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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • joe_ojoe_o Posts: 27
    I'm looking in Boston area, too. What dealerships are you looking at?
  • I just leased the same car (no pinstripe and no tinted front windows). I got the same monthly, but put 1K more down. How many miles are you getting? I got 15K, which may accound for the extra $1K-- I think you got a good deal, but I may just be hoping that I got a good deal.
  • Am in Chicago and just leased wtih an MF of .00125 and residual of 65%
  • Just purchased a used FX35 AWD this past weekend. It had 11000 miles, just came off of a lease. Black with grey leather, sport package, basically everything with the exception of a NAV system. Paid 28k, nice buying experience at the dealer, which was a suprise. First impressions, great fit and finsih, all controls are easy reach. Still trying to figure out how everything works, I guess that is part of the fun.
  • Hey guys im also looking at a used car right now. The two ive narrowed it down to now are the BMW x3 and Infiniti FX. I did BMW driving school which was awesomee, so i kinda wanted to stay loyal to BMW, but i know theyre expensive to maintain and i was thinking the fx would be a little more reliable. Ive driven both, and the bmw seems to be more of an suv (atleast the driving position) whereas the infiniti feels like a jacked up sports car when youre sitting in it (which is pretty cool, ive never been in a car like that). What i cant figure out is which one handles better...I drove both pretty hard, and the fx35 was a little peppier. But in terms of handling, they were both AWESOME for suvs. Which one do you guys think is a better handler on road? and i can assume the x3 is better offroad as well. Any opinions or help would be great!
  • nope, doesnt sound very good to me. im actually looking for a used fx right now too, and i just looked at an 04 that was diamond graphite with black interior and had the sport package, but no nav. it was in pretty awesome condition, but it did have 59k miles (not really a big deal, the fx would easily run to 200k). it was a private party listing at 22,900 and i negotiated it to 22,000. I decided not to get it however, just because the car isnt extremely necessary at the moment and i decided to just let them depreciate a little more before i get one. i also just saw a used 03 fx35 with EVERYTHING you can get and 42000 miles for 20,900. but im not interested (they revamped the suspension in 04, and the improvement in ride quality and stability is very noticeable). i think you could easily get that car for around 25,500. maybe even less...check the private party listings they are usually much cheaper, because there is no dealer that has to make money on the car.
  • Your post help me a great deal (i think) my FX35. Its nice to have a starting point, thank you. I was look at the RX350 also and had a lock price of 39169. I liked both cars for different reasons ended up with FX35 because price and 2.9% Finc.

    Base MSRP* $38,050.00
    Exterior Color
    Sheer platinum $850.00
    Interior Color and Trim
    Graphite Leather/Etched Aluminum
    Packages and Options
    Hands-Free Package $600.00
    Touring Package $1,300.00
    Sport Package $2,000.00
    Splash Guards $145.00
    Roof-Rail Crossbars (Silver) $350.00
    iPOD Interface $290.00
    Moonroof Wind Deflector $100.00
    Cargo Area Protector $70.00
    DVD Flip Screen $1,399
    Wheel locks
    Destination and Handling $815.00
    Total MSRP* $46,399

    Purchase price 39500+TTL
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    Where do you think the new 2009 FX35 will end up being priced? I'd be looking to add Premium and Nav and roof rails. Don't know other options yet.

    When they come out, how close to invoice can we get them? Do you think IFS will offer any special lease deals?
  • rabia222rabia222 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to purchase an Infiniti FX35 AWD 2008. The 2009 newly designed version is coming out in June/July. The TMV price on here is $41,600 for the options I want included. and the dealer is offering a APR of 2.9% for 60months. So far I received 2 quotes from dealers for $44,000 and $43,337. The salesman said he was willing to go down lower than 44,000 but how low should I be aiming for?
    I see someone got an offer for $36,500, did that include the technology packafe/navigation?
  • rabia222rabia222 Posts: 2
    Did you wind up getting the car at $36,000? Did it include the technology package?
  • minturnminturn Posts: 5
    just closed on 2008 fx35 awd. I took a vehicle off lot with touring, ipod, hands free,roof rails, splash guards and cargo area protector.

    Price was invoice, with an additional 2500 rebated from infinity. I don't have the exact figures handy, but I think the MSRP was 43k, and my sales price was 37k.

    I took the 3 year financing of 1.9%.

    It was a great experience. I did most of the negotiating by email and phone. Dealer was very efficient and reasonable.

    By the way, comparing this to the audi dealers I dealt with is like night and day. I considered the A6, for a second. The audi dealers I spoke with started the discussion with, we don't need to negotiate, we have too many customers. Offered me MSRP less dscount because I was trading in an Audi and then offered me $2k for my car, which has a blue book of 12k for a dealer trade. Go with infinity!
  • stotistoti Posts: 2
    Was th4 $499 inc tax?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    HI offered u 2k for a 12k car were they nuts? :surprise:

    BTW nice car just1 ques when is the redesigned arriving?

    small correction its infiniti.

  • samaudisamaudi Posts: 10
    I just leased an FX35 on Sunday. Got it for $480 a month, not including taxes, fees, etc. Car has Tech, Touring, Handsfree, Ipod, Roof Rack, splash guards, and cargo mat..I think i got a really good deal. :)
  • shariqshariq Posts: 1
    would love details on this dealer and salesperson

    thanks so much.
    im looking for the same car
  • julesjoshjulesjosh Posts: 1
    Like to know, dealer offering the same Touring w/ all you mentioned plus DVD (installed) and Nav lease 39mths 12k a year w/ 5k down (covering all taxes and fees and dvd) for $465 a month. ..I think its a good deal since I want to keep my monthly payment below $470 thats why I rather put down more now...Your deal sounds great too but you didn't mention if it included the Nav and/or DVD....???? like to know :D
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • mjtaysdadmjtaysdad Posts: 9
    I just purchased a new 2008 AWD FX35 with Touring, Hands Free, and Sport packages as well as the Ipod adapter, cargo mat, wheel locks, and mud flaps (MSRP $45,120) for $36,703 from Infinity of Orland Park (Chicago). I used the VPP plan (C#-PIN) as well as the $2,000 owners loyalty rebate. This worked out to almost exactly invoice - $5000. The FX is Obsidian Black with a Wheat interior. I think this was a fair deal -- might have been able to do a few hundred better with some haggling, but I felt good with the deal and didn't want to go through the additional hassle. On the drive back from the dealer (300 miles away), I average 24.3 mpg -- much better than I ever did on highway trips in my old 2005 VW Touareg. The FX is faster and more sporty than the Touareg as well.
  • jaimarshjaimarsh Posts: 9
    Looking at the 2009 FX35 (AWD). Has anyone had any buying experiences on the new model? Edmunds TMV is currently close to MSRP, and was hoping that others had some success getting that number closer to invoice. Anyone care to share??
  • yyykenyyyken Posts: 14
    I was offered $1,900 off MSRP on a loaded (51k sticker) 2009 FX35. And I am not a current FX or Infiniti owner (they are running some special rebates for current owners)
  • jaimarshjaimarsh Posts: 9
    Thanks for the information. I saw that they are offering cash incentives to current Infiniti owners, so its good to see that they are still willing to knock some off the price for those of us who don't qualify for that incentive.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Not bad. Good deals
  • songrysongry Posts: 3
    MSRP $45120

    Sports package
    Hand free
    and some other accessories

    Invoice $41206

    Got an offer for $35529 (by opting for $5,000 Manufacturer to dealer marketing support)

    I was trying to go for $11,000 below the MSRP. Do you guys think it's possible?

    Also, is it possible to negotiate below the invoice price if I go for 0% financing? (probably not $5,000 below, but may be for $2,500??)

    I'm confused. The TMV on Edmund shows around $38000. Carsdirect's target price shows $36000. Did the price from Edmund took account for $5,000 rebate?

    If not, does this mean that I can go for $33,000????

    Please advise me guys.
  • I was quoted $2000 off MSRP for a 2009 FX35 with Premium, Navigation, and Tech package. Any feedback on the prices folks are seeing out there? It is still 2800 over invoice (incl. dealer holdbakc). I really like the 2009 FX, but I am willing to wait for a couple of months if that will get me better pricing.

  • nsxguy96nsxguy96 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2009 FX with Premium, Touring, Nav and Tech. $3000 off MSRP. (MSRP that included mud flaps and illuminated kick plates...). Since its a new model and it had been on the lot for less than a month, I didn't I would actually get that close to invoice even though SUV's aren't selling well.
  • Thanks. Can you let me know where or provide dealer info? I am in Central NJ....
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Whats the price of the new FX 35 full options?

    How smooth is this car compare to the x6 or RX?

    If any1 tested can you be specific what are the good and bad points?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    My first options has been to get X6.

    But since dealers have really marked up the X6 Im thinking about the new FX

    I would like to know how does it compare to the X6 cayenne S as well as the RX?

    I've also read in a magazine that previous cayenne owners have order the new FX which makes the FX a good choice.

    Plz share any experience.....
  • Don't know much about the BMW or Porsche (don't like the reliability problems associated with European brands), but I test drove the FX and the RX (along with the MDX). Hands down, the FX beats them all. The only downside is slightly poor fuel economy.

    Just waiting for the prices to go down a little now...
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    You drove the new FX? FX35?

    I was not impressed with the old FX.
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