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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    let me know if this deal is good or not, thanks

    2009 FX35 Premium, Cargo, SplashGuards
    0% Apr 36 month purchase $1,236. per month
    1.9% Apr 60 months $759. per month

    36 month lease $579. 15K miles $2,000. lease loyalty
    39 month lease $552. 15K miles $2,000. lease loyalty
    Based on 7% sales tax 15k miles, 1st payment due at signing, -0- Security Deposit, Tier 1 credit
  • Seems to be - I am out of Premium only 09's so it is hard to run an exact payment. You should get around $3000-$3500 off from the dealer, then get the special rates or $5000 more off. You may want to look at taking the $5000 and seeing if you can get your own APR of around 4.9% - this should be an even lower payment plus your overall debt situation will start off $5000 better!

    If you like to get a new vehicle every 3 years or so - lease it!
  • This is what we did- we got a 4.1% from BoA so we used that and took the $5000 off. If you stick with a 5 year loan, rates are down to 3.6% there today.
  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 175
    Thanks for your post.
    The $3000-$3500 off should include the $2K lease loyalty or not?
    thanks again
  • I have a 09 FX35 with Premium and Nav packages. I wanted the touring as well beacuse of the larger rims. I'm just waiting for a set to pop up on ebay.

    I called my sales guy at IOG when those used FX50s where on the lot, he said they were gone in a day or so. I did a quick autotrader search and there are one or two used FX50 in the Chicago area right now.

    I know someone who just got an 2010 and he said the new high resolution screen and updated features are a nice upgrade from the 09 model. My wife used the 360 camera to help her pack all the time. I would get the Nav option again.
  • The nav screen is updated? I hadn't heard that. I read something generic about "improvements" but it didn't say the screen was of better quality. I know in the 10 that I tested the screen was really, really impressive for its brightness and clarity.

    I would really like the touring wheels, and think the interior trim looks nice, but I will probably go for just nav. Although everyone seems to agree that the touring wheels look better, I'm not sure the average person would notice unless you parked next to an FX with them. 18s would be better for me up north anyway (that's what I keep telling myself, anyway). :D
  • Here is a link for the guy who just got the 2010 and was comparing it to the 2009

    I'm surprised IOG didn't give you at good deal. I know the finance director and one of the sales guys pretty well.
  • riko9riko9 Posts: 2
    I have been following this forum for awhile, so I thought I'd post my deal.

    2010 FX35 AWD w/ Premium, roof rail cross-bars, splash guards and cargo organizer for $38,200 + tax, doc fee, title.

    Just picked up the car and it's awesome!

    I'm also looking for someone who has not redeemed his AMEX redemption code to team up for the gift card.
  • that's great deal you got Riko9! mind share your dealership name/location? I am in SoCal, in the market for a 2010 RWD.
  • Hi
    I have just purchased a new 2010 FX35 and are looking for a current owner who has not redeemed their code to team-up for the Amex gift card incentive.
    Please send me an email to [email protected] the following info:

    Infiniti will send you a $150.00 owner recomendation rewards card (AMEX)

    Owner redemption code
    First Name
    Last Name
    Street address
    Zip Code

    If you want I can provide the info or I can submit with your info if you wish.


    Looking for AMEX Teamup
  • Im looking to buy the AWD 10 FX35 premium, nav, cargo holder, roof rails and splash guards, MSRP $50210 in the Northern NJ area. The invoice on this car is $46,035. Their initial price (before negotiation) is $47,600 (not taking into account the $4k incentive). My question is how close to (or under) invoice can I expect to get? Anyone have good experiences in the NJ area?

    BTW...anyone thinking about getting the touring package with the 20 in wheels, they are horrible in the snow and bad rain. I have the 08 with the 20s and it slides all over...the AWD doesnt help at all.
  • I thought the AMEX gift card reward only applies to purchases/leases from 8/28 to 11/30. Has it been extended?
  • casp80casp80 Posts: 17

    I have received a quote on a 2009 FX35 AWD for $525 below invoice excluding the dealer cash $5000. But, this vehicle had been a DEMO that has 1500 miles on it. Do you guys think it is a good deal? Here's the breakdown:

    2009 FX35 AWD:

    OPTIONS: Premium, Navigation, Roof Rails, Splash Guards, Glass Breakage Sensor.

    MSRP: 50270
    INVOICE: 46090
    SALE PRICE: 46090 -525 = 45565

    W/ Cash Purchase: 45565 - 5000 = $40565
    W/ Lease: 45565 - 2000 = $43565
    W/ 0.9% financing for 66 months: 45565.

    Please help me out. The dealer wants a security deposit right away..
  • I don't know for sure, but it seems like you ought to be able to get close to that on a new 09 and maybe 1.5-2K more for a 10. It's not a terrible deal by any means, but if you wait a bit they might come down a bit more esp. getting so close to the end of the year.
  • casp80casp80 Posts: 17
    The problem I have is that there are no new 09 FX35s that have the Platinum Graphite/Premium/Nav packages available with in 500 miles. That's why I had to negotiate on this demo. I am planning to lease this vehicle and the money factor is extremely low that on 39 month lease with a residual of 0.47 (23626.9) and a MF of 0.00038, I get a monthly payment of $600.50 including taxes/title/licensing with no down payment. The 2010s seem to have a high MF. I would like to purchase the vehicle at the end of lease and the low residual on the 09s seems to help. These are the reasons for me to go with an 09 as opposed to 10.

    The dealer said this is the absolute minimum they can do on this demo. Do you think it would be best for me to wait a little bit to see if they will go lower?

    Thanks for your quick response.
  • You need to talk to car_man in the leasing topic about the numbers for the lease. Have you tried 10s? I'm not yet to the point of negotiating (had one test drive, but that's it) and a couple of dealers have offered me 6500 off. Right now Coleman in VA has some stuff marked down online (a 10 with prem and nav, plat graph, MSRP 50210 − 7175 = 43035). I don't know where you're located, but I'd use that as a benchmark and tell them if they want you to buy what's essentially a used 09 they need to work to get your business (if it were a new 09, I'd say go for it, but too many of these dealers try to sell demos like they're something special when they're really just used by the dealership instead of used by somebody else). But that's just me.
  • casp80casp80 Posts: 17
    Yes, I think that they really are used vehicles that have had a owner tag on them. I kind of feel the same way that if it had been a new car, I would have gone for it. But, I was hoping I could get a better deal with it! I offered the dealer $1000 below invoice on that vehicle and he turned it down. Back to the drawing board. The pricing from Coleman sure looks great! Unfortunately, I live in Memphis and it is too much a distance for me to drive and get the car from :(
  • Luxury Motors Chicago has some used FX35s, Premium only, 35895. They're former rental cars, but you could probably take the train up from Memphis. There's not much in the way of new 09s in Chicago, but there's 4k marketing on 10s and maybe between Christmas and New Year's one of them might be willing to make a deal. Try Motor Werks Infiniti, Infiniti of Lisle, and Fields Infiniti. They all seem to be loading up on stock this month, so I can't imagine they'd want to carry any more than they have to into the new year.
  • casp80casp80 Posts: 17
    Thanks very much for your responses. I was finally able to negotiate a sale price of $300 below invoice on a Black/Black 2009 FX35 AWD. Invoice Price of $46328 - $300 = $46028. Since I am eligible to use lease loyalty cash I was able to bring the final sale price to $44028. I am using the same 39 month 15000 mile lease option and my residual is 0.47 and MF is 0.00038 (I need to confirm with CARMAN that those are right though). So, monthly payment excluding tax/title/license worked out to approx 560/month. I am estimating the tax charges would increase the monthly payment to $600/month!
  • riko9riko9 Posts: 2
    I made that deal w/ Infiniti of Ann Arbor, MI. I recommend them, it was a positive buying experience.
  • 2010 FX35 in Platinum Graphite with Graphite Leather. Factory Options – Deluxe Touring Package, Premium Package, Navigation Package, Roof Rail Crossbars, Cargo Area Organizer & Protector, and Splash Guards. Dealer-Installed Equipment – Wheel Locks ($105.00)

    MSRP: $52860.00
    List Price as Equipped: $52965.00
    Deal-cember Sale Price: $48436.00
    Infiniti Core Cash**: - $4,000.00
    Purchase For: $44,436.00*

    Total Savings: $8,529.00!
  • I'd jump on that. It's one of the best deals I've seen lately. It might get better if you wait another week or two, but it also will probably be sold b/c somebody else will snap it up.

    Who's the dealer and is RWD or AWD?
  • It's AWD...and I'm keeping the dealers name for now....

    I guess I'm being picky but I want a Liquid Platinum not the Graphite. I admit the Infiniti has throttled back production. But I also think NO ONE is selling any cars. 90% of the buyers were satisfied by the "cash for clunkers" program. Many of the dealers were holding out for winter hoping it would drive up sales and it hasn't.
  • We originally wanted the graphite but when we saw it in person switched to liquid platinim. i think it shows dirt more, but i LOVE the color. never been a silver fan until this car. good luck on the search.
  • I am in the market for the same car. Dealer in Columbus, Ohio is taking 7500 off MSRP. Can you send me the name of the dealer and salesman? Thanks
  • riko9,

    Could you post the MSRP on your deal so we can compare apples to apples?

  • MSRP 47500
    Sale Price 40000
    I offered 38500. Dealer not interested.
    I may end up buying a toyota 4runner instead. I have tried to get the names of dealers that are selling this car for 10K OFF MSRP, but people are not responding.
    This deal is at Infiniti of Columbus Ohio
  • Can you send me the dealers and salesmans name that sold you the car for 38200? My email is [email protected]
  • Truthfully I signed up a couple of days ago just to save some poor [non-permissible content removed] from paying to much. I put a lot of effort putting my deal together and there isn't much supply. I'm currently negotiating $11k off MSRP. I think just knowing that, is is of itself, a big help to most people. When I'm finished I'll tell you all how I did it. You can read my new book "How to buy a new car, Chapter 1 - The Basics" or "Chapter 2 - The Low-Ball Offer". No one is selling cars so don't believe what the salesman tells you. Just offer $10k below MSRP and negotiate from there. If they laugh or argue with you just call the next dealer.
  • You should call your book - "How to Waste Time"...."no one is selling cars" - where do you live - Wyoming? We've sold 115 New Infiniti's this far. :)
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