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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Dinoman!...Have you made your decision yet? If'd better not buy a "Toyota 4 runner"..r u for real>?...FX...thats the way to go...i will hunt u down...LOL!..just kidding of course. No really...follow your heart!
    Disregard if decision made already. Good Luck...Be Happy w/your decision. Not downing Toyota, because i have both an FX and a Toyota...Absolutly love both my babies! 2000 Toyota has 120,000 + miles....Its my go getter...But my 04 FX is my the road car! :shades:
  • I'll second that, Crest is right behind you.... Tux
  • So, any word on what's up incentive-wise for January?
  • badderbadder Posts: 6
    Based on online price quotes, the same incentive is still in place AFAICT...
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    2009 - none, they gave us dealers $5000 and said you are on your own!

    2010 - special rates (0% for 36 up to 3.9% for 72) or $4000 dealer cash

    If you lease, you get neither of those, but there is a $2000 Loyalty Rebate along with strong residuals and good money factors. :)
  • FX35 Midnight Mocha/Java with Premuim, NAV and a couple of minor things. MSRP $49,975 bought it for $42,200.

    I live in Va Beach and bought it at the local dealer here. He was a nice guy and it was pleasent experience. I think I left a couple of bucks on the table, but that's OK. I'm happy with the deal.
  • Although I didnt buy it but wanted to share with members in case anybody interested.

    2010 FX35 w/ NAV/PRM/ AL cross bar/ ILLUM Kickplates/ Cargo Organizer/protector/Rear Bump protector for 41500$+TTL+400 Doc fee. This is in N.VA/DC area, One of the best dealer I worked with. Toobad I didnt get the vehicle, This price is w/o any trade-in and include all rebate/incentives w/o infiniti special financing. Msg me if you need salesperson name. This is the best Deal I've seen in 300 mi radius of my location.
  • 2010 FX35 with Prem/Nav/Hands Free/ Tour Package's.. ONly want tour b/c required with hands free.

    Might consider optional accessories (DVD headrest, Splash guards, & bumper protector)

    Carman can you give me money factor & residuals. Can anyone tell me where I should be at in price with MSRP of $55k - $58k (depending on options).

  • dino - how are you working with in columbus. i'm looking to buy a at columbus
  • I did the same as riko9. Infiniti of Ann Arbor. text me for contact info.
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    tobe_cx7 can you please tell me the name of the salesman. Thanks..
  • Zee @ Infiniti of Tyson Corner,VA
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    Thanks tobe. Unfortunately they dont have the color I want. So what made you not buy the FX? I am torn between the FX and MDX.
  • I just checked their seems like they sold half of what they had a week ago. I suggest you should atleast get a price from them and then match it with dealer who has color you need.
    FX35 is a beautiful vehicle, I had hardtime giving up on it but given gas mileage(I drive 2k/month on avg),repair cost, extended warranty cost,brand depriciation & 4.5K reduction in my purchase price made me switch decision last min. I had nissan before (still hold one) and reliablity although good but not as good as Hondas/Toyota (here come flamers to burn me :) ), Did you drive both mdx & fx? I know their's not good deal goin on MDX rite now, & FX is aggressively priced with incentives, bottom line go with what suits you best & your needs.
    Goodluck with your search.
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    Yeah they just have about 4 cars now. I did drive the MDX and liked the way it handles but my wife hated the interior. We both loved the FX(exterior and interior), the RX is just too plain and boring. I thought reliability would be good considering its an Infiniti/Nissan. Where have you heard/read about reliability issues with the FX?
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    Also was the 41.5K price with or without Dest?
  • No specific reliability concern...I was talking in general, There's a difference b/w Acura vs Infiniti...look @ consumer reports and etc...again I'm not bashing infi but Acura's have edge over other brand in terms of reliability...I have not seen other brand stating "no tuneup upto 100K" in their brochure (maybe some do But I dont know any).I agree with your wife..FX is beautiful and RX is vanilla. but again PPl are buying RX350 left & right because it's also very reliable car with less depriciation value. I had 3 nissans (now only 1) and 10% of my decision was based on fact that i was bored with nissan drive feel. Again, if you decide to buy FX, you wont regret it..I didnt want to buy FX in end cuz I already have One SUV so I bought a sedan *&* oh yes..41.5 DOES INCLUDE DEST.
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts tobe. Enjoy your new TL.
  • Hi All,

    I just signed up this deal in the Boston area for a 2010 FX35 with Navigation, Premium, roof rail crossbars, splash guards, cargo area protector and organizer and first aid kit. Color is Midnight Mocha.


    Cap Cost.
    $43,472.46 ($42,579.46 + $298 doc fee + $595 acq. fee rolled in)

    $26,124.00 (52%)

    39 months

    Money Factor


    As many of you know, Infiniti has an awesome program where you put down additional security deposits to pay down your money factor. Each security deposit pays down the money factor by 0.0001 and is entirely refundable at lease end assuming you don't have excess damage to the car. We opted to put down the maximum 9 additional security deposits (actually 10 total, 1 acts a as a "base") to pay down the money factor to 0.00048. Our resulting interest rate was very low at 1.152%. We also opted to put a down payment down to make our monthly payment even lower. But anyway, here is the breakdown of our payment depending upon how you structure it.

    Total payment: $540.88 (pre-tax) and $574.68 (including tax).

    Total payment with 9 security deposits: $508.13

    Total payment with $4,766.03 down and 9 security deposits: $375.85.

    Total cash to table:

    $4,766.03 down payment
    $ 297.88 tax on down payment
    $4,500.00 (9) security deposits
    $ 100.00 DMV registration fee
    $ 375.86 first monthly payment

    Cash to table would be $475.86 with no money down and no security deposits.

    Cash to table would be $4,975.86 with no money down, but paying 9 security deposits.

    Invoice on this car is $46,056 and we got it for $2,583.54 below invoice. All in all, not a bad deal, I'd say. I'm very happy with the deal and the car! :)
  • ^ car is AWD version.
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    Just bought a 2010 FX35 AWD with premium package, roof rail crossbars, splash guards, cargo area protector and organizer and first aid kit. Color is Black on black/Graphite. Paid 40500 OTD tax in VA(3%). Had an offer for 40k but this dealer was the closest to home and threw in 2 years of maintenance, lifetime free oil changes and some other extras. Drove the MDX,RX350,ML350,Q5 and GLK and nothing compared to the FX. I know its the most impractical(smaller cargo space) of the lot, but for me it was the sweetest ride, awesome exterior and super awesome interiors. Thanks to everyone on this post for posting their experiences especially tobe..
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Enjoy and congratulations! :)
  • I'm thinking of buying a new 2010 Infiniti FX35 AWD SUV in NJ.
    Please tell me is this is a STEAL, DEAL, or NO DEAL:

    MSRP: $49,915
    INVOICE: $45,925
    NEGOTIATED PRICE of CAR: (after rebate and before tax, title, reg, doc fee): $41,625
    FINAL PRICE of CAR: (after 7% NJ tax, title, 4-yr reg fee, & $249 doc fee): $45,200.25

    Premium Package
    Navigation Package
    Cargo Area Organizer
    Splash Guards
    First Aid Kit

    Did I do ok? Where could I have negotiated better? The doc fee seems to offset the $300 under invoice price I negotiated so I'm not too happy about that.
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    I think its a good price. I paid 39k +tax and tags for the same car without nav. Try and negotiate a 2yr maintenance in this price.
  • im looking at buying a used fx50, we are talking to a man now about a 09 (but he recieved it in june of 08) pretty much fully loaded except for all the lane change stuff, 16,000 miles. He has been trying to sell it for a while (6 months) but its been a pain trying to get ahold of him and such, i was just wondering what yall would think as a reasonable price for the car? I really hate going by KBB and such because the given economy and also not alot of people are going to purchase a $40,000+ from a private party individual.
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    The MSRP on that vehicle is 59k so if you can get the 09 for 40K that would be a great price. 09 FX35s are selling for 34-38K so that makes the 40K price for a FX50 pretty good. Its a great car, I love it. The FX35 is very exclusive and hard to find, and the FX50 even more so..
  • Also looking to purchase a 2010 FX35 AWD with Premium Package as the only option (no Nav or anything outside of standard offerings). The quote we got is for $40,940. All research so far says this is a fairly reasonable price, but suspect I could go lower.

    It is certainly on par with the $40,500 figure I have seen in this thread. Question for junkbond is: was the $39K financed through the dealer, your own sources, or cash?

    Dealer is in PA, but we live in NY (not NYC).

    Second question is exactly the same as the OP: is $40,940 a good price for an AWD FX35 with the premium package option?
  • Check the Infiniti of Tysons Corner web site. They have one for $39,351.
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    If that price is OTD, then it's a good price, if not then you could go another 1k lower. I financed through the dealer and got 3.95% APR, they pricematched a similar APR that I had through my credit union.
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    That price does not include Destination, doc fees and dealer installed options which will add another 1.5-2k to the price. Been there done that. :)
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