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GMC Yukon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    I have been shopping for a Tahoe or Yukon. I am looking for an 04 4x4 LT with sun sound/safe and secure, 2nd row captains chairs ans 17 inch rims. The sticker MSRP is 47k, Edmunds says the invoice is 41k. The dealer is telling me the invoice is 42.5k. A full 1500 above what Edmunds is listing. Who is more accurate. He is trying to sell the unit for $37,500 plus tax and tags. after the 5k rebate

    I am seeing others talking about getting 25-30% off, that would make the price between 33k-35k. I have been to several dealers and I am not getting any lower then 37k.

    I even found a DEMO with 3k miles and they wanted 36k after the 5k rebate.

    Where can I get a true invoice price and what should I pay?
  • Hi, I found in my research that Edmunds invoice does not take into consideration the advertising cost, which all of the dealers I spoke to include. It is 1.5% X (MSRP - Destination charge). Yours calculates to $692.25, if the $47K is the exact MSRP. On my invoice (yes, I got a copy), it shows up as two items (one at 1% and one at 0.5%). The items are labeled LAM Dealer Contribution and LAM Group Contribution respectively. If you've read the posts, you'll see there are some good deals available. Certainly, it is easier to get a better deal at a larger dealer with large leftover inventory. All depends on where you live and how far you are willing to drive (4.5 hours in my case). Also, work your deal based on invoice price. I was able to get the dealer to give me the holdback (3% or double the advertising). I think if you are buying a leftover this late in the game, they should be willing to deal.
  • Can anyone tell me how your dealer worked the rebate and paying taxes. I just talked to a dealer that tells me that I have to pay taxes on the price BEFORE the rebate has been removed. Ex. the vehicle was 41k minus the 5k rebate. My final price is 36k plus tax and tags. He is trying to charge me tax from the 41k. It is a difference of $250. This isnt the way rebates worked on past cars that I purchased. Does this make sense?
  • Hi, it depends what state you live in. Here in NJ, we pay taxes on rebates, incentives and trade-ins. In MA, where I bought by Z71, no taxes are paid on these. Unfortunately, I titled my car in NJ and had to pay the taxes on the $8,300 in incentives and rebates I received.
  • Anyone have experience with this dealer??

    Looking for a ‘04 Tahoe..... I figure there are still plenty out there and gas prices are climbing again.... should be able to get some good deals
  • I purchased a loaded 2005 Tahoe Z71 (Sun, Sight & Sound, center buckets, 3rd row, side airbags) from Bast under a 48 month SmartBuy. I pick the truck up tonight. The buying experience has been fairly pleasant thus far, with no games and little haggling. The price before rebates & incentives was $42,768. The GM rebate is $1000, and the dealer applied an additional $1000 discount from what he termed "coupons" .
    I am turning in an '02 Trailblazer LTZ under the GM Pull Ahead program. The SmartBuy monthly payment is about $479.

    The pricing from Bast was very competitive with 4 other area Chevy dealers I requested quotes from.
    So far, they have shown themselves to be quite willing to negotiate and pleasant to deal with.

    I don't know how this pricing compares with others outside of the Long Island area - perhaps others can comment on this. I'll post a followup after taking delivery on the Tahoe tonight.
  • This is a followup to an earlier post. I took delivery on my 2005 Z71 Tahoe on 11/17. The delivery was as smooth and hassle free as the sales experience, and I am extremely pleased with the ownership experience of my new Tahoe so far.

    To anybody on Long Island looking for a Tahoe or any other Chevy, I recommend this dealer.
  • What are "holdbacks" and should I expect coupons when I go to purchase.

    What kind of price should I expect to finance?
  • This vehicle has a MSRP of 45,748. Was quoted 36,854 after dealer discount, rebates, etc. After my GM card of $2500, it drops the price to 34,354. Supposedly it was $500 above invoice.


    We were really wanting to buy a 2004 but this seems better. Does the price we were quoted seem reasonable?


    How much are extra headphones? We get two but probably want 2 more. Ask the dealer to throw them in????


    Any suggestions?


  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Are you looking to get 2 more headphones as spares, or are you planning to use one or both in addition to the two existing ones? I ask because I've wondered if it's possible to have more than two headphones going at the same time, given that (IIRC) the RSE wireless headphone setup is 2-channel, meaning that up to two headphones can receive a signal from the transmitter at the same time; or, am I misunderstanding what is meant by "2-channel?


    Regardless--as far as whether the dealer will throw in an extra pair or guess is probably not, given that they list for $73.08 each...but then again, if the dealer can get near-sticker price for the vehicle out of you, they may very well throw them in. ;-)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    I don't have a Yukon, but my Chrysler T&C came with 2 headphones for the rear entertainment system, and we were able to get another set. They're also 2-channel, and they all work simultaneously.


    I wouldn't expect them for free, but they might go buy one, get one :)



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  • We are looking at a 2005 Tahoe Z71 4X4 with the sun and sound package. It has been driven by the dealer (7000 miles) but has never been titled. I know that Chevy has a $8000.00 incentive for 2005. The dealer is asking $35500. What would be a good deal and how do I figure that? Do I take the $8000 off the $35500?
  • Can anyone list any promotional APRs they may have received lately on the Yukon? Is there anything out there or is it just on the 06? Thank you in advance.
  • new 2007 yukon denali AWD with nav, ent. pkg, rear view camera, heated wheel, sunroof for 49,900 before the 1750 rebate. MSRP 53510
  • stltigerstltiger Posts: 2
    black/black 2007 Denali with everything (including 20" wheels) but not heated wheel. Got them to throw in a chrome gas cover.

    $46K flat out the door.
  • drjmakdrjmak Posts: 19
    where was this? ill come right now and buy
  • stltigerstltiger Posts: 2
    Lou Fusz in St. Louis, MO. $46K was with 74 miles on it and was a car show event special. Short version Denali, not the XL but still a good deal.
  • I am in Denver, CO, looking at a new 2007 Denali with Rear entertainment and Blue/Green paint option for $39,600(includes dealer fees)before taxes. Sound good????
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    It sounds fantastic--and also too good to be true. That price would be about $10k off sticker on one of their newest offerings. Are you sure you're not getting a quote for an Envoy Denali? Are you making a trade (where they might be making up for the huge discount)?
  • I did the deal, it turned out to be $39,100 for a new 2007 Yukon Denali with Dvd and the Blue/Green Paint option MRSP was $49,800(or so), no trade in. They made an error in an ad and honored it, they charged me the $399 handling fee above the $39,100. So the total was $39,499 before taxes/plates. I then negotiated in the GM (GMPP) 100,k mile protection plan with the $100 deductible, for an additional $1,030, I figured there are alot of features that may require additional attention later on :)
  • godson2godson2 Posts: 3
    Are there prepaying penalties when buying brand new w/ gmac.
    interested in 07 yukon denali

  • cuongcuong Posts: 45
    Anyone would pay new 07 Yukon Denali price with 600 miles on it? or even with little over 100 miles on it?
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    What month do you think the '08's will come out?

    We're in the market for a Yukon Denali, but considering we might be nearing the end of a "model year", would rather wait for an '08, avoid the depreciation hit, or find better incentives for '07's they're trying to clear out. Our salesman says there "probably" won't be better incentives since his Yukons were flying off the lot, and we might be waiting until October/November for an '08. Of course, he had 20 Yukons sitting there, I re-test drove the same one a week later, and I'm looking for other opinions.
  • raimuraimu Posts: 4
    Same issue for me - what is the best guess availability date? Also, what are likely small improvements (no major body changes) and tweaks for '08 that might - or might not - be worth waiting for? Particularly interested in the standard Denali.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Sept or Oct is probably a good guess for 08 availability.
  • stevedc34stevedc34 Posts: 25
    Interested in 2007 Yukon Denali Ext Version w Nav. Live in PA but willing to travel for purchase. Can anyone offer pricing information? There was one on the lot on sale for 49k. I think i can do better giving the current market. Look forward to any responses. Thanks.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
  • skazskaz Posts: 7
    i have been offered a fully loaded yukon denali - the electric running boards.. a sticker price of 55,650. if i can get a selling price of 45k with the 0% financing on an 07 is that a good deal or can i do better
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    If you can get $10k off AND 0% for 60 months, that would make you the king of all deals. $10k isn't too hard to do because of the rebates and profit margin, but getting the 0% AND $10k will be nearly impossible. Unless you're getting absolutely killed on your trade...
  • Will be purchasing a yukon denali soon, was wondering how much a GMPP Major Guard and alarm upgrade should cost. How much did recent Yukon Denali owners paid for these add-ons?
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