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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    Anyone with a price after all incentives including Costco that can share? Need to have a ballpark

  • I went to Danbury, CT dealership today. Here is what I got:

    MSRP: 41,350
    Invoice: 39,070
    -$500 for Volvo allowance on XC-90 7 passengers. I saw the chart and each car is different.
    -1,500 for Volvo Loyalty
    -500 for Costco
    -500 for "Flex" which was some other deal
    Sale Price - $36,070
    Then you got another $500 Costco gift card after a survey.
  • So I just purchased my Volvo XC90 after I leased the same car for 2 years. After some bargaining on price and interest rate we finalized the deal and signed what we thought was ALL the paperwork.

    1 hour later we received a call stating that we need to come back tomorrow for one more "electronic signature" that is necessary since it was a lease buyout. Anyone heard of that? I think they are just trying to get me back in to try and sell me the extended warranty one last time.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You don't sound like someone that can be sold something you don't want. Relax--get a free cup of coffee and complete the transaction.
  • So here's the deal I'm working with at Bridgewater Volvo in New Jersey:

    2010 xc90 lease, 42 months

    Selling price 32086.38
    Don't know invoice price yet
    Money factor .00210
    Residual .37

    $516 /mo
    $2369 down (first month, aquisition 695, doc 190, motor vehicle 525.85, tax)

    Is this a good end-of-month deal?
  • Curious as to the msrp. The $516/mo includes tax? Thanks.
  • We're paying the tax up front as far as I know.

    Waiting for the MSRP.
  • Re the tax, overlooked that in your original post, sorry. Will appreciate knowing the sticker price and how the car is equipped. Sounds like a better deal than I was quoted but I've only checked one dealer to this point.
  • msrp = 41,800
    invoice = 39425
    they're selling it for 32,086.38
  • Thanks! Here's what I was offered which info I posted in the "lease" thread, but I'll repost here:

    XC 90 AWD, climate, blis, silver

    msrp 43375
    price 35200

    no money down lease, 36 mos, 10k per year, incl NYS tax 749.86

    first month's payment and dmv fees due at signing

    mf .00270
    residual 38%
    buy out price 16482

    Is you tax rate 7%? We are 8.625% here in Suffolk on LI. Your money factor is better. I was told that I was getting the Costco offer but who really knows? Also my monthly payment includes tax, yours has tax up front. I haven't worked the numbers, but given that I got a 36 mo quote and yours is for 42 months the deals look roughly comparable.

    I wonder about paying the tax up front. If something happens to the car before lease end (stolen, for example) you would probably have "gap" insurance, but would you be out the tax because you prepaid it? I'm not sure. Just a thought.

    Good luck with whatever decision you make. I'm not sure when I'll get out to look again but when I do I'll post any new info.
  • Thanks

    The deal comes with climate, premium and versatility package

    You can really slice these payments any way you want; money down vs monthly payment so it was a monthly budgetary thing that determined how we wanted to pay. Our tax rate is 7%. We get 12k per year. Last lease we had 10k. it didn't work outr very well.

    Good luck.
  • mylt4mylt4 Posts: 22
    Wow - That is a great purchase price - we are heading over to Edison Volvo today. I will let you know how competitive they are on pricing.

  • HI,
    Went today for the Costco deal of the day at Volvo in Fremont, CA.
    Got all the stuff- $500 under invoice, $500 additional Costco incentive, 4250 lease incentive.
    MSRP 42350
    (37,700 base, plus had metallic paint, climate, bluetooth, AWD, and he added 250 for fun) which totalled the 42350
    Invoice on all this was 40,042
    39% residual, 36 month lease, 12K miles/yr
    Money Factor: .00230
    Monthly payment including 9.75% CA tax= 604.17
    Drive off= 4885.22
    (2499. cap cost reduction, initial fees 976.75, annual fees (DMV) 470, tax 2267.42)

    Going in, I told them I wanted a payment around $500 and drive off 1K or less.
    What's wrong with this picture?!?!?!? I walked away and they couldn't have cared less.
    I really want this car. I have an ML350 that I hate, lease up in 3 months, and want a 3rd row seat. Any advice is appreciated!
  • See my post on the xc60 board in regards to lease numbers, it may not hit your target number but things are changing ine the world of Volvo dec1st :) I would get prices after that or dont be surprised if they contact you. Also what is it you hate about your Ml350 I have that on m y short list, ????
  • Has anyone heard of any new lease incentives for December?
  • Yes. See my post in the leasing forum.
  • Hi there,

    First post to this board- so thanks for any help you guys can offer!
    I am an Acura car owner (2 actually), but due to a new job, need cargo space. Looked at MDX, but the Acura board gives it horrible reviews for the transmission.
    I've decided on the XC90, and finally found one that isn't going to cost me a kidney.

    A local dealer has a base model 2009 XC90, and they want $29,900. Will not budge on price, and don't even want to take my trade (which isn't a big deal).
    Here's the stats:
    Leather seats - only upgrade on the whole car
    No sunroof or moonroof
    5 passenger only (no third row seat)
    1 disc CD

    I am fine with all of the above- using it for work, so the new 60K mile wear/tear warranty is really pushing me to go ahead. Hubby however, thinks there might be room, and is pressing for additional $$.
    I have been down this road with another dealer last week, who absolutely insisted that they don't have $2k to budge on the XC90's, which is when I walked away.

    So, do you think $29,900 is a decent price for an 09 XC90? They are selling it as new since it's never been titled, which is how I'm getting the warranty, but it has been in their loaner car program for a week. Salesman told me that's how they can offer it so cheap- that they got a $4500 rebate from Volvo for flipping it to a loaner. Hmmmm..... fact or fiction?

    Thanks so much- we really appreciate any help we can get!
  • I'm curious as to the sticker price on the car.
  • Hi Hollywood,
    The reason Im not a big fan of my old ML350 and now my NEW one (Yep, got suckered back in)
    is that its a HUGE money sucker. The tires, brakes, service, all about 4x every other car. And I don't go to the dealer!
    Thats the real only reason,. I have to say, its all pimped out this year, and I love the ride and all the extras. (I got the P1). The rear camera is great- I havent hit a pole yet!
  • Hi almondjoy,
    It's looks like you're trying to purchase a base model XC90 from the beginning of the model year. Midway through the year, the premium package (leather, moonroof, power passenger seat) and versatility (3rd row seat) became standard but the base price remained the same. For that reason, Volvo put more incentives on the earlier model. Currently, XC90s without a 3rd row seat have a $4000 rebate (the one you're looking at) vs. $1500 for those with 3rd rows. n

    However, it's interesting that you said it has leather but no moonroof because the premium package includes both of these items. Did the dealer install the leather, maybe you should get that clarified. Either way, I went over to (edmunds no longer has the option to build the early model year 09 XC90s) and assumed it DID have the premium package, and also metallic paint.
    MSRP: $39,345 / Invoice: $37,034

    With the $4000 rebate, $29,900 seems like a pretty decent deal especially with Safe and Sound.
  • Thanks rocknroll389.

    No premium package; the dealer DID install the leather. Also, no metallic paint- it's Black stone. Still a good deal?

    I tried before the post to build it on,. and it came up N/A on all counts. I'll head back over to and see what I get.

    Sticker $ is $37,825, same as the newer base models (with premium pkg). We're serious, it's super basic and stripped down. So if the 5 passenger is discontinued, would resale down the road be an issue?

  • Tony I am looking at the the same 4.4L can we talk? I am on the westside and need to get something in the next week. Called costco and have been to both SM and CC volvo. Didn't really care for either one of them much. Only person I spoke to was at the acura in SM, but too bad we're not looking at the MDX.
    Anyhow, Thanks in advace
  • Ok, so invoice on that would be $35,605-$4000 rebate=$31,605
    So basically you're paying $1700 below invoice on the stripped 09. That's a tough call. I know Safe and Sound is a really attractive part of the deal but I think you can do slightly better since it is almost 2010 AND this model is discontinued. Also, since this has been a demo for a week, how many miles are on it? If its less than a couple hundred miles, I'd squeeze for maybe an extra thousand; if there's more miles, go lower.

    All in all, its not a horrible deal but I think you may be able to do a little better since I think you will take a hit on resale.
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    mmgoodkitty, would you mind sharing the ML deal? I have been reading about some awesome deals on this forum.

  • Sure Nayan,

    Contact me @ [email protected]
  • I don't think I'm getting a good deal here, and I am a dealaholic. Any help would be great.

    Looking at the Courtesy Vehicle with 7300 miles. Sticker was $40,225.

    It has Climate Pkg, Metallic Paint, Wood Wheel. Also has cross bars but I think the dealer put that on.

    Anywho, the lowest they will go is $33,250. Seems like I can get a brand new one for just a couple thousand more, no? Why isn't there a bigger spread here btwn new and used?? Is this a good price? I want to pull the trigger if they get to $31,000ish. Thanks for any help.
  • You have too many missing variables here, was this two or four wheel drive is it a 2010? when posting be more specific, Was this enrolled in the volvo loaner car program? Big question lot of dollars if it was ! I would price it out on tru car, Take invoice dont forget to add at least 250 for advertising depending on your area of the country, subtract at least $2000.00, that is the hold back from there subtract the current market support of 500, after that subtract 2000 in loaner car support, and if you have costco subtract another 500, this brings the deal down to dealer net net, which any dealer would accept for a car that he had in loaner service for a minimun of four months it is just a complete break even for him, but moves a car that he used to keep his customers happy, a car that deosnt need to generate a profit on, the car generated good will
  • Thanks for your help.

    It is a 2010. 2WD. Lets assume it was a loaner. How do I find out invoice? Will they just tell me (not used to dealing with dealers). Thanks!
  • On the front page of edmunds look for the tru car cost link and punch in the info all the options dont forget metallic paint and the adv fees then follow the deductions I gave you the cross bars are approx 150 but if you dont need them have the dealer remove them
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