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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What a day! 2 Costco dealers and one 1 truecar dealer. First off Truecar, I talked to the sales manager and the $1000 savings was... you guessed it wrong, I only qualified for an additional $500 but that expired 12-17-12 so now Costco and Truecar price are the same to the penny. The 2 Costco dealers were about $55 different. Best price $26,970 EX V6 Premium package plus Calif state fees. Yesterday the costco dealer told me there was 2 en-route but this afternoon no mas anywhere!
    The price includes everything destination fees, dealer fees except what the cockroaches incharge of this state milk you for when buying a new car. Even buying from a dealer 10 miles apart can run you an extra $300 in city taxes.

    So I'm going with Costco they give you a $200 gift card for filling out a review of your experience, 15% of all Auto parts & services including any car you own and a deal on auto insurance.
    I've thrown out my name and # to 4 dealers of interest so now I'll wait until next week and see if I get a call back with an "Offer I Can't Refuse"

    Someone said they got a EX V6 AWD for $28300? did that include dealer fees?
  • One more item I did get the invoice and it was $660 off plus $2750 worth of incentives for a total of $5,180 off MSRP EX V6 Premium Package.

    THANKS VERY MUCH for the Costco heads up, I went to their website first but didn't want to deal with talking with a salesman until I received a price first.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Yes I got my EX V6 AWD with premium package for 28,300 plus taxes and tags about 210.00.....Also got a 330.00 Service credit from dealer because couldnt go any lower on price due to Costco rules..Used that to buy side steps at dealer cost of 350.00
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Great glad it worked out for you!!!
  • Hi! I am new to this forum. We have been looking at Kia Sorentos for a few weeks now. We already own a Kia Sportage.

    I am looking to get a FWD, 4 cylinder Sorento with a third row seat (and I guess you have to get the "convenience package" with that) for $22,000.

    The best price so far that I've gotten is $23.

    I also want 0% financing.

    I am in PA. This is my zip code: 19460

    Is this possible? I am hoping to get out today during my lunch hour to look and possibly get some numbers.
  • Unfortunatley your choice there's not many deals/incentives, you'll have to move up to a real car, V6.
    If you purchase the V6 LX it comes with 3rd row seating and you'll qualify for $2,750 in rebates plus costco's deal so you should be looking around $22,700 out the door plus tax & liscense
    You better read over the bad reviews on the small 4cyl. not much if any gas savings. Sorry 4cyl owners.
  • Thanks for the response.

    So I should look at the V6LX.

    What is Costco's deal and how do I get it? Thanks.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Since you are in 19460 I would head to Kia Limerick( owned by Fred Beans who owns probably 15 dealerships in PA and NJ which affords them better pricing flexibility)....I also would highly reccomend the 6 CYL over the comparison at should qualify for rebates and there is 0% financing....DO your homework!!!!!Go in their with knowledge ....find out what rebates you qualify for....find out what sticker MSRP is...see the dealer around and compare prices....I live in your area and went to and shopped 6-7 Kia far best price was Limerick and thats where I very careful some dealers in our area have two MSRP stickers on their windows..They have factory MSRP and Dealer MSRP which has some dealer added features but at a price that is way beyond their worth...Good luck
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Also Lisa if you belong to Costco go to there auto website ..fill out the info requested...your lead will be sent to Kia Limerick( as they are their Kia dealership)and they will call you in an hour or so....they are required to show you the dealer invoice and price to start negotiating at is 350-500 below invoice...
  • picantepicante Posts: 27
    edited December 2012
    Now don't be too quick to jumpo on me for leaving money on the table :D

    First, the take-away and then the background story.

    Today we purchased a 2013 Sorento EX V6 AWD with NO packages and including the following accessories: cross bars, cargo cover, cargo mat, cargo organizer and mirror w/ compass & HomeLink.

    MSRP $31,305(
    Total invoce: 29,555 (Edmunds)
    Incentive: $1,500 Cash Back

    Total, cash-delivered price (no financing, no trade-in, all fees except OR registration, title and plates) for $28,452 from Wasatch Front Kia of Ogden, Utah.

    We will also have to pay for transporting it from Ogden to Eugene where we live.

    I used the "Fax" approach (now updated to e-mail, of course) to submit written purchase offers with authorization for charging my credit card with a $1,000 deposit upon acceptance within a 48 hour window. I offerred what I thought was a reasonable price, comparable to about $27,250 for the unit we bought (adjusting for which accessories were installed). Every response I got back hit right at the price-point we paid. Not one dealer would budge when I responded that $28,500 wouldn't work for us. Even after waiting a week, none of them followed up.

    There are only a very few "plain" EX V6 AWD in the remaining inventory, so that limited our options and reduced competition. It may have also been the case that dealers weren't as worried about getting rid of an EX V6 AWD at $28,500 as they were the same vehicles at $35K+ (i.e., the ones with premium and/or limited packages).

    Now, we probably could have done proportionately better, in terms off percentage of MSRP, by looking at units with one of the packages installed. But we wanted more storage, rather than the third row seats; and none of the other add-ons were really of much value to us. We keep our vehicles for 10-12 years, so at resale, having the packages would mean very little. Thus, it was better financially (for our interests) to get a "worse" deal on a plain EX and still pay less than a "better" deal on an EX with package(s).

    I should also mention that I'm very skeptical of the 2014s with the GDI V6 and electronic steering. When it got down to there being only two plain EX's we were interested in showing up in the western states inventory, I decided it was time to move, rather than wait and risk having to pay more for a vehicle with less storage. (FWIW, I checked inventory through both and by slogging through dozens of individual dealers' websites.)

    Now, I will also have to say both my wife (this is her car) and I are very happy. It's a beautiful car (Cherry Red with Beige leather), this model test drove great, and we still paid $4,000 to $5,000 less than the Nissan Murano V6 AWD we were looking at.

    Now I just have to figure out how to get it under the tree!

  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    edited December 2012
    IF that price includes tax that equates to $26,842 if the tax is 6% and I think that's a very good deal. I would be eligible for another $1250 which would make $25,592 for the same vehicle. Does that include tax?

    Also, everybody has limits to how much work and time they want to spend to get a vehicle. Some people feel they must get the best deal ever and will haggle for months. Others like yourself want a vehicle at a fair price and don't want to negotiate. It's your money, time, etc. What's important is that you are happy with your purchase. Enjoy your nice ride.

    Is the $1250 competitive bonus only for 6 cylinder models?
  • The price did not include tax because ... (tah! tah!) Oregon has no sales tax (even on car sales)!

    BTW, I love to negotiate when it's over significant amounts. (My wife looks askance sometimes. :mad: ) But in this case, I think I had found the "real" price for this kind of unit, in the region I could manage, and as of today. To do much better meant waiting an indeterminate amount of time; and, with only two satisfactory units that I knew of being available, I felt it was time to buy.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Congrats on your purchase. We have had ours for 2 months and wife absolutely loves it. Being retired I had a lot more time to shop and negotiate and was in no rush to buy. We bought the same color combination that you did and had a real tough time in finding that combo Ex with the premium package. Fortunately I had time on my side and about a month after I bought car we got it. Dealer had to find one that was being shipped elsewhere and was still on assembly line.
  • NO TAXES????
    In Calif for the purchase of EX V6 premium package @ $26,970 the State extracts $2,977 for the privilege of living amongst the never working and non productive leaches that flood this state.

    Here’s a list of taxes & fees
    Ca sales tax
    City tax
    State registration
    Ca. Highway Patrol fee
    Ca License fee
    CAS freeway emergencies fee
    Fingerprint ID fee
    DUI crime deterrence fee
    Auto theft fee
    Abandoned vehicle fee
    Air quality fee
    Alt fuel fee
    Reflector license fee
    Ben Dover N Spreedum fee
    AND these SOB’s even charge taxes & fee’s on the incentives!!!!

    I'm about to pop a cork! :mad:
  • What are the bad thing said about the 4 cylinder?
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Basically the lack of power and strain on a 4cyl in an SUV. When we drove the 4cyl vs the 6 Cyl you could feel a significant difference in just pulling out of the dealership. If you are going to just do local driving then maybe you can get away with the 4 but there is no comparison on the highway and when you need to accelerate. To me its well worth the extra investment to get the 6 but they do sell many 4's probably because of the additional cost and small difference in gas mileage ..To me there is no comparison
  • edl2 is correct about the strain on the engene. In 2003 I purchase 2 new nissans a 4cyl for my wife and a v6 for myself, well the 4cyl fizzled out after 110,000 miles and my v6 is still running strong after 255,000 miles, it doesn't burn a drop of oil and gets 20 mpg. There's no compairson, the 4cyl is way under powered for this size of vehicel even with the upgraded DGI.
  • picantepicante Posts: 27
    edited December 2012
    Here is a long and interesting discourse on GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engines:
    GDI Problems In A Nutshell

    Here's some basic info:
    Wikipedia -- Gasoline direct injection

    The "takeaway" for me is that until a particular manufacturer has a proven track record with their GDI engine(s), they are a potential risk in terms of problems after 50K or so miles (your mileage may vary).

    I don't know about Kia's 4-cylinders, but as I mentioned earlier, we didn't want to buy the first Sorento model year (i.e., the 2014's) with a GDI V6 engine.

    If you distill it out, the potential benefit of GDI engines is slightly more power and potentially significantlly lower emissions. GDI and the several variations appear to exploit more sophisticated techniques but with accompanying complexity and narrower tolerances. My personal choice is to avoid new complexities (OK once they're proven and stable) and seek greater tolerance.
  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    from flatontop
    What a day! 2 Costco dealers and one 1 truecar dealer. First off Truecar, I talked to the sales manager and the $1000 savings was... you guessed it wrong, I only qualified for an additional $500 but that expired 12-17-12 so now Costco and Truecar price are the same to the penny. The 2 Costco dealers were about $55 different. Best price $26,970 EX V6 Premium package plus Calif state fees.
    The price includes everything destination fees, dealer fees except what the cockroaches incharge of this state milk you for when buying a new car.

    Flatontop, did this offer actually pan out? If so, what incentives did it include?
  • grefor I'm still holding out, my problem was greed now it's mas greed in that I'm thinking about getting AWD although I don't need it where I live and if I had AWD more than likely I'd be 4x4ing in the desert, roll it over and die of thirst, then be eaten by coyotes and in the end my life would just be dog droppings. It wouldn't be the first car I've sat in upside down.
    The price of $26,970 (EX V6 premium pack) still in place until 12-31-12 I've got the offer sheet in front of me.
    I'm starting to get the feeling that the dealer monitors this board because a few days ago I said that one of the Costco dealers told me there was no more 5 seater models in the country and about 1 hour later the other Costco guy calls me up out of the clear blue to tell me there's a few heading to LA and one with the exact color scheme I wanted.
    So with that said...... "Hey mister dealer man, I'll cut you a check for $26,550 for the FWD or $28,550 AWD EX V6 premium pack & trailer hitch" plus I'll put you on my Xmas card list.
    I just can't let edl2 get the best price...

  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    Well I went ot the Costco site and put in my info and decided to test drive one of these babies. I went to a non Costco dealer 10 miles away with no intention of buying. The V6 has a sweet ride and I was loving it.

    The salesman was really nice and I told him I don't want to talk about MSRP. We went back and forth a bit and then I told him I could get it from Costco for $400-$500 under invoice. Sales manager came over and we haggled a bit more. I had a car to trade in that had minor issues and I told him what I wanted for that if I traded it in. To make a long story short I got a 6 cylinder EX AWD with the usual minor accessories for invoice less $2750 incentives ($1250 Competitor, $500 military, $1000 customer cash) and 0% APR.

    I'm very happy with the vehicle even though I could have gotten it a little cheaper. The Costco dealership was one of a group that I have dealt with in the past. I bought a Nissan Maxima and Honda Odyssey from them and while I def got a great price, the agita was not worth it.

    Great value on a solid vehicle with a lot of bells and whistles. Even my wife can back up with the rear camers display :D
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Hey grefor congratulations on your purchase....we have had ours for 2 months now and wife absolutely loves the car..same as you the V6 AWD glad went with the 6 cyl and the AWD are right tons of bells and whistles for the money. We added the prem package because wanted the 3rd row and few other things that offered. Good luck
  • Had our 2013 Kia Sorento SX AWD now for about two weeks and today we got hammered with over a foot of snow in a short period of time. The Sorento was a tank and plowed through it with ease. I had total control the whole time and the 6 speed Sportmatic transmission is very smooth. The sportmatic is great because it can be basically used as a clutch less manual transmission which is nice when the road conditions are bad. I am not at all regretting trading in our Acadia for this vehicle.
  • I know this isn't the right thread but what kind of mpg are you getting with you new AWD's? Still going back-n-forth about the FWD vs AWD. Still waiting for the last second deal. Choices are getting thin, not many AWD on the left coast, most are in breaker. :confuse:
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Not great mileage..have the AWD V6..get about 18mpg...I think the MPG on the AWD vs FWD is just 1 mpg less
  • Well the first two tank fulls, I got between 18 and 19 MPG... that was actual. The computer said 19 to 20. But since then, it's been pretty cold and we have been starting the car up 10 to 20 minutes before we go so the MPG dropped to about 16-17. Don't let the MPG persuade you one way or another between the FWD and AWD. It's very minimal between the two from what I have heard and read. But it is really nice to have in the snow.
  • albradalbrad Posts: 4
    edited December 2012

  • Well it's getting down to the last 7 days before my purchase, choices are getting thin, most cars left have the limited packages that I don't want or need. Starting to get cold feet about the Sorento because of the stiff seats :confuse: , drives like a tank and I will be spending 6 hrs at a time in the car. Any take's on seating comfort?
    I got the price I'm looking for but might have to settle for a silver color.
    $26,500 for the EX V6 option pack 2, cash price I only qualify for rebates of $2750.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    About 10 days ago I spent about 9hours driving in a 24 hour period ...three 3 hour trips...I was perfectly comfortable but dont expect the comfort of a Buick..I owned a couple of Buicks in past and they were like sitting on living room couch. Also last vehicle was a Nissan and now I drive a Ford and seating on these also more comfortable then the Kia but all were sedans. I would agree the seating is a bit stiff but with auto seat adjustments its easy to find a comfortable spot. I prefer a sedan drive for long trips but I certainly could see myself driving this from Pa to Myrtle Beach in the fall.
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