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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • j13ntvj13ntv Posts: 7
    guugos- I have been looking at the new Grand Cherokee indepth, for what you are looking for, it would have to be the X-package Lardeo. The base Laredo doesn't have leather, the X package does, as well as the limited and overland. Although I am not looking for the same configuration as you are, I am looking for the Overland (leather, nav, sunroof all included in the MSRP already) I can get a V6 version for a hair over 40,000. I am waiting for the all so hopeful incentives to finally come out the first week of August before I do anything though, in hopes of a rebate or 0% Apr... Hope this helps.
  • guugosguugos Posts: 10
    Thanks for the input. we visited a jeep dealer today and learned that the model we really want that has everything we need and nothing we dont is a GC Limited V6. They had one in the wrong color but was told the price would be around 38,700 for the model we want. Still a bunch of cash for a Jeep.
  • guugosguugos Posts: 10
    Thanks. We were at another Chicagoland jeep dealer today. it seems our desired configuration is now a limited with V-6 engine. The dealer would not go below 38K before tax and title. No financing incentives either. Moving to a Honda Pilot.
  • I'm considering the purchase of a 2010 Grand Cherokee. I guess I'm in the minority in that I prefer the 2010 model to the 2011 (I won't go into all the reasons why). The current deal I can get on a 4wd Laredo with nothing but red paint is $28,100 after my $4,000 rebate. The 2011's are selling at about MSRP, but I expect them to go down later in year and probably get some kind of rebate by January 2011. I'm hoping to get an even better deal on a 2010 ... thinking that Chrysler/Jeep will want to shift them out of the dealers lots. The current $4,000 rebate seems to end on Aug-31. Should I gamble on the 2010 rebate getting even higher in September? Will there be much choice in 2010s available in September?
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    How much do you want to gamble?

    Look at your region's 2010 inventory. I know that my local dealer has no more 2010's. It sounds like you want a Laredo with not too many options, so unless you're willing to accept more options (and pay for them), you're better off buying now.
  • guugosguugos Posts: 10
    Got a call from the dealer we are working with to say there will be new incentives on 2011 GC coming out tomorrow.
  • I'm going to have to gamble ... which is OK with me.

    It seems that, come January 2011, one will be able to buy a 2011 GC for roughly the same price as you'd pay for a 2010 GC today (factoring in rebates). I'm not about to pay the same for a 2010 right now. I'd need to pay a least a couple thousand less for the 2010, given that the media says the 2011 is so much better.

    I'll wait for September and see if the 2010 GC rebates have improved. Then I can check to see what the inventory of 2010s are like.

    If the rebate isn't improved, or the stock isn't there ... then no biggy, I'll just buy a different midsize SUV.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    Sounds good. It sounds like a good plan and you're aware, and ok, with the risks. Good luck. Come back and tell us what you ended up getting.

    FWIW, I've heard everybody say how much better the 2011 is compared to the 2010.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    I would be very surprised if you can buy a new 2011 next January for what you can buy a comparable 2010 right now, but who knows?

    It's worth a shot if you want to wait. I just wouldn't count on that.
  • I agree ... it is just conjecture on my part. But "I" think it is a high likelihood.

    RIght now the 2011 GCs are selling for close to MSRP. This is due to their newness on the market and taking advantage of the fact that some people want to be the first on the block to have a new model vehicle. Come January 2011 I fully expect the 2011 GCs to be selling at a "normal" price ... meaning a couple hundred over invoice. Then you consider that mid-size to large SUVs are becoming less and less popular. Who knows where gas prices are going etc. So, come January 2011 I also expect that Jeep/Chrysler will need to have a rebate in order to assist the sales. Now ... what will that rebate be ... $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 ... who knows? Let me suggest a $3,000 rebate. Given that the 2011 GCs are a few hundred less in invoice price to the 2010's (something that is heavily noted in the media). This would make a base 2011 GC Loredo with 4wd come out to something like $28,700. Or about $600 more than I can get the 2010 GC for now.

    Again, just a fun conjecture. But something I need to use in my buying decision. I'm not going to be buying a 2011 GC ... but need the 2010 GC rebate to go higher very soon if I'm to buy a Jeep.
  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 50
    My company has a partnership with Chrysler Affiliate Rewards which gets us 1% below factory invoice pricing on virtually all Chrysler group vehicles excluding Challenger I believe. I'm not serious about buying a 2011 GC yet so I haven't initiated the process to see if the 2011 GC is even eligible for the special affiliate pricing. I stopped by a local Jeep dealer to see the GC in person and inquired about the Chrysler Affiliate pricing and they said it was not eligible on 2011 GC. Have trouble believing that. Anyone else planning on buying with Chrysler Affiliate pricing?
  • Any word on the incentives (if any) for the 2011 GC?
  • j13ntvj13ntv Posts: 7
    utexas06 if you mean like an employee purchase program through your company, yes the 2011 are eligible, however all dealers don't have to be participants. However I have an order sheet in front of me for the vehicle I ordered and it shows the FFP price, which is 1% below invoice. The invoice for the overland I ordered is 42,549 and the FFP price is 42,124 or 1% below invoice. Go to a different dealer..
  • j13ntvj13ntv Posts: 7
    For the month of August it seems they only release incentives for lease returns.. Check it out
  • I don't think the salesman that I talked to was really that keen on selling me a 2010 GC ... at least I'm guessing. He said he'd keep me up to date re the 2010 GC rebates and their inventory. It seems that the 2010 GC rebate went from $4,000 to $4,500 a few days ago (although, still not at the $6,000 that I want). Yesterday his dealerships website showed 7 of the 2010 GCs in stock. This morning, their website shows 0. I've heard nothing from the salesman.

    Now I'm very sure that they didn't sell seven 2010 GCs in one day. So not sure, since the salesman isn't telling me anything.

    I searched the inventory of 2010 GCs near my zipcode via the Jeep website. Of the three closest dealerships, the Jeep site shows no 2010 GCs in stock.

    So I'm happy that I don't need to wait for September for the rebate to go up. It sounds like my chance of getting a 2010 GC is now gone. Good for Chrysler/Jeep in that the dealerships seem able to move the last of the 2010 models.

    This weekend I'm free to hit a few dealerships and make a purchase of a midsize SUV. I wonder what will be in my driveway next week?
  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 50
    It looks as if you might have waited a little too long to nab a 2010 GC. Are there any other dealers a little further from your city that might have inventory? I think the 2010 GC is going to be rather irrelevant once the market is flooded with 2011 GCs. If you don't want the 2011 perhaps you might look at the new redesigned Toyota 4Runner.
  • Yeah, well that was the "risk" I was willing to take. At only a $4,500 rebate, I wouldn't want a 2010 GC even if the dealership had a good inventory. My calculations showed a $6,000 rebate as appropriate for me to proceed. ("Saturnjeep" posted a purchase price of $28,003 for a Laredo with X package ... now I'd take that deal ... "Saturnjeep" did well. But "Saturnjeep" got $6,000 in rebates ... must have got the "loyalty" and other rebates as well)

    But again, no biggy. The 2010 GC was my first choice, but there are lots of other vehicles that I can pursue. I've started my research and have narrowed the field down.

    Re the good sales of the 2010 GC ... I thought that I was about the only person who prefers the 2010 GC to the new 2011 model. But with the 2010s going fast, maybe I'm not in as big a minority as I originally thought.
  • carol50carol50 Posts: 1
    i have a chance to purchase my leased jeep for 22000. i extended my lease an extra two months and found out that those 2 payments dont go towards purhase price. and if i decide to keep it i pay $470 dollars for a late return fee. i am considering returning it to jeep dealer pay no fees and purchase a 2006 honda accord v6 ex-l for 13000. what do u think? i live in long island new york.
  • I did not get the loyalty rebate but did get an additional rebate from the credit union. I'm happy I got everything I wanted and didn't wait till they were gone. I would consider a lightly used Limited since that inventory seems to be pretty heavy. Wish I had the QDII transfer case.
  • Hey Car Man,

    Any idea or estimates as to what type of buying incentives/interest rates Jeep will offer on the 2011's as we get into November and December?

  • Hi,I hope I;m not to late in responding to you,I have owned 2 JGC in the past both 99"s,then stupidly thought I wanted acar....that DID NOT work out.So On Oct.22,2010,I went to look at the newer Jeeps The 2010,and the 2011...To answer your question,I ended up getting a 2010,and it took the dealer almost 2 hours on thier search options to even find one!!!! They are hard to find right now,I feel lucky they did find the one I was looking for.Although it is used condition(12,000 miles)I got the limited I wanted,so they r saying I can't get any incentives which i think is crazy....I did want a 2011,drove the base model,as they said I could get that for "almost" the same price??? and the seat was sooo hard even my husband commented on it.I am awaiting delivery as they had to get mine from Virginia,I live in upstate NY.So My suggestion to u is,go for the 2010 as They said there won't be any incentives on the 2011 any time soon.I wish you all the luck,and one more thing as far as styling the 2010 in my eyes is a beauty though I am use to a 1999,so there is a world of difference.They also have a very smooth ride I could not believe it...Jeep has come along way in 11 years.I will say this I do like the body changes they made on the 2011,but look at the seats to me they look very cheap and thin...I don't know where u live but if u r any where near ny,go to Friendly dodge/chrysler/jeep,they are GREAT and will go out of there way to get u exactly want you want,with the payment u want or as close as they can get,and they will give u a great deal on any trade in u may have,I promise you'll be happy with the service u get from these guys,tell them Robin Martin sent you.As I said GOOD LUCK and I hope you get what you want. PS,the incentives on new 2010"s are Great right now,so go for it
  • As I just bought a 2010 I can tell you for sure,right from the dealer there aren't going to be any ,any time soon,as I may have waited for a 2011.Plan on paying sticker price.If you want any thing above a base model plan on paying for it!!!!
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    lovejeeps is wrong. A check of Edmund's TVM and another site (not allowed to post name) shows that Overlands can be had right now between invoice and MSRP. You can of course do better/worse. However, the blanket statement that you have to pay sticker price is false.

    As for what the dealer told lovejeeps, take that with a grain of salt. Of course the dealer will say there are no incentives coming for the 2011's. He's interested to move what's in his lot.
  • lovejeeps1lovejeeps1 Posts: 5
    edited October 2010
    Yeah I'd say you got a steal as far as price goes....;look at the prices on ebay and such...Yep feel good about that purchase !!!! You got one heck of a deal.I just sold my 99 for 4500.
  • lovejeeps1lovejeeps1 Posts: 5
    edited October 2010
    :( :( I don't know I have been to 3 different dealers wanting to buy a 2011,and they are all saying there is nothing for that year right now....Sorry I wasn't trying to sound like a know it all,I was just saying what I have seen.
  • Don't feel to bad....I waited til this month to try and get a 2010 and its virtually impossible to find a new one,the closest I got was one found in Virginia w/12,500 miles on it.It's a Limited and I'm gonna take the deal,but I would have liked a newer one with less miles.I don't know how long I'd be waiting to pay a decent price for a 2011,So I guess I'm happy to have found the one I wanted.....model,color,etc......I'd like to hear what u end up with though.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    You know what, lovejeeps is right. It's all about where you are. In my zipcode (95827), there are enough dealers near by that there's plenty of competition. So your chances of getting a good price is higher.

    lovejeeps, what TVM do you get when you plug in your zip code here in Edmunds?
  • beauregard56beauregard56 Posts: 10
    edited November 2010
    I paid $39570.00 for a loaded Gran Cherokee, 2 Wheel Drive, Red in color, hemi engine laredo X package I cannot drive it longer than 1 hour due to the fact that the seat hurts my knee and makes it throb. I am interested in any serious offers. It is located in Greensboro, North Carolina It now has 7000 miles on it.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    I paid $39570.00 for a loaded Gran Cherokee

    Uhoh. I have some bad news for you. I priced a fully loaded 2 wheel drive Laredo and they are going below invoice. According to the website, expect to pay around $37,000. That's new and yours has 7000 miles.

    I'm afraid that you'll be disappointed by the offers that you will get. Good luck.
  • I am seeing that GM is offering no payment for 120 days + 1500 cash + 0% on many cars. Ford is offering 0% + 1500 cash on some vehicles.

    Any thoughts as to whether Jeep might sweeten their incentive pot?
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