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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jabeevajabeeva Posts: 15
    My stepfather received the quote summarized below via email from a dealer in Virginia. I've had great sucess negotiating my cars using the Edmunds forums and I'm hoping to help him out this purchase. Let me know what you think of these numbers.

    2010 FX35 w/ Premium, Navigation Package and Roof Rail Crossbars
    MSRP: 49,375
    Discount: -8,210
    Quoted Price: 41,165

    I presume this quote is before TT&R + any fees. I have suggested that he should ask them to throw in the 2-year maintenance package. Any thoughts on whether we can get this car for a lower price?
  • tk76tk76 Posts: 13
    Does that price include destination? If it does then thats one of the best prices I have seen.
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    Seems like a good or very good deal to me, depending on which situation you're in (see next sentence). If you take the invoice price (about $46k) and subtract any incentives (at least $4k, plus possible the $2k owner loyalty) then we're looking at $40k, so your price gives the dealer $1165 of overt profit. If you don't have the $2k loyalty then it's a better deal, essentially below invoice by $845.
  • Hey - I saw your car on the Fields lot two weeks ago. It caught my eye, nice pickup for you.

    fyi: I traded an '06 FX35 with similar options at Fields last year. I got an '09 FX35 from Fields but still sort of miss my '06.

    Good luck with the ride.
  • Looking at 2009 FX35 with Prem/Nav/Tour/Splash Guards etc. MSRP with dealer prep $52,225. Dealer asking $45,000 excluding TTL. I can probably get it down more. What is ones experience with the FX 35? I also remember a dealer incentive back in 2009. Does this still exist for the 2009?
  • Hello from Sweden..
    Have anyone got a good deal on a 2010 or 2009 with nav and tech pkg?
    Im shipping it to Sweden (have a 2006 now)
    It has to be with the Technology thats the pkg with selfadjusted headlights...a must in Sweden...for xenon lights. I wonder if anyone know where to turn for the best would be in the Conneticut area.
    Would be happy for help..regards//Arne Johansson
  • My wife is looking at a new FX 35 with Premium,Navigation and Touring Package in Central Texas. Any idea what a good price would be?
  • Anyone have insider information as to when the 2011 FX50 will be released?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    No change here.

    FX35: $4000 or Special Rates (0% for 36, 0.9% for 60, or 2.9% for 72)
    FX50: $5000 or Special Rates (see above)

    $1000 Lease Loyalty Rebate IF you lease and you currently have an Infiniti. (FX35 only) :)
  • chbauerchbauer Posts: 3
    Ok I was at one atlanta infiniti dealer today, test drove an FX35 (Premium Package).

    Here's the following quote I got.

    If I bring my own financing:

    PRICE: $39,119.00
    DOC FEE: $698.00
    TAXES: $2,787.19
    TITLE: $21.00
    DRIVE OUT: $42,625.1

    If I qualify and use Infiniti Financing offer:

    PRICE $42,977.00
    DOC FEE $698.00
    TAXES $3,057.25
    TITLE $21.00
    DRIVE OUT: $46,753.25

    What do you guys think about this deal.

    This is for FX35 RWD with Premium Package.

    I appreciate your input. Thanks.
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    edited May 2010
    Hey ChBauer-

    At first glance I liked that first price, but then I realized you are talking about RWD. I think you could do better, the dealer is keeping a lot of $ from you if I'm reading the incentives correctly. That brings me to my next question- I'm a little confused by the offers. Isn't the extra dealer money available only if you use Infiniti financing, but you don't get the lower rates? You said if you get your own financing you can get the lower price. I'm confused about this incentive. Also, do you know if that extra cash is available if you lease? I'm looking at leasing a 2010 FX35 at the end of June.
  • chbauerchbauer Posts: 3
    thanks for your reply grossie.
    how much do you think can still be taken off the quote?
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    Invoice plus dest on that car is $42,165. I'm assuming the $4000 in marketing support is in your price, so IMO you should shoot for $38,165. That is basically invoice minus the $4k. There is still plenty of money in it for the dealer, stuff you don't automatically see. If I were buying my car this way (I do it a little differently) I'd counter offer with $38,165 (or add whatever other options are on top at invoice price) and I'd be willing to go about $200-$300 higher. I'd also not make my offer until right before the end of the month, preferably on a Monday, Tues, or Weds. This makes the manager more likely to want to sell that car for a few different reasons.

    Let me know how it turns out. I'll be buying my next FX35 at the end of June.
  • julia2010julia2010 Posts: 2
    Got an offer from a dealler in LA on 2010 RWD base model for 35.5 plus tax and registration. MSRP is 43,265; invoice - 40,020. Is that reasonable or are there any better deals out there?
  • chbauerchbauer Posts: 3
    here's the latest I have:

    FX35 RWD 4DR
    Premium package
    Splash guards
    Aluminum roof rail crossbars
    Cargo organizer & protector
    First aid kit
    Tonneau cover

    $42,221 Drive out price, what do you think?!
  • helen04helen04 Posts: 2
    Anyone, by any chace, know what is the invoice price for a 2010 infiniti fx35 in canada (price they have on canada infiniti website is $52,300)?

    Thanks a bunch?
  • helen04helen04 Posts: 2
    if invoice price is $40K,and he added premium package, navi, etc, how could the dealer still be willing to sell at invoice price? They are giving him premium package and navi for free?? My apology if i sound stupid...I am planning to buy a 2010 FX35 and the MRSP for AWD is $52,300 in Canada (no package) or $58,150 (with navi).And the sales told me their mark-up is 8%. which price should I aim for? Thank you sooo mcuh for the advice. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • fxsilverfxsilver Posts: 8
    trying to lease a 2010 FX35 and haven't seen a recent update on money factors and residuals so I am not sure if the dealer is gouging me or not.

    Looking at a 2WD FX35 with premium and nav. They have come off $6500 off MSRP so around $42k. Texas

  • bignasty1bignasty1 Posts: 26
    Car Man -

    Can the 4k in dealer cash be used in a lease?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
  • The dealer invoice on a base FX35 in Canada is $47425 with MSRP being $52,300. Infiniti Canada is currently offering $3000 cash credit. Should I offer dealer invoice minus the $3000 i.e. $44425? Dealer mark up is usually 6-8% in Canada. What is a reasonable final price?
  • g35_maniag35_mania Posts: 17
    fxsilver ,

    You ever get the MF and residuals? I'm also looking at the same car and was only able to get them to 46k. 41-42k sounds much better. What part of TX you in?

  • Awesome deal. Dealer invoice minus $3000 cash credit.
  • aidaaida Posts: 4
    edited July 2010
    I have leased from Infiniti for the past several years. Given the 0% financing I am considering buying the FX35 AWD outright with the options listed below which bring the car to 55774 MSRP. I can put down 10 to 15K. Does this make sense and what should the dealer be prepared to sell the car for given the down payment in cash.

    PREMIUM PKG -inc: climate-controlled quilted-leather front seats w/2-position driver seat memory, interface system for iPod, reverse tilt-down exterior mirrors w/memory, pwr tilt/telescopic steering column w/memory, sand-blasted aluminum roof rails NAVIGATION PKG -inc: hard drive-based navigation system, voice recognition for audio & navigation controls, XM NavTraffic, 9.3 GB hard drive, 8" color touch screen w/compass, Around View Monitor, front/rear sonar system, XM NavWeather, Zagat restaurant guide, in-dash DVD player, Bluetooth streaming audio DELUXE TOURING PKG -inc: 20" 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels, P265/50VR20 all-season Bridgestone tires, hand-stained maple wood trim, aluminum pedals, cargo cover HEADREST ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM STAINLESS STEEL REAR BUMPER PROTECTOR STAINLESS STEEL ILLUMINATED KICK PLATES SPLASH GUARDS
  • ethansskyethanssky Posts: 8
    Hi. I am in the market for a 2010 FX 35 AWD / Premium Package / Navigation Package. What is the best/good price I can get it for? Oh. I live in NYC. Any reply will help. Thanks.

  • xrfpxxrfpx Posts: 2
    Paid $54,050
    MSRP was $64140

    Black Obsidian with Java Lthr w/ Maple
    with Sport Package

    Splash Guards (4-piece, front and rear)
    Roof Rail Crossbars
    Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector
    Cargo Area Protector and Organizer
    Illuminated Kick Plates
    First-Aid Kit
  • ironman87ironman87 Posts: 3
    That is a great price.Was that Out The Door plus tax or including tax.
    I have literally been trying to buy a FX50S with Sport Pkg.only since January.Did not want Black or Copper and had to keep the cost under $55K plus my local tax.
  • xrfpxxrfpx Posts: 2
    $54K was price before tax. The car buying service via Amex will get you close to your budget. I was able to start with the Amex price in the negotiation and work on the price from there. It was June 29th and end of the month - they were willing to deal.
  • exxonenexxonen Posts: 1
    I'm eligible to Nissan VPP "D" and looking to buy fx35 2010 tech package in Seattle, WA.
    as I understand with VPP I can get at least invoice - $1000 + tax.
    what is invoice price for this car, and what'd be "good" price to talk dealer to?

  • Hi Julia,

    could you please let us know the dealer name ?

    Appreciate it.

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