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Mazda RX-8 Accessories and Modifications



  • msrx8, I know this is a reply to a rather old post, but the issue is about to become current for me. I will be picking up a 2006 RX8 Special Edition (new - 88km on the odometer)tomorrow. Mazda Canada has a promotion on where they are throwing in a floating spoiler, a set of Mazdaspeed wheels and a Mazdaspeed cool air intake with every new RX8. These items won't be available for installation until April so I have some time to decide, but given oldtimer2's description of the side effect and your diagnosis of the problem I'm not sure I want the intake. Can you give me an indication of the benefits of the intake and how intrusive the noise is?

  • oldtimer2oldtimer2 Posts: 19

    This is just an update on a couple of things. I have got used to the whistling sound that comes from the new "cold air" I had installed on my wifes car. Techs at my dealership really dont know what is causing the sound but they thought it may be a natural aspect of the air going through the cold air duct and connecting tubing. It sounds like a turbo spooling up but there is no turbo. Kind of neat without the problems of a turbo or supercharger.

    The "popcorn" sound I heared for the first time yesterday while my wife was driving in 6th gear through a winding road with sharp turns. I now have another idea about the cause and source of the popping sound. She had just filled her car with 93 octane gas at an off brand gas station named "Kangaroo" before driving through the twisting road.

    The popping sound could be detonation of a cheap gas and air mixture that was really not high octane as shown on the pump. Combined this with her slowing down and then speeding up without changing gears (lugging the motor), as she negotiated the winding road. The next day I put 16oz of octane booster in the tank and and then had her drive through the twisting turns again but this time in 5th gear so as to not lug the engine. Well the popping sound did not do it again, so it could have been a combination of cheap gas and luging the motor. I will let up know if it starts pinging again.

    The best I can tell the only really big problen with the roatry engine is that Mazda requires the use of light 5W-20 oil in this very hot runing engine in the USA to meet the government's MPG for thier fleet of cars. But through out the rest of the world Mazda requires the use of 5W 0r 10W-30 oil to properly protect the engine. The USA engines are failing before 20,000 miles where the RX 8's are not failing through through out the rest of the world while running a heaver oil.

    I am getting tired so .........Later
  • murfbearmurfbear Posts: 17
    Wow! I have a 2006 6SP Shinka and have about 2400 Miles on it so far, I don't drive it very much. But I have noticed that the power has faded some, or maybe it's just me but I think the performance has dipped a bit, I saw yoy replaced the Plugs and would like to try this on my car. Did you have this done for you? or did you change the plugs your self?. What exactally what plugs did you get? And how difficult was it to do? I would really like your feed back. Thanks very much. Any help would be great.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    "Mazda requires the use of light 5W-20 oil in this very hot runing engine"

    Just out of curiosity, how high does your oil temperature get once the engine is fully warmed up?
  • peterrx8peterrx8 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the information olditmer2. I'd be curious to know if you drove the car for a while before putting on the special cold air intake and if you remember what performance impact it had. Also, is your wife's RX8 and auto or manual?

    Unfortunately, even though we are not subject to US government regulations Mazda Canada has adopted the 5W-30 standard for oil up here. I will be talking to the techs about it when I take mine in for it's first service and see what they say.
  • bryan102bryan102 Posts: 5
    Interesting point about the 5W-20 oil, oldtimer2. When I had my 8 in for routine servicing a couple of days ago, I raised the matter with the service manager. He was clearly aware of the issue but was too cagey to indicate the degree to which he thought it significant. Could I ask how you know that Mazda outside of the USA (and Canada, by the way) recommends 5W or 10W-30 oil? I have attempted to find a reference to this but my Google searches only come back to your own messages. I am not meaning to imply that your are making it all up but if we are to make progress with Mazda we have to have stronger evidence, I think.
  • murfbearmurfbear Posts: 17
    I would like to know where you bought your p[lugs and if you installed them or had it done for you. I am in the same boat, I have 2250 miles on my car 2006 Shinka Edition, (Don't drive it to often) and after oil changes and recall items I have noticed a considerable drop in acceleration. I would like to know what plugs you purchased, how many? and what is the difference between leading plugs and the trailing plugs and again what is the best plugs to buy. I do live in the Pacific Northwest 70 Miles North of seattle. Any assistance you can render would be a great help. Maybe I would drive it more often if I can get some more pep back in to it.

    Thank you M.Murphy
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Replacing plugs on the RX-8 is not too bad. Just push the hoses etc. that are in the way towards the firewall. I use zip ties to keep them there. From the drivers side (left) you can easily reach the plugs once those hoses and cables are out of the way. The leading (lower) plug is a different temp range from the trailing (top) plug. This is because one is traditionally just a "cleanup" plug, though it's used for more on the renesis. You can order the plugs online, or from a dealer parts dept. There are now at least three heat ranges available. The hotter is good for winter driving. If you are down south, they wouldn't be necessary. Use the mid range ones for winter. The cold plugs are really only necessary if you drive hard in hot weather (or race). Also, the really "hot setup" is the iridium plugs. They last a lot longer and ignite with more reliability.

    Be sure to apply antiseize to the plug threads (the copper type is fine for this application). This will make it a lot easier to get them out should you leave them in there for a long time.
    Tighten the plugs until you feel the crush washer just start to crush. A torque wrench is the preferred method, but I don't think you can get one in there.
  • murfbearmurfbear Posts: 17
    Thanks for the insite.
  • 007agnt007agnt Posts: 2
    I took mine into my local dealer, per. recall, they replaced the plugs for free along with a free service. I did not notice a drop in acceleration.
  • oldtimer2oldtimer2 Posts: 19
    Bryan102, your question about evidence that everywhere in the world except in the USA, Mazda requires 5W-30 weight oil in the RX-8 is easy if you are really interested in proving it to yourself.

    This forum is probably like other forums in that I can not put links in my response to other web site forums where RX-8 oil required is 5W-30 weight oil. However, you can very easily "Google" for Mazda RX8 Club UK (United Kingdom), for example, and read their web strings and you will see that the oil used in the UK and throughout Europe is 5W-30.

    The United Kingdom RX8 Club forum not only covers just England but all of Europe. You can continue your search for other countries and find that as I have reported the oil used through all the world except in the USA is 5W-30 weight oil and not the 5W-20 weight water Mazda requires us to use.

    With respect to you needing stronger evidence, only you can prove it to your self if you want to find out.......good luck in either easily finding the evidence that is out or in trying to cause confusion about the issue because you might be a USA Mazda Dealer.
  • rx8wannabrx8wannab Posts: 17
    I followed the links in your (old) post, read the PIE info, and have a question regarding the PIE aux-in adapter. After installing the aux-in (these are RCA jacks?), where are they? I.e., where would you connect your MP3 player?

    2005 AT "The Blue Angel"
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Sorry for the late reply, but I was not subscribed to this forum.

    You pull the radio, plug the PIE into the back of the radio, you plug the PIE to AUX adapter into the PIE and than ends in two female RCA connectors. You plug either an RCA to RCA cable into these or an RCA (male) to mini stereo plug into these. Neither is supplied with the PIE but both are available through the places I linked, Radio Shack, etc. You then plug the male mini stereo plug into your MP3 player, sat radio, ipod, etc. It is just audio in only, you can't control the ipod or anything with it.

    To switch between the in-dash CD and the "changer" just hit the CD button.

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