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  • arrosenarrosen Posts: 22
    At the beginning of August, we purchased a new '08 (with 54 miles). Touring edition with 25M package (leather, MyGig, 2 LCD screens, backup camera, etc.) and Swivel n Go. Sticker was $34,500. WIth employee discount and rebate it was 21,500 +TL. We love the car!
  • can't be a good sign that no one is buying these and reporting on edmunds
  • You may be right.
    I have an 01' currently and started looking at the new ones about 4 months ago.
    They've gotten bad reviews almost everywhere. Not to mention that the 09' has the exact engine that the 01' had, and the 01' engine is a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] to work on and service. Besides, I just wouldnt spend the money on something that has the same guts as the 01'. So we're going to get either the SIENNA or the ODYSSEY
  • I have had my 2009 T&C Clearwater Blue for 4 months now and absolutely love the thing. My 2 girls love it and am still happy as I was when I first purchased it. To date I have had zero problems and MY GIG VES system is exceptional and wouldn't trade it for anything. My T & C also has the security & premium group options which I highly recommend for any family - it really keeps you alert once you understand it and set it correctly. Since I saved over 8K on it, I will be happy with this Van for quite some time - even if there is a quirk or 2 down the road.
    Lastly, the 2010 has a new 6 cyl and heard it is pretty good with more power - if you pick up one of those with all the options, I am sure you can't go wrong.
    First time T & C owner
  • Was hoping for some info here... Perhaps the silence is deafening?

  • Sorry I can't help u with prices as I bought a 2008 Chrysler Touring the end of Aug 2008. Based on what I read here, I pd too much, but I travelled from VA to NC to get the color and options I wanted and I really love it! In a year + 3 mos I put 29,000 miles on it and have had no problems—take that back: I had a hose leaking (from AC?) on passenger side, which was fixed under warranty! XXX (keeping my fingers crossed). I also had a 2005 Dodge mini van that I liked (except for the color), and at 49,000 miles had no problems, but the 08 had quite a few more safety options included as standard: side air bags, stabilizer, open windows on 2nd row seats, and some other stuff as well. Love the MyGig, and Serius radio. Don't have, but would have liked leather seats.
  • Wow CHrysler is in trouble if no one is buying the T&C
  • You're absolutely right.
    THat's why they're discontinuing the line in a year or two to make room for some FIATS.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A reporter is looking to speak to consumers who are researching buying a vehicle and why or why not Chrysler vehicles were considered. Please send your daytime phone number and the car you purchased to [email protected] by Thursday, December 17, 2009.
  • 29000 OTD. 4.0L, 16 inch alloy, 30 gig Entertainment. Tyson in Shorewood, IL

  • cowbeecowbee Posts: 2
    where did you get it?i can never find such a deal
  • spell2spell2 Posts: 1
    I just bought a T&C 2000, such a deal 2000$.
    Different things I'll do this week end, ball joints and stut towers.
    Here's a good link for strut towers repair = .
    But i have found a noise climbing up while I increase speed ?
    Im afraid of what it could be, any idea ?
    Maybe is the natural sound of this kind of vans because of the AWD, I wish !
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    edited April 2010
    New 2010 T&C Limited Sto 'n Go with 4.0L V6. Only option is towing package (but the Limited comes with lots of standard goodies that are optional on other models). With dealer discounts and Chrysler rebate of $1,500 the price was $31,400 + ttl, but we chose the other Chrysler incentive of $1,000 and 0% financing, so price was $31,900 + ttl.

    Highly recommend the towing package if for no other reason than it includes a transmission cooler and load-leveling suspension among other heavy duty components. We don't plan on towing, but believe the package is well worth it.

    We also looked at the new 3rd generation Toyota Sienna (offered as a 2011 model). Not impressed. Lazy Boy seats in second row not big enough for average sized adults and, for safety reasons, are only to be used in the reclined position when the vehicle is stopped. Not to mention they weigh a ton to remove. And even if you don't get the Lazy Boys, when you remove the 2nd row seats there's this seat chassis thing left behind, so the floor is never flat. Meanwhile, there are those (us among them) that believe Toyota still has not fixed their problems with sudden unintended acceleration. Siennas are not included in the list of Toyota recalled vehicles, but there are at least 8 reports in the NHTSA database of SUA in the MY2007 Sienna alone.

    I sent an e-mail to Edmunds ("Contact Us") asking that they give the Chrysler minivans another look. The unkind review they have appears to be left over from MY2008. The 2010 model year is much improved over 2008, which was the first year of the current 5th generation. This latest generation has a very smooth ride, is comfortably quiet and safe, and gets pretty darn good gas mileage considering its weight.
  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    Read all the negative stuff. That makes this van an opportunity buy in this environment. Seems a nice vehicle - drives ok.
    The Toyota, Honda and Nissan guys have on overinflated opinion of themselves and their product. I don't give money to people who are economical with the truth, so we were left with Chrysler/Dodge. Wanted something that went flat in the back, this van has 2nd row stow 'n go. Never knew.
    OK - we bought it for the dog.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Yep, we also have dogs (golden retrievers), so we named our T&C "The dogmobile." It's perfect for keeping two kennels side-by-side where the 3rd seat folds down. We also have the driver's side 2nd row seat folded into the floor to put stuff from shopping. Lots of room. And the entire package is perfect for taking our entire "family" on the road to dog agility competitions. Looking forward to taking our week-long "Serendipity Tour" (sans dogs) this summer. Absolutely love it so far. :)
  • langzaamlangzaam Posts: 1
    Took delivery of this van three weeks ago. This van is incredible, smooth ride and has all the options of navigation and serius radio. The stow and go seats plus the powered back seats blew us away. We first had our mind set on a SUV that can seat 7, we tried many but always found the space limited and the prices were outrageous. We saw the Dodge Journey together with the T&C in the same showroom and The T&C won out over all of the competition. We had no idea of the interiors of the 2008 or the 2009 T&C but this one is clean and one of the best looking interiors I have ever seen. It is a beautiful upscale minivan but the real winner for us is the fact that 2nd and 3rd row seats can disappear in the floor without an effort. Two video screens for our two children watching different movies at the same time using wireless headphones. I, the driver can listen to my favorite symphony hall on serius. Bluetooth voice command handsfree phone, it just cannot get better than this. The second row seats being thin and uncomfortable was a point I found frivolous unless it is used by a very large person. The powered sliding doors are also much better than with a SUV. We had it undercoated to protect it from the northern climates and we intend to keep it for a long time. :)
  • How much did you pay excluding any trade?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a GM, Ford or Chrysler within the past year for the first time. If you purchased the vehicle to help out the US automakers, please make note of that as well. Please send your daytime phone number to [email protected] by Tuesday, April 20, 2010.
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  • Is this a good price for 2010 T&C Touring package 25M?

    MSRP $33,365.00

    Price 28365.00

    Dealer fee 389.00

    Sales tax 7% 2012.78

    Title 18.00

    Ga MVWRF 3.00

    Rebate -2000.00

    Total out the door 28787.78
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    That sounds really good, especially considering that the official Chrysler rebate is only $1500. Not sure about the $2000 rebate you were quoted.
  • Any better deals in May?
  • paysensmompaysensmom Posts: 8
    We just came from the dealership. We are looking at a 2010 limited with dual dvd, nav, serius TV, Uconnect, towing package and safety package. They quoted us 36,000 +TTL. That is with the 2,000 rebate included. Would you bite?
  • What did Edmunds TMV show for your options? CarMax in Atlanta is selling Limiteds for $32-33K so you may be high. I would want to pay $2,000-$3,000 under Edmunds TMV value after rebates. Chrysler has many hidden dealer incentives right now to hit sales goals to show growth. They made April by like 200 units.

    On a side note you will be much happier with T&C versus Honda or Toyota as I saw your other posts. I have seen Touring Packages minus a couple of the options you listed for $26k which is a pretty good deal. Almost $10k off MSRP.
  • paysensmompaysensmom Posts: 8
    $38,831 is what the Edmunds pricing is. We actually did go ahead and buy this van. It is the color we wanted (Clearwater blue) and it has all the added options we wanted. Including NO sunroof! It seemed very difficult to find this color and when we dild find a dealer who could get it, they had the sunroof. I hope we didn't over pay too much. But I think we probably could have gotten a little better deal. I got the van yesterday. I am happy with it. But we were going out of town and couldnt be picky with the things that we didlnt like. We will have to go back to get it detailed. How on earth can they get so much grease into a brand new van? They have to mail us the headphones because they were not in the van. There was two small scratches on the door that they need to fix. Ugh, frustrating.
  • Congrats on your purchase. If you want a good site to keep up with the van. Check out Its a pretty cool site for T&C info.
  • cmokorocmokoro Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2008 Town and Country and I really like it. I just can't figure out how to get the DVD to play on the REAR spears only, while I listen to the RADIO on the front speakers. Can anyone help me figure this out? Will be much appreciated. THANKS!
  • maguymaguy Posts: 13
    I have a 2008 too, and if I am recalling the procedure correctly, all you have to do is 1.) turn on the headset for the kids and then 2.) hit Menu on the radio to put the radio back into regular radio mode. The sound for the DVD will continue through the headset, but you will then be able to listen to your radio station.
  • cmokorocmokoro Posts: 3
    My younger kids (age1 and 2) will destroy the headphones. Do you know if there are any other options?
  • Ask your question on I don't think there is another option but there is tons of knowledge there
  • cmokorocmokoro Posts: 3
    Ok. Thanks for all the help
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