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2013 and earlier Nissan Frontier Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • firehaz1firehaz1 Posts: 16
    I'm getting 5.25% for 72 months from my credit union. The dealer said he could not beat that. I'll look around a little more before I make the deal final. Thanks.
  • lasorcierlasorcier Posts: 3
    Just pulled the Trigger on a 4 cylinder SE KC (4x2, Manual) in avalanche (white). It came with mats, power package and bedliner.

    Sticker was 20,580
    Invoice per edmunds was $19,450 (going from memory)
    TMV per edmunds is 19,893

    Price before rebate 18,550
    Price after rebate 16,800

    They also waived the documentation fees.

    Nissan of Omaha. They were really good and it was effortless.

    I also got quotes (also good) from Lake Manawa Nissan, but they didn't have any of them in any color. Just V6's of which they presumably are dying to rid themselves. They would have set me up in another one until mine came in. They also indicated they would waive fees.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I believe the KC se is a V6. If you have a 4 cylinder that is the XE. Msrp sounds high for an xe manual unless the bedliner was $990 and that is the dealer sticker.

    Good luck
  • ninevelninevel Posts: 2
    It's a great deal because I got mind for 25,700 at Alexander Nissan, PA. I don't recommend anybody doing business with them. They are the worst -- sleazy.
  • lasorcierlasorcier Posts: 3
    No, I am quite certain I got the 4-cylinder SE.

    As the sticker reads:

    '08 Frontier 4x2 KC SE (top of the sticker)

    Mechanical and Performance
    2.5 Liter DOHC 4-Cylinder Engine
    152 Horsepower and 171 lb-ft Torque
    5-Speed Manual Transmission

    Base - 18,250
    Mats - 105
    Liner - 430
    Power Package - 1050
    Destination - 745

    Total MSRP 20,580

    As per sales contract:

    Vehicle price - 18,550
    Rebate - 1,750
    Government filing fees 17

    Total Net Price - 16,817

    Per Edmunds:

    Invoice - 19,447on my printout of Edmunds on 5/24/08
    TMV - 19,585 on my printout of Edmunds on 5/24/08 although at the time of this posting, Edmunds says 20,055. Weird
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I never knew they added the 4cyl to the se lineup. Does it have the better interior and the alloys or steel wheels?

  • Yes the added the c 4 sil to the Line up think it Has bittor interior from what My frend who works at a nissan dealer On long island Has told me. Nice truck and good price good Luck with it grate nice truck Marco.
  • How is the truck running how menny Miles have you put on it in the Last Munth Still looking for a 4 sil one thankyou.
  • mdawg25mdawg25 Posts: 23
    I am thinking about buying a 2000 Frontier. I know the reliability is pretty good, but how many miles can I expect out of it? It would have the V6, I could go auto or manual on the trans. What are some things I should look for as far as weaknesses for these trucks?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Actually, the reliability for both the Frontier and Tacoma is about average for the newer ones, and pot luck like the rest for an 8 year old. Weaknesses are the same as for any other vehicle except 4wd. Test drive it for about an hour, hills, highway etc
    start the car ten times, check all the switches lights, signals, doors reverse forward l1 l2. Perhaps others can help with testing 4wd. Personally, for low mpg vehicles like this now I would prefer getting it for around nada or kbb wholesale (trade in value) or less. If it has over 120k and barely rates nada fair cond even less.

    Good luck

    I am thinking about buying a 2000 Frontier. I know the reliability is pretty good, but how many miles can I expect out of it? It would have the V6, I could go auto or manual on the trans. What are some things I should look for as far as weaknesses for these trucks?
  • mdawg25mdawg25 Posts: 23
    I don't think the 4wd will be a problem, as I'm looking at the desert runner. Any idea how many miles I can expect out of it, assuming it has been well taken care of?
    thanks for all your help
  • lasorcierlasorcier Posts: 3
    It is running well and I definitely like it. It is great for the Lowe's runs during the weekend. It is also good for getting mulch, etc.

    The stereo is crap I have to say. I put a JVC headunit in it with 2 sets of JBL speakers from crutchfield. If you do that, get the double-din JVC that has the USB port. That rocks and you can just stick in those USB memory thingies (using a 4-GB one at the moment) and play the music directly. Installing was a snap, just get a panel tool so you don't scratch things up. Take your time.

    I have put 275 miles on it and that is a lot by my standards. I am probably a bad example because I only put 3k or less on my cars per year. Usually less. I have about 3/8 of a tank left as per the fuel indicator. Haven't refueled it since buying it and it will probably be a few weeks until it becomes necessary to do that.

    I put about 20 commuting miles on it a week, but I love each one of 'em. I forgot how much I liked driving a manual. Only way to drive.
  • hey thankyou for responding to my Posting. I am glad to hear it is running grate no surprize there it is a nissan. Hey you dont put menny miles on it that is ok. and you had to change out the radiao for a nother one no big deal good to no if I wher to go with the base 4 sil truck. is the engian quiat does it make alot of noize when you are moving. How is it on Hills. Let me no thankyou so mutch. Marco.
  • guys the 2009's are cumming out in aug maby few weeks before that grate deales to be had on 2008's and on trucks in Jenaral cause of the gas prices keep on posting those nissan truck prices Payed thankyou for reading guys have a verry good day.
  • any one bye a nissan fruntteere in the Pa aria from fits mall in Pa if any one has pleas let us no how the byeing prosase whent and how you like the truck.
  • yes you are so rite fritch boath the nissan and toyota trucks are real grate trucks. is anyone byeing frunteeres anymore I no the gass prices are keeping Peapol from byeing one. now big rebates on them keep on posting those prices payed thankyou for reading my posting.
  • sum dealers hear in new york are selling frunteeres for $17000 it is THe se moddles and other moddles to. just thaught I let all of you guys no Kopal Nissan in Jakson Hights Queans. and a few others keep on posting the prises payed thankyou for reading.
  • marcogallo1986, spell check is your friend, buddy. ;)

    I just wanted to tell everyone that A LOT of dealers are offering a flat 40% of MSRP on new Frontiers, Armadas, Quests, Xterras and Titans.

    No, I am not making this up. There are ads all over the place, from New Jersey to Kentucky to California.
  • If you know any of the dealers in New Jersey I'd sure like to know. I'm waiting for the 2009 Frontier models and pricing to come out but 40% could make up my mind quick.
  • larry10larry10 Posts: 88
    I just picked up a fully loaded NISMO for 75% off sticker price plus free tickets to Disneyland! Isn't life grand...
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    larry, Which dealer did you obtain 75% off plus Disney tickets?
  • ddwmewddwmew Posts: 42

    Was it an 06 or 07 .. just curious

    also if possible email me the dealership at [email protected]
  • firehaz1firehaz1 Posts: 16
    I'm interested too. What dealer was that at? I got my '08 SE 6cy. 4x4 over Mem. weekend at invoice then minus 3500.00 holiday rebate.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 119,685
    I think larry10 was making a joke...

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • firehaz1firehaz1 Posts: 16
    Then he should post it at Nissan Frontier Jokes& My bad.
  • Just got above in NJ with the SE value truck package & a tow hitch added.

    $24942 price
    - $2500 incentive
    =$22442 after rebate (MSRP was $27,950, invoice $26,150)
    with NJ 7% tax, $400 4 year registration, $299 doc fees & $99 doc fee
    OTD at $25000

    It's not quite 40% off, but still happy with a great deal! Let me know if anyone thinks I could have done better...

    I test drove a Tacoma too, but I just liked the Frontier better & I liked the price much better too.
  • firehaz1firehaz1 Posts: 16
    Great price! Thats 1300.00 more than I saved on my '08 SE LWB 4x4 sunroof/sd-airbag pkg. I paid 23,700.00 and thought I did good. What dealer did u use let me know. [email protected]
  • fff398fff398 Posts: 1
    picked an SE 5.0 ft. 59.5" Automatic 4WD Crew Cab with value truck package

    $27150 MSRP($25460 Invoice)

    after $2500 rebate and negotiation

    was offered the 6 year warranty(roadside, etc) for $1300 and they added another 500 price deduction...

    blah blah blah with NY tax, registration and everything else: $23600
  • There are huge savings to be had on 2008 Frontiers right now. Many dealers are willing to take $10K off the sticker to move the trucks out because of a $5K incentive per unit direct to the dealer if they meet an assigned quota of selling trucks/SUV's during July and August. In order to get to their individual quotas as soon as possible, they are moving units quickly. Here's the details of the truck I bought last week:

    2008 Frontier SE V6 4x2, Value Truck Package
    MSRP: $22,560
    Paid: Under $13K

    The deals are out there to be had. What a steal on a great truck!
  • csprafcspraf Posts: 6
    What dealer ? I will help him meet his quota.
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