5
    Has anyone had any experience with how dealers are handling the news of a $3,000 price cut (from Volvo)? I am curious about the XC90 and the current combination of price cut and incentives may put me into the market.

    link title
  • I haven't had experience purchasing lately, but buying an XC90, especially if you're a current Volvo owner looks pretty good right now. $3245 price reduction + $750 rebate + $1500 loyalty money. When I was looking at the Xc90 at my dealer a few months ago, they were willing to give me $1700 off invoice right away, plus any other incentives. I crunched some numbers and at $1700 off invoice with the new prices and incentives, you could get a 3.2 nonmetallic paint (black or white) XC90 with AWD, premium, versatility, and climate for around $34,000.
  • liililiili Posts: 7
    My local dealer told me the promotion changed? is that true?
    any dealer still offer good price?
  • radoncgsradoncgs Posts: 60
    I would like to know that too as my 2 year lease on 07 XC90 is ending soon. Thanks.
  • mfwmfw Posts: 14
    Question on "$1500 loyalty money".

    Is this a real discount for Volvo owners offered by Volvo? Meaning that the dealer will take another $1500 off whatever the price you negotiate as none volvo owners? It is hard to imagine that they will actually verify you are an Volvo owner.

    With the April pricing, 3.2 nonmetallic, AWD, premium, versatility, and climate comes to $39595. Invoice is probably $35800. With $1700 off invoice is already close to $34000. So does this mean volvo owners can the car for 32500 + TTL? Seems too good to be true.

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    It is hard to imagine that they will actually verify you are an Volvo owner.

    Yes, we have to submit a copy of your current Volvo registration to get the money.
  • mlinnymlinny Posts: 6
    I am a lttle confused by the new pricing and incentives. Just because they dropped the MSRP 8%, is that going directly to the bottom line? Where should I start my negotiations for a 3.2 metallic paint XC90 with AWD, premium & versatility.
    MSRP is $39,445. Edmunds has the invoice at $37,838, but the TMV at $34,747. I do not currently own a Volvo.
  • mfwmfw Posts: 14
    >> Where should I start my negotiations for a 3.2 metallic paint XC90 with AWD, premium & versatility.

    I have the same question. Can't help you here. I wish we have more posts of actual price paid.

    >> MSRP is $39,445. Edmunds has the invoice at $37,838.,
    I just want to point out that the invoice price you posted is probably not correct. Yahoo posts $34780 for the base model with MSPR $37000. That's already $2220 off. Still only 6%, low compared to other makes. I am guessing the real invoice price is 10% off MSPR ish.
  • We have a xc90 that is coming off of lease at the end of June.

    Anyone have any current prices paid for:

    2009 4-door XC90 3.2 Sport Utility with AWD
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Yahoo posts $34780 for the base model with MSPR $37000. That's already $2220 off. Still only 6%, low compared to other makes.

    Yahoo is correct. Price doesn't include freight or advertising.
    Volvo markup is low
  • s40ladys40lady Posts: 1
    MSRP is $46,350., this includes Freight, selling price with Loyalty is $40,547., this price does not include Metallic Paint. If you would like lease pricing, let me know what your parameters are and I will be happy to give them to you.
  • bwubwu Posts: 6
    Have been reading those posts and it's very helpful. Just bought a 2008 xc90 AWD w/3rd row today at $33,500 + fee. It comes with climate, versatility, premium package, BLIS, and 51 milages on it. Thought it's not a bad deal!
  • Useful information. Any information if you took out the Technology Package (i.e., just convenience, versatility, climate, premium, and AWD).
  • raffiemraffiem Posts: 11
    Sounds like a great deal!

    Which dealer and color did you get?
  • junfjunf Posts: 4
    In the market looking for a used 2006+ suv inlcuding volvo xc90, fx35, etc.

    Is AWD much better than the fwd model? we are in NC so seldomly got bad cold weather. is there any noticeable benefits to have an AWD model, except it is "trending"?

  • bwubwu Posts: 6
    Fremont Volvo in SF bay area. It's a white one with MSRP of $45,470.
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