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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • oneiljhoneiljh Posts: 4
    It was actually a purchase. On a 2008 fx 35 with touring & hands free, splash guards & cargo protector @ Infiniti of Norwood in MA $39.5k. The same colors both int and ext I was going to buy in 07 the day before, for roughly the same money.
  • rossprossp Posts: 2
    Just got a quote from a dealer in NY (Pepe Infiniti) - for the following:
    2007 FX35 AWD
    Tech Package
    Touring Package
    Hands Free
    Splash Guards
    Cargo Protector
    Price including 760 destination charge was $42,323 - which he tells me is 300 below invoice. The invoice prices I found suggest that invoice is actually $42,283 so could be a price error on my part.

    This seems a reasonable deal - but sounds like it could be better. Any thoughts?
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    Infiniti is offering $1000.00 in dealer cash as an incentive. I think you should be able to get it for at least $500.00 below invoice (if not better). Mention the factory to dealer incentive to your saleman and try to drop your price a little more. Good luck.

  • Hi All,
    I'm desperate for feedback.

    I just signed for a 21 month lease on a '07 FX35.

    Sports Pkg
    Tech Pkg
    Touring Pkg

    12K miles

    $461 per month (first month)
    $835 Tax
    $78 delivery fee
    $187 proc. fee
    $595 bank fee
    $45 dealer fee
    $10 misc. fee (couldn't get them to waive it)

    Total out of pocket $2,211

    Does this sound competitive? or did I leave money on the table? I'm never satisfied. Thanks in advance.
  • verystingyverystingy Posts: 36
    With an MSRP of $47,560, I would say that you did excellent.
    Now enjoy it!! :) Hey let me know how your mileage is. I think mine is a little thirsty. Thanks.

  • spxksspxks Posts: 4

    Can you please tell me where you got this deal? I think you did great....

    I am down in SFL - calling around their seems to be very little 07 FX's inventory (almost nil) --- anyone having luck?

    So, now they are selling/leasing the 08's at crazy money...

    My choice find where 07's are available or wait...does anyone have any idea when they may be offering some deals on the 08's - would I have to wait 2-3 mths???
  • I got my deal from Atlantic Infiniti. I wouldn't say I didn't come close to pissing EVERYONE OFF in the dealership. I played Manhattan against Atlantic. Manhattan promised to beat Atlantic's deal by $375. Atlantic went further and just did it just to get rid of me. I tried to get that extra $10 taken off but they wouldn't hear of it.

    Hope this helps.
  • lirpa007lirpa007 Posts: 14
    Warren Henry- Miami
  • robbie15robbie15 Posts: 1
    I am in the Atlanta, GA area and am planning on buying a New 07 or 08 FX35 in the next week or so. I only care about getting the Touring Pkg. and would not mind having the Blue Tooth Pkg. I don't care about any other options and would prefer not to have them. I would like to pay $38,000 total out the door. Is this reasonable for either model? I plan on putting down approx. $10,000 to $25,000 depending on the financing options that I can get through the Infiti Dealership. Is this smart? What are the current financing options? Please help with any info. Thanks.
  • lirpa007lirpa007 Posts: 14
    Right now they are offering 0.9% APR for 36 months on 2007 FX35/45 according to I guess this is a summer clearance event going on to bring in the '08 model. ;)
  • fx35guyfx35guy Posts: 1

    Bought 2007 FX 35 AWD with the following
    Sport Package
    Touring Package
    Hands Free
    Splash Guards
    Cargo Protector

    Out of the door price was $41,997. Got the 1.9% for 60 months. Because my tag needed a replacement they charged me for that and also for the finance charge to the state.

    How does this price sound? Live in SFLa
  • jriker1jriker1 Posts: 11
    Depends on how much you paid for the above and with destination charges. Invoice is $40,387 with those specs, so if the $41,998 is with tax that would be a good price.
  • jriker1jriker1 Posts: 11
    I must say that I normally do not spend my time to post bad comments but had to do so. I was looking at a vehicle just like post #1210 got. I was quoted $40,225 for it before taxes.

    I inquired about the new $1,000 marketing incentives that just started and if I could get a better deal due to this. I get some story that he lost his incentives in lue of the 0.9% financing and now has to charge me $41,225. There wasn't even a marketing incentive last month for the 07 so not sure what he is talking about. Go figure, 08's are on the lot and they are raising the price for the 07's big time over invoice.

    Plus they advertised in the paper the other day $5,500 off 07 FX35's. I was skeptical because they showed a picture of the FX35 and a stock number under it, but nothing to say it was only on that vehicle. Ended up being a dealer demo and only for that vehicle.

    Slimmy tactics that I would expect better from at an Infiniti dealer.
  • lirpa007lirpa007 Posts: 14
    Was that the total price including down payment and taxes? If so, I'd say you did well. Who was your dealer? :confuse:
  • jriker1jriker1 Posts: 11
    Here is my contribution to this thread. Just picked one up and wasn't expecting to. Couldn't resist:

    - 2008 FX35 AWD
    - Sport Package
    - Touring Package
    - Hands Free
    - Roof Rails
    - Cargo Protector
    - Splash Guards
    - Locking wheels
    - SHEER PLATINUM color
    - XM (Standard Now)

    Ended up getting the vehicle for 43k (invoice $41,551 not including advertising charge) except for taxes. Was expecting to pay around 40k for an 07, however considering this was just off the truck, first shipment for 08's, has a paint job that is an extra $850, and the price is slightly higher, feel like this was a good deal.

  • lirpa007lirpa007 Posts: 14
    You bought one afterall...sounds good, considering you got the new edition ('08) in sheer platinum. Do you know if the ipod option really exists on the '08s? :D
  • jriker1jriker1 Posts: 11
    Yes and no. The IPod connector is now a factory option however this one didn't have it. They charge about $400 for it which is a lot for a 8mm dim connector. Rather use my $30 radio transmitter if I have to pay for it. They also locate it in the glove box which is kind of a bad spot for it if you want open access to the unit. You can also have the dealer put one in and they said when they do it the connector goes in the arm rest storage area between the driver and passenger seats.
  • I am going to buy a fx 35 tomorrow and want to know how to find out what the invoice is? I believe they only show the msrp.Is it reasonable to think I can buy it for 4-5k less than msrp? Also I know I want navigation are there any other features that you would reccomend? Thanks

  • jriker1jriker1 Posts: 11
    I would suggest going to and configure the car as you like. It will tell you the MSRP, Invoice, and what people in your area are paying, however not sure where that last bit of data is coming from.

    Are you going to try and get an 07? Guessing so by your thoughts of getting it that much below invoice. With the $1,000 marketing support, I would bet you won't see it more than $1,000 under the invoice if you are lucky. Infiniti doesn't discount heavily. Some even still have 06 models in their lot they won't discount heavily to sell. 4 - 5 thousand under invoice would be unheard of on a new car. Dealer isn't going to take that much of a loss to sell it.

    One cute thing Infiniti told me is if they have 08's on the lot they will try and get rid of the 07's. If the dealer you are talking to has no 08's yet, they will sell the 07's as if the 08's were not out yet and price accordingly.

    As for what else you need, hard to say as I opted to not want to spend money on the navigation system since it is not something I would use much and is the most costly addition. I opted for the sport package for the nicer tires and suspension, the touring package for the sunroof, and the hands free to talk on my blue tooth phone and not have to wear a ear piece or hold the phone.

    Just my input. Good luck.
  • lirpa007lirpa007 Posts: 14
    I'm just curious... did any of you get a cigarette lighter with your fx. I don't smoke, but I can't seem to find the lighter. I have seen the outlets, but no lighter :confuse: Is that an option too?
  • jriker1jriker1 Posts: 11
    They are all 12 volt power outlets. There is no lighter in the car.
  • blairmsblairms Posts: 5
    I'm looking at buying a 2008 FX35 with tech & touring & AWD, but I have the option of purchasing a slightly used 2006 FX45 with Tech, Sport, & AWD for a few thousand dollars cheaper.

    Any thoughts on the disadvantages of purchasing the 45?
  • Curious,
    when is Infiniti's "end of business year".
    Thanks in advance for the info.
  • g8tr80g8tr80 Posts: 7
    I live in Central Florida and was just given a quote of $38.5 K + TTL on an '07 FX35 with Touring and Hands-Free Packages. Sound like a reasonable deal?

    Also, could anyone recommend a Florida dealer that I should get a quote from?
  • aephemeaepheme Posts: 48
    On a 2007 2WD FX35 with Touring & Hands-Free:

    MSRP = $40,460
    Invoice = $37,148

    You've been quoted almost $1,400 above invoice. That's probably not a great deal... especially with the 2008s right around the corner.

    Edmund's TMV says they're going for around $200 above invoice. I've personally received a quote for around $100 above invoice. You can do better...! Good luck.
  • g8tr80g8tr80 Posts: 7
    Ok. Thanks for the feedback. Can I ask where you got the quote for $100 over invoice? Thanks again.
  • I just received a quote on a 2007 AWD FX35 in the Columbus Ohio area with the following:

    Hands Free
    Cargo Protector
    Splash Guards
    Sunroof Deflector

    I believe the MSRP was $42,290.00

    The dealer listed the following on his quote:

    Total Cap $40,232.38 (including taxes)
    Residual - 67%
    Monthly lease payment $486.42 for 24 months and 12K miles
    $2000 out the door

    They listed cap reduction of $647.93
    Tax $90.65
    $100 Doc Fee
    $80 License Fee
    $486.42 Advance Pymt
    $595 Bank Fee

    Rate 0.26

    Is this a good deal? I see a lot of people with monthly payments and they have the sport and/or technology packages. I would not even know how to neg. on a lease. Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what all of these numbers mean and my husband is from England and has never leased before so this is all new to him. We are supposed to make a decision about the FX today and I'm not sure how or if we can lower the price. Any help that can give us would be great.

    As an added note does anyone know of dealers somewhat close to Ohio that may have new (not demos) '07's in black, navy or white? Our local dealers only have Liquid Platinum which is nice, but not my first choice.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Wow, that is great. I had to work to get a 24 mo lease with 12K miles at $456 per month and $2000 out of pocket WITH only a touring and handsfree package. I showed the dealer your deal and they said it was because that was NY. Enjoy!
  • Hello Everyone:

    Just had to share my experience. I've had my FX35 for over a week now and I love it.

    2007 AWD Autum Copper
    Sport, Hands free and Touring packages
    XM radio
    40,767 +TTL/doc w/1.9% for 48 mos

    I feel I got a good deal. Couldn't get the dealership to toss the doc fee but oh well, I wanted the car.
  • spxksspxks Posts: 4
    TN - This was a 2007???
    If that was the case they were doing high fives as you pulled away from the dealership. That was a terrible deal.
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