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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • One more note here - do you really think it is realistic for any auto dealership to negotiate down to $300-500 over invoice and then apply my 2k customer loyalty discount on top of that? Obviously we are in a tough economy, but seems like a steep discount.

  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    Well you did earn your loyaly discount being an infiniti customer. Also dealers still make money, such as 3% of the invoice price. I am sure there are hidden manufacturer to dealer incentives which we might not know of. I think its very realistic especially now since times are tough.
    I also used to work as a car salesman part time when I was in college so the sales manager told me do whatever it takes to sell a car.
    Not only do they make 3%, if u finance with them, they make money there and god forbid, you take it to Infiniti for 30K, 60K, etc service,they definitely make a killing there. I only go there for warranty work and oil changes. Otherwise I print out schedule 2 from my maintenance guide and take it to my local mechanic. I have saved hundreds of dollars in maintenance.
  • Well, you are really educating me. So interesting.

    To recap: If we look at the raw numbers MSRP is $51,350. You believe there is a large enough discount between MSRP and the invoice cost to equal approximately 5k. (The goal here is to get them to negotiate the price to $300-500 over invoice) Then - play my trump card aka, my 2k loyalty discount at the close.

    That sound right?
  • Not bad I think and besides its been 1 week and I love my FX !!!!!! Miami has so many sharks - I ended up in West Palm !!! :)
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    You need to first look at what invoice price is. you can find that out here at Edmunds. Remember someone here posted that he/she got 300 over invoice. I believe MSRP for that person's infiniti was around $3K more than yours. That person did not have Infiniti loyalty.
    1) Negotiate your best deal which is prob $300-$400 above invoice.
    2) Take 2K off with Infiniti loyalty (not all folks are previous Infiniti owners).
    These cars are piling up on dealer lots. Remember dealers have to pay floor plan costs and interest for cars that are on their lots.
    I actually told the dealers around here is if Infiniti has a lease pull ahead program, that I would be interested in buying/leasing another one. I have 12 more months on my lease. They said they do not but if it comes up , they will let me know. Basically I wanted them to pay up all of my remaining lease payments up front.
    A local Lexus dealer had that program a year ago.
    The dealer by me has a leftover FX45 for 13K off sticker, around $42K. Unfortunately, it has a brick interior.
    Let me know how it goes. Remember if one dealer says no, just go to another.
    I am the type who will go to other states if need be.
    Just like the real estate market, its a buyers' market for cars.
  • Ok, I'm going with your advice.

    fyi: I did not notice the other person's post you referenced, but the MSRP I quoted was a for a fully loaded FX35 with AWD. If you build the car on it comes to the same price (about 51K). 3k more then mine huh? I wonder what add-ons that car had ..... ????

    btw - I have payments remaining on my lease too, so I was curious if any dealerships had early release programs. At Gold Coast, I mentioned that I had lease payments remaining but it seemed to me they were using their profit margin to pay off my remaining payments.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    I believe the other post was dated August 28, 2008. Might have to go back a few pages. When I build an FX 35, it comes to $56,815. That included DVD, techology, premium, navigation, and touring package?

    Base MSRP* $43,600.00
    Exterior Color
    Midnight Mocha
    Interior Color and Trim
    Java Lthr w/Maple Wood & Piano Black trim (req addtl pkgs**)
    Packages and Options
    Deluxe Touring Package $2,650.00
    Premium Package $2,350.00
    Navigation Package $2,850.00
    Technology Package $2,900.00
    Infiniti Mobile Entertainment System $1,600.00
    Configured MSRP* $55,950.00
    Destination and Handling $865.00
    Total MSRP* $56,815.00

    According to Edmunds. invoice price for the above model is $51,820.00 So you add $300 above invoice= $52120 -$2000 if you lease= $50,120. If you buy take $4000 off (all loyalty)= $48120 which I think is a good price now.
    When dealers get more on the lot,it will be a couple of grand off invoice.
    I have noticed that Infiniti FX35 and FX45 have been going for $10K-$13K off sticker for several years when they are stuck in dealer inventories. At that price, its a fantastic deal for this type of SUV!
  • Of course (hitting my forehead) - I didn't add either of these (Technology Package $2,900.00 Infiniti Mobile Entertainment System $1,600.00) so that's how I arrived at 51k.

    I just ran my car specs on Edmunds and the invoice price comes up at $48,174.

    So, add $300 to the invoice price then deduct my 2k loyalty discount. My base cap cost is $46,474. Sales tax (7%) plus the going APR (5.5%) and the price is still near $648 a month. I'll put $1,500 into the deal too. 43 months.

    Still seems high, right? I think the 5.5 APR is crazy high for a lease but this is the economy we are in today.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    Did you use that formula to calculate your monthly payment? I just realized sometimes some of these dealers add advertising fees and processing fees. (look at the small print) I would ask the dealer to show you the invoice since many car dealers do or better yet, just print out the Edmunds. Maybe you can get it at invoice, who knows, these dealers should be happy,someone is walking through the door, maybe throw in a dinner at Mortons. LOL
  • But what's your reaction to the APR at 5.5%? Don't you think that is awfully high for a lease? Typically, you see something far more competitive like 2.9% or less.

    In fact, if you adjust my numbers based on an APR of 2.9%, the monthly drops significantly. (down to $563.00 w/ tax) I think this is the reason my monthly seems higher.

    In your area, do you know what range of APR's Infiniti dealers are offering on lease deals? Something tells me all Infiniti dealerships have the same lease programs.

    And, I have been using this lease calc to get my numbers:
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    the rate is high. Is that what the money factor equates to? If you have .00275 X 2400=interest rate in this rate 6.6% as an example. I heard this is the way to compute interest rates from money factors.
    You can prob go to and see if u can get better rates. It might also depend on credit as well, like Tier 0-2 might have different money factors.
  • Ok - this is where we are disconnecting. Yes, the money factor I was quoted at both Gold Coast and Fields is the same (.00229) This is based on my credit score which is over 720. It's the only lease factor infiniti is offering today on the 2009 FX.

    This is why my monthly seems high but appears to be the going rate. Using your forumla above and it equals 5.5%.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    I wonder if you go to, maybe you can get a better rate since they are competitive. Do you have an FX35 or FX45? I would love to get a leftover 2008 FX45 for which they are offering 0% for 36 months. I found 21 nationwide. I am willing to travel if its worth it. Of course my current lease has to get paid off. I know of one at Ray Catena Infiniti in NJ thats being offered for $39900. Don't know if its sold or not.
  • I am driving an '06 FX35 (diamond graph) with Touring and Sports packages. It's my second FX35. My first was a 2005 (saphire) that drove like a tank. The '06 reengineered drive is soooo much better. And I looked throughout the leasecompare site but their rates weren't that good either. I think it's just the economy we are in now.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    I regret not getting and FX 35 or FX 45 when I got the M 35 Sport.
    So next one will definitely be an FX. I like the diamond graphite color, too bad they discontinued it. Sapphire Blue is also nice which is quite rare as I have only seen them at the dealership and never on the road.
    I didn't think there was that much difference between 2005 and 2006 besides some cosmetic changes on the outside and revised instrument panel and some additional features.
  • Actually, there was A LOT of difference between the 03-05 models and the 06-08 series.

    My 2005 truly drove like a truck. The 2006 model re-engineered the drive and everything was different. In a good way. Very tight, smallish control when driving my current 2006 FX. I never get tired of driving it! In addition to all of the redesigns on the interior, the early models are really apples compared to the later model oranges. Very different.

    Sapphire was a great color but the Diamond Graphite is more practical. Although my 2005 Sapphire FX got more attention, the gray color hides almost any nick.
  • I love the FX35 but can't afford to fork over the dough for a brand new one. I found a low mileage (5,500 miles) 2008 FX35 and paid $29,500 at an Infiniti Dealer. It has every option except navigation. Seems like a decent price. Any thoughts on the price?
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    That is a very good price. I am sure if you negotiate, and tell him you will buy it right then and there (LOL), then ask for $28000. What color is it? Does it also have the sport pkg as well?Where are you located?
    A dealer by me has a 2008 FX45 all options except rear DVD for $36K with 17K miles and a 2007 FX45 with all options including DVD for $34K with 11K miles.
    I am sure with some negotiating one can knock maybe 2K off of that price. I know that is approx $6500 and $4500 difference in price, but if you can knock 2K off as stated, then it will be $4500 and $2500 in price. If you are able to swing that, it might be worth it.
  • I think that is a good price. Is it AWD too? what color?
  • Yes, AWD - Sapphire with the dark granite leather interior. Still has the remaining manufacturer warranty too.
  • well the dealer was listing it for $30,300 and I negotiated down to the $29,500. He had 4 2008 FX35s on his lot all with low miles..only one with the dark interior though..the others had the wheat interior. (I went to the dealer website recently and all have been sold) No sport package, but not disappointed about that - I test drove one with the sport package and preferred the ride of the one w/o it. I got it from a dealer near Chicago - drove a few hours to get there so I probably was a little more motivated to buy and not leave empty-handed. Probably why the dealer would not go below $29,500. Very happy with the FX, turns heads all over the place. Where I live there are no Infiniti dealers and I have only seen 1 or 2 other Fx's around the city.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    What dealership in Chicago? Sapphire with graphite interior is such a nice color. Believe it or not, I have only seen that color at the dealership and never on the road.
    You got a good deal and best of luck with it! Would it be possible to post a picture of it?
  • The dealership is Infiniti of Lisle. or I could try to post a pic - how do you do that on this website? I don't see an attach option.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    That is where I purchased by 2006 M35 Sport over 2 years ago. They have a very good service department. You are right, I don't think there is a way to post pics here.
    Off topic: When I got the car, I purchased the tire/wheel warranty for $400 which is worth it. I had a nail in the sidewall of the tire (19" Bridgestone Potenza RE050s). I got it replaced for free. BTW, purchasing tires at Infiniti of Lisle is cheaper than the Tire Rack.
  • If the 2008 FX you bought has no Sports package and no navigation package, what does it have? Just AWD?

    If that's the case, your price is good but not astoundingly great. Sounds like you have a base AWD model. Right?
  • Yeah it's the base AWD. The base still comes pretty loaded with standard features. I have searched the used car listings online and seems like my price is pretty good. I was just making sure that people didn't think I paid too much based on what they knew about 08 prices.
  • Lisle Infiniti emailed me this response to my inquiry regarding leasing a 2009 FX35:

    I apologize for the delay in the my response. A the moment there isn't a "pull forward" program being offered by Infiniti for existing lease customers. We do have a $2000 owner loyalty bonus towards leasing. I did run a lease quote on a FX a/premium and navi today. With $5000 down, $2000 loyalty and $3000 from customer, the payment was right around $650mo. I would recommend riding out your lease until the new '09 programs deflate a little bit. I will be sure to keep you updated on our monthly specials.

    He didn't include the Deluxe packge but that was part of my request. 3k out of pocket and he is stil at $650. It's the APR issue. 5.4% will do it.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    3k out of pocket is a lot! $650 a month is alot but as u stated, the interest rate matters. I wonder how much it would be to buy it. If you get it at $300 above invoice, then take $4K off for loyalty.
    BTW, at what price was the lease payment based on? At least they told you that waiting for better deals would be the best thing.
    I guess I will hold onto my lease for another year before turning it in. Maybe in a year, we can see huge discounts on the FX50. BTW, Luxury motors has FX50 for 3K off sticker so with owner loyalty to buy would be another 4K off and this is without any negotiations. The msrp was 60K-7K= $53K. This was a lightly equipped model so no tech or sports or rear entertainment package. I did call them and they said they can take 3K off sticker price of FX50s in stock. I did not mention I am a current Infiniti owner either.
  • I am seriously looking at a $2009 FX 350 and from Infiniti site with the following trims, the MSRP is $55,569
    The invoice cost from is

    I do not have loyal rebate but looking for the best deal. I looked at 09 RX and 09 MDX but think the FX is more sporty.

    Thinking about USD USD 45K before T&L, Registration fees. Anyone out there think this is reasonable? I am from Los Angeles. Thankyou.

    Base MSRP* $42,150.00
    Exterior Color
    Platinum Graphite
    Interior Color and Trim
    Graphite Lthr w/ Maple Wood & Piano Black trim (req addtl pkgs**)
    Packages and Options
    Deluxe Touring Package $2,650.00
    Premium Package $2,350.00
    Navigation Package $2,850.00
    Technology Package $2,900.00
    Infiniti Mobile Entertainment System $1,600.00
    Roof-rail Crossbars $325.00
    Configured MSRP* $54,825.00
    Destination and Handling $865.00
    Total MSRP* $55,690.00
  • Awesome deal - go for it !

    It has been 4 weeks and 1500 miles later - yes I drive it everywhere and often; love every bit of these cars. This was my first journey into a car with more than 2 doors and auto tranny. I must tell you all NO REGRETS!!!!! Love it, love it and congrats to all that can afford to get one !!! ;)

    08 Diamond Graphite w/ Black Interior with all except Navi
    Best experience ever at WPB, Fl - Schumacker :blush:
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