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  • The loan sounds great, but the 600 is pure markup for them. Try to get them down, for sure b/c since you're not getting a loan from them the only "documentation" they have is the title and registration paperwork which usually isn't much.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    there is an identical car spec'd like the one that you are interested in at an Atlanta dealership in Gwinnett County. Its a 2009 so there is 5K dealer cash back. Your price looks good. This one I was interested in, and they were asking $41617 if you paid cash, MSRP: $51560.
    Good luck
  • If you guys are looking to buy from Infiniti of Gwinnett. They are a great dealer to work with. I bought my 2009 FX35 from them. Email me at [email protected] and I can tell you who to talk to over there.
  • There is 4k cash back for 2010 . So i dont see a point to buy 2009 when i can get 2010 for 41k.
  • I'm in the Atlanta area, what dealer gave you the price and can I call him?
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    you are right. what dealer gave you that price?
  • Nice prices, but all the models are RWD. I'm in Michigan and therefore need AWD. Any ideas for good deals up north?
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    If you want good deals, you should try Infiniti of Lisle outside of Chicago (30 miles).
    Largest Infiniti dealer in the midwest. They have deals on new and preowned. All of their FXs are AWD.
    PM me for salesman name at [email protected]
  • That'd be great. I sent you an email. Hope it gets through.
  • I've heard others in this forum talking about getting ~10K off MSRP for 09 or even 10 FX35. I am in the market for a RWD. Anyone knows dealers in the LA or OC area that are willing to offer deals like that? Much thanks in advance.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    I was working a deal with them to lease an FX35, but they told me I had tier 2 credit and not tier 1. they try to convince me that paying $100 more per month over 42 months is still a good deal. I persisted and said no. I left the dealership and never heard from them. I called my dealer that I bought my current M from back in Chicago, Infiniti of Lisle , and half an hour later, he said I was approved for Tier 1. I confirmed it with Infiniti when I called them. I then contacted Infiniti of Gwinnett to see if they want my business but no calls back or email responses. I guess they do not want my business.
    When my lease ends in early January, I am going to do business with my salesman at Infiniti of Lisle. Infiniti Financial Services told me that any Infiniti dealer in the US should be able to give me Tier 1 rates. So whatever the financial director at IOG was doing was not enough.
  • OK, this is a bit of academic question, but I think it bears some discussion. I haven't gotten too deeply into negotiations yet, but I've been offered essentially 6k off of a 2010 w/Premium and Nav. I've seen a couple of dealerships that are listing essentially the same car as an 09 for 9k off. My question is, at what point is it worth to pay a premium for the current model year? Since the 09 is essentially a year old as soon as you drive it off the lot, does the steeper depreciation of last year's model make it worth the 3k to get this year's model?
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    Did you speak to the person at Infiniti of Lisle? Also some folks here are getting 10K off 2010s so I would try that first. Remember it pays to travel for the right car.
    For example, I was looking at the inventory of Infiniti of Coconut Creek in Florida, and they have AWD Black with wheat interior, premium pkg, and deluxe touring pkg FX35 in stock. Since I do not want nav, that is nicely equipped. Also they state, if you can give them a written offer of a deal or an email you received, they will beat the payments by $50 or you get $5000.
    It could be a gimmick, but I am testing them with quotes I have received. I will travel for the right car at the right price.
  • I had hoped this week would be a good time for me to get a new car, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait till next month. So I'm not really talking about my situation personally. Before I commit to something I'll try to haggle and see what I can do. Your advice about traveling is sound, of course. I did talk to Bob at Lisle and they offered about 6K off, but I didn't push him or try to do any deal making yet. What I'm really wondering is what the difference between an 09 and a 10 is worth? If a dealer says I'll give you 3k or 5k more off an 09, which do you take? And how much of a price break would there have to be for you to take the 09? I'm just curious what everyone thinks the extra year is worth?
  • Generally speaking about $4000 is the is my logic...if you look at a 05 FX vs 06 FX - there is about a $4k difference, same with 06 vs 07, etc
  • It depends on how long you plan to keep the car. In general, the longer you intend to keep the car, the less of a difference the year-model has on the residual/resale value. For example, the difference between an '04 and an '05 FX35 (assuming 60,000 mi on both) is only $1,200 according to KBB.
  • Any recommendation? I am in the market for a new '10 or '09 FX35.
  • I'm sorry, but where did you see anyone posting that they were offered $10k off a 2010 FX? I haven't seen a single post that confirms that. 2009 yes. 2010 no.

    I posted a couple weeks back (mistakenly in the Lease topic) - bought an FX35 AWD with Premium, Navigation, splash guards, cargo organizer, wheel locks, all-weather mats (which I forgot in my original post) + first year of basic servicing included (oil changes, tire rotation). $40600 + tax, title. As with most new owners, I continue to monitor these boards, but I am still pretty comfortable with the deal I made. If someone has bought a 2010 (or even a 2009 equipped the same way) for a better price, I would like to know...
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    FX35Rocs posted this:

    "I am considering to buy 2010 FX35 and here is the quote i got from the local dealer.

    2010, FX35
    Premium Package
    Touring Package
    Navigation Package

    Purchase Price: $41,000 + Tax

    Is this a good deal? Please advice"

    I think that is the best deal I have seen so far.
  • I think there were some offers like that from Gwinnett Infiniti but they were for RWD only. Again, I'm only just starting this process, but I've gotten offers of 5.5k and 6k off 10s, but that's the best I've done so far, and those were both Chicago area dealers.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    Some of the Atlanta dealers do have AWD in stock and if they are going for 10K off, its defintely worth the trip down. Roswell Infiniti (ATL area dealer) has an AWD Black with wheat interior. I think it has premium and deluxe touring no nav. 10K off could be around $39K.
  • From the Infiniti configurator, it seems that there are only a few ways to option an FX35:

    Premium and Touring
    Premium and Navigation
    Premium, Touring, and Navigation
    Premium, Touring, Navigation, and Technology

    I've been looking for Premium and Navigation, but I was on a lot last week and thought the wheels on the Touring package looked good. Plus I'm not all that keen on the nav; I just want the around view monitor.

    So in terms of bang for the buck, what option combo seems best?
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    I think, premium and deluxe touring would be the best bang for the buck.
    you still have lots of features and the 20 inch rims look great! I wish Infiniti had at least 19 inch as standard wheels. I think the 18s look too small.
    If they had 20 inch wheels as a standalone option, then it would be premium and wheels.
  • I would, of course, like to have all four, b/c I'm just like that. But at that point the price gets so high that even with the discounts I'm starting to see slightly used 09 FX50s out there for about the same $$.

    I do agree with kshankar that the Touring wheels look great; I'm just not sure that's really my priority. With snow and rough roads here in Michigan, I might be better off with the 18s. So I'm leaning towards either going for Premium and Navigation, or just Premium. With 10s now you get iPod integration and bluetooth already, so Nav is just for the Nav, the around view, and the parking sensors. Which makes me wonder if I really need them.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    I have seen preowned 09 FX50s for $47-49K. In fact a few months ago, infiniti of gwinnett had a company car FX50 with every option with 4K miles for $49K. thats cheaper than a loaded FX35 (before discounts of course).
  • I'd like to hear from anyone that bought the Navigation Package just to know if they think it's worth the $$, or whether I should just buy a Garmin and be careful about my parking. :)
  • We have it, and I would get it again. I LOVE the 360 cameras. Those alone I think make it worth it, but others probably wouldnt agree. The nav system is one of the better integrated ones Ive ever used. The traffic info is great and the categories are generally correct. The one annoyance I have is if the car is moving, even with a passenger, youre locked out of many nav menus. There's a fairly easy work around to this, which I havent gotten around to yet, but it is kind of obnoxious.

    My last vehicle didnt have nav so I used a Garmin. I find them very similar, although the Infiniti has way more features (address book, save route to name a few). I had to pay for traffic on my garmin after a free trial, which I wouldnt do, and it has some fairly useless features (slideshow, mp3 player) instead of useful ones like mentioned above. If you override the nanny lock, the Infiniti nav is exceptional.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    I wish Infiniti had stand alone options so you can get the 360 camera without nav, 20 inch wheels without deluxe touring package, etc. This way, you are not forced to get stuff you don't need. BMW has it a la carte. When we ordered our X5 back in 2005, pick and choose options, but then again everything was optional on the X5 including automatic, leather, xenons, rear tinted windows, etc.
  • I found those wheels on a parts page on the Infiniti web site, but they were 850 a piece. You could always wait and check eBay. At some point, somebody's bound to decide that 20s aren't enough and put them up as slightly used. I do think the wood looks good on the touring too. If only they'd add something else, like adaptive headlights to sweeten the package. :cry:
  • No change from November.

    2009 FX35: Special Rates or $5000 dealer cash (not many left)
    2009 FX50: Special Rates or $6000 dealer cash (very few left)

    2010 FX35: Special Rates or $4000 dealer cash
    2010 FX50: Special Rates or $5000 dealer cash (very hard to find)

    Still have a $2000 lease Loyalty rebate - must lease and must own an Infiniti.

    Hope this helps. :)
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