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Chrysler Town & Country Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ok but do I offer Blue Book Trade in value or Blue Book retail value?
  • July incentives worse than June. Guess it is just lower supply
  • nursekevnursekev Posts: 18

    Congratulations on your deal. My wife went into Oursiman back in March and the lowest they would go was about 31,300 on a MSRP of about 38,300. We ended up buying from North Carolina for 30,700. Wish we would have waited or negotiated more strongly as we paid way too much for our vehicle. 10,000 below MSRP is what I should have aimed for.
  • nater2nater2 Posts: 1
    Not sure how this looks to you guys....but would like your opinion...

    Demo Chrysler Town & Country Limited. MSRP: 42,635.
    Mileage: 4200
    Offer: 35,618

    I am not overly impressed with the offer since it's a demo. It has NOT been registered (they drove it around with dealer plates) and the full lifetime warranty is still in effect.

    Unfortunately, the financing isn't all that great (IMO) either at about 4.5%.

    For example, my local VW dealer quoted me 7500 under MSRP (42k) on fully loaded Routan (Chrysler) PLUS 0% financing for 72 mos!!!

    While some of the options (stow n go and swivel n go for example) don't carry over to the VW I'd say this is the better deal right now.

    Unless you guys think this dealer can do better.
    What do you think guys?
  • jschultzejschultze Posts: 1
    So, my dealership kept giving me a difference between a 0% financing price vs a best price. It is a 2009 T&C touring with the 2nd/3rd row DVD, remote start, uconnect SIRIUS audio/video for 1yr, leather, heated seats 1st/2nd row, rear backup camera. List price: $35.5, Out the door price was $30.7k with 0% for 5 years. This equates to about $28.5 top line. They were going to do $30k, but that would have been at 3.9% interest.

    Only 2 other dealers within 30 miles.

    Telling my dealer that I was comparing prices on a car forum ended up saving me $1000. Thanks to all for their buying experiences.
  • Not a good price. My local dealers are offering 8k off Limited models. Check out CARMAX dot com, they sell new in GA. You should offer several thousand less than that. Stay away from VW, not a good dealer to work with for repairs.
  • princedmprincedm Posts: 2
    :mad: Hello all, I am new to this. I wanted to share my car buying experience. On June 8th I purchased a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country. On the 10th I removed the advertising plate the dealer had installed on the front bumper. I have purchased several cars and truck in the past that also had plate on the front. The only difference is, the dealer drilled holes in the bumper to install the plate. I know now that Chrysler and Dodge minivans have dimples on the bumper for plates. But I never would have thought a dealership would damage the bumper just to install there advertising plate. I called the dealer back and complained about this. I later was called by the general sales manager. He stated that they have always done this and he would not repair it. He did state that he may be able to get us a discount for the repairs. It has been a long battle, but they are still refusing to fix it. I took the van to another dealership and paid $392.04 to have the bumper repaired. I could type in all the details about this but it would take all day. I have created a website about my experience, if anyone would like to read it. Thanks
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Look into the cost of the filing fees to take them to Small Claims Court. A lot of the time big outfits will just pay whatever they're being sued for rather than tie up many hours of their day in court. They will probably just brush you off until the local sheriff's deputy shows up and sticks a court summons in their face.

    Good luck to you.
  • Nice job on the website. Hope you at least got a good deal when you bought the Van. Also check out and you can post your story there too.
  • This has nothing to do with your experance but, the dealers sound alot alike.

    I just purchased one less that one month ago, the touring model.
    this week, 3 days ago the transmission went out and that's not the worst of it, it was like pulling teeth to get my dealer to help me out, they are from Waynesburg, PA. They were going to pay the extra towing to get to them after a long argument, and the when it came down to it they reneged on the deal when the Chrysler help line checked with them to verify. Anyway it is now at the closest dealer to the break down and they will not even look at it till next week and stated that it will most likely take a week and a half to have repaired.
    At this point I don't even care if they ever fix it, I am now in the midst of a battle for replacement because the darn thing is still brand new (less than three weeks old) Thanks for listening... & good luck to all!
  • zetachizetachi Posts: 2
    Just came back from a Dealer in Queens NY. 25th Anny Blue Pearl Coat Loaded with the 3.8, dual dvd, nav, sunroof. Sticker was 36,600. Deal they offered was 27,500 after $2900 trade in plus the$3500 in incentives. Is this a good deal or can I get it for less?

  • Zetachi, I think it is a good deal, but not great. However, I don't think you will get a better deal now - best deals were in May.

    I highly recommend your purchase though with a sunroof and loaded - don't think you will be disappointed.

    In May I posted here that I got a 25th anniversery for 29K, But at the time, although I signed everything, I only put 1K down with full purchase on July 1st. At the time, I wasn't happy because I wanted the Limited model - I figured if I am going to pay for the middle model, I might as well go for all the bells and whistles. Anyway, about two weeks ago, my dealer (mind you, I am overseas and paid no tax) said he had a limited clearwater blue (light blue) for $2,500 more if I wanted it. I signed right away and he gave me the upgrade for 10K less original sticker. Man, this 41K car is loaded with all sensors and everything (but no sunroof). After driving it for 2 weeks I am extremely happy and still haven't figured out half the buttons yet. I am one happy camper and the kids (3 & 7) love the 2 screens to watch different movies with their wireless headsets in the back . . .
  • princedmprincedm Posts: 2
    Unfortunately I signed an arbitration agreement with the dealer. So I can’t sue them for any reason. I have spoken with an attorney, but he is unable to anything other than give me advise.
  • joefar75joefar75 Posts: 46
    I saw a dealer and I've spoken to them several time on a T&C, LX, new for
    $20,950. I tried to get them down to $19500, and they said that I really needed to come in to talk. They wouldnt commit over the phone. THey're about 2 hours from me though. Nonetheless, not sure if this is a good deal.
    Im preapproved with financing. My plan was to get the $19500 price, trade in my 01' caravan on the cash for clunkers program for another $3500, put up another $1k plus taxes and call it a day. Am I asking for too much here?
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    just make sure that your 01 caravan qualifies for the program. i think the t&c has to have at least a 4mpg combined improvement over the caravan as well as other stipulations
  • zetachizetachi Posts: 2
    well I took the deal on the 09 25th anniversary Touring edition. $27,500. I was also looking at the Sienna, Toyota offered me the XLE with no DVD or nav for $30,000 best offer. I had to go with the T & C which is our 3rd one. Last was an 01.

    In response to joefar75. The 01 to 09 does not qualify for cash for clunkers. Difference needs to be 2-3 miles for $3500 and the difference between the 2 is 17 for 01 and 18 for 09. I tried to get it on the Sienna because that gets 19 but Toyota would not honor it yet.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A large magazine reporter is looking to speak to consumers interested in talking to recent car buyers who have negotiated good deals in these tough economic times. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to [email protected] by Thursday, July 23, 2009.
  • 4.0 qualifies for Cash4Clunk. Got 28000 OTD. leather, 17in alloy, dvd, lots of goodies.
  • bennett4bennett4 Posts: 11
    I thought I'd pass this on to those thinking leasing is dead. I just leased a new 09 T&C Signature (L package) for $461 per month with zero down, 10K miles, 39 months. Tax is included in payment. Teachers Federal Credit Union is the bank the dealer used. That payment is only about $10 more than I was paying for my 06 T&C through Chrysler Financial. They even paid my last 2 payments (not rolled into the deal) on my 06 to Chrysler. FWIW, the dealer did not make much on the car, just looking to move inventory. Westbury Chrysler is the dealer.
  • elanspelansp Posts: 39

    Can anyone post recent purcahse price with discounts or lease details ? I'm possibly in the market and other than the 5 year 0% APR I'd like to get a better idea of how much wiggle room dealers typically have.

    Thanks in advance,
  • I just bought a 09 Limited in the Tri-state area for 32.3K +TTL. (Price includes all possible discounts). While I was walking out from the this dealer's finance office, I looked at their board and noticed a lots of 2010 T&C are posted on the incoming board.

    I will ask the dealer as of when these vans may be coming in and report later.

    Over and out!
  • elanspelansp Posts: 39
    Thanks - i'm in NJ and am trying to convince the wife to look at a minivan but it's been a struggle. I did walk in to a dealership yesterday and was chatting high level stuff with the salesman. He told me there weren't any discounts - another reason you need to be educated when you walk in to talk to these guys...Looks like you can get 0% for 5 + approximately $2k cash back based on Chryslers website.
  • If you are interested in the limited, there were 2 left (as of thursday) at Route46 Chrysler. I was quote around 36K (w/o C4C). The invoice price for the limited, as shown to me by a Westbury Jeep staff, is around 39K area. Hope this info will help!

    Good Luck!
  • The local dealer, a little over a mile from my home, had an 08 sitting on the lot getting no love. 3.8, leather, Swivel'N'Go with the table, Mygig with navi, unfortunately no VES, but a nice vehicle, around $36k on the sticker. With loyalty cash for my old 98 Caravan, was down to $24k before tax and license.
  • Please read other topics, that was one talking about 08 's have quality issue. Good Luck! That price is very good.
  • Hello all-

    I'm working a deal for a new 2009 T&C Touring 25th Anniv edition with 25M package. Dealer is standing firm at $28150+TTL, cash with no trade in. I'm in southwestern Ohio, does this seem like a fair price? It seems like this should be a little better deal given that the 2010s are hitting the lots along with the $4500 rebate, but since the C4C program has cleared out most of the lots and it's hard to even get a salesperson to help us I think that this is as good as it will get. Anyone else out there got some recent price info?

  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    mwerner1, i dont see what the 25m package includes, can you tell me what is included in that? and what is the MSRP of the vehicle? i may feel gracious enough to give you a friends discount so you don't need to haggle with them.
  • We have had our hearts set on a Honda Odyssey but we are not able to get a good enough deal on one.
    Moved on to the LX T&C- we have a 2007 Pacifica to turn in (leased with 7 payments left) and Chrysler already said they would forgive at least 3 of those payments. Can't really beat that when we need to get into something before the lease is up... (baby #3 is coming and the three car seats don't fit in the Pacifica!)
    Hoping they will deduct those three payments AND give us the $3500 incentive on top of that- still have to roll in what's left on the lease but it's a huge deal compared to Honda.

    Anyone know a good price paid lately for a LX?
    There don't seem to be many after CFC, like all other vans we were looking into...
  • I am now looking at used Pacificas. What were the pros and cons of the Pacifica. My kids are growing out of their car seats.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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