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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • scottymollscottymoll Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    I'm in need of your guys' opinions please. I'm in Southern California and looking to lease a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude 4X2 V6. I've contacted multiple dealers and the best offer I have right now is this:

    MSRP: $38410 (upgrades include panoramic sunroof, Laredo E Group, and Uconnect 430N media)

    Negotiated price: $33857 before taxes and fees (I just spoke with them again and they stated the sale price is actually $35357 - $1500 rebate= $33857)

    Lease Terms: 36 months, 12K mi/yr
    $1000 down and a total of $479/month (includes all taxes, etc)

    I'm really not sure if I'm getting a good deal or not. I'd really appreciate everyone's opinion and advice. Thanks!
  • stubbiestubbie Posts: 1
    I'm in SoCal too and trying to negotiate on a JGC Overland. Why don't we make a better deal since we're buying two cars? We can quote at your stealer and mine and compare. My stealer says he's giving it for $750 over invoice but the lease doesn't make sense:

    $46,900 MSRP
    $44,500 negotiated

    $1300 down
    $685/mo including taxes.

    Seems high, right?
  • Yeah, that's a great idea. We need some advice from a seasoned pro who knows leases inside and out. I asked my dealer to send me the numbers broken down and here is what I got.

    Total Price: $35,357.00
    Acquisition Fee: $795.00
    Residual Value $18,820.90

    Amount Due at Inception

    First Payment: $479.20
    Reduction Tax + Sales Tax: $129.85
    Fees/Other/Taxes: $422.35
    + Cash Down: $1,484.01
    Drive Off Amount Due: $2,515.41 ($1,015.41 your portion and the rest comes from the rebate of $1,500)

    Monthly Charges

    Service Charge: $440.64
    Sales Tax: $38.56
    Monthly Lease Payment: $479.20

    I feel like they are playing me. The negotiated price was 33,857 (which was supposed to be the 35,357- 1500 rebate). Instead, it looks like they added additional fees onto the deposit, which offset the entire rebate. The agreed upon down payment was $1000, not $2500-$1500 rebate. See that? What the heck should I do???
  • sampellesampelle Posts: 1
    Not sure if you ever received an answer or closed the deal.

    I m not a pro but i usually estimate the calculation as follow just to make sure that i don't get robbed when leasing a car.

    MSRP $35357 plus acquisition $795 fee minus $1500 Cap Ccost Reduction = Invoice price $34652 This is basically the price you agreed on the car like if you were to buy it
    Basically you received a 2% discount on the MSRP. Not that great but can range from 0 to 15% depeding on car, offers etc. I am sure you can get a better deal on the MSRP.

    You can check on Edmunds how much it's the difference b/w msrp and invoice. Invoice price is what most people pay.

    Some cars have better discounts some others less depending on how much the car is hot seller or not and sometimes on higher prices cars you get better discounts.

    Some dealers give it some dont that's why i suggest also going to dealers with a lot of inventories.

    Residual Value (based on what you said is $18820 or 53% of MSRP).
    Seems little low to me. If residual is 53% means you are paying the difference which is 47% or $16537 divided by 36 months = $459 a month.

    Lets say you deal a better residual such as 57%. This would make you save approx $1330 or $37 a month and you payment would drop from $459 to $422.

    So let's start from a $422 monthly payment.

    On top of this monthly payment you need consider that the car maker will charge a financing charge and you will need to pay the sale tax on your lease.

    Let's say Jeep finances purchases of cars at 2% interest, that is another $43 a month.

    If interest is more like 5% your interest monthly payment be ready to add most likely $100 a month which is double approx.

    That said if you add:

    $422 monthly payment for car depreciation a month
    + $43 of 2% financing interest
    = $465 monthly payment

    If you want to add sale tax on your monthly payment add $36 approx so your monthly payment becomes $501

    Sale tax should always be paid upfront to avoid paying interest on that.

    Your only money down should be the first month $501 and title registration fees which should be higher than $1000.

    If you are to pay sale tax upfront you would pay $1000 approx plus $1296 but your monthly payment should go down from $501 to $465.

    One more thing. 10K miles or 12K or 15k? that should't change monhtly payement by much, may be $10 more or less.

    I hope it helps.

    Regards & all the best.

  • wjtinatlwjtinatl Posts: 50
    Drove my new Hemi Overland home last night from the Roswell GA dealer. A flat $6k off the sticker of $43,485. Some haggling as I had no trade and wanted to pay cash, apparently $2k comes back in trade-in bonus and finance company kickback. I ended up financing the car which I'll pay off next month so my cost there is almost nil. Probably left a few hundred bucks on the table but I didn't want to waste an entire evening haggling over the last dime. Got the Black Forest Green with the Saddle/Black interior. That, the Hemi and Trailer Tow package were the only options. Overall a beautiful car, and it returned an even 20 mpg on the 400 mile interstate drive back down to the Florida panhandle.
  • autoalautoal Posts: 7
    Car_Man (and other consumers),

    Can you provide me with the money factor and residual on a 2012 GC Overland V8? I understand Jeep relies upon several financing institutions. For example one quote was MF .0012 and 52% and another was .00001 and 45%. Just looking for best deal. Thanks for your help.

    Brooklyn dude.
  • vik2127vik2127 Posts: 1
    wow! 25k out the door.. looks like a sweet deal if including taxes. is this a 2012 model ? congrats on your new car.
  • Just purchased an Overland GC in Fayetteville, NC. Black exterior, black stitched leather interior, panoramic roof, tow hitch, and all other Overland options. 4x4 v6 model. Final price before tax/tag was $38,510 (~13% off MSRP).. how'd I do?
  • Im in the market to purchase a 2011 or 2012 Pre-owned JGC for my wife. I'm located in Dallas, TX and curious to get some recent data points or buying experiences on how far dealerships come off their stated retail price. we are open to looking at cars within 250 miles of Dallas so also trying to get a feel of how much "room" is padded into the deletes Pre-owned stated Internet price.

    Looking for a model with under 25,000 miles. Appreciate any comments/guidance.

    Big D Jeep
  • ex_jeeperex_jeeper Posts: 2
    edited September 2012
    I have been a Jeep Driver for OVER 25 years. Bought a high end Overland GC in May 2011. The first problem was the paint bubbled in literally hundreds of places around the shifter. They replaced that, but then the cubby door in front of the shifter didn't open properly afterwards. About 9 to 10 months down the road, the Jeep started to unlock itself. This got worse, MUCH worse over the next few months sometimes happening 4 to 6 times a day. It happened when in the vehicle sitting at a WAWA numerous times. One time I came out and found the hatch open. By then I would carry the fob like it was a piece of fine glass to be sure it did not rub against anything. It did not matter. Dealer gave some lame story that was completely unacceptable. Trans shifted VERY hard on many occasions, usually at a very low speed, with a resounding clunk that could only lead to problems down range. Gas mileage sux. Like others I found myself putting my foot into it to get it off the line. After just 17 months of ownership, reading of others issues, and the vehicle not able to stay locked hundreds of times, I bailed. What a dam shame. Went to a Lexus and doubt I will return to Jeep anytime soon if ever now.
  • ex_jeeperex_jeeper Posts: 2
    edited September 2012
    At trade in, my Jeep GC had just shy of 21000 miles. UGH !Oh yeah, the leather on the seat from just this little mileage was already showing far too much wear !
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If you bought a new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Fiat "special edition" model in the past year or so - or if you are a dealer who sold one - a reporter would love to hear about it. Please email no later than Wednesday, October 10, 2012 with your daytime phone number and a brief description of the car and your experience with it.
  • konradlvkonradlv Posts: 11
    edited October 2012
    Did you buy 2012 or 2013?
    I am looking at 2013 mineral grey with black interior.
    Msrp is $46015
    What is a good deal in your opinion?
  • sams00sams00 Posts: 2
    I would shoot for 13% off MSRP - so $40k or less. Mine was a 2012
  • I just wanted to get some info out to people regarding my 2011 Jeep Overland V6. We purchased in Sept 2010. First, I want to say I have never had a problem with prior Jeeps I've owned, ever. We purchased our Overland for 39k, which was a great price at the time, although I don't remember the details at that time, I know I was quoted one price by the sales guy and of course the finance guy had a different number..All I remember is feeling terrible when I felt, drained..
    Everything was fine for the first 25k miles, then we had a check engine light, I did a little investigation, I find out that there are problems with the cylinder heads..Sure enough, that's what it was, the jeep was fine otherwise I would have never known.. As we financed this vehicle, I was worried, after my warranty runs out are all the cylinders going to do this? While we were fighting with service people to find an appointment to replace it, we notice now the rear window is opening on its own..this is a major issue as I had to call aaa to have a jump start after work... it does this several times a day..
    Well, that was the last draw, I don't want to be stuck with a lemon after the warranty runs out. Today I went to my dealer and worked a lease.. From what I've read, the 12 and 13's are not having these issues.. I just worked a deal on a new 2013 Overland black on black 44k sticker, I got for 40k, traded the 2011 Overland with 26k miles engine light on, I owed 29500, they gave me 32k, my lease came to 465$ month..
    As usual, they gave me some #$&@ and tried to get me to pay 491$, I didn't budge this time, after an hour of haggling, I walked out with my 465$.. they will try and say anything, it's insane.. Well, thanks for reading, and remember, always go to a couple dealers and work it, I had another dealer quote me 525$,.... Shop Around.
  • $21.5K for a limited w/ 68K and the 3.0 diesel engine. This should hold me until the '14 diesels come out.
  • amyctamyct Posts: 1
    We're about to lease a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee in CT.
    MSRP - $34,010.00
    Selling Price - $31,100.00

    $2,500.00 Down - 12K Miles a Year -
    $389.00 per month includes taxes, dealer fee and registration.

    How does this deal seem? We're going to try to get the $ down to $2,000.
  • mingymingy Posts: 1
    We just bought a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Limited, 5.7L) in NC.

    MSRP - $44,800.00
    Selling Price - $38,760.00 (13.48% off MSRP), plus 4 additional oil changes (8 in total)

    So, OTD Price - $40,500.00, with 8 free oil changes

    Thank you!
  • This past weekend my wife and I leased a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    X Package (leather, nav, sunroof)

    Dealer threw in Rear DVD Entertainment Center to be installed.

    36 months @ 10k miles per year

    $1k down

    $437.60 a month
  • Hello thedeuce30!

    Congratulations on your 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee purchased. Great vehicle and sounds like you negotiated a good deal.

    Enjoy driving your Jeep!

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • Trading in a lease with $4800 in payments left.
    Trade in has appx $21k buyout and dealer says its only worth $17k
    '11 Honda Accord EX-L........ok I guess I gotta come out of pocket somewhat to get out of this current lease?

    New Lease on '13 JGC ALTITUDE MSRP $41,080
    They want $505 per month 39mos 12k miles per year
    And they want $2,495 down plus first month at signing for total of 3k plus Reg costs ...which I gotta pay anyway so that's fine ...only about $130 for NY Reg.

    I've been shopping dealers for a month and this is one of the better deals I've negotiated as 3-4 other dealers would not be in this neighborhood price wise.

    I don't feel like its a great deal...I'm wondering if getting out of the current lease on the Honda is really hurting my deal or if they are just blowing smoke.

    I would feel more comfy with $450 per month and 2k down but no dealer to date has accepted that offer so maybe this is where I'm gonna be to get this truck. It's a beautiful truck..but....

    Anyone with some insight would be greatly appreciated . Thanks.....Jeff
  • MSRP $41,080

    Total out of pocket at signing
    $1,708 Down
    $1,677 Tax
    $525 First Payment
    $140 Registration

    $525/ 36 months/ 12k miles

    It feels high but I also traded in my 2011 Honda lease with $4,850 left in payments and a buyout of $21,600 on a car that really might only hold $19,000+ value in the re-sale market.

    If I just walked in without the Honda and $0 down I might have got it for $450-475 a month and would have saved the Down payment, tax, and first payment up front......I think. Honestly I don't even care...this truck is on FIRE!!!

    In my opinion if you can stay sub $500 a month with nothing out of pocket at signing then u got a decent deal. Keep in mind they have plenty of Laredo X trucks that u can definitely steal for a very fair price.

    Good luck..hope this helps......Happy Holidays
  • chwtomchwtom Posts: 31
    I just traded in a 2012 JGC Overland 4x4 with 10k miles and bought a new 2013 JGC Overland 4x4 (don't ask why, long story).

    I was given 36,000 for my 2012 overland. This is equal to the KBB trade-in value in "very good" condition.

    For the 2013 Overland, the one I am purchasing has an MSRP of 45,265. They gave a discount of 2830 off of that, then took off another $2500 in rebates/incentives (500 in customer cash, 500 for financing without using one of the promo rates, 1000 in lease conquest (my wife leases her car), and 500 from a promotional mailer--jeep can search to see if you qualify for that based on your address.

    Final price is 39,935, not including TTL.

    If you haven't used it yet, the website gives you a bell-curve of prices paid nationally and locally for any configuration of any car. I found that, along with these forums, useful in finding a fair price.
  • Hello chwtom,

    Sounds like you did your homework and went to the dealer prepared to purchase the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Hope you enjoy driving your 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee!

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • I wanted to post this to see if I could get some feedback from you guys. (Great write up mister mr!) I just walked away from an offer and need a sanity check. I am located in MA and was dealer with jeep dealers in state. Basically a dealer I was trying to work with was only willing to go 9% off of list. This was end of month (last 2 weeks) in december 2012. It was on a loaded up Grand Cherokee laredo. (tow, leather, sun, quadra-2) I did ping other dealers but no one had the exact config. This dealer has 2 or 3 of this config sitting on their lot.

    MSRP: $40,775.00
    Their offer they would not budge off of: $37,000.00 (plus tax, title etc)

    I offered 14% off, was willing to bump up to 13%. They would not budge at all. I walked away from this offer.

    Am I being unreasonable?

    (I think they start placing orders for 2014s in late Jan or Feb. Those have a slight change to the body style and CRD will offer big jump in mileage.) Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • I don't think so. Check if you are part of the Chrysler Affiliates program through your company. You can get it at 1% below invoice. If not subscribe to Tread Lightly for $25 and you can get their affiliates discount. There is a lot of great info at Look under the Grand Cherokee WK2 section.
  • That's a very good deal, and way to use your on-line resources. Also, the site can be a useful tool.

    The best deal they show for a 13 Overland 4x4 is $39,935 from Acadania Dodge in Lafayette, LA. Sounds like you got one of the best deals in the country, you should share your deal and help others in your area.
  • MSRP $43680 paid $37900 w 24h package (V8 Hemi) and Luxury Group II.

    I will never ever recommend this dealership to anyone. (bayside jeep, queens, ny).
    I negotiated price over the phone. They told me that they had vehicle in stock. It was totally a lie. it took me over an hour to get there.. i get there they are trying to tell me that the price was wrong and that they dont have car in stock. good thing i had the salesman that i was talking on the phone email me the price and that they had in stock.
    i haggled for 2 hrs w the manager anf finally they relented and told me that they would locate car. I got it 2 days later. If i had to do it all over again I would have paid the extra $1k to go to the dealer that was 10 minutes away from me and i wouldnt have wasted 2 days of back and forth and kept my sanity.
  • camrydccamrydc Posts: 4
    edited March 2013
    just purchased this yesterday. With a lot of haggling and two trips to the dealership (I walked away from their final offer first time) they called me back and I got the jeep for 39,100. MSRP was 43,870. Got it at Koons Tysons VA and to say that this was the worst buying experience is an understatement. They listed a "WOW" price of 39,237 online and I called the dealer and we agreed on a price of $38,000. I get there and they try to include a $499 processing fee and roll back in the destination charge of $995. But the WOW price savings listed included the $995. So suddenly my 38k deal went to $39,500. After I leave, the dealer calls me back and we settle on the $39,100. So the wife has to drive me over to Virginia again and we want to do the deal quickly. We were paying cash so we figured maybe 20 minutes and we would be out of there. We have kids at home and we needed to get back. They put us in a customer lounge for almost two hours before the guy comes to get us to have us do the paperwork and get our check. We could see other customers sitting in these offices and they were in there for a couple of hours. Turns out they were getting upsold on extended warranties and who know what else. I actually felt sorry for them. Then this guy starts in on us and we quickly let him know how irritated we are and how we are not interested in the extended warranties. He tells us he is obligated to go over the warranties because the dealership would face liability if it wasnt presented to us. So he just keeps talking and I take out my phone and start checking emails etc. When he realizes he isnt getting anywhere he wrapped it up pretty quickly.

    Compare this with my wife's recent purchase of a BMW where I did the deal over the phone and they actually drove the car to my house and the salesperson did the paperwork with us at our kitchen table in 20 minutes.

    The Jeep has the sunroof, nav, 20 inch wheels. Has the new 8 spd transmission. Got the green exterior which is so dark its hard to tell if its black or green. First jeep that I have owned and first american car in many years.
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