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  • shamcyshamcy Posts: 23
    I got my silver 09 T&C 25th edition, 28M, uconnect tunes, uconnect phone (the dealer added in-house), 2nd and 3rd row DVD, power heated leather two rows, sunroof, back up camera, power lift gate, 18 inch rims, 4.0L engine out the door including the extended lifetime bumper to bumper warranty and all taxes (sales tax here in Chicago is a MONSTER 10% and it applied to the MSRP price not the negotiated one - unless I was taken for a ride on that one) for $28600, MSRP was $37,200. You have got to talk to one of those dealers that is shutting down by June 9th. They will give you $10K off MSRP.
  • ttmomttmom Posts: 3
    I want one just like the one you have, with the same amenities and price. Do you mind sharing the name of the dealership and salesperson and let them know that you are sending them a customer that will buy today. thanks.
  • shamcyshamcy Posts: 23
    The dealer is Wickstrom Chrysler in Barrington, IL.
    email me at shamcy AT yahoo DOT com and I will give you the sales person's name and number.

    Good luck.
  • courtney_gcourtney_g Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 09 town and country in the mineral grey 25th anniversary m package (darker leather and wood grain), u connect, navigation, 17 in tires, back up camera, 2 and 3rd row dvd, front and second row heated seats, handsfree, remote start, etc for 25,500. msrp was 36,500 and i got it from a dealer that was not closing down. They did have silver at approximately 600 less but I opted for the darker color but all in all felt I got a good deal. I went to 3 other dealers and they all stated that they couldnt beat that price...
  • ttmomttmom Posts: 3
    would you mind sharing the name of the dealership, I have a $26,000 budget, but would like the bells and whistles that you have gotten for that price.
  • is 25.5K OTD ? and did u qualify for owner loyalty?
  • sktxsktx Posts: 6
    Hi, can you please share the name of the dealership , I will be pulling the trigger on a similar vehicle this week or email me the details
    skalties at gmail dot com
  • ttmomttmom Posts: 3
    That is a sweet deal. Can you email me the dealership and your salesperson, endirka99 AT Yahoo dot com. thanks
  • billhevbillhev Posts: 4
    Here in MD, I've contacted a number of dealers. Pretty much all of them will give $9K off of the sticker but that's before taxes, tags. None of the ones I've talked to seem willing to negotiate about the taxes and tags. I've been negotiating via email and phone so I may be able to get a little better once I commit in person. Do you guys think that I'm getting the same discount from all dealers because it's the low in this area or are they all getting the same incentives...

    MSRP 34,108 Agreed price 25,203
    MSRP 34,405 Agreed price 25,403
    MSRP 34,810 Agreed price 25,475

    What do you guys think? Best deal in MD is about 9K off?
  • billhevbillhev Posts: 4
    After going back and forth with a number of dealers I finally pulled the trigger on a 2009 T&C Touring, loaded 25L package (Dual DVD's, leather, power all, heated seats, remote start, Parkview backup camera), Security group (Hands free phone, blindspot detection, parksense rear park assist) and Navigation gps. Sticker was 36,335, paid $26,500 before taxes and tags. This dealer was not one of the ones that was closing, in fact he was $1000 less than the one that is closing down. I think this was a pretty good deal for my area.
  • Congrats on your purchase. Enjoy the vehicle. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    This is what we found a few weeks ago; for a company with financial woes, and dealers with large numbers of T&C/GC sitting on their lots they're looking as though they're not overly interested in selling cars - at least not here in southeastern Wisconsin.
  • pajoepajoe Posts: 2
    Would you mind telling me what dealerships in MD you were working with?
    I am looking for about the same vehicle in southern PA and the best I can do is ~$26,500 for a MSRP of ~$35,000
  • entdoc98entdoc98 Posts: 2
    It seemed like prices in Southern California were much higher than the Midwest or East until this last weekend. Three weeks ago "liquidation prices" at a nearby dealership that was closing were $29,990 for a 2008 Limited. Our local dealership (not going out of business) listed all 2008 Town and Country minivans (Touring and Limited) for $28880 on Memorial Day weekend. I almost bought one but there are no lease options and the financing terms were ridiculous. Last weekend they reduced the 2008 Limited to $24,290 ($23,290 if you can get Chrysler loyalty). I bought one for that price (+TTL). They seemed to have quite a few in stock and I was able to select the color we wanted. I think that they are finally willing to sell these minivans for a reasonable price. The lack of ANY lease options and poor financing options have really brought the prices down.
  • billhevbillhev Posts: 4
    $8.5K to $9K was pretty much what all the dealers were offering me. I purchased from Oursman ChryslerJeepDodge in Clarksville, MD. I was able to negotiate $10k off of the MSRP for my particular van.

    I can PM you the salesman's name and number if you want. They were pretty easy to deal with and I financed with thru the dealer (Citibank) and was offered 4.34% for 60 months.
  • Looks like there is an extra $500 this week in incentives per Edmunds.
  • Where did you purchase your van ? can you please share that information ?

  • pajoepajoe Posts: 2
    Thanks for the offer, I have a pretty good deal on a used one and I think I am leaning that way now.
  • gaolaogaolao Posts: 2
    Hi, I am a new member here.
    I want to buy a minivan from chrysler/Dodge because of growing family size.

    I have tow option:
    1). Used.
    I found a used 2002 town & country limited AWD with 56,000Miles.
    It looks like brand new. Asked for $7600.
    If I take it for $6800, is it a good deal?
    Do I need to buy extended warranty? How much does it cost?

    2). New
    It seems chrysler/Dodge new minivans have a great discount now.
    I only can buy the cheapest one because of budge.
    What is the cheapest one and how about the price now?

    Which one did I need to choose? I am in Chicago. Thanks a lot.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I suggest you stay away from the AWD model. Reliability of the AWD was not it's strong point. Plus the fuel mileage is lower. Given that you live in Chicago, FWD is sufficient; if you want added traction during the winter, I suggest you invest in a good set of 4 winter tires. Good luck.
  • gaolaogaolao Posts: 2
    Thanks a lot.

    The used van is very impressed and I have bought it for $6800 :(.

    What kind of maintenance should I pay attention to the AWD systems.

    Thanks again.
  • bshahbshah Posts: 3
    Can you share the name of the dealership and provide me with the number of the sales-man i can talk to in order to get the similar deal ?

  • I just bought a new 08 T&C Limited about 3 weeks ago from Anchorage Chrysler. Sticker was just under 43K. Even the options had options. Used Ed Smith and one other local dealer that had one identically equipped with just different seat color to prod them into a bidding war. I paid 29.9K plus $200 dealer fee. I think they made money, but not too much. I'm very happy with the vehicle so far and pleased with the price.
  • madipacmadipac Posts: 21
    Can i get the name of your dealer? You can email to madipac dot yahoo dot com. Thanks
  • chins4wvuchins4wvu Posts: 1
    Just found this forum, we are currently looking at TC. You got a GREAT deal, even better its from a dealership not effected be the recent events. Would you mind sending us the salesman's information.
    Thank you in advance.
  • I just got a quote for 25th anniv touring with 28M (4.0L)

    MSRP $34,810
    Quote $28,475
    Plus tax,tag, title and dealer fee

    Not too exciting since it includes the $1,000 for current owners.
  • entdoc98entdoc98 Posts: 2
    Sorry to reply so late. I bought my van from Power Dodge in Valencia, California. Good luck!
  • billhevbillhev Posts: 4
    chins4wvu and bshah,
    Sorry for the delay, I've been off enjoying the new van! I bought from Oursman Chrysler Jeep in Clarksville, Maryland. I don't think we're supposed to list salesman info but I will be happy to email his contact info to you guys. Email me at billhevp AT hotmail DOT com.
  • How much should you get for a demo discount? I am looking at Touring 25L with 4400 miles.
  • dlseekdlseek Posts: 22
    Demo vehicles are used. Period.

    Any salesperson trying to tell you otherwise is just looking for a sucker.

    Consult the blue book, price should be comparable.
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