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  • dp007dp007 Posts: 4
    Sorry for the delayed reply, was on vacation.
    My dealer is in Olean, NY.
  • Hi Guys
    I live in Atlanta and I am getting a deal from this dealership for a Chrysler T&C 2011 limited van (fully decked out, with everything on it and a cherry on top).
    The van is a demo van, however (with 4500 miles on it), and the dealer is asking around 33,500 for it (msrp is around 44). Does anybody have an opinion on whether this is a good one?
  • dp007 - I'm looking at the same deal down the Thruway from you (Syracuse).

    Did you pay off the loan? If you did, did you pay the balloon off as well?

    Any things to watch out for in this deal?

  • Did you pay off the loan? If you did, did you pay the balloon off as well?

    Any things to watch out for in this deal?
  • rzcarrzcar Posts: 3
    DO NOT BUY. The new Pentastar engines have many troubles. Stay away from T&C.
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 81
    edited January 2012
    I was going to say yOu bought a 6 months used van. 6 months for a reason and you got a lemon, however it seems there are some serious problems with these new engines...

    Was looking at a new 2012. A lot more features than similar priced Oddy or Sienna. However I am now reconsidering...
  • Any more info on the balloon finance pay off? extra fees, charges when pay off. I'm looking at the same $3000 discount on the balloons finance and trying to find out if there any catch with it.
  • dp007dp007 Posts: 4
    Few weeks ago I was successfully able to refinance and took the advantage of balloon pay off with no issues, so far.
  • Hi all, First time buying a new car/Van.
    I am getting a quote for new 2012 Town and County for $24.5K with Balloon cash. Is this a good quote? what should I be looking at if it is not a good price?
  • jal183jal183 Posts: 5
    Trying to help others - bought yesterday (4/30) - worked with internet sales manager:

    New 2102 Town and Country Touring L - Driver Convenience Package

    Black exterior, black interior. Had been on the lot about 3 weeks.

    MSRP - $34,125
    Selling Price (includes destination) - $31,561.83
    Rebate - $2,000 (1,000 trade in allowance, and 1,000 I have no idea)
    Adjusted Price - $29,561.83

    That's before TTL which was adjusted because of my trade in. I THINK showed $30,900 as a "great price" (included $1,000 rebate) and Edmunds showed $32,380 (no rebate included). That suggests to me that both may be a bit too high.

    I hope that helps others do better!
  • artvanartvan Posts: 1
    Fullerton Chrysler Somerville, NJ quoted me a price of $28,697 on a Town & Country Touring- L Model. MSRP $35020 includes Drivers Convenience Package 29J, Dual Screen DVD and Navigation. I work for a affiliate company. So i was eligible for 1% below invoice, bringing down the price to $33,197. They offered $4500 in rebates. $1000 Customer Cash, $1000 Trade in Allowance, $2500 for financing with Ally - Regular Finance 1.9 APR for 84 months. They said, the rebates would change today. Hoping for a better rebate this month. Let me know if its a good deal.
  • reddog1473reddog1473 Posts: 5
    edited May 2012
    I am after a TC-L with a dealer in the STL area. I work for an affiliate company and qualified for the 1% below invoice. They offered me $1750 rebate and $1000 trade in for a total of $30736. Am I missing anything else? How hard is it to get the Ally incentive? Are May incentive/rebates good? i worried I am going to get killed on my trade and i need that cash for helping me finance less. Is this a good deal? Appreciate the help!

    Vehicle -Touring-L
    Customer Preferred Package 29L
    Super Console

    MSRP $35420
  • jal183jal183 Posts: 5
    edited May 2012
    Speaking of "killed in the trade," the dealer TOTALLY lowballed my trade. As in, NOT EVEN IN THE BALLPARK lowballed. After I got their offer, took my trade in to get an offer from some other dealers (including Carmax.) Turns out that the original trade in offer was about 30% below what I got from some competitors.

    Interesting note - as I was shopping around got a call from the Chrysler dealer who made the original offer. I could tell they FREAKED when they heard I was out price shopping at other dealers. After I hung up the phone, I got a call back 15 minutes later - "My manager authorized me to find a way to meet the best offer you've got."

    And, before you mention it, I know I could have probably netted around another $500 if I sold it privately but I wasn't interested in the hassle.
  • reddog1473reddog1473 Posts: 5
    After looking at your deal you got a good one. I ended up getting the Touring-l Convenience package, 29J, media center 730N for $31,313 excluding TTL. I think I left some money on the table but i did get Kelley Blue Book excellent for my trade.
  • 007bing007bing Posts: 7
    Took a few test drives of each. I had never been in a Sienna in all these years. Always a Dodge or Chrysler buyer. My last 4 family cars have been either T&C or Grand Caravan. So, my natural thought was to go to the Chrysler dealer and look at the new 2012 T&C vans. Here are my pros and cons:

    1) T&C (test drove the Touring-L and Limited)
    - Lots of stuff in this van. Navigation, DVD in middle and back. Leather, and I
    really liked those blind spot sensors. Don't know how well they work.
    - Strong engine. Highway speed faster than in my Dodge GC, 2005.
    - Transmission shifted just fine.
    - Sto and Go seats. LOVE EM.

    CON: A lot of con
    - Cheap CHEAP CHEAP materials. Where the jack was located it had a plastic cover
    that didn't even meet the panel hole with the tab. Not loose. Just made that way.
    - Padding in leather seats have gone minimalist. I had to ask the guy, "Is this leather
    or vinyl?" Getting out of the van, I touched bottom on that leather seat. A lot of pieces
    had plenty of movement making me wonder how long it would last.
    - For me, too much stuff going on in the instrument cluster. LOTS OF stuff in there. Not
    a very clean presentation. I just did not like the speed display in the middle(digital)
    and then another speed display to the right(analog). I'd probably get used to it.
    - I opened the hood and closed it . Wow! What a tinny sound. They really cut a corner
    on that sheet metal.
    - Somewhat new engine design. A con for me. Not sure about others.
    - I didn't care much for the homelink buttons on the visor. Not enough room for fat
    fingering with a bit dirty hands. I can see that visor spot quickly getting dirty.
    - Display panel cutout for the digital speedometer was not straight. It was off kilter a bit.
    Second one I drove was not like that.

    2) Sienna LE and XLE Premium:
    - Engine was great. Transmission shifted fine.
    - LOTS of legroom in the back. A function of non-Sto and Go I think.
    - Clean instrumentation panel.
    - No gaps I found offhand. (although, the van in showroom had a cracked piece of
    plastic from where the "8th" seat is stored. i was thinking that could be a problem
    - Good padding on seats. No bottoming out on exit.
    - The wide 16.4 inch DVD in the premium was quite nice.

    - Cheaper materials than in preceding Toyotas I've had. Not as cheap as the Chrysler.
    - You have to take out middle seats and store them in the garage if you need the space
    to haul something.
    - WAY less stuff on Sienna for a bit higher price. I really liked those Chrysler blind
    spot mirrors.
    - Who in the world can sit in that 8th seat? No one. It's too small. It cannot even fit a
    child seat.

    I'm disgusted at the cheapness that both vans have. I have Toyota cars before and this is the cheapest material I've seen in any of them. EVERYONE is cutting corners too much. What happened to quality stuff? Did the Japanese start using the American model or what? My 2005 Dodge GC doesn't have flimsy junk like the 2012 T&C. Like it or not, that's my two cents on the two vans I drove. I was really really debating the two until yesterday when I decided to put an offer in on a Sienna LE. The 0% financing at Chrysler was really tempting, too. I liked the navigation and dvd stuff for the price.
  • 007bing007bing Posts: 7
    No one must be shopping for T&C vans and the current owners are out riding in them they can't come here and chat about what a great van they have.
  • nokoninokoni Posts: 1
    Thinking of making an offer on a T&C Touring-L but not really sure what to offer. The one I'm after has the following option add-ons.

    -Driver Convenience Group
    - Dual Screen DVD Entertainment System
    - UConnect 730N with the navigation

    Looks like adjusted internet price for this van is $31,200, which is well below what Edmunds is saying is the true value. So there's some sort of disconnect there.

    Anyways, does anyone know if Ally is still offering rebates for using their financing?

    I'd like to get the price in the low $28,000 range. Would you just contact the internet department and say 'Hey, I'll give you $28,000 for that van'? Would they take me seriously? I think this price range is doable from some of the posts I read.

    I'm not a very good negotiater and am just looking for some help and pointers.

  • jwreichjwreich Posts: 8
    We just purchased a used 09 T&C with 32k miles. It was locally owened and serviced and I called the previous owner when I found his name and number in the glove box. The wife gave the all clear so we bought it.

    Came with touring package
    Dual screen DVD
    Separate DVD player as well as the fancy fold down face in dash DVD player
    Back up camera
    Cloth seats

    They had it listed for 20,950
    Paid $18,600

    Bought a Chrysler extended service plan (Premium) after I cancelled the junk sold to me by the Honda dealer. I walked in and cancelled it the next day.

    Anyway, my wife really likes the car. We had them put new tires on all 4 corners, new battery, new wiper blades, fresh oil change, 4 wheel alignment and of course a full detail.

    The precious owner hadn't even taken the ear phones and remote out of the plastic and box. We are excited.
  • artdrartdr Posts: 2
    I decided to go with the T&C Touring base model because of the price. I had seen some local places advertise it for 20,995, but that is strictly if you are in the military and a Chrysler employee. I also test drove the Sienna, but the pricing was probably $5K more for the similar options. The DVD option on the Sienna is $2400! The base models are drying up, so I decided to buy sooner rather than later.

    My "base" T&C has the following std options:
    Back-up cam
    40GB hard drive for MP3s
    Rear dvd with 2 headsets

    I picked up a Pearl Black with Black interior T&C for $25219 plus tax, title and license.

    The base model has an MSRP of 30,930. I received friends and family pricing. Toledo OH has several chrysler plants, so they give F&F pricing to everyone. I also got the $1750 cash back instead of the financing, and $1000 cash back for lease termination bonus cash. I turn in my Toyota Camry in October and they give you cash for switching brands.

    I was working with a dealer in Sylvania, OH, and the best price he could give me was $25,762. The day I came in to sign the papers, he told me they didn't have the car in the color I wanted and that both cars that met my specs had been sold the day before. They tried the ol' bait and switch, and I wasn't buying it.

    So I called a dealer 45 min away in Archibold OH, I told them the price and the financing I had qualified for and they agreed to sell me the car at that price. So I show up and they tell me that the numbers actually worked out to paying $25219 AND they got me a lower interest rate. (2.99% for 72 months instead of 3.5%). I ended up taking the 75 months at 3.09%. Monthly came out to $410 a month. In any case, I am a very happy customer.
  • gauger01gauger01 Posts: 13
    I have been thinking about buying a 2012 T&C later this year, but now am concerned that since this will be the last year for T&C that the availability of vehicles will be getting more scarce.

    The 0% finance offer expires 9/04/12. Does anyone expect Chrysler to renew that? I was originally planning to buy in Oct/Nov timeframe.
  • artdrartdr Posts: 2
    It depends if you are particular about color. My wife really wanted blue, but 6 dealerships within a 150 mile radius had none at the price I wanted. Seems like there are plenty of red and cashmere color. There were plenty of town and countries in a higher trim level. Pretty sure they will continue the financing, and prices will get cheaper. My lease was up in October, but I bought now to make sure we got the t&c we wanted.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    If you bought a Chrysler "Man Van" like this one (Grand Caravan R/T) a reporter would love to chat with you about it. Please email [email protected] no later than Wednesday, October 10, 2012 and include your daytime contact information.


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  • Meant to post here.
  • lily14lily14 Posts: 1
    Husband just bought me a new 2013 T&C Touring. Both retired. Had been seriously looking at Outbacks. Have had two previous vans and being retired wanted something different. Cost, options, interior space and sitting higher were the final determining factors on getting T&C. Having heated seats put in as we plan on lots of traveling. Can't say we got a deal, but we don't like to haggle. $27,250 plus tax and license. Very happy and comfortable.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    edited April 2013
    It was a manager's special with 3,000 miles on it. But they knocked off $7,000.00 and I got it for $27,000.00. About the same as what my old 2005 Dodge GC cost me. My God what a difference between the two. It has the delux consol, blind spot and cross path detection. Park Sense,rear park assist, rain sesative wipers, auto dim lights, tire pressure monitoring sensor, double security alarms,Sirus radio, Unconnect430 CD/DVD/Mp3/HDD, 40 gig hard drive, keyless entry with immoblizer, automatic highbeam control, uconnect Voice Command with Blue Tooth, fuel optimizer calibration, remote start, side roll down curtains, Park View rear backup camera, tilt/telescoping steering column, 3zone automatic A/c, steering wheel mount audio controls, leather seats, dual electric front seats, plus all the things that come with all Dodge/Chrysler minivans. It has a beautiful grey and beige interior.

    To top it off, I bought the Maximum Care Package for around $2,300.00 that gives me Life Time bumper to bumper warranty on everything but wear items. The package includes shocks, small dent repair, towing/roadside assistance, with $1,000.00 trip interrupt protection and car rental allowance up to $175.00. With only a $100.00 deductable.

    I got so much more than I ever got on my 2005 Dodge GC for almost the same price. Love the deluxe consol, so much storage in it. I had good luck with the Dodge. I only had to replace the window washer container, as it got a crack in it from a flying stone and one wire broke on the rear fold down seat leg, that pulled one leg of the seat into the floor when stowed.
  • thedragonsmeowthedragonsmeow Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    I just bought (put down a deposit, but they have to transfer the color I want) the 2013 T&C Touring, and the price was something like 26k and change, but after the trade in ($4500) the "Drive Off" price including taxes and whatnot we paid something like 21k. I was happy with the deal. I should be able to pick it up on Monday. :-)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Did you recently purchase a car from the Detroit 3 (GM, Ford or Chrysler) after avoiding these domestic vehicles in the past? What made you change your mind? A reporter would like to ask about your experience. If you can help, please contact [email protected] by Friday April 26th 2013.


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  • aksebnaksebn Posts: 15
    Getting ready to buy the 2013 Chrysler town and country touring van
    Msrp. $31,090
    Sale price $25,934
    Trade. $9500. (2009 Hyundai elantra. 35,000 miles good condition )
    Total $16,434. + tax and fees
    Out the door. $17,814.43
    Is this a good deal? Or can I do better?
  • gavrikgavrik Posts: 44
    Don't forget to take advantage of $1000 rebate from Edmunds. Make sure you apply for it BEFORE you purchase your new van or it will become invalid.
  • aksebnaksebn Posts: 15
    I did apply. Hoping it works sounds almost too good to be true. The car dealership knew nothing about it. Crossing my fingers. That will make our deal $1000 better.
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