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2013 and earlier Nissan Frontier Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • picantepicante Posts: 27
    samadams2: By my reckoning then, MSRP was about $27,800 on that rig, which means you got about $8,800 off! (Not counting the bug guard.)

    My previous truck was a 5-speed manual hardbody, but I could find an SE V6 4x4 KC manual in my area. I'm getting used to the auto (and my wife is very happy now that we have A/C, auto & cruise control).
  • Yeah I knew it was close to $28K for it. I'm still not even sure how much exactly I paid for the truck, I'm figuring around $17,700. I just know I went in there knowing if I could get it OTD for $20K I was gonna bite. We actually made the deal for $20K OTD with a 5.75% APR, but when it came time to finalize they jumped my APR up to 6.75%. When I got pissed because of the change he knocked another $1K off if I accepted the higher APR. 6.75% still aint bad so I was Very hasty to sign the paperwork and get it over with. I was so eager I couldnt hardly remember how to write my middle name. And to top it all off, I had planned on making down payment of $3K, but as it turned out I didnt need to, so now I'm blowing that money on accessories. I just ordered some black powder coated Westin Platinum Series nerf bars, and a Bakflip G2 tonneau cover last night. This week I'm hoping to get the front windows tinted to match the back and then get it to the dealership and have fog lights and a K&N cold air intake installed. Then maybe a custom catback exhaust and full audio makeover as soon as I can get my Ranger sold. Its gonna be one sweet ride when everything comes together. Its definately the love of my life at the moment.
  • After I bought my rig (see above), I helped a buddy buy the same rig (even the same color) except it also has the Tow Package. With the additional info I had from my deal, he was able to get a deal that was about $500 better than mine.

    Needless to say, I'm gonna expect him to buy me a good dinner!

    My friend got some additional infor from the dealer and it looks like dealers' actual "net zero" cost is almost $10K off MSRP on the V6's. (Figured as: $2,500 (rebate) + $5,000 (quota incentive) + $500-700 (holdback) + (difference between MSRP and invoice).

    So, it should be possible to get a deal around $9K off MSRP.
  • I dont know if one can believe a word anybody at the dealership says, but the finance guy told me that the only thing they were making off my deal was the $599 DOC fee. That they were actually gonna save money by not having to pay interest on the old stock they had, and once the 08's cleared they were gonna order very few 09's. Either way I dont think they possibly could have made too much. Only advice I would give to people looking to buy is, dont offer a penny more than you are willing to pay because they'll accept offers lower than you would think. And I agree with an earlier post either from here of some other forum, that production will be adjusted on the 2009's and they wont be as cheap as any remaining 2008's. Granted the 09's will be a little bit nicer, with some of the plasticy interior broken up with various materials, and the thermostat controls are nicer snd they even come with nicer wheels But I seriously doubt you'll ever find $10K or 30% off on the 09's. The time to buy is definately now and lowball the hell outta them.
  • Piante,

    Did you make your purchase(s) in Eugene or Medfore?

    Very impressive.
  • Zaback: Both trucks were purchased from Lithia Nissan of Medford.
  • Samadams2

    Out of curosity .. what was your sales price and did it iclude freight?


    Sales Price:

  • Closed the deal Monday afternoon for $18,300 OTD @ Upstate Nissan in Anderson, SC.
  • goood price did you get the long bed or short bed. extended cab or 4 door moddle grate truck you will love it nissan are grate cars thanks for reading Marco.
  • I need a bit of help if you can. I am looking to purchase A 2008 frontier crew cab in the Central New Jersey area. I am getting the usual salespeople nonsense, and I am wondering if their is anyone who has recently rec'd a good deal in the jersey area? A 4x2 is fine, the only thing that is important is that it is a Crew cab, and is Auto. I have been dealing with Pinebelt, and they are Horrible, I rec'd a couple of bites from Hudson Nissan in Jersey City, but that is about it. Thank you......
  • Have you tried CarsDirect? They quote a price then give you dealers that will work with you.
    Windsor Nissan in Hamilton NJ has a few SE crew cabs with auto, so does Peruzzi Nissan in Fairless Hills Pa. just across from Trenton( talk to George Sweeney Cherry Hill Nissan has a SE crew cab, red with auto and if you don't mind driving or just to get an idea of prices check with Carmax.
    Good Luck.
  • I bought mine a CC SE LWB from Peruzzi 2 months ago. MSRP was 28,535 and I got it for 23,700. Ask for Tim Grey. They have a few there. Good luck.
  • See also post 349. it was addressed to me in error.

    PS> I just received an email from George Sweeney at Peruzzi stating he still has a few 08 crew avail and is willing to work with you.

    Good luck
  • Thanks for the input....I called a few of the dealers mentioned, and they said that the 5000.00 Nissan to dealer rebate was only good in Aug. The only discount they are giving is the 2500.00. Basically, they want to give me the Crewcab 4X4 for 26800.00 less 2500.00 then add the tax etc. That is too high considering the deals posted on this Blog. I am going to try Peruzzi Now and see what they can do. Thanks again......
  • I am looking at buying a 4-banger frontier. There's a black 2002 in my area with 70,000 miles for $8,400. First, is this a good deal for this particular truck? Also, is there any common problems for this model I should look for on the test drive? I know there was something with belts squeaking, but anything else I should look/listen/smell for?
  • Got the short bed since long will not fit in my meager garage with the door down. CC = 4 doors in case you are not aware.
  • "Deal" is a relative term. Have you checked out prices on for prices on similar vehicles in your area or within 250 miles? When I looked at 02's w/ 2.4L the prices are all over the map, but in a general sense 8400 seems very high IMHO, but that may not be so in your area. For instance in my area a dealer named Cars Plus located in listing a 2002 2.4L 2002 Nissan Frontier XE King Cab - $6,900, but the KKB trade-in value [] is $4700 if in excellent condition in my neck of the woods. I guarantee he has a markup of at least 2k, if not 2.5k. Knowing that going in I might initially offer $5000 and set my limit at say $5500. You have to be prepared to WALK AWAY from any deal and remember, if you don't ask, I guarantee you will not receive.
  • That seems to be the going rate for these around here. It has fairl low miles (for this old) and it's from a dealer, so it'll be naturally higher. It's actually the lowest priced Frontier on I was asking the first question more from a reliability standpoint. Do you know of any common problems I should look for on a test drive or what tends to go first on these trucks?
  • hey thankyou so mutch for responding to my posting. sorry about that yea you said cc sorry it is a good truck and nissans are grate cars and trucks not just saying that so how do you like it so far and does the bed hold alot of stuff just wondering. thanks so mutch for reading marco.
  • I don't know anything to look for. I haven't owned a 2.4L nissan based truck since a 94 Hardbody I sold 2 years later (1996) and even then that engine was considered to be rock solid, but underpowered.
  • I would not worry about the 2002 go for it yes the 2.4 is rock solade the 2.5 is good to boath good engians. let us no if you get the truck or if you get a nother one thanks for reading Marco.
  • azealazeal Posts: 11
    Anyone had any recent success in negotiating a good price on an '08?
  • flipexed1flipexed1 Posts: 13
    2008 SE 4dr Crew Cab 4WD 5.0 ft. SB w/VTP + Tow Package for $22,718 from Fife Nissan.

    The Edmunds TMV is $25,139

    Good deal? I'm going to see them on Friday to make the purchase. I hope they don't get me on the trade (crossing fingers).
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Who is "them"? Email 10 or so dealers within 100 mi or so last week of the month. Now if you need a car immediately. Describe your trade (dings etc amount owed on it) and set your price at kbb good condition. ( See chart on kbb on grading. Have them all compete on the difference owed towards the new purchase.
    Give the top 3 or so your cell. Use simular deals from distant dealers to beat the locals over the head with.

    You can't get screwed as the best deal you can work at this time is the best deal you can work at this time.

    As you have seen TMV has cost people thousands as you seem to have easily beat it with possibly little effort

    A used 08 Frontier like your 09 (auto, 28000 msrp) has a trade in value of about $19000. The value of the Frontier holds up well. You are in the ballpark but you would like 22000 or less (or more on your trade)in the biggest auto armageddeon in 25 years. In any event, with a trade the winner is your best difference owed, not just price.

    Good luck

    Also check out the honda ridgeline awd as it is a nice piece also if you don't need full 4wd.

    2008 SE 4dr Crew Cab 4WD 5.0 ft. SB w/VTP + Tow Package for $22,718 from Fife Nissan.

    The Edmunds TMV is $25,139

    Good deal? I'm going to see them on Friday to make the purchase. I hope they don't get me on the trade (crossing fingers
  • flipexed1flipexed1 Posts: 13
    I have actually been shopping for about 3 months now. I've been in contact with 6 dealerships and narrowed it down to 3. All of them pretty much want to beat the other guy's quote. So far I've gotten the deal down to $22,718 which i'm satisfied with. I was expecting to spend 25-26K before TTL in the beginning so I'm quite happy.

    My trade-in is an 06 Civic LX w/36k which is in really high demand in my area so i would'nt be surprised if I got a few hundred more than what I owe on the it. I've been scoping the local honda dealerships and soliciting dealers for trade-in quotes.

    I have an appointment on Friday... on a red alert SE and an additional one on Saturday for a silver SE just in case that falls through. If that should fall through I still have another local dealership willing to match the price.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    If local dealership will sell for same price, why not buy from local?
    If you ever have problems with the truck, goodwill is more easily obtained if you purchased where you service.
  • flipexed1flipexed1 Posts: 13
    I actually went with the closest one to me as they had free oil changes and car washes for life of which i'll take advantage of.
  • pcsrpcsr Posts: 10
    Looking at a 09 Frontier SE King Cab, 4x4 with value package, tow package, and side curtain air bags. Have a price of $21,600 after the $3k rebate, before fees and taxes. Any idea if this is a good price?

  • flipexed1flipexed1 Posts: 13
    Have you tried pricing it out with the options to find the Edmunds TMV in your area yet? I'm getting $22,471 for Washington State. Sounds like a good deal in my opinion. If that is your first offer I bet you could get it down to 21K or even less. Solicit other dealers in the immediate vicinity and let them compete for your business.
  • pcsrpcsr Posts: 10
    Thank you. I have another offer that was right around $21,700 so I am not sure how much lower I can get. I was hoping that some others with recent purchases may post. I am going to try one more time to get lower, but think I am close to the floor. Thx for replying.
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