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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I don't think getting more than $10K off MRSP for a 09 FX35 is realistic for now. I'm also looking to buy a 09 FX35 in the LA area and the best I could do is invoice - $4000 (for Infiniti loyalty cash back). That's about $8000 off MSRP.
  • Rising Star, Think you are right. 8K off MSRP will probably be all we can get do with a 09 FX35. This will be my target. If you do cut a deal with a LA dealer first, let me know. I think I will work with Metro Infiniti. I looked at the 08 EX35 but think it is not as nicely crafted at the 09 FX 35. Think they are just too many RX 350 or look-alikes in LA.
  • Deal maker, you might be able to get a few hundred off invoice minus the loyalty cash if you negotiate ready hard and pay cash. I was able to get $500 off invoice from Infinit of Scottsdale. If helps if the dealer has the car you want in their lot.
    The EX just doesn't work for me since it's just too small. I wouldn't buy a 09 RX either since the all new 2010 RX will be out by March next year.
  • RisingStar, what is the name of dealership in Scottsdale and when did you buy it? What packages did you get?
  • Hi,

    I am getting fx35 2008 (Black - no navigation) with 2700 miles on it for for 34k including tax and registration also.
    Is anyone out there can tell me whether its a good deal or not?
  • So the 34k includes tax and registration? So I'm guessing your purchase price is around $31,500? Is it AWD? I looked on Yahoo Autos and 08 FX35's with between 1,000 and 7,000 miles AWD are going for around 30k to 34k. Hope this helps!
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    I believe that is too much. Just a few weeks in Atlanta, used 2008 FX 45 with all options except rear DVD was selling for $34K. It had 15K miles which is nothing for these cars. MSRP is around 54K.
    one dealer here has a brand new 2008 FX45 for around $42K.
    I think you should do better. if you can get it for around $29K it should be a good deal. BTW, does it have sport package?
  • so are you saying $29k including tax and registration??
  • $ 29500 with tax or without tax??
  • When people talk about prices on here it is generally not including tax. Tax rates vary depending on where you live and it is easiest to compare just the purchase price. 29,500 would be without tax.
  • Car fan, the dealership in Scottsdale was Infiniti of Scottsdale. But I didn't buy from them since they added tint and paint sealant and wanted to charge me for those.
    I ended up buying from Metro Infiniti. I got a 09 FX35 with Premium and Navigation packages.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    It would be before tax. If you lived in Oregon or Delaware, then no sales tax :-)
  • RisingStar, Thanks for info. Do you mind giving the exact numbers? Enjoy the new car.
  • I am considering purchasing my 2006 FX35 at the end of my lease this upcoming June. My residual value is 23k.

    When I purchase the vehicle, I want to negotiate down the res. value but I am being told by everyone at IFS they will not negotiate. Bad economy anyone?

    Question: Has anyone bought out their lease and negotiated the residual? Currently, with both the 2k and 4k loyalty discounts being offered for new lease deals or finance deals, I would think I am eligible for some sort of discount.

    Thoughts? Experiences?
  • Car fan, the exact MSRP was $47,385. Got it for $39,400.
  • Hi,

    Have an offer on the following car: 09 FX35 AWD Premium/Nav/Deluxe Touring.

    MSRP: $51,914, Invoice $47,923, quoted at $43,000 (including $4K owner's loyalty)

    This is an early pricing car (before Infiniti increased invoice/MSRP for a "sheetmetal expense"). That's why it looks to be under invoice, but in reality is at early invoice for 09 model year.

    How much better could I do? This is in Boston.

  • hi, guys!

    I'm interested in the 2009 FX35, however I'm currently not a owner of an Infiniti.
    I have some friends who are the owners.
    Is there a way of getting the owners loyalty credit if I show up with a friend who currently owns the car?
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    That is the best deal I have seen so far! So excluding your 4K loyalty rebate, you got the car for $923 below invoice! What color is your car and its basically loaded with the exception of REAR DVD, right?
    I never knew they increased invoice/MSRP for "sheetmetal". Either way u are getting a fairly loaded FX35 for $43K excluding taxes. I have looked around where I live (Atlanta area) and this is by far the best deal!

  • Hi Kris,

    The car is loaded except for tech and rear ent (I did not want the laser cruise control again, and have no need for the lane departure system). I am looking at Blue Slate for the color. I really want the Mocha, but that's most likely out of the picture, as those cars are rare, so if I find one, it's likely to have a later production date and thus a higher invoice. Realistically, my offer is at the "early" invoice. From what I understand, Infiniti increased the price of the 2009 model year FX by about $1000 invoice/$1300 MSRP. As soon as all cars built prior to the date when the increase occurred are sold, I expect the lowest possible price to go up by a grand. I have seen this increase myself here on Edmunds: at some point, the invoice and MSRP jumped up slightly.

  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172
    I forgot about the tech package. I have an 06 M35 sport with laser cruise and lane departure and I dont like it that much.
    Blue Slate is an awesome color! I too like mocha and my dealer has one but its a base model.I had no idea the msrp/invoice went up by that much.
    What dealership in Boston did you get it from and do they have pics on their website as well? I have yet to see any FX35 or FX50 on the road here in Atlanta area.
    Even in Chicago where I moved from, have only seen an FX50 and FX35. Total of 2!

  • What finance rate is Infiniti offering on the 2009 FX?
  • 9 K off MSRF and 5 K under invoicef or a fully loaded 09 FX 35 is an excellent deal. Go for it.
    Yesterday, I got a lease quote from a LA deal for a 09 FX 35 FWD MSRP 42,00
    $871 down includes first month payment and license for $445 plus tax per month.12K/year. Free service for 2 years. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Also, I looked at the 2010 Lexus RX 350 and it looks great. Anyone out there has any pricing info for the 2010 model?
  • Does anyone know if the 4k loyalty discount is applied if you buy your Infiniti at the end of the lease term?
  • I was in your situation. I wasn't a current Infiniti owner but my brother was buying an Infiniti. I thought adding my brother to the title was enough but the dealer told me we'd have to live together for that to qualify.
    I ended up getting the discount by buying the car under my brother's name. We'd do a gift or sell later to change the title.
  • From what I read in the Lexus forums, it's going to me slightly more expensive than the 09 models. The thing is, unless you wait for a while, you'll most likely be paying MSRP for the car.
  • I don't see the comparison of the 2010 Lexus RX 350 vs. ANY INFINITI! I think the RX 350 is one of the most uninspriring looking vehicles ever produced. You can't say that about any Infiniti esp the FX.
  • Very true, too many RX350 on the road and they are anything but bold. Even with the 10 model, just some internal front panel improvements which are overdue anyway.
  • Think you are right. 8K off MSRP will probably be all we can get do with a 09 FX35.

    Is 8K off MSRP really what can be expected? I spoke with a Houston area dealer last week (that I bought my old FX from) and he didn't seem willing to budge much at all :confuse:
  • Have an offer on the following car: 09 FX35 AWD Premium/Nav/Deluxe Touring.
    MSRP: $51,914, Invoice $47,923, quoted at $43,000 (including $4K owner's loyalty)

    Anyone hear about deals like this in the Houston area?

    Has the $4K owner's loyalty been extended?
  • What is the average deal doc fee? I was quoted $595 which I think is high? any comments?
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