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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    GAP insurance pays the difference between what the car is worth versus what you owe for the car.

    Say you finance $32,000. When you drive that car off the lot, it's worth a lot less. It's a fact. If it's totalled (knock on wood), insurance will not pay you $32,000 which is what you owe on your loan. It will pay you what the car is worth. GAP covers that difference. If you didn't have it, you would have to pay that money yourself.

    Before you sign anything make sure you research it and read the fine print very carefully.

    And good luck, hope you like yours as much as we like ours. :shades:
  • 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo vehicle purchase...
    Rocky Mountain Edition W Package...cloth seats, no navi, power sunroof, heated front seats, uconnect tunes
    Window Sticker is $32,975.00
    So far, the deal I received is $30,500.00 plus AZ tax of 7.95% or $2579.00
    +$675.00 fee, + $369.00 doc fee = $33985.00 out the door
    I will be taking the 0% financing for 72 months in lieu of the $4500.00 rebates...
    Therefore, my payment will be $472.00...0.00 down....please advise on how to shave more off the price...Any advice would be appreciated!
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    That's really not a stunning deal.
    I'd start shopping additional dealers. E-mail is the easiest way of doing today.
    What's up with the $675 fee? What's it for? A doc fee of $369 is way high in my opinion.
    I wouldn't bite at that myself. Look at additional dealers.
  • Just returned from shopping two dealers for a Grand Cherokee Overland model. Maybe this will give you some insight on pricing.

    MSRP: $47,500
    Less $4,500 rebate, $1000 cash bonus, $1000 Conquest Cash (may only be for Mid Atlantic region) + 0% financing. (go to and check incentives)

    Both dealers gave me a price of $37k. That's $10k plus off MSRP. I think I can get it for $35K. Plus, a salesman other than mine said they will be getting more 2009 models shipped next week. This is the inventory Chrysler/Jeep did not ship when they shut down production a couple of months ago.

    Agree with others -- What are these fees? I wouldn't pay them. Chrysler pays the dealers to process purchased vehicles.

    Check multiple dealers websites and see how many of the model you want they have on hand. It's a buyers market!
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    I agree with the previous two replies. It's a bad deal, and the $1k in fees is excessive.
  • Is anyone else finding it hard to find new Grand Cherokees on anyone's lot?
  • Just wondering if it is a good price.
    The msrp for the car is $35355. It is a rocky mountain edition with the popular equipment. The car was quoted at $33500 and you get $8500 in rebates. Is this a good deal. Thanks.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    Can't really help as I'm not sure what "popular equipment" could be. Check Edmund's TMV. $8500 in rebates? Wow, that's pretty good. Good luck.
  • Thanks, I just did that and I am $200 dollars over TMV. I guess I did pretty well.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    Cool. TMV is average value. Some people paid a bit more, and some a bit less. $200 over TMV is a good price. Hope you like yours as much as we like ours.
  • zulu06zulu06 Posts: 1
    1998 Cherokee Sport - Used w/98K Miles in 2007 from a private seller for $3K. Since, I've had to replace the entire exhaust system including the CAT and now I've replaced the cylinder head. But, I love this truck!
  • Just purchased an Overland model. Here the pricing breadown.

    $45.6 k MSRP (no rear DVD) paid $36K. All rebates ($7500) inlcuded plus $1800 five (5) year full maintenance plan. Not including taxes, tags, and title. A few Overlands and good stock of Limited's around the Baltimore/DC area. Dealers are very willing to negotiate.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    Very nice deal. Congrats!
  • It a year later
    did you purchase the car at that price
  • Looking to get the best price on a 2009 laredo

    31585 sticker
    add leather 1300
    add blue ttoth 499

    less rebates

    quoted 24800 out the door

    about 8584 off

    is that a good deal?
  • I'm looking to buy an '09 JGC Laredo with the X package plus navigation and V8. The MSRP is $37,730. I know the '10s are on the lot, so I'm wondering what sort of price I should shoot for. There are about $5,500 in incentives, so I know I can at least get it down to $32,230, but it's also a demo with 3,100 miles on it. How much extra do you think I can get off on this vehicle?
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    '09 Laredo, demo with 3,100 miles? I wouldn't pay more than $25,000 for it.
    You need to be looking at it as a used vehicle; not new and pay accordingly.
  • ssjeepssjeep Posts: 5
    I agree you shouldn't pay more than $25,000, especially since the 2010's are out. I got an '09 Overland a few months ago with 30 miles on it for $34,000.
  • Black Base model /cloth w/chrome side trim, 18k miles, great condition,
    add roof racks

    $16995 +1525 NY metro taxes

    +$679 used car prep fee
    $75 processing fee (plates)
    $149 filing fee
    $37 inspection fee

    $19460 OTD

    I am happy with the price of the car. It's the fees that i am concerned with. Are the fees excessive and which ones should i ask to be stricken from the price?

  • The only one I would have a problem with is the used car prep fee ($679).
    Just another chance for them to gouge a few hundred extra out of the consumer.
    Try to get them down on this one.

    As for the other fees....they are pretty standard...$149 filing fee sounds like a dealer processing fee....usually on most car deals.
    Good Luck!
  • Ok thanks, i'll work them on that.

    What do you think of the deal as a whole?
  • I just bought an '09 Grand Cherokee Limited with a $43,160 sticker price. It was one of only (4) units I could find with Quadra Drive II within a 100 miles.

    Sales Agreement reads as follows

    MSRP: $43160
    Unit Price: $40,000 ($282 below dealer invoice)
    Trade in Allowance: $21696
    Sales Tx: $690
    On Line Registration: $8.30
    Motor Vehicle Fee: $209.50
    Doc Fee: $149
    All Rebates: $7500

    Net Cash Paid on Delivery: $11860.80

    Total discount on Jeep off sticker: $10660
    Total price paid for trade in over wholesale value: $3696

    I am very happy with the deal. There was a little more wiggle room in the price if I went after some of the dealer hold back, but since they gave me much more for my trade than any other dealer had offered, it was really a wash.

    A little back story on the trade. I traded a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT 4X4 QC Short Bed with the Hemi. The truck had just under 15000 miles. I could not find a buyer in the paper, even at a wholesale price of $18,000. The next best trade in offer I had was $20500 toward a 09 Grand Cherokee Laredo, and although it had QD II it didn't have any of the other Limited upgrades we wanted. I paid $29000 for the Dodge, so I was able to drive it 3 years for a bit more than $200/month. Not Bad.

    I would note all of my other local dealers would have needed to trade with another dealer in order to get a Jeep with with features we wanted, causing them to have even less room to negotiate a good price.

    BTW... If the Jeep as some demo miles, they may give up their hold back, which might range in the $1100-$1500 range depending on the cost of the Jeep. Anything around 24-25% off the MSRP on an '09 is in the ball park of a great deal. Maybe an extra $1000-1500 if the unit has 3000-5000 demo miles. But also consider what you're getting for your trade. Anything over wholesale in this sales environment is a bonus.

    Personally, I like to buy without having to also negotiate the trade, but I think I did very well on the trade.

    Regarding 09 inventories... I wonder how many more units are sitting on lots? I'm sure they are trying hard to release them so that they don't have to discount units even more. I have heard stories of '09 Jeeps arriving at dealers every couple weeks, but could not confirm. So it's worth checking your local inventories every so often.

    Good luck to '09 buyers.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    Congrats on your purchase. There's def. deals to be had out there.
  • I am hoping someone can help! We are looking at an ’09 Overland (hemi/V8) loaded with 10,500 demo miles (it has been driven by the dealership’s owner). Sticker as you know is 45K and change. We are in Westchester County, NY and the Overland has been impossible to find First offer made by dealer:

    1 % off invoice (this happens to be my preferred pricing discount through work)
    - $1,000
    - $3000 rebate/incentive
    Final - @ $37,991 (including dest and a mktng assistance charge for NY?) I thought the invoice charge should already include dest charge?)

    Unfortunately, we just missed the 0% financing and extra incentives by 3 days. They have 2 other Overlands, (which are so hard to come by) also Demos with approx 2K-3K miles. I am trying to go for the lowest price (of course) but my husband would prefer the lower miles.

    From what I have been reading around the posts and on line – a year end w/almost 11K miles should be much, much lower – like 32-33. I may be way off. Any thoughts are much appreciated.
  • You should note the deal I recently posted as well as those posted by some others, included a number of rebates which appear to have expired.

    Under the previous rebates, you should have expected to get around $12000 off the MSRP + another $1000-2000 for the for the 10,500 demo miles. A little less for the demos with 2k-3k miles.

    However, with the rebates apparently expired, your option may be more limited.

    It won't hurt to make an offer based on the previous available rebates and see what happens. I wouldn't do the deal without the old rebates and atleast $12000 off the MSRP for the 09.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • As per my prior post, paid $36k all incentives included for an new (no miles) Overland with a sticker of $45.6k back in the end of August. Dealer threw in a 5 year maintenance plan to sweeten the deal. This was in the Wash DC/Baltimore area.

    At that time, looked at three demos, all $47.5k MSRP and all with 5k miles. Dealers were asking $35-$36 with incentives.

    Overland model is discontinued for 2010 and I'm surprised they even have three 2009s available given the steep incentives that were available for the past several months.Dealers here sold out their inventory and had empty lots in August. Leads me to think they can't move them especially now that incentive programs have ended. You should have more room to negotiate here.

    BTW - I'm totally impressed with the Overland. Ride, performance and comfort are excellent and the price to value is great. Looked at MB, BMW and Range Rover Sport and know I made the right choice as well as saved a ton of $$$.

    Best of luck with your purchase! Hope this helped.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Speaking of BMWs, I ended up buying a used 2006 BMW X5 4.4L to drive for a couple of years until the new model GC comes out. I priced out a new X5 somewhat comparable to the '06 I bought and it stickered at $68,000!

    Don't get me wrong, my X5 is a really nice car and I definitely enjoy it but when I buy a new SUV, it will be the next GC for $20,000 less than what the X5 would cost.
  • Thanks very much for the input. I have been reading through all of the threads and your posts and have been researching online extensively for weeks but this process is very overwhelming and intimidating.

    My fear is walking away - we love the car and I know that this will most likely be it (since it is discontinued in 2010. The dealership is in such an affluent area that they would probably get someone in next week to write a check for MSRP.

    My gut says start at 31,500 (considering the 11K demo miles) and walk over 33250. I think this is fairly realistic?? Theres also the lower mileage demos with 2-3K to consider too...anyone actually enjoy this :confuse: ??
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    It really sounds like you're letting your emotions take over. It's very easy to do and common for that to happen.

    You still need to realize that you are, in effect, buying a used vehicle. It doesn't really matter that they are "demo miles". They are still miles.

    Maybe you can look a little further away. It doesn't sound like you're going to get a good deal at this delaership.
  • "My fear is walking away - we love the car and I know that this will most likely be it (since it is discontinued in 2010. The dealership is in such an affluent area that they would probably get someone in next week to write a check for MSRP. "

    This is exactly what the dealer wants you to be thinking, so you will pay a higher price.

    If you're not prepared to walk away from the deal unless they give you atleast $12K or 25% off, then go ahead a buy at whatever deal you can get.

    However, you would then be wise to forget about continuing to research what prices other people are paying, because you will see others getting the deal you were afraid to demand.

    Regarding mileage, it honestly doesn't really matter if you drive the Jeep off the lot with 50 miles or 5000 miles. You would have about the same amount of depreciation if you needed to turn around and sell it quickly. The point to remember, you will be getting the lifetime drivetrain warranty even though the Jeep has demo miles, and the 3 year/36000 warranty is added to whatever miles are on the Jeep.

    IMHO, you should wait until the last week of the month. Go in and make your best offer. If they won't accept, leave a phone number and tell them they have a day or so because you're going to buy a new car, even if it's not their Jeep. You will get a call back with a discount in the 25% off MSRP range.

    Good luck
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