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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • flzzflzz Posts: 19
    nav was available as a stand alone option. check out reviews for 2008 ps;at12000 miles w/ 89-93 octane avg 20.1-21.4 mpg mix hghwy-cty[much better than advertised]
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Actually the Technology Package is somewhat rare in the '09s; there are very few Premium, Nav, Tech models out there.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Very little forum traffic on FX35s right now, must not be selling all that well? :confuse: However dealers in the Houston area are not giving them away.

    Best deal I have come up with is about $1700 or so ABOVE Invoice (adjusted for the currrent $3000 Incentive to the dealer) - I guess technically I'm about $1300 below Invoice. I guess I had hoped for a deal closer to the adjusted Invoice (i.e. about $2500, or more, below current Invoice figures).
  • UMDUMD Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2009 FX35 AWD with Premium Pkg, Navigation Pkg, and splash guards in Obsidian Black.

    Final on the road price was $44517... that is car + destination + tax + title + tags + $98 processing fee.

    I think that comes out to over $9000 off of MSRP (sticker was $50k) and $4000 less than invoice. I paid cash so no financing was involved. This was at Sheehy Infiniti in Annapolis MD. I put in an internet quote stating I was going to buy in 24 hrs and they had a quote to me within 5 minutes. I received several other quotes and Annapolis matched the lowest offer. Probably the smoothest car buying experience ever... the guys at Sheehy are great...
  • I think that comes out to over $9000 off of MSRP ... and $4000 less than invoice.

    As near as I can tell such a deal is not available in Houston. :confuse: I tried; hard :(
  • Thanks for info - i'm after the same configuration - did they quote you abny lease rates ?
  • After 2 weeks of research and talking with all dealers in the San Francisco bay area, I found an good acceptable deal at Pleasanton Infiniti from a great internet sales rep which I had to take because my G35 is just a tad small for long trips and family.

    FX35 AWD 2009 Platinum Graphite/graphite
    with Premium/Navigation/splash guards/illuminated step
    MSRP ~50,105
    Invoice ~44,962 (price I bought it at before tax, 5000 below MSRP)

    I took the 1.9% APR financing from Infiniti so the price could've been even lower if I paid cash like UMD. There's a $3000 Infiniti to dealer incentive if you pay cash--make sure you negotiate at invoice minus 3000! I wouldn't pay anything over invoice in this economy for any car! Other dealers quoted me 49000/47000/46000 but Pleasanton in the first quote gave me invoice price; talk about haggle free shopping, the way it should be.

    All local dealers have overstock and I see few customers, which is much the same with the real estate market. It is a great time to buy if you can.

  • UMDUMD Posts: 2
    never talked lease... I told them straight up that I was going to pay cash and wanted an out-the-door price.
  • So you got $1300 below Edmunds listed invoice price from a Houston dealer? Which one, if you don't mind me asking?
  • Here is a lease deal I was quoted from fleet sales at Santa Monica Infiniti:

    2009 FX AWD w/ Premium, Navigation and Deluxe touring - MSRP: $51,435

    They will lease the vehicle to me at invoice price $47,045 for 39 months. $1,725.00 due at signing. Monthly payment of $537.00 + tax. (totals $581.00 in my county)

    I am not bothering to list the money factor, residual, etc. She is using the latest programs offered by Infiniti which are listed here in a previous post. This includes the $2,000 customer loyalty discount since I am a current Infiniti lease holder.

  • We just bought a 2009 FX35 AWD, liquid platinum/graphite, with premium, navigation, deluxe touring, roof rail cross bars, cargo organizer and splash guards. MSRP was $53,010, invoice was $48,448, bought for $3000 under invoice at $45,448, plus a $99 dealer fee. It was a cash purchase. To close the gap on our trade-in, they also threw in their dealer "appearance package" (rubber floor mats and an emergency kit) and the first oil change. The dealer was Jim Colman Infiniti in Bethesda, MD. A very smooth purchase, highly recommended.

    I also got an identical quote for any FX35 on the lot by email from Sheehy Infiniti in Annapolis, MD, but they didn't have a color/option combination on the lot that we wanted. They were extremely responsive and eager to please by email.
  • Hi!

    Im looking at the FX35 from Jim Coleman Infiniti as well. I plan on getting it with the Tech, Nav, deluxe, and Premium Package. We plan on paying in cash. Do you have any idea what i should be expecting with this downturn in the economy??
    Ive been looking at a few of the dealers in town and I really dont know what price i should haggle to

    Thank You
  • You shouldn't pay any higher than I did a few days ago, $3000 under invoice ($3000 is the cash incentive the dealer has until, I think, March 2??). You can get invoice pricing here on this site for the car with those options in the "new cars" section. They might even go lower than that - one dealer suggested to me that he might when I was on the phone with him while driving a car from another dealer. But I never got actual numbers from him, he may have just been blowing smoke to get me there.
  • cramerlcramerl Posts: 2
    I bought a 2008 FX35 brand new last month, and it has been a nightmare. The car was very shaky on the highway and I sent it back to the dealer. They told me the tires were not balanced (!!!) and they balanced the tires for me. Still, the car was shaky and some parts began to rattle. I sent it to another dealer and they told me it turned out there were some problems on the brakes and they changed the brake rotors and pads (my car was less than 700 miles by then and how could the first dealer miss this problem!!!). Now I still feel the car is shaky on the highway. Even on very smooth roads I can feel the steering wheel and the seats shaking. It is just very different from any other car I have driven). I know FX35 has a hard suspension, so I am not sure if this is normal with FX35 (I really don't think so) or there is still something wrong with my car. Can somebody let me know what to do? Thanks!

    Btw, I bought the car on Jan 17, and the dealer changed the purchasing date to Dec 31 last year without telling me. Guess they changed the purchase date to get more bonus for last year. I will report it to Infiniti customer service.
  • bgsu007bgsu007 Posts: 11
    Do you have the FX35 sport suspension? I have an 08 FX35 base model and the ride is not shaky at all. In fact, it is extremely smooth and many people who have ridden in it make comments about the comfortable ride. I think if you notice any shakiness at all something is wrong and the dealership that sold you the car should fix it. You should ask to take another 08 out for a drive that is on their lot and compare to yours. That way you can get a better idea if it is just yours or a normal feeling.

    Good luck!
  • cramerlcramerl Posts: 2
    No I don't have sports package in my car. I only have Touring package. Thanks for letting me know this. I think something must be wrong with my car. I will go back to the dealer. btw, my dealer is Infiniti Manhattan. My friends, do yourself a favor to avoid this dealer and especially their service department. They are horrible.
  • rjdoc74rjdoc74 Posts: 16
    Hello everyone,

    I am thinking about getting a 2009 FX35. I've read around the web that there is a $2000 loyalty cash still available for 03/09. Is this correct? Now there is also a $3000 manufacturer to dealer incentive on FX35 according to Lets say I am a current Infinity owner and I'd like to purchase for cash- can I get these discounts combined? 5K would be sweet!

  • After three weeks of back and forth, finally got the 2009 FX35 with Deluxe Touring, Navigation, Premium Package, Cargo Organizer, Splash Guards, list price $52685, invoice $48197 according to Edmunds, got the dealer to take $1100 below invoice, with $2000 loyalty cash and $3000 marketing cash, got the car at $42097, plus TTL. Basically that's like getting all the options at no charge! Dealer is Infiniti of North Shore in Glendale/Milwaukee, WI. I had to walk out on them 3 times but the bottom line is totally worth it! Trade in of my 2000 I30 is fair, right in the middle of KBB trade-in value, which is actually pretty good for a dealer trade.
  • I find your deal very hard to believe. First of all, the 2k loyalty cannot be combined with the 3k marketing cash option. I called the dealer and they confirmed.

  • allprimaallprima Posts: 7
    Hi all,
    I recently puchased a 2008 g35x sedan and Infiniti just sent me an offer in the mail...
    Basically, it's an offer code for a $500 Amex gift card on a new purchase or lease of an Infiniti vehicle. (I will also receive $150 for "referring" you) If any of you have recently purchased or leased a new infiniti and would like the $500, please email me at According to the instructions on the flyer, i just log on to the infiniti website and enter the vin # of your car and my car and we both get the gift cards - no strings attached. I dont know anyone personally who is buying an infiniti soon so i figured i'd post the offer up here. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • ou96ou96 Posts: 2
    I was quoted 39,525 on an FX35 AWD basic model. MSRP is around 43,600 and Invoice 40,260 according to I was hoping to get 3,000 (total financed 37,260) under invoice and take advantage of the 2.9% financing incentive. Has anyone got 3,000 under invoice with financing? I've seen this with cash deals posted here.
  • caleasecalease Posts: 5
    What's the deal with lease rates on the FX50 in southern california? There are a few dealers who have them in stock, but they are pretty hard nosed about dealing. What are the money factors and residuals? I understand that I can get a pretty good deal on an FX35, but I want an FX50. Any help would be appreciated!!
  • My Infinti lease is almost up and I've been looking for my next car.
    The dealership has a leftover AWD FX35 fairly loaded:
    Touring Pack
    Tech Pack
    Sport Pack
    Floor Mats
    Cargo Net
    Cargo Protector
    Price history shown to be:
    orig: $52,075
    then: $49,080
    Now $42998 + tax, fees,etc
    Still seems a little pricey for a 2008 at this point.
    Anyone aware of any 2008 incentives?
  • in the washington dc area. that would be the price you'd be paying for a new 2009 model
  • argoldstargoldst Posts: 3
    I will be buying/leasing a g37x this week so if anyone has a gift card offer code and would like to do it with me, please let me know. First come first serve.
  • argoldstargoldst Posts: 3
    I am interested.
  • jbaby79jbaby79 Posts: 35
    If you are in GA and looking to buy an Infiniti, go to Gwinnett Infiniti. Ask for Dennis Epps. We just bought 2009 Blk/Blk FX35 RWD. The buying experience was smooth from beginning to end.

    We got about $2k off on the deal and they worked the cost of prepaid maint. plan thru Infiniti (not third party) in the deal.
  • mtbmaxmtbmax Posts: 5
    i have the rewards code available for a new owner who doesnt mind getting $500 gcard :)

    let me know if anyone is interested.
  • jephyboy1jephyboy1 Posts: 13
    I am buying a FX35 new today. Can you email me at jephyboy @ yahoo.

  • shopgirlshopgirl Posts: 6
    I purchased a new FX35 last weekend and had a great purchase experience from Austin Infiniti. I live in Dallas and also shopped Houston / San Antonio a could not find a better offer at $34,250 + TTL Base 2009 FX35. Everything was as stated when we arrived. A very smooth transaction. Our salesperson, Troy, has been very helpful.
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