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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live in one of Chicago subusrbs and I think I saw only a handfull of the 09's out on roads. Any thoughts?
  • Situation in Los Angeles is different. I counted the company parking lot this morning there are at least 10 RX 350 among maybe 40. The percentage is higher on the roads. I think at least 15% in Los Angeles.FX 35 maybe in range of under 5%.
  • Are you asking what do we think of the 2009 FX? If so, here's my opinion: I don't like the new body - namely the front end. It's just too much, the vent is wrong, the bottle nose 'thing' is wrong and the headlights are over the top and just plain Ugly.

    Inside is a different story however. I think the interior is excellent. Good stuff inside tech wise and layout. Very nice.

    But driving an '09 is just 'ok'. I was not blown away by the pickup, the ride, etc. I may have to defect to BMW. I don't think I want to be seen driving this model. And I predict the 2009 FX will get a quick makeover (say two years) due to low interest. We'll see.
  • It varies from state to state and dealership to dealership. I bought my FX in California and I was only charged $55. I think that's the state law. If you're paying over $100, then the dealer is probably marking it up. Unless it's a fixed amount required by law, the doc fee should be negotiable.
  • I live in Vegas and I've only seen one 09 out on the roads. It's clear the 09s are not a big seller. From what a couple of salesmen told me, the 09s are not moving much at all because there're basically no incentives, rebates, or special APRs, other than the $4000 loyalty cash program for previous Infiniti owners. And the lease payments are pretty high too. But I heard Infiniti is coming out with a special lease program for the 09 FXs..
  • Rising star Sales for the 09 FX35 is hurting due to reasons cited. With incentives and similar trims, ithere is a price gap of almost 7K or more between the Lexus R35 and the Infiniti FX350 and more for the non Infiniti owners. It is just a no brainer and they must recognize this so that they can move their units. They should close the gap to say 2K and make it interesing.
  • Dealmaker: I don't think it's just the $$$ gap that is driving potential buyers away from the FX - I think it is the styling and handling of the 2009 FX.
  • when I visit the local Costco it seems that every other car is a Lexus RX350 (or 330 or 300). No 2009 FXs whatsoever, though there are at least 2 Infiniti dealerships in close proximity. As I mentioned before - very few 09's on the street. I was offered 2008 FX35 black/black with 13500 miles for $29K at a local dealership. I passed. I'll wait till Infiniti comes up with some incentive for the 09's.
  • Jay, Your are correct.
    The RX is still an old reliable SUV in the market for years. It is also the same reason that people prefer the highend Toyota(Lexus), Honda(Acura) and Nissan(Infiniti) in that order.
  • I noticed you mention LA, then metro in phx..I always thought it was too big a hassle buying out of state and registering in CA..was this a problem? (I'd like to expand my options to phx..Thanks
  • It wasn't a big deal at all. I did encounter a few minor inconviniences so hopefully you can learn from my experience.

    If you plan to buy out-of-state, call ahead or find out if you need to pay the registration and sales tax in the state you're buying or not. In my case, the dealer decided not to charge me California registration nor sales tax. I'll have to pay them here in Nevada when I register my FX here.

    However, if you're not registering the vehicle in the state you plan buy, you cannot legally drive the vehicle without a permit. So you can either have it shipped or towed or you'll need to get some sort of temporary moving permit. The dealer should be able to get you one at their dealership for a small fee.

    Before you leave the dealership, make sure you get all the documents needed to register you vehicle in your home state. Go to your state's DMV website and find out. Usually, you'll need the bill of sale, the odometer statement, and either the certificate of origin if you paid with cash or the purchase/lease/security agreement if you're financing or leasing. I paid with check and the dealer didn't give me the certificate of origin right away because the wanted to wait until my check cleared. This was a pain in the @ss because I couldn't register my FX when I went to the DMV. It took them a week before they sent it to me.

    Anyways, if you plan it right, the only hassle is that you'll have to make a trip to the DMV to register the vehicle yourself vs. if you buy it in-state you don't need to do anything since the dealer will register the car for you. In my case, the savings were well worth it.
  • These all seem to be priced similar at the end of the day. All are sporty, 2 have hatches. Anyone compare these in their search? (Also Mercedes has incentives, Infiniti does not) (I dont currently have an infiniti)...
  • Just leased an 09FX35 with Premium Package, Nav Package & Technology Package. Did not get the 20" wheel package since they look good but make the car ride rougher and they will cost more to replace.
    Got the 2k loyalty on the drive off plus gave them 3k. 39 month lease. 12k miles. $549 per month (including CA taxes). This was an early (3/08) build (copper with black interior) so the sticker was 49,605. Hard to find ones with the tech package and not the 20" wheels but I did.

    seems like they are now dealing and have factory incentives. Went through the internet guys. They claim it was $150 over invoice. Got similar pricing from Miller Infiniti in Van Nuys and Glendale Infiniti.

    Car seems great except for glitch in the around view monitor screen and the drivers door needing to be closed harder than it should be. Rides much better than the last models and the tech upgrades are great.
  • I leased my 2006 FX35 at Glendale Infiniti. But 3k out of pocket? Seems a bit steep considering our economy. What was your APR or money factor on the lease? The $549 doesn't seem too bad for that vehicle and a 39 month lease term. btw - Do all your service at Santa Monica Infiniti.
  • If this question has already been asked and answered accept my apologies now - but why did Infiniti drop the Clear or Smoke colored (sports package) tail lights on the 2009 FX model?
  • I have been quoted the following deal on an '09 FX35 (AWD):

    Deluxe Touring
    Splash Guards
    $51,435 MSRP

    $47,175 Total cost, which I'm told (and believe can confirm) is 1% over invoice. This is on an "older invoice" car, so before the increase for steel costs, etc. BTW, I do not qualify for the customer loyalty incentive. So, is $4k off of MSRP good, or should I try for more?

    The internet sales manager is pushing to close before end of the month/year (of course), and suggests that this offer won't be good after 1/1/09. I don't believe him (of course), and was curious what others thought...
  • env32env32 Posts: 7
    Just letting you know.
    I leased an FX35 AWD with Premium package. 12K per month. 36 month lease.

    3K down (including first month payment)
    475.00 per month.

    2K in incentives runs only until Jan 31st. I saw that on the paperwork.

    Just letting you know what I have experienced. Hope this helps.
  • Incentive update.

    Infiniti rolled-out new incentives this week on the '09s, including 1.9% financing (up to 36 months). Also, there is now $3000 in manufacturer to dealer incentives.

    I've decided to pull the trigger now that they are $6900 below MSRP - I don't think they can get any lower at this point...
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Incentive update.

    Infiniti rolled-out new incentives this week on the '09s, including 1.9% financing (up to 36 months). Also, there is now $3000 in manufacturer to dealer incentives.

    I do not think that you can combine these incentives - its either or.

    Anyone know if ~$6900 off MSRP is doable in Houston?
  • cuvangcuvang Posts: 31
    Hi yall

    I got a quote in So Cal Orange Co. for a 2009 fx35 rwd with premium and deluxe for
    $43,500 plus tax and lic. is this good? This is with the 3.9% fin. Let me know if you guys have a better deal
  • Do you know if this $3,000 incentive is good towards a lease? Is it for current Infinity owners only?
  • I do not think that you can combine these incentives - its either or.

    That's correct - you cannot combine the cash and the low APR.
  • The $3000 is manufacturer to dealer cash - not a direct rebate to the customer. I've never leased, but it seems logical that the dealer should be able to use the cash in establishing the lease price.

    Also, the $3000 is NOT limited to current Infiniti owners.
  • My local Infiniti dealer is offering the following deals on 2009 FX35s. I am a brand new memeber and I need some help if someone can tell me if those good deals or representative of the market

    2009 FX35 2wd Basic - $35,988 or lease for $3k down/42 mo/$379-mo
    2009 FX35 2wd Premium - $37,988 or lease for $3k down/42 mo/$399-mo
    2009 FX35 2wd Premium w/ Navigation - $40,998 or lease for $3k down/42 mo/$449-mo

    They only have like 1 or 2 of each but they are brand new models with no mileagge on them - no demos. Is that a good deal?
  • Sounds like a good deal to me. Invoice on the 2WD with nav and premium is around 44200. If this is a "new invoice" vehicle - meaning it was made after the mid-year price increase - then you've been quoted a great deal. If is an "old invoice" vehicle (made ealier in the year), then you can do better. The price increase was about $1250, and you can really only tell by the manufacture date and/or the MSRP. If the MSRP on the car they're quoting you is around $47,800, the it's a new invoice vehicle and you've got a good price.
  • hey everyone... thinking about signing papers today:
    Lease Deal
    MSRP $41,815
    Residual: 50% $20,907
    42 mth, 10k/yr.
    MF: 0.00107
    Cap cost: $38,615 (don't have the exact # in front of me)
    Total Drive off: $539
    Mthly: $539

    Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking it's a pretty good deal from what I've seen. Thanks everyone.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    True Market Value? Really! I just priced an '09 FX35 for my zip code two minutes ago (i.e. late Saturday night, Jan 17, 2009) and Edmund's TMV was $470 below MSRP - really? Is that for real? Is the FX35 selling so well that the best I can hope for is about $500 off MSRP? For real?

    Anyone bought one in the Houston area recently? What kind of discounts can one really expect in Houston today? Thanks.
  • I think the 'true market value" is around invoice price. I've bought 3 new cars so far: Civic, Accord and Camry and I paid invoice for the first two and $200 below invoice for the Camry. I do not see any reason to pay over invoice for the FX. They are not selling well and they are pricey if to compare to competitors. I'm looking to get an FX35, however I'm still waiting for better deals.
  • I'm looking at a used 2008 FX 35 that has the Navigation system, but the seller alleges that it does not have the Technology package. When I use the "price it with options" feature on Edmunds, it does not look as if this is even possible (i.e. in order to get Nav you had to have Tech). Additionally, it has the sunroof (which appears only in the touring package on Edmunds), but it doesn't have homelink (which is also part of the touring package). Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Is it possible that edmunds didn't have the correct option packages listed?
  • bgsu007bgsu007 Posts: 11
    I have had trouble using Edmunds for options packages - usually there are small differences. I went to and built a new 09 FX35. It allows you to add the navigation package without adding the technology package. However, if technology package is selected then it requires the addition of navigation. I'm guessing this applies to 2008 models as well. It sounds like the seller is correct that it can have the navigation w/o technology package. I would go by Infiniti's website as far as what exactly comes with each package.
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