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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Any one aware of any good dealer offerings on Grand cherokee in New Jersey??

    I am looking to lease 2011 limited 4x4 with entertainment system.any inputs on how much i should expect to pay for a 36 month lease with 15 k Miles/year??.i had a quote from a local dealer at $ 40,204( net cap cost).i am not looking to put any money down.

    any inputs will be appreciated.Thanks.
  • I purchased a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD Mineral Gray with the following options.
    -- 26X
    -- Tow Package
    -- Off Road I
    -- Panoramic Roof
    -- Nav

    MSRP = $39,980
    Invoice = $37,599
    Paid = $36,999

    There was about a $3,600 difference between my trade value from KBB and Edmunds TMV. I received half way between the two.

    We always want to think we got a good deal, but I really think I did pretty well
    considering what I paid for the vehicle. Actually signed all of the paper work on Nov. 30 even though it came in on the first, so they could book the sale in November to try and meet their target. They said they were really trying to meet some number for November and were making aggressive offers.

    I am loving it so far and am very satisfied with my purchase.

  • I wish yu the best of luck with yours. I kept mine for 4 months and was very glad to git rid of the Cherokee. The drivers seat was the main thing that I could not stand. The seat made my knee hurt when I drove it more than an hour. I hope you have good service out of it. I have owned 2 other jeeps in the past and always wanted a Grand Cherokee, so I bought one and was I ever disapointed. Only by the seat and the lack of customer service I got out of Jeep in Detroit,
  • I want to buy a mineral grey 2wd, x package, NAV, and tow pkg

    right now the price is around 34k. I noticed the dealers are selling these GK's for about 3k off of MSRP. Should I bargain lower or is this a fair price?

    I want it so bad.

    I will post again soon. I am buying this week.
  • byxbyx Posts: 1
    I am interested in 2011 Laredo 4x4, very basic w/o any packages. The dealer offered $30500. Is this price OK? I don't have any experience of buying new car and I am in boston.
  • Just landed in New Orleans and the National bus dropped me off at the Emerald Aisle. Waiting there were at least 6 2011 Grand Cherokee's, including the black 2wd Limited I nabbed. Seeing these hit the fleets would point to A) production is fully ramped up and Chrysler can afford to divert some from dealer retail stock or B) sales of the new GC is tapering after the initial demand. After an 80 mile drive up to Baton Rouge I will say it is a very nice SUV, quiet and smooth with an exceptional appetite for highway speeds. The Pentastar V-6 feels a bit weak from dead stop but once above 2k RPM, really pushes the Jeep along nicely. I reset the mileage gauge when I picked it up, it's showing 23.5 mpg after 80 miles up I-10, at about 75 mph.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    Congratulations! That sounds like a sweet GC.
  • Here is the latest deal offered to me (southeast region):

    2011 Grand Cherokee
    Laredo X Package
    Tow Package
    No sunroof

    MSRP - 35,989
    I was told invoice on this was 33,954
    I was offered a price about 400 below invoice

    I am also getting 1.9 APR for 60 months.

    I think this is a great deal and I think Chrysler produced a bit too much at this time (thus the 1.9 APR and below invoice pricing.

    Any thoughts on this deal? Good? Bad?
  • make them an offer of of 33K. All they can do is say no, and maybe they will counter with a better offer than before. If they do settle for it. if thats what you really want. You have nothing too loose. There is always another dealership which will match their offer or beat it.
  • I have a quote for a 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland 4X4 Hemi with adaptive cruise control for $42,350. Any thoughts on if this seems like a good deal?
  • Hello

    I have a lease offer from a local dealer for 4WD Laredo with 26 X/NAV/power sliding roof/Rear DVD entertainment system at $ 525/Month plus tax with zero due at signing.

    I am leasing for 36 months with 12 k miles/year.

    Any inputs regarding this offer??

    I am based in NJ


  • wallstreet1234wallstreet1234 Posts: 41
    edited December 2010
    I am looking to buy a Jeep grand Cherokee 4x4 Laredo 4wd V6 with 26x package.

    Could someone tell me what I should pay for this vehicle? I was wondering what others have bought the jeep for with the same specs.

    I assume there are no incentives/rebates yet either.

  • I have never leased a car before but am worried about normal wear and tear and what they consider normal wear and tear? Is there extra insurance you can get to cover scratches etc and is is expensive?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,536
    Yes... there is "wear and tear" insurance that the dealer will sell you... It's a high mark-up item, that is fairly expensive, in my opinion...

    We've turned in 7 leased cars.... and, other than excess mileage and disposition fees, the only charge I've ever had was for a busted cornering lamp ($70)...

    If you like to bump into things with your car, and not fix the damage, then a lease may not be for you... otherwise, I wouldn't let the "normal wear and tear" thing bother me...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • frogleg311frogleg311 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Just to let everyone know, Jeep is offering 1.9% for up to 60 months for the month of December. I am getting ready to purchase a Jeep within the next few days.

    2011 JGC Laredo 4x4
    26X Package
    Off Road Package I

    MSRP = $37,945

    We qualify for F&F $35,450

    Dealer is offer it to us @ $35,000, they had to pay $350 to transport this car from Indianapolis. I am wondering if I can negotiate any lower. Any thoughts?

    ************Also has anyone received a $500 Gift Card toward Mopar items when they purchased their new JGC? This is a promo I've heard of but I think it is targeted.

    Secondly, they are running a promo on Edmunds for $500 coupon toward the purchase of a new JGC, has anyone been able to get this??****************
  • I have searched all the dealers within a 200 mile radius of Okla City and cannot find an Overland with the tan and black interior seen in the commercials. Is this just a teaser and doesn't really exist?
  • pbar2pbar2 Posts: 1
    This was the deal that I got on a lease. 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo X package. MSRP $41,180. Paid $37,500. $795 acquisition fee. $279 doc fee. Residual Value 49% on 3 yr/36k lease. Money factor is .88% currently. Should have offered less apparently since they took my first offer.
  • Hi All....

    Just purchased a 2011 Grand Jeep Cherokee Limited. I'm in central CT. The only options I added to the Limited were the Inferno Red paint, the tow package IV, and the V8 Hemi. I "think" we got a good deal, wondering what you all think....

    MSRP = $42, 950
    INVOICE = $41, 200

    We got it for $39,422 plus the dealership paid the remaining $1300 of my lease.

    Of course that doesn't include tax, title, dealer fee, etc. Plus we purchased the GAP insurance and extended warranty (6 years/72,000).
  • That seems like a good deal to me. Nice job. Did you elect to go with dealer financing and if so what APR and term did you choose?
  • We financed through the dealer....

    72 mos. @ 4.79%

    I think we did well, compared to what they're selling for within a 100 mile radius....But you talk to other people and begin to second guess....
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    edited January 2011
    and extended warranty (6 years/72,000).

    What were the details on the warranty? Jeep warranty or 3rd party? Deductible? How much did they charge for it? How much does it cover?

    How much for the GAP coverage?

    Assuming that they didn't screw you on the warranty/GAP coverage, it looks like a good deal.
  • dvp16dvp16 Posts: 15
    My laredo x stickered for 40, 820 and i paid just under 37. Remember the invoice they usually show you is not the manufacturer invoice. I also got another 1% off as my wife works at lexus nexus and they have a purchase program with many companies.
  • pcmanpcman Posts: 8
    We just bought a 2011 Overland, 2wd, 6cyl. Sticker was 39160. The plan was to lease. 3500 down and $560/ mo for 36mo. We ended up buying for $37600. 3500 down, 538/ mo for 72m. Of course they then sat us down to pitch the extra wtty, etc. which we ended up buying along with the accelerated payment plan. Final 568.32/ mo. Dont know if we got a good deal or not but we're pleased.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    Congrats. What's an accelerated payment plan?
  • I just came from the dealer in Chesapeake, VA. They had a black overland with the interior you described.
  • Thanks for the info--what are the specs on your Laredo X? 4WD or 2wd? etc.
  • nyjeepgcnyjeepgc Posts: 5
    Long Island, NY....just purchased GC Laredo x package plus with Nav, power sunroof. Before taxes and fees, got it for 35,500. And financed at 1.9 for 60 months. I would say this was a good deal for the research I've done but I see a lot of people here have gotten some great deals as well. Good for you all and glad I could compare here while shopping around. I hope this info helps someone else!
  • waggy1waggy1 Posts: 2
    2011 grand cherokee limited, 4x2, mineral gray/black, v6, trailer package (I don't tow, only one available on lot in mineral gray) msrp $38,080. No loyalty rebate, $33,700 plus ttl, 2.9% for 60 months........gosh, I want to, should I? Already tried to go lower, dealer says take it or leave (nicely though, they've actually been pleasant to this point)....thanks
  • dredma1dredma1 Posts: 6
    TAKE IT - best deal ive seen yet
  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 50
    Excellent specs on that Jeep. I would def take the offer before it's gone. Its a better deal than what I could get with my Chrysler Affiliates discount. Can't say I'm not jealous.
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