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Mazda RX-8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    and wanted to post their 2004 inventory. They have:

    5 Red 04's that MSRP for $33,595 - They had leather, moonroof, navigation, NO spoiler. The salesguy said $27,200 for these.

    1 Red 04 MSRP $30,435 price quote of $24,500 (this is about same as above minus the navigation, I think.)

    1 Green 04 MSRP $28,290 price quote of $$23,100

    1 green 04 MSRP $$32,125 quote of $25,900.

    They are all 6 spd manuals. Also, these are the numbers he quoted, I'm sure you can negotiate a little more. in South Charleston, WV. They will ship them if the buyer wants to pay for it. I was really surprised, even with this many left, they have moved several since my buy in March!!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Ask them if they want a low-mile BMW in trade :D

    I have seen even better prices - an 04 with GT and NAV for about $25k. I am not going to say more, since if someone buys my car today I would get this one....

  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    that they are selling good used cars like crazy. They have even put some of their 04's over on the used lot just to fill it up. So, they would probably be receptive to a good BMW. They were kind on my trade and it's already been sold.

    I'm sure you can get the above prices down a little more. These were just prices they pulled from their dealer sheet for my reference. Also, other than just a quick glance inside, I really didn't check out the options on them - they may have more goodies.

    I got the rotary accents put on mine yesterday - looks really good and I did the 6 disc changer. I'm pretty much done with the accessories.
  • mba2dnamba2dna Posts: 8
    Had placed an order in March, I'm still waiting for the 8. 2 more months to go. :D I paid around USD58000 for the car including insurance, license etc... buying car here is not cheap and what I can choose is color. I picked T.Grey, standard package including 6-spd 238hp engine, HID, LSD, DSC, EBD, standard MD, and some al stuffs. Wanted to upgrade the stereo but no way that the agent here can do. :(
  • tjjjr2tjjjr2 Posts: 4
    ">About 2 months ago I had an urge to get a toy. 6'2 and 280 something so I knew I would have some troubles.
    Tried all the 2 seaters and just not the right fit. So I decided I was going to settle for a 4 seater that fits 2 "horizontally challenged" people.
    Went out to get a Mustang GT. Had to wait until July and I was ready to buy. Before leaving the salesman asked f I was interested in testing the 8. So my dealer was a Ford dealer and not a Mazda Dealer.
    Looks were awsome, fit was great, driving experience was unsupassed.
    So here was the deal:
    2004 Titanium metalic grey with black leather
    July 03 build 1st owner 11/03 traded in 2/05 (carfax) for a mustang GT
    9600 miles
    GT package
    Rear spoiler.
    Inspected before sale and new tires installed.
    It was an impulse and I did zero research other than a 2 hour test drive on every highway, back road, curve that I could find. Worked the tach to the max, took her to 130 and tried to break her loose on many a tight curve. Filled it up to check the MPG (so I knew the MPG sucked but wasn't in it for that) and took it home.
    $25,000 all inclusive of taxes, title, tags, prep, tire tax and "anything else that they would ever think of putting on it"
    It did not come with any service papers or stickers for TSB's. With a build date of July 03 I will probably take it in and have all things checked or need to run the VIN to see whats in the database. What do you think?
  • jcollum68jcollum68 Posts: 14
    I am located in NE Ohio near Cleveland, been checking new 2004 RX-8 prices nationally and regionally. I have seen quotes for about $8,000.00 off RX-8's dwecked out with grand touring package, nav system, and such, and I am tempted to get serious about buying one. Ricart Mazda in Columbus supposedly has 40 new 2004's left, and I see various other dealers in the country still have them.

    I haev a good vehicle and really do not need a new car, but REALLY want this RX-8. My question is basically when do you think the new 2004's will run dry, and will prices really fall much more, or are the selling sufficiently quick so that this will be as cheap as they really will go?

    Any insight from the members would be greatly appreciated, and maybe kick my butt to the dealer soon!
  • jcollum68jcollum68 Posts: 14
    I do like the thought of Paris Hilton's underwear dropping, and the price drops are a close second. Thanks for the insight. I will probably get the car loaded to the max, as the price difference is only a few grand. Probably the best course of action is to get the best price on an 04 decked out, and see if the 05 is significantly more. Frankly, if it's only 1-2K more, probably worth going for the 05, but you did confirm what I had previously thought, that is, 04's are cheap enough now that they will probably be gone before the 06's come out.

    I would agree that I doubt they will drop the vehicle, as its image is equally, if not more important, to the sales numbers for Mazda. If they get rid of it, they are basically a company with products that are hardly too unique, or exciting.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    My point was, if you do not care for NAV or leather (for example) then unless you can find an 04 with the options and the color you want, then you may be better off getting an 05.

    On a 6MT the GT pack is a little over $1k more than touring at invoice, the NAV ads around $1,700 to the invoice price.

    So if your ideal car is a touring pack without NAV, then the invoice on it would be about $2,700 less than getting a GT w/NAV.

    Right now, you could get an 04 GT w/NAV for $4,000-4,500 to maybe $5,000 under invoice. An 05 might be right at invoice. So with the 04 RIGHT NOW the GT would still be less and you get more. Of course, if you hate leather seats then getting stuck with a GT is not a good deal.

    But say you really want just the sports pack, you are tall and the moonroof cuts into the headroom. On a 6MT the sports pack is $2,409 cheaper than the GT, then $1,700 for the NAV. The difference is about $4,100.

    So if you had to take a loaded GT w/NAV for $4,000 under invoice VS your ideal car with just the sports pack for invoice - the price would be about the same. In this case, it would seem to make more sense to get the 05.

    Do you see what I mean?

    If the invoice search still worked for 04 cars, you might could find one just like you want and then you would save $4k-5k for sure. But if all you can find are loaded up ones, then you have to ask yourself what is it you want - and if maybe paying more for an 05 is a better deal.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Paris threathened to sue, so I have to re-post w/o mentioning her :D

    Mazda USA has washed their hands of the 04 models, it appears. They
    pulled them from the car locator a couple of months ago and gave dealers
    $4,500 or $4,000 (depending on who you listen to) write off on them and
    have moved on.

    I don't see them getting any cheaper, unless the dealers sell them for
    $0 profit or at a loss. Hold back is 2% of base MSRP, so figure invoice
    less that less $4,000-$4,500 is about it. So you can figure the bottom
    line, make no money price.

    There are TONS of 05 8s on the lots too, and assuming they don't drop
    the car (I would be shocked if they did) 06 models will be out soon.
    They brought out a "show" Shinka model for 05 and folks are GUESSING they
    may bring out a "go" MazdaSpeed model for 06. If they do, the values on
    left over 05s will drop faster than the value of my 401k :D

    You can get an 05 for invoice or a little less right now. There is a
    $1,000-$2,000 dealer lease incentive if you lease one, so an even lower
    price is possible. Most of the left over 04s are loaded up NAV cars. If
    that is what you want, then that is a super deal if you can get it for
    $4-5k under invoice. If that is not how you really want the car, then
    you could get one just right for invoice or so right now - and the
    difference in price would not be that much since the 04 would be loaded up
    with extras. Down the road, the 05 would be worth $1k-2k more - so you
    might come out OK with the 05 equipped like you want it. Once they put
    more incentives on the 05s, they will start moving fast - then it is
    like a reverse auction. If you wait and they still have the car you want,
    you get a better price. But if someone else buys it, then you can't get
    what you want once the incentives are greater.

    The sad thing is the resale and trade value of these cars is going to
    be in the toilet, but as long as you know this going in (along with the
    poor mileage and flooding issue) then it is fun car.

  • oga2oga2 Posts: 4
    What states are you finding these 04's in? I live in michiagn and can't find one to save my life :mad: i think I may have to make a trip down to columbus to check out Ricart...

    Do you think that my local dealer just isn't giving me a good price? He quoted me 31k gt pack, navi, 6 disc.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You have to just call around (or visit the dealer web pages). MazdaUSA pulled the 04s from the inventory some time back, so no easy way to find a car. You could just keep finding dealers farther and farther away from home and ask them if they have any 04s. A lot of 04s have been sold, and some dealers I was talking to are now sold out. Of course, that means they will have more 05s to clear on in a few months....

  • jcollum68jcollum68 Posts: 14
    I have a complete list at home, spent a few hours looking aroung the country. The only one left in Ohio is at Kempthorn in Canton. There are about 50-70 still out there. When I get home I will post the list.

    I just got a quote from Kempthorn. Gray 6spd with cloth, appearance package, Nav system, 6 disc changer, rotary accent package, touring package. No spolier. MSRP $33,609, their offer was $26,995. He said he could knock only a $100-$200 more off that price. They have had it on their lot since 10/03, and began the warranty on 5/1/05.

    Other two dealers with a lot of RX-8's are Schaefer & Strohminger in Maryland,, they have about 5 left, and Courtesy Mazda in Las Vegas has about 5 left.

    As Dwynne correctly stated, it seems many of these have Nav system and no leather, which is unappealing to me. To install leather aftermarket is about $1200.00, so it is not much cheaper than an 05 with leather without Nav system.
  • jcollum68jcollum68 Posts: 14
    I meant to say 50-70 left in the country, not at Kempthorn...Kempthorn has only one, and that is the only one in Ohio. However, Park Mazda in Wooster has a new 04 RX-8 decked out at $41K with all the Mazda Speed goodies, and they are at $10K off, aksing $31K.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I just got a quote from Kempthorn. Gray 6spd with cloth, appearance package, Nav system, 6 disc changer, rotary accent package, touring package. No spolier. MSRP $33,609, their offer was $26,995. He said he could knock only a $100-$200 more off that price. They have had it on their lot since 10/03, and began the warranty on 5/1/05.

    So this is a pre-owned (used) car? Why wouldn't the warranty start as soon as you purchased it.

    The good news is that with everyone choosing to save and get an 04 8 the 05 8 sales had to have suffered a LOT. So I see more incentives and deals coming on those. It might be a long wait to get down to $4-5k under invoice though.

  • jcollum68jcollum68 Posts: 14
    No, this is brand new, 200 miles...all the ones I am talking about are brand new, never titled. The reason they had to start the warranty time clock is they were forced to by Mazda USA...they probably do not want to warranty a new 04 starting late in 05... Other dealers which have new 04's are as follows:

    Bill Hood Mazda (Lousiana), Hollingsworth Mazda (Louisiana), Lou Fusz Mazda (Missouri), Parks Mazda (North Carolina), Capital of Cary Mazda (North Carolina), Stokes Mazda (South Carolina), Gaithersburg Mazda (Maryland), World Car Mazda (Texas--has 8 new 04 RX8's), Hancock Mazda (texas 7 RX-8's), Bronx Mazda (New York), Ontario Mazda (New York), Ramsey Mazda (New York 4 RX-8's), Young Mazda (Pennsylvania), Sussman Mazda (Pennsylvania), Maple Shade Mazda (NJ 4 RX8's), Champion Mazda (Massachusetts), Burt Mazda (Colorado), Earnhardt Mazda (Arizona)

    Unless otherwise noted, the dealers have 3 or less RX-8's available.

    Any idea if there will be low factory interest rates on the 05 RX-8's anytime soon? Did they offer low interest rates last year on the 04's? If so, what rates?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    That sounds like pure BS to me. I have seen and heard of lots of left over cars and never heard of the warranty starting until it was sold. IF indeed the warranty is running on these cars the dealers will probably never sell them.

    I should have pointed out that some of the dealers that still have 04s have them for a reason, they will not freaking deal on them :-) I guess as time passes they will have to, but when I talked to some a few month back they still though they needed to make a nice profit on the car and would not deal low. The ones that were blowing them out cheap - sold theirs (go figure).

  • jcollum68jcollum68 Posts: 14
    Yeah, I'm with you...I was a bit surprised Kempthorn in Canton wasn't thrilled to have be ready to buy...they were very casual and nice, but not really seeming like they wanted to move this car. Heck, it has been on their lot since 10/03! I'll probably sit on it for awhile and see what happens...I am really starting to lean towards an 05.

    I would love to know if, and when, there will be special financing on teh 05's
  • baptistandybaptistandy Posts: 10
    So, i'm a brand new college grad with 25k to spend on a car. I'm 99.9% sure about the rx-8. Since I want more than a base model, would it be best to wait till the 06's come out and get an 05 heavily rebated, or get an 04 now (if i can find one). OR get a used one? Any thoughts? This is my first car purcahse and am kinda in the dark on everythign. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • jcollum68jcollum68 Posts: 14
    If you do not want a base model, 06 is out of the question. I posted the 04's available, they are mostly $26.5K to $27K as they are pretty well equipped generally. Used one is probably your best bet, as even an 05 will be not have much optional equipment for $25K. They do come pretty well equipped in base trim, should go take a look at an entry level 05
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    jcollum writes...." The reason they had to start the warranty time clock is they were forced to by Mazda USA".

    That is pure bologna...
    the warranty starts the day the dealer reports the car sold to mazda....if the warranty has been started its because the dealer burned the RDR...
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You don't want a "base" 8, get at lease the sports pack. That adds traction and stability control, HID lights, etc. On the auto cars (but why get an auto tranny 8?) it adds lower profile tires, larger brakes and wheels. It is the best cluck for the buck package on the 8.

    The invoice on a new 05 MT w/sports pack is $26,756 - so you are going to have to wait until there is some rebate or dealer money on them to get in your price range. Does Mazda has a college grad rebate - if so that would help?

    If you could find an 04 that was not loaded up, the price would work - but that might be hard.

    Nothing wrong with a used 8, but given how cheap you can get a new 04 I would not pay much for a used one. Maybe $21k-22k for a loaded up car and under $20k for a sports pack car. It just does not make sense to spend more for used. If you found a NEW 04 MT with sports pack it should be around $21,125-$22,125 .

    If you ARE looking for an auto, there might be one of those around as a new 04 that would be under your price.

  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    Lester Raines in S. Charleston, WV had 8 last time I was there. My post # 711 outlined some of the options and the price they quoted me for each. I haven't been there or talked to them since (I try to stay away - I've spent all my money on 8 accessories...), but I'm willing to bet they still have some.

    baptistandy...they might be a good source for you as well. some of the cars were fairly nicely equipped. Mine is a MT with sport, no leather, no sunroof, does have a navigation, I got it out the door for $21K. They ARE dealing on these cars and they were super to work with. Look back at post # 711. My bet is that those numbers are not bottom dollar either!!
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    Dennis is right, unless the used one is dirt cheap, don't do it. There are untitled 04's out there and as he posted earlier, the 05's are gonna have to start coming down soon as well. After understanding (somewhat) the dynamics of the car, I'm glad I didn't buy a used one because I REALLY want to know how the car has been treated during it's life.

    Patience will pay off. I wanted one the minute they hit the lots, but curbed my enthusiasm until just this past march. Got a leftover 04 at a price that I can live with. Had I bought sooner, I would be moaning about my high payments.

    ps I can't post any phone numbers for lester raines, but the web site is there is no info on there beyond the hours and phone numbers, but you can get that much.
  • baptistandybaptistandy Posts: 10
    Yall have any idea how much it would cost to ship to texas? And just a lil clarification, i meant wait till the 06's come out and buy a rebated 05, would it be worth the wait? Thanks again for the words, I'm totally clueless on all of this.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    We don't know there will be an 06, but we think there will be.

    It took them a while for the 04 dealer money to max out at $4,000 (or $4,500). What is likely to happen is some rebate/money will be put on the 05s and there will be lots of choices. As those sell and the choices get less, sales slow so they will up the money for better prices. They may do this in several stages. So the best selection can come with the highest price. Lowest price (like right now) can mean the worst selection.

    You can call McNutt Auto Transport and ask - you will need the city and ZIP for both the dealership and where you want the car delivered. An non covered (open) haul might be $800-$1,000 depending on the distance. I have used them 3 times in the past, once to sell a 'vette and twice to buy cars.

  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    these cars when I was at Raines because so many of you posters are far away. They said they would be happy to help out in that regard. They may have shipper they use as well - didn't ask that questions. the zip for Raines is 25309.

    I looked back at my earlier post and some of those red ones I listed first are nicely equipped. I added a spoiler to mine for just under $300 from my dealer.
  • baptistandybaptistandy Posts: 10
    curse my inability to drive a stick and the fact that the air force is sending me to russia for a month on saturday. Hopefully some new 04's will be floatin around when i get back.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    We only have one new 2004 RX-8 left in stock. its priced a few hundred over invoice less the final pay incentive....oddly enough we have sold 3 used RX-8's for more money than the brand new RX-8. Goes to show you that some folks will pay more for a used one in the color they want vs. a new one in the color they don't like.
  • dsmdriverdsmdriver Posts: 3
    Ricart in Columbus,OH claims to have about 40 2004 RX-8's in stock. They have not responsed to any emails I have sent though.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    That is pure bologna...
    the warranty starts the day the dealer reports the car sold to mazda....if the warranty has been started its because the dealer burned the RDR

    I agree, but I don't think I have seen the acronym "RDR" used before. What does it stand for?

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