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Ford F-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Im looking at a F-150 XLT
    The dealer showed me "his" invoice which was $ 33,719 and I qualify for $4000 in rebates for a total of $29,700.

    Im either buying a F150 or a Tundra and dont know what to do.

    What are others paying for F150's?
    This is the exact vehicle CV0AFA70053&modelId=173&dealerPACode=04808
  • Has anyone been able to get this package for less than 36900? I am trying to get one for $36000, and the dealer seems willing to go there, which makes me wonder if I can get it for even less. One thing I have not been able to find are statistics on days on lot for these cars.
  • Hello,

    I am in the same boat another Tundra or a Ford F150 XLT. Did you ever have any luck getting yours?

  • Looking at a new 2010 F150 XLT 4x4 extended cab with the 3-valve 4.6.

    It has the drivers package and the XLT convenience package, MSRP 34960. Dealer is quoting $26360 including $4500 in rebates. Just curious how I'm doing!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • Getting ready to buy new f-150 stickers are in the 42k to 46k can anyone tell me what they are paying. I am thinking 10k to 12k off of sticker am I crazy?
  • kenkkenk Posts: 6
    Just bought a new F-150 today...I hope I got a decent deal.

    Sticker MSRP: $34250
    Paid $22950+ ttl
    Out the door: $24,7**

    Pretty basic truck, but the dealer did add tint to the windows for me.

    Rebates $5500
    (including $1000 from Ford finance)

    TMV put the invoice around $31,000

    I got a total of $11,300 of the MSRP on a 2010 F-150 XLT 2WD Supercrew at Champion Ford in Katy, Texas.

    So how did I do? I guess I'm happy.
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    I'd be interested what options you have on the truck you got. I'm looking at a similarly priced F150 Supercrew 2wd, but didn't get near that offer. The one I was looking at was an XLT with an MSRP of $34875.
  • kenkkenk Posts: 6
    edited July 2010
    2010 Supercrew 2wd XLT
    Ingot silver, XLT Chrome package, XLT Convenience package, tow package, drivers group, sirius, sync.
    Bench seat 60/40
    They added window tint to the deal ($125)

    The way I figured it I'm about $1600 below invoice. $5500 in rebates, $1000 Ford Finance, $4800 dealer discount.

    There was an ad in the local dealer for $10,000 off MSRP (blue line price) or $11,000 (w/Ford finance) on any XLT on the lot. I went down there, but they didn't have the truck I was looking for. Then I went to another dealer and told them I'd sign if they could beat it. They did by $300. I think I did pretty good, of course I didn't really hassle them over the document fees etc.
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    Looks like an outstanding deal to me. I know now Ford has dropped their rebate to $3500, so that makes getting a similar deal a little harder. Plus, it seems here the supply is limited, making dealers less likely to make deals like that. I'm still going to try and pull off a deal similar to yours.
    Thanks for the reply!
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    Was wondering about this 'dealer plan' pricing that I'm eligible due to a family member being employed by Ford. I was given a quote of $25,923.66 on the above vehicle with Conveniece, Chrome, Drivers group, tow package, sync, sirius, door code, metallic paint and 3.55 limited slip. Truck stickers for $34,875 after the $2000 Sync, Chrome and Tow discount. They added some $399 appearance package.
    The 'dealer plan' discount was $3850.34, and I'm wondering if that is just a percentage off the MSRP or if anything is negotiable on that. It would seem to me that it really isn't much of a discount as the Edmunds pricing shows 26130 with the $5500 in rebates and Truecar has $25932 with same applied. So where's the discount?
    Seems I could do better by holding out til later when the 2011's roll out, though rebates might not be the same. Still, I thought family pricing plans were supposed to be pretty good, but by the looks of it, I guess not!
  • extras:
    3.55 limited slip rear end
    Trailer tow pkg
    rear window defroster
    XLT convenience package
    drivers package
    reverse sensing system
    XLT chrome package
    sirius radio

    spray-in bedliner
    bed extender
    all weather floor mats

    MSRP around $36,700

    I originally paid $27k for this, but found out that it had 5k miles on it halfway home. Apparently it was a demo model that was unmarked. Nobody told me about it. So they offered to swap me for a different comparably equipped one or a free extended warranty plus some cash back. I took the cash back and warranty since there wasn't a mark/scratch/scuff/ding/etc... anywhere. I ended up paying $25k and getting the free extended warranty. I don't feel quite as good about the deal as I originally did, but I still think I did OK (but not outstandingly great).
  • A great deal! 5K miles is something you shouldn't worry about. 12K below retail with extended warranty is a sweet deal.
  • That's kind of what I thought, but it is nice to hear somebody else say it too. I went over EVERYTHING really good and the only evidence I found that the truck had even been driven was the odometer. I normally try to keep my vehicles for a long time (7-8 years, 100k+ miles), and in the end, those extra miles on aren't going to make any diff. at all to the value at that point.
  • Dealers are asking for 15K for little low end sedans. There is no doubt a loaded truck worth 25K is a better value. If the economy is strong, you won't get it for less than 30K. Also, the new engines coming in the 2011 trucks have aluminum blocks. I don't believe they will last long like cast iron blocks.
  • Pretty basic XLT model:
    XLT Conv Pkg
    Tow Pkg
    Drivers Group

    MSRP of $31,235
    Edmunds Invoice $28,449 (the invoice the dealer showed me was more like 29,000)
    $5,000 rebate
    Sale Price $23,500

    WIth only $75 doc fee! They came down from $399 doc fee as I qualified for X Plan, they said the truck price was better then X plan but they would discount the doc fee.

    Also did some big time negotiations on the interest rate, they started at 5.49 and we ended up at 3.6% for 72 months.

    I pick up the truck Friday, overall I am happy with the deal.
  • Just make sure you check the mileage on it. As you can read from a few posts earlier my dealer tried to sell me a 5000 mile demo at the "new" price I negotiated. They claimed they didn't know it was an unmarked demo, but I wouldn't put it past any car dealer to pull something like that and hope the owner does not notice. Anyway, it ended up working out for me in that they gave me an extended warranty and some more cash to compensate for the miles and I feel that was fair.

    Sounds like you got a pretty good deal. You are going to love the truck. It's SWEET!
  • So it was really bothering me that my "new" truck had 5100 miles on it right off the lot even though the dealer gave me an extended warranty and some extra cash back (see earlier posts). I called them up, told them that I just wasn't feeling right about it, and they said come on down and we'll swap you for a different one. Did that, no problem! The new truck didn't have backup assist on it like my original one did and the sales manager said, "We'll put that on for you. We want your new one to be just like the one that had all the features you really liked." So, they said we won't charge you extra for the 6CD changer and we'll knock off a few hundred for your trouble. That's Awesome. Now, I am really excited about getting a good deal on a new truck rather than feeling OK about my 5100 mile demo.
  • I am looking to purchase a 2008 F150 with vin# 1FTRF12218KD12046. The asking price is $8800...also claims 19,000 miles. Does this sound too good to be true?
  • I would check the title and run carfax to make sure it hasn't been flooded, salvaged, wrecked, etc... Also pay for an independent inspection and ask if the owner has all of the service records. If everything checks out then it sounds like a really good deal.
  • What type of deals are you seeing on a new, 2010 F150 Lariat 4x4 4-door, with the 5.4L, loaded nicely?

    I'm actually able to travel most anywhere to get a really good deal, but I'm just curious how much off the MSRP they are going right now? The MSRP range that seems to have all the options I'd want is around the $45-47k range. I'm just wondering how much lower they will/can go right now.

    Any experiences?

    Thanks in advance.
  • 2010 xlt crew 4X4 MSRP 41K paid 28,600.
  • Looking to purchase a 2010 f150 supercrew with msrp at 44,500.00 .What is a legitimate price to pay? I was thinking about $ 15,000.00 discount would be fair offer. Am I in the ballpark? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • If it works out on the $15,000 let me know. I've just scratch the surface on negotiations for one at $44,300 and I'm down to $34,100 without a face to face yet. So I know I'm going to make it to $12,000, but my goal is the same as yours, $15,000 off and its a purchase.
  • I'v decided to jump ship on ford, after extended test drive the mpg posted was 12.8 on highway, with 5.4 3.55 ax ratio. And the resale trade -in value on f150 was beyond awful. i'm going to wait and see what chevy has to offer on redesign in 2012. However they were ready to deal at $13,500.00 off msrp.
  • Looking to buy new f150 king ranch msrp 50,755. just looking to see how people have done off the msrp. Thanks from Boston. Moonroof, mats, off road package, angular step rails,nav, taigate step and 20" rims
  • How are you people getting those deals? every dealer ive contacted via email either wont give me a price or seem to top out at 8k off. If theres any boston dealers out there who want a sale let me know.
  • If the truck your looking at 2011 supercrew has the eco-boost engine $8,000 to $9,500 off msrp with current rebates is about right. If 2011 with 5.0 V-8 you shoul be at $11,500 off msrp with current rebates. If 2010 supercrew $13,000-$14,000 off msrp with current rebates. Pay anymore and your paying tooooooo much. Check kbb trade-in for f-150's so you don't fool yourself into agreeing to pay one penny more.
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