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Mazda RX-8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pathospathos Posts: 5
    823 of 831 re: new to the forum by shabz Jul 27, 2005 (9:08 pm)
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    bought an 04 rx-8 6MT titanium grey about 5 months ago, but new to the forum. Its got the sports package, bose audio, navigation, and moonroof and got the final price to $23,400. Bought it from Irwin Mazda in Freehold, NJ.

    It looks like it has bose and a moonroof, along with a sport package - so it sounds like a touring package.
    even if it was just a sport pkg and nav - 4 to 4.5 k under invoice would have been nice. I'm about to lease a 2005 sport/6cd/rotary/net for 2.5K under invoice. thought about the touring pkg, but i need the headroom and the homelink blocks the already limited outward visibility.

    I'm happy :) to get such a deal, but surprised :surprise: that more people don't want this car - and they have to use incentives to get it off their lots. sad. :(
    i love this car. :shades:

  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Well folks, NO LUCK. Of course asking for luck in a card deal is probably a red flag for a SUCKER.

    In my online search three dealers actually responded with $2500 off from the start, but they quoted from Grand Touring Pkg 30K with the Moon roof which as a 6'1" driver those lost 2 inches are really huge. But at the very least these online folks were honest about what they had to sell.

    One dealer from Welsey, called with a very relaxed manner, telling me, getting the RX 8 AT with Sport Pkg. would require waiting until the 2006 models, some 4 months in the future.

    Then today my local dealer called saying he had one. I packed up the wife and son and off we went. Then UGH!. The sales guy said there was a mixup and the Black RX we wanted was miss identified in their inventory as a Sports Pkg. rather than a Grand Touring. So we're talking a $5000 mistake in their inventory or the sales manager and salesman were pulling classic bait and switch. Which was it? My wife is a financial person. She knows what it was.

    As a family unit we were having fun so we played along and test drove a Grey one with a Sport Pkg, just to prove to ourselves that the head room was really important, along with the $5000 savings. Headroom is great without the Moonroof. BTW, the cloth seats compared to the leather seats, I'd go cloth for looks AND comfort.

    One question for everyone on the RX 8 Airbag. The sales guy says the front seat has a sensor that switches off the Airbag for small people. Grandmothers and Children. Is this true? The 2004 RX 8 did not have this feature according to Consumer reports.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    From what I just heard, you -may- want to wait for the 2006 model. I've heard the automatics will use the new Miata 6 speed automatic. Should make the car a little faster. ;) Being a new model, I'm sure you'd have to pay list, though. :(

    If you're after a manual, I haven't heard of anything groundbreakingly new for it (yet).
  • shabzshabz Posts: 2
    sorry guys, in the excitement to complain about that other dealership
    forgot to mention that i got 1200 for a trade was a chrysler sebring, about 160K miles on it, and basically the crap beaten out of it......first car I ever owned.
  • csabacsaba Posts: 1
    I have just bought my RX-8. She is a Titanium Gray with GT package MT/6 2005 model. I got $700 under invoice, which was $28652. I also had a $500 rebate, so I had my car for $28100. The dealer was excellent. I did not need to haggle at all. The dealership was Freeman Mazda, Irving, TX. Good luck!

  • andimalandimal Posts: 1
    Found dealer here over the Internet in Melbourne willing to sell at invoice. Reviewing the financing, an additional $2000 cash from Mazda was available. Silver 2005 RX-8 Manual with Sport Package at $26,500, so call it $24,500. Got $10,000 for my trade-in (it was already paid off). Downside, the sales manager ( or someone ) kept trying to change the numbers in the deal...3 hours later it went down as initially negotiated. Wadda' pain...but, I'm happy in the end. I've used auto brokers and worked with fleet managers in the past, never had this kind of difficulty.

    Always bring a calculator and review all the numbers before you sign the can always leave, eh.

    - A.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    If that was the Mazda-Kia dealership in Melbourne,Florida.... I know exactly what you mean.A friend of mine wanted to purchase aTribute and ended up getting a Ford Escape because of the old figure switching.
  • nikkonikko Posts: 3
    I was checking out the '05 RX8. The Shinka is very nice. I also saw a used '04 on the lot. Grand Touring package w/ navagation / 7,400 miles / excellent condition. They had it listed for $25k. What do you guys thing about the price? Blue book lists it for $25,500.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    With discount and rebates my 05 8 w/GT and NAV was under $29k - and that is for a new, 0 mile car.

    $25k sounds too high to me for a used car. lhess posted a while back where there are/were 3 new 04s w/GT and NAV that could be had for $4k or so under invoice - that would put you around $26k (if they still have them).

  • bigd5bigd5 Posts: 3
    Anyone that can help,

    I'm very interested in buying a 2005 RX-8.... how far under invoice are dealers going in your areas... Please list area and bottom line price for vehicle before factory discounts. I live in Pittsburgh, PA area and have been given invoice +200(costco pricing).

    Thanks in advance,

  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Well folks, did it today! RX-8 AT Sports Pkg, Nordic Green Mica, 6 miles on the odometer before we test drove it, and all the plastic sheets on the exterior and interior.

    It was a deal blessed by the Internet. Mazda USA online inventory appeared over the last few weeks to have been fairly accurate, but I still had doubts about trusting it.

    The pleasant surprise that the Mazda online inventory showing the RX-8 AT Sports Pkg. was spot on, was coupled with the even more pleasant surprise that Nordic Green Mica is a stupendous color. Nordic Green Mica, looks almost black in the shade but turns a rich incredible green with hints of purple, in direct sun.

    Lastly, during the deal negotiations, which were very simple and straight forward, it was that finally fixed the deal. Essentially, it was agreed that the TMV price was fair.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    you'll love it. They are not making the nordic next year, coupled with the fact that I have seen very very few of that color, makes yours pretty unique. I have a yellow one and I like that about it!! Drive safely!!
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Yep. Nordic Green Mica is the closest to the Shinka purple type color, but I like green as a color better than purple.

    Picked her up this evening. Her name is Arwen Evenstar. The RX-8 AT sports pkg. is perfect for the Boston traffic reality, literally skipping directly to the gear it needs for performance and efficiency. I'm not into the manually shifting, since first and second would be all one needs in Boston. The four speed AT appears to get into overdrive at 35mph, often directly from 2nd gear skipping over 3rd. I'm thinking my gas millage is going to just fine.

    Anybody driven the 6 speed AT in the Mazda 6 yet. does it skip several gears regularly in urban traffic?

    I'm keeping rpm under 4K for the first 500 miles. Hard stops and acceleration are also avoided, but then stopping on a dime and zooming 0 to 25 from the stop lights is barely using this beauty.

    Love the head room. As a 6' 1" 220 dude, I don't feel packed in too tight, just nice and snug for the turns.
  • I own a 6spd manual -Pearl White RX8- with GT package and a few extras. I have all options/upgrades except leather.
    I know manuals usually out perform most automatics, and the Rx8 manual has about 40 more horses under the hood.
    My first question is... Is there a huge difference in performance between The AT and MT, or is it slight?
    The reason I am asking is people have asked me about the difference between the two options in trannies. I have mostly driven stick--so my opinion is obviously biased. Some co-workers want to know if the AT has, at least, decent performance. Is it quick off the line?
    ---Can it achieve 0-60 in under 7? -Or is it too sluggish?
    People getting onto fast moving expressways/highways like to know that. At least my questioners do.
    Is the gas mileage the same --or better than the manual?.
    I have always gotten better gas mileage in manuals.
    I know this is about buying experience--but I have three Rx8 admirers who like manual--but would rather have an automatic because that is their preference. Anybody test drive both?? This would aid their possible experience."
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Just got my RX-8 AT, but I was a total stick man for decades, until the Boston traffic reality beat my clutch knee and ankle into total submission. Once switching to driving AT cars I had a fundamental shift (no pun) in my thinking, see below.

    Don't let the lower RX-8 AT 197 HP number fool you. There's MORE torq, in the AT, cause Mazda used their torq converter lowered the HP. I can tell you, even without full throttle, my tires are chirping and the Lim Slip Dif is definitely working in my RX-8 AT. Accelarating out of a curve has the DSC kicking in even on dry pavement. The auto tranny is lightening fast, going between gears way faster than a human could do it. The AT is going to get you better gas millage in the city because it gets inito over drive (4th) the very second that performance is not needed. Highway millage, is probably going to be better with the sticks.

    But, if you want to shift so that you keep the RPMs in the 4K-7K power band, just use the paddle shifters. You can simulate smooth shifting by letting off the gas the instant you paddle shift. You can easily maximize the torq for 0-60 or more importantly 50-80 for passing.

    My comments on auto trannies vs sticks after decades of driving both.

    First, urban stop and go traffic is NOT the place for sticking it, because the energy, concentration and coordination to properly shift gears, can't always be maintained, especially when the driver is tired or dealling with the maters of life in hour long commutes.

    Second, urban traffic demands, that you get it in gear each time perfectly, over literally thousands of shifts without stalls or missed gears, otherwise the guy behind your is going to be on the horn, throwing profanities, or up butt with a bumper.

    Third, stomping on the gas with an AT vs clutching, will in most cases, get a car going quicker from the first 0-25mph.

    Fourth, humans are not machines of perfections at all times. Shifting, when not for fun, is just a machine action.
  • I appreciate your response--I love stick and i am glad I made that choice--but in stop and go traffic in downtown Chicago-it can be a pain in the...
    I'm glad to hear that the RX8 AT has good acceleration too.
    A few co-workers of mine want an auto sports car/with looks and roominess/ as well as some performance to it.
    Most, if not all, of the performance car magazines have only dealt with the Rx8 manual transmission-not the AT.
    Thanks again for your response. I guess its up to these people to test drive both the AT and MT and choose which transmission fits their driving expectations.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It has been posted here previously, but I thought I would remind you the 06 RX-8 w/AT is SUPPOSED to come with a little more power (still less than the 6mt car) and a new 6 speed auto tranny.

    So if you wanted to get an auto RX-9, I think I would wait for an 06.....

  • I just bought a Shinka 6sp MT from Claremont Ford/Mazda last week for $29,000 even in LA. The Shinka, with extra optional packages, had an MSRP of $34,5##. I did not need to haggle because I gave them a price to beat from another dealership. I don't know if they have any left. Browning Auto Group from Cerritos (also in LA) had a few left. They had a ad for $5000 off the sticker price (which includes the $1000 rebate from Mazda if you finance with MAC). So if you live near LA and want to buy a brand new Shinka, check out those two dealerships. Don't bother with the dealership in Alhambra. When I took Browning's offer to them, a sales manager accused me of lying! I even called Browning back and had them repeat their offer over the phone (I held my phone next to the sales manager's ear), he simply said he didn't hear anything. A total jerk...can't do business with this kind of attitude. :(
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    the shinkas look great! Be safe driving!!
  • ... where the most up to date information on current rebates and incentives can be found? I went to a southern CA Mazda dealer yesterday and he told me about the $5k in current rebates ($3500 cash and additional $1500 for financing with MAC). But this wonderful website still lists $1k and $1.5k as the current rebates.

  • thelthel Posts: 767 should have all the available rebates listed for your area...except the factory to dealer incentives.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    I have met with a couple of dealers and have some information on the Virginia, DC-area incentives. There is a $1500 factory to dealer incentive, plus a $1000 incentive to the customer if they finance with Mazda credit. I don't know how the Mazda credit rates are - I would be interested in knowing if they have competitves rates (with good credit) if anyone cares to comment. I was offered $27500 at one dealer for a black, GT, app pkg, spoiler, chaperal seats; and $27700 for the same, but black leather seats and spare tire pkg at another dealer. Ultimately, I passed on both, as I have decided that I need an incredible deal on the 2005, or order a 2006 with the Costco deal of $300 - $500 over invoice, so that would be $2500-$3000 more, but the AT is a 6-spd vs a 4-spd and has 15 extra HP. (I need the AT for DC traffic plus bad knees) If anyone is looking for a 2005, Browns Fairfax and Rosenthal in Tysons are both automatically giving you both incentives.
  • hsphsp Posts: 13
    Anyone knows what is the deal for 2005 Rx-8 Base with 6-spd manual?

  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    At my Boston dealer they are posting $5K off the a $30K 2005 RX-8 AT. They have 12 2005 RX-8 AT's in stock.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    Had a great buying experience recently at Naperville Motors. 2005 GT AT for 24,200 (including Mazda rebates). It was their "internet sale price". Basically got for invoice minus Mazda and auto show rebates. Would definitely do business with them again.
  • rx8wannabrx8wannab Posts: 17
    This is a great time to buy any 2005's left on the lots! Today I completed a deal for a 2005 AT Sport for a final price of $23,591 (invoiced at $25,741, so 2150 below invoice). I used CU Auto Sales in Sacramento. To get to that price, there was $1000 dealer cash, $750 rebate, and $1000 Mazda financing rebate.

    Guess I'll have to change my username now.
  • jcollum68jcollum68 Posts: 14
    What was the sticker on the vehicle?
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    to finally get my recalls done. I know that sounds bad, but didn't get to it last fall and didn't drive him all winter so....

    Anyway, my Mazda dealer had a crapload of 05 8's left on the lot - probably around 12 give or take. I didn't look them over in great detail, but I know there was one white one, a few reds and blacks, and they had only one auto. Most stickers I looked at were in the $28 - $31K range. I did not ask about selling prices simply because I'm not in the market for one, but I got nearly $10K off my leftover 04 from them last year (and it was earlier than this in the new year).

    The dealership is Lester Raines Imports in South Charleston WV. If you google them, they do have a website with no real info on it other than phone number, directions... Might be worth checking out if 05 inventories are getting skimpy in your area.
  • rx8wannabrx8wannab Posts: 17
    Sticker price (MSRP) was $27,935. Invoice was $25,741.
    And, after driving the car for a week, I can only say WHERE HAS THIS CAR BEEN ALL MY LIFE! :)
  • jackersjackers Posts: 1
    I saw this rx8 in Denville Grecco ,used 04 for 22900, it was a sports package with NAV 10k miles on it. Lowest they would sell it at was 22,0000. Let him know that I could buy a new 06 for 24,000 base. He said no problem ill get you one. So a week goes by and I stop at Wayne Mazda, Just looking, did not even plan or had authorization from the Wife. These people were good, Ive had 5 years of past car sales experience and new the game. I didnt do that much research except for the carsdirect @ 24,000 and change for a base model. The sales guy told me to pick out the car I liked and not worry about price. Ya right , heard that. So after 2 hours of being there, I told them i was still looking and havent decided what i wanted, i was also looking at a toyota 4 door truck. they went back and forth with really good prices, I really wanted the car but i had not told my wife yet. SO I had a figure in my head that i new they could not reach. I was looking at a 32,000 GT AT spoiler, 6 CD changer. they kept going lower. they were down to 27,500. I finally wanted to leave and told them i had to go. The Boss came over and told me what would it take. I told him i want the GT for the price of the base. He nearly fell over. I was ready to walk, and asked me if i was a real buyer, pulled out my credit card and threw it on table, He came back with 24,500 plus fees. I signed with a disclaimer that my wife had to approve also. Will long story short , she did not approve and was livid!!! after hours of explaining life is too short, she caved but on some criteria, she looked at the contract and there was over a 1,000 in fees. So we went back to the dealer and my wife who hates car dealers , sat at the table and demanded to take off the fees.....she did pretty good. Out the door including tax,license and fees came to 26,300. SO i bought the car for 24,650...not bad for a 32k car....and yes I love it ...awesome car, great handling,...............a week goes buy and i needed to buy some touch up paint so i went back to my local mazda dealer and they saw the new rx8. A sales manager stopped me and asked me why i didnt buy from them and asked how much i paid, I tell them that i did stop buy and try to deal on a used one and the manager was not being that fair on the they end up telling me I paid to much! I dont think so , after reading what everyone else paid, i think i got a pretty good deal. Plus the kelly blue book lists the car over 25,000 for a used 2005. Mine is brand new. Go to Wayne Mazda , they are excellent, and not to sneaky...just be an informed buyer and youll get a good deal.. thanks for reading. :)
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