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  • So I wonder when they are going to cut the prices. This month has been the worst this year on pricing.
  • jktmjktm Posts: 5
    we bought an o8 loaded, duel video screens, naviagtion system, uconnect phone... all the bells and whistles, brand new (only 6 miles on it), with 0% financing for 23,500 off the lot. the sticker price was $35,800.

    this ws in March in CT.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    I was informed by a salesperson that starting this May 21st (Thursday before Memorial Day weekend) there will be some "discounts"...We'll see :)
  • kkellnkkelln Posts: 8
    We just bought a 'new' 08 Limited in Canada, so prices are not on par. We paid $36,000 (taxes were extra). At the time, the Canadian Dollar was trading at 79 cents US, so we paid about $28,000US. Ours was tricked out with Nav system, Uconnect, dual rear entertainment system, backup camera, rear-parking assist, sunroof, swivel'n go seating, power third row stow'n go seating, power lift gate, leather, color matched running boards, upgraded fender guards, chrome door plates, color-matched rubber floor mats for all three rows of seating, towing group, class 3 mopar 2" trailer hitch, 17" wheels with chrome-cladding, and pretty much everything else.

    I am THRILLED with this vehicle! I am a pretty tough critic, and there are certainly a few short-comings with this vehicle, but on the whole, the 08 T&C Limited (loaded) is an unadulterated TRIUMPH in family shutling technology.

    I do want to make a few recomondations to owners:
    1. Get a quality chrome plated or mirror-finished stainless steal trim kit for your pillar posts (be sure to order the 6 piece version). I got mine out of California, and for only $60, it made the van look like a million dollars!
    2. Get a quality chrome plated or mirror-finished stainless steal trim kit for the fenders. I got mine form NJ, and for only $80, they really bring the chrome theme on the vehicle to a triumphant completion.
    3. Get the Mygig Lockpick module (be sure to get the original and not a cheap knockoff). It disables certain annoying safety features. With this unit installed, you can watch movies on the front screne WHILE in drive, you can search addresses, WHILE in drive, you can turn on the backup camera WHILE in drive, plus much much more. Now my wife (front passenger seat) and all the kids in the back seats can watch the same movie at the same time while we are on the road!
    4. Add the mopar blind spot detection system to your side mirrors (can be had for about $480 on the net) - this is the best piece piece of safety technology since the invention of the airbag and will no doubt be mandatory on all vehicles in the future.
    5. Sing your praises loud and proud! This vehicle is an American success story. I looks incredible. It drives very well. It is proof positive that the US can understand its customers and fill their needs!
  • phoenix67phoenix67 Posts: 3
    Hi, I live in maryland and am trying to buy a new 2009 T&C touring- I have quote of $28K for 28L pack ( 4.0L, 2 DVDs, backup camera...), leather also has navigation and uconnect and security package and remote start.

    Does this sound like the best i can do in this area? does anyone know of any better? appreciate any input.

    thanx, L
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    I'm looking at a T&C with similar options as well; I'm thinking with a MSRP ranging $33800 - $35,000 we could possibly negotiate $7,500 - $9,000 off the sticker (this would include the rebates)...That said I was informed that this Memorial Day weekend we'll see some good "deals".
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • phoenix67phoenix67 Posts: 3
    thanx. we should just wait then and see what happens.
    the dealers seem to have a lot of inventory that they need to get rid of, i am not sure why they are not willing to go lower. some of the posts in this forum have unbelievable prices in other states.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    For all I know these unbelievable deals could possibly be a regional thing; maybe there's little to no sales of GC, or T&C in certain parts of the country - hence the great deals.

    Here in southeastern Wisconsin I see a good number of 2008/2009 GC, or T&C on the road...That said there are a few dealers in my area with 20, or more mini-vans on their lot that I know they would like moved, and I would think they'd be willing to take any reasonable offer not only to get said vehicle off their lot, but to show other potential buyers that folks like us won't let Chrysler's financial woes stand in the way of purchasing what we would consider a fine mini-van.
  • Hi,

    Has any recently bought TC in the Dallas Fort worth (DFW) area. Please share your experiences.
  • I am pretty sure there has been little to no action during May. I have tracked the inventory a 5 dealers in the North Atlanta area and not one unit has disappeared off their inventory list. Incentives are so much worse than last month. Supposedly new incentives may be released this week. Good Luck.
  • larrye98larrye98 Posts: 4
    We paid $15,000 which included tax, dealer fee, tags, title, etc. Made a down payment of $5k & financed $10k. This is a bare bones minimum in terms of features. Has cruise control, MP3/CD player, and theft alarm but that's about it. I was thinking it was a great deal until I started reading about the mechanical problems: brakes, etc. Now I'm concerned we bought a lemon. We test drove the vehicle and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. I believe the vehicle was a "demo" (used by employees only). Any thoughts on whether this was a good buy? I could use some reassurance to feel better about it. In any event, my wife who drives it loves it so that's the most important thing.
  • larrye98larrye98 Posts: 4
    Yes, it's possible. The dealer I bought my van at has 1 van left on the lot: 2008 Chrysler T&C LX with 10,000 miles on it approx. They have 1 on the lot. Without trade-in, it's $12999. I'm sure you could offer $14,000 firm & they'd accept. This is in Kissimmee, FL by the way. You could fly over, buy it, spend a few days at Disney, & drive home.
  • nwglendalenwglendale Posts: 3
    Have been looking the last week here in Phoenix area at either the T&C Limited, or T&C 25th Anniversary, or Grand Caravan 25th Anniversary. Unlike other posters, none of the several dealers I've contacted will go below 6K off MSRP. And that's not the out the door price either, that's what they'll go to before TTL, etc.. Some won't even go that much off.
    That includes a couple dealers that are on the dealer cut list. They just keep saying they'll sell them to other dealers..So, glad some parts of the country are getting 7- 10K off the MSRP, but it's not happening here. (and yes, I can provide specific examples and dealers to back this up).
    Here's a couple examples I have
    2009 T&C 25th Ann - msrp 35800, dealer 29900
    2009 GC 25th ann - msrp 35688, dealer 30,105
    2009 T&C Limited - MSRP 39,900 dealer - 35250.
  • That's because the May incentives are not as good as last month. Prices went up almost $3,000 this month in Atlanta.
  • miller_09miller_09 Posts: 1
    Hi Folks,

    Just wanted to let you know my buying experience.

    I just found this blog/chat today.

    Boy I wish I had known about you folks earlier.

    I just bought a new '08 Limited (40 miles on it) with only a few bells and whistles on it, the Nav system, Uconnect, backup camera. No DVDs or other extras at all.

    I bought it from Ferman Chrysler in Lutz, FL. I cannot recommend buying from them. I paid $31,500, tax, tag, everything, out the door.

    It sounds like other people are finding better deals.
  • courtney_gcourtney_g Posts: 3
    Hello All:

    I am located on Long Island, NY approximately 30 miles east of NYC. I am in search of an 09 Town and Country with the 3.8l, leather, dvd, uconnect, backup camera, etc and I have emailed all of the dealers in the surrounding state who seem to have a larger inventory than on Long Island. The MSRP is between 34-35k and so far 3 dealers have come back with a price of 26,500 as their rockbottom price which is about 25% off.

    Has anyone in this area experienced a better deal recently? What do you think about this?
  • cnugent123cnugent123 Posts: 2
    I had an offer on the table for a 2009 T&C Touring with DVD FOR $22,800 at the end of April.

    I became greedy after Chrylser announced it's Bankrupcy thinking the new May deals could not get worse and now my best quote was $26,000.

    Please tell me I just have to wait it out a few more weeks for those same deals because I am kicking myself right now.
  • You should have ran with that original deal . . . if loaded, 26K is still good.
    What's the original MSRP or sticker?
  • cnugent123cnugent123 Posts: 2
    No not loaded....touring model with power lift gate and entertainment group. No leather, NAV, 4.0L engine, or sunroof.

    I am actually in the works with a dealership for a leftover 2008 Grand Caravan SXT with DVD for around $22,200 so I hope that sounds good...
  • I just got a touring 2009 (I think 25th anniv edition), loaded, with security group, family package, entertainment pckg(dual tv's), leather, with rust proof package (retails for $640 more and highly recommend it) for 29K (but retails for 36k), so I hope this was a good deal. however, i am abroad and got it off a military base (so couldn't haggle too much) and paid no taxes - that's firm. Was manufactured on April 10, 2009 (found out and asked before purchasing). So it just rolled off the factory before it closed.

    If I were in the states I would have shopped around for a limited version for the same price - but overall am satisfied.

    I think the 2009's are better, but the 08's you should get at least 8-10k off.

    Good luck!
  • this past week I bought a 25th anniversary t&c on Long Island, NY - modern blue color - for $23,700. Using the $500 off chrysler coupon I had received in the mail, it was $23,200 before taxes, dmv, etc, etc.
    This was for the 25th anniversary package w/dvds, leather heated seats, power doors, liftgates, etc -- the msrp on the car is 34,405.
  • Looks like you get a great deal . . .
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    I was disappointed as well with these new "deals"...IMO last month was a much better time to have purchased a T&C.

    Oh well - Chryslers loss since my wife, & I purchased a Odyssey EX last night for nearly $6000 off MSRP with 2.9% for 3 years.
  • courtney_gcourtney_g Posts: 3
    Would you mind telling me what long island dealership you received this great deal from?
  • I had been dealing with Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge. They had been at 23,700 for the modern blue back in April before these current incentives. When things switched over, they were now no lower than 24,300. I then called around with that last price. I called around explaining I had received 23,500 on the 25th anniv t&c in black -- but wanted modern blue. Did they have -- and if so, would they meet the price I had been quoted on the black. Levittown said yes and my dealing with them was easy as pie.

    I received lease loyalty on top of all of the other rebates and incentives -- and took on the balloon financing option which got me the lowest pricing -- but I intend to pay it off sooner -- and in the final price, they also took on the last payment for my Chrysler Pacifica lease that was letting up -- $350 left on the balance.

    One thing I'm not sure about -- there's a $600 destination charge Levittown puts in on top of the destination charge that's part of the msrp. Not sure if all dealers are doing that -- or if that was how they were able to lowball the others.
  • bigguynybigguyny Posts: 7
    How do I find the money factor and residual value for a 2009 T & C Touring? Thanks in advance.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 128,188
    I'm not sure if Chrysler is still leasing, but the place to ask would be here: Chrysler Town & Country Lease Questions

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  • nwglendalenwglendale Posts: 3
    Starting to suspect the factory shutdown is causing dealers to hold the line on pricing cuts, due to limited inventory. Have had more and more dealers here in AZ not willing to consider anything except the 3K off MSRP on T&C or GC's.
  • oblivianoblivian Posts: 1
    I have a offer on the table for a new Town and Country Touring 25M, $27,400 out the door. The MSRP is $34,180. Do you think this is the best I can do at this time? No where near as good of a deal I have read people were getting a month ago. This is in Saline, MI
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