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Lexus LS 400/LS 430 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    With the new LS460 due in less than a month, you should not pay more than invoice which is about $51,100.
  • Hi mr2ryan83. Wow, this one must have been sitting on the dealer's lot for a loooong time. I assume that you are talking about a 2005 LS 430 that is still technically considered to be a new "car." Lexus Financial Services is no longer providing lease support on 2005 models. You may be able to lease this car through an independent bank, but I'm not sure what its lease program would be like at this point. Its residual values are going to be pretty low. You probably would be better off negotiating a huge discount on this car and financing it through an independent bank using a conventional auto loan.

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  • tjohntjohn Posts: 14
    Dano15, I hear my local dealer is trying to get rid of their remaining LS430's for $1k under invoice (without breaking a sweat) - call me crazy, but any car on a dealers lot can go for 3% under invoice and still make a little profit for the dealer. Is this true (anyone)? I'm willing to bet you can get $2k to $3k under invoice faily easily right now...Did you buy, yet? Please share your experience.

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    Now that the 460 is here, anyone got any good ideas on the selling price of new, leftover LS 430? List 64k...with nav, modern lux, etc.. Thanks.... In SE US if possible, all comments welcome...
  • tjohntjohn Posts: 14
    Man, I have been checking this board E V E R Y F R E A K ' N day! When is someone going to make a post that the bought an 06 LS for $3k under invoice???? My local dealer has 2 '05's and 4 '06's that he can't seem to move. I'm tempted to offer $3k under invoice (depending on the respective vehicle) but I'm actually afraid he'll take low can you go and who has gone there??? Please let us know if you got off the lot with a "new" LS430 under invoice and by how much ;)
  • tjohntjohn Posts: 14
    Fin, I guess no-one is interested in the 430 anymore, now that the 460 is here, even with the higher price tag. My local dealer has an 2006 430 DEMO on the lot with the (OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT PKG PT MODERN LUX PKG 4-SPK WD/LTH-TRIM STR WHL HTD RR STS INTUITIVE PARK-ASSIST MARK LEVINSON AUD SYS NAV SYST W/RR CAMERA/BLUETOOTH 2006 LS430 DEMO) And that is straight off the largest auction website in the world, use area code 30152 and 25 miles radius. It's double listed and being "offered" at approx $2400 above INVOICE (still too much).

    The timing is not right for me, but could be in a few weeks, but I think 10% or even 12% below invoice is a fair purchase price since this car has over 6000 miles on it. MSRP on this 430 is $64320, Invoice is $55611, I would think $48 or $49k is a fair price. Comments welcome, what do you think?

    Happy motoring!
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    If I could find the car that you describe as a demo, at 49k I would take it. As long as it drove OK, had a clean history... done. Found a basic model for that price (49k), 6k miles, beautiful, but no NAV. Not interested.

    There just are not many 430's left with the NAV screen packages. Reluctantly I have now turned my attention to the 460 like everyone else. Maybe in the spring there will be some slight discounting. In 3 years there will be less demand for the 430 as the 460 is a superior package and will be a year younger used car. It will be worth almost all the price differential you paid if you get stuck at invoice today for a 430 (my opinion).

    Thanks tjohn... I have never bought a luxury car before and the shopping is an education. :)
  • we bought a 430 with a sticker of $61k for $49k+$600 for dealer crap. new, black, south florida, second week of september. hope that helps
  • tjohntjohn Posts: 14
    fin, your absolutely right - there seems to be little interest in the 430 given the superior pkg the 460 offers, given you could pay invoice for a 430. Go to ?Bay Motors and search on Item number: 290047423391, this car has NAV and RR Cam, something I really want. I've walked around the car on my lunch break and it's amazingly clean for a "new" car with 6k miles on it. Like you, I believe invoice is still too much on a 430 (and Dealers should not expect to get that), even if it has 0 miles on it, let alone a Demo like this one. I'm starting to think $45k is more reasonable. One thing to consider is that L Dealers are now loosing money every month on any 430 sitting on their lot, so I think there is far more incentive than the average buyer knows about to get it off the lot, other L incentives that we don't know about. I think $12k below MSRP for an 06 430 is too much (no offense, marv), $15k to $18k below MSRP is the target, IMHO. :)
  • 350350 Posts: 9
    Which dealer?
  • tjohntjohn Posts: 14
    Marv, I should clarify, I think $12k below MSRP for this particular 2006 LS 430 with 6000 miles on it is still too much. The dealer is Nalley Lexus Galleria.
  • tjohntjohn Posts: 14
    I just did an online check with my Lexus dealer to see what LS430's they have on the lot - they have more than they can get rid of! ...and of course they are asking outrageous prices...

    They have 10 USED LS 430's, 5 NEW 2005 LS's & 7 NEW 2006 LS's...all on one LOT!!!

    If anybody wants a good deal go to Nalley Lexus Galleria, they would be foolish not to sell any one of those cars to someone that is willing to buy one.

    happy motoring

  • Dear All,

    I just bought a 2006 LS 430 (10k miles) dealer car (never titled) with all the options (i.e. ultra lux package with dynamic radar cruise control & Pre-collision) for 51k black with (Ecru) interior.
  • rindgerindge Posts: 9
    I came across a cherry 2004 LS430 with 49000 miles on it at a lexus dealer in buffalo. It does not have the nav system or mark levinson sound. The dealer wants $30k for the car. For an extra $3k he will bring it up CPO standard, which as you know gives me the warranty protection. Edmunds tmv for the car is about $35k. What do you folks think about that type of pricing? Is $3k steep to pay to certify as CPO? they claim it does need work - brakes etc to get it up to CPO standard. The car has a clean car fax and has had all of it service checkups.

  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I'm not familiar with the term CPO. Does the $3K to bring the car up to CPO include the extended warranty? I don't think Lexus will sell you an extended warranty after three years and or 36,000 mile. However, I'm not up to date on their terms. Looks like you have only 1K miles left on the basic car and more on the drive train. I guess, I'm wondering what a reputable private garage/mechanic would charge for the same service as the dealer is willing to provide. I note that Kelly Blue Book for my Area (NM) shows the 2004 LS430 as Retail $$43.8K, Private Party (good condition) $35.9K, and Trade In Value (good)as $30.5K. Good luck. I'm sure you will enjoy the car.
  • rindgerindge Posts: 9
    CPO is Certified Pre Owned and would provide the car with the Lexus 3 year 100k mile warranty. I'm trying to figure out if it is a godo deal - it seems as if it is.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I was thinking that the extended warranty was around $2700 and that was a couple of years back. Sounds like a good deal. I personally would like the extended warranty if I were going to drive the car up to aroung the 100K mile mark or so. Good luck.
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    A friend of mine has been offered a Black 2005 LS 430 with the UltraLux package and 44,700 miles for $41900. It has CPO. The service at this dealership is excellent. Overall, the vehicle is clean in the interior and exterior (without any visible dents or scratches). Is it a good price?

  • rindgerindge Posts: 9
    sounds like a GREAT PRICE to me. Use the emdunds tmv market vlaue calculator.
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    Thanks for your input. I will pass it on. The Edmunds TMV concurs with your suggestion.

  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    Lexus has a special going for CPO cars whereby customers with top tier credit can get financing at 4.99% for up to 48 months and 5.99% for up to 60 months. When I went to a dealership (which shall remain unnamed) to take advantage of this offer,I heard an unusual story. The F&A guy told me that dealerships are supposed to add up to 1% to the advertised Lexus rate because that is the only way they can make money. He was therefore asking 5.99% for up to 36 months and 6.99% for up to 60 months. Of course, I did not accept his story until I get verification. Is this true? My credit rating is in the top tier.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 97,021
    Part of his story is true... The part about marking up the advertised rate to make money..

    The part about that being the only way to make money is baloney..

    Assume you are borrowing $30,000, for 60 months... That adds $840 to your deal.. Not a small matter.

    Did the F&I guy tell you this after you agreed on a price? If so, just go back.. and tell them you will only do the deal at the Lexus advertised rates. Evidently, the sales manager thought he was making a profit, or he wouldn't have agreed to sell you the car for that amount.



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  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    Thanks for sharing your insight. I am ready to haggle now and I will post the outcome.
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    I bought my 2002 LS430 in Nov 2001. The car is equipped with the middle package with includes the Mark Levinson sound system and GPS. The price was the base of just over $54,000 plus about $5 or $6 K for the package. In all the dealer invoice was $8000 lower then the list price. I was able to get the car for $4000 discount off of the list price. But about a month or two later I discovered that some dealers were willing to discount the car by $5000.

    I still have this car which now has 70K miles on it. The only problem thus far is the CD player just got a problem this week. The CDs cannot be removed nor will it play. It was working fine and when I tried to remove a CD it went through the routine but then hung up.
  • suzq2suzq2 Posts: 2
    Hi, this board has helped me decide to pursue my dream of owning an LS 430. I started out considering an ES but decided to indulge myself with the best! Does anyone know the current residual value and money factors being used now? I am looking to lease one with the ultra luxury package, probably in the next month or so. I'm thinking a 2 year lease, with 15000 miles. There dont seem to be too many around here in Northern VA, so I may have to look in neighboring states. Thanks for all the great posts and information!
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    Good choice if you want ultimate luxury! Go for it. Are you getting a new or used one?
  • hacsfhacsf Posts: 1
    Would anyone happen to know if it is possible to buy an extended warranty on a 2004 70,000 mile Lexus LS 430 through Lexus? Any advice would be appreciated. Is it worth asking my local Lexus dealer to CPO the car?

    Thank you.
  • suzq2suzq2 Posts: 2
    Definitely used, looking at 2003 or 2004 with ultra luxury package.
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102

    Better choice because you save money! I nearly got the LS 460 last month but decided to wait until 2009 when I can get a CPO 2007 Ultra for several thousands less than the premium they are charging now. Also, the LS 600h will be out by then.

    If you plan to keep the car for a while, you may consider buying the 2004 model because you get more options e.g. smart access (which is not available in the 2003 model). Take a look at Lexus of Silver Spring, MD; they had a sizable inventory and they are good people.

    I will be glad to give you a contact person there. Good luck.
  • 4xpy44xpy4 Posts: 6
    going to look at LS430s 1st time this week. 2002 looks like right price range for what i want to spend.

    dealer has three 2002 CPOs listed on their website
    1) 31K miles, $31788, Nav, Levinson sound,
    2) 56k miles, $28988, Nav, Levinson sound
    3) 55k miles, $28488, NO nav, no Levinson

    so, what questions should I be asking when looking at these? are there specific maintenance or wear items I should try to make sure are already done? what prices should i be shooting for (i know about TMV, i'm looking for real world what people are seeing)? etc.

    thx in advance for ideas.
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