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2013 and Earlier - Audi A6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yes, this was for an '06. Audi is offering dealers a $6000 incentive to move the 06 models. An Audi A6 premium with heated steering wheel for a little more than $39k is a pretty fine price for me :)

    Also...I really like the car!!
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    Awesome price! Makes me almost wish I'd waited to buy my C6 A6 until now instead of 10/04...

    ALMOST...but not! :D
  • xincerxincer Posts: 4
    tfh715 - have you purchased the Quatro yet? If not, what area are you in? I'm in Southern Cal and have an '02 A6 Quatro Wagon, black on black, in excellent condition, with 42K miles, that I am trying to sell. Asking $22K.

    I have loved this car, but unfortunately need a truck for work stuff now. If interested, please let me know as soon as possible, I need to make a decision on what to do with it asap.
  • pta6pta6 Posts: 1
    What is the best deal out there for leasing 06 A6 3.2 CVT with minimum upfront for 3 years at 12K miles/ yr. I'm currently on the speacial lease from Audi on my 03 A6 at $399/mon.
  • bbydadbbydad Posts: 58
    Has anyone negotiated or seen a deal for an A6 Quattro with tech package (navigation)? Are dealers giving as deep a discount as they seem to be doing with the A6 premiums/sunroofs? Does anyone know if the $6K incentive is good through September? Are these cars not selling well?
  • hi bigblock66,

    Is the price out the door price or there are still other markups?

    Thanks for sharing the information and congradulations on the new car!!
  • tonyev1tonyev1 Posts: 4
    i am in the market for a 2004-2005 audi a6 (2.7t,3.0t) , fully loaded, "average" miles. i live in northern new jersey. i need to get a handle on the dealer's cost of the vehicle. as a shortcut: do i take the msrp ,and use a percentage of this.? for example, if the msrp is $28,000, do i take 90% of this number and use this as my dealer cost? any help would be appreciated.
  • dolsey01dolsey01 Boston, MAPosts: 79
    When I purchased mine, I went by KBB trade in value and figured in the cost for them to certify it. plus a little bit for profit which kind of comes out to be around KBB private party value. Just realize even KBB trade in value for a used Audi is very inflated. My 02 A6 KBB trade in value is around 17,500 - 18,000 but the most I have been offered for a trade is 15,500 from at least 7-8 dealers. My experience with my CPO Audi has been very mixed. The first 9 months I had it , it was in the shop 10 times for random things. It didn't cost anything but it was a real pain and really killed any confidence in the car. We won't even take it on long trips any more. The last five months have been good though. From my research I would recommend going with the 3.0. I have read many horror stories about the 2.7T. I would also make sure you check the CarFax report and do not purchase one that had been sold at auction, I would try to get a one owner lease return.

    Just my 2 cents and best of luck!
  • wlm26wlm26 Posts: 33
    I'm looking at purchasing an 03 A6 4.2. It's got 40K, and the asking price is $26K. Should I jump on this?? Car looks great, drives great. The one thing, though, is that the 4 year warranty is up in October. Is the maintenance really expensive, oil change, etc? Could I change the oil my self?? Thanks in advance for any advice!!
  • dolsey01dolsey01 Boston, MAPosts: 79
    Personally I would never buy and Audi with out a warranty and I'm sure otheres here on this forum would agree. Maintenance is very expensive and and out of warranty service is EXTREMELY expensive. I had a seal go out in the transmission and if it were not coverer under warranty it would have been almost $3000 to repair. I also had another issue that was not a warranty repair but my insurance picked up the tab at $2800. My local dealer had a 2004 A6 3.0 Audi Certified with warranty till 2009 with 19K miles that they were asking $24,000 for. I'm not sure about the 4.2, but you should be able to pick up a 04 for around 21-22K with reasonable mileage and Audi's certified warrany. All I can say from my experience is do you self a favor and make sure the car has a warranty for as long as you plan to keep it. Mine is up in 2008 and I will be getting rid of the car on or before that date. I do have to say though, I LOVE MY CAR. Good Luck!!!
  • Did any one get finance w/ incentive? how much rate did you get? I have negotiated for an A6 and they offered me 5.9% APR. I know that Audi offers 2.9% APR for special but audi dealer told me that i can't get both, which are manufacture incentive and special rate for finance.

    Now, they called me and said they can't even give me the 5.9%. At least they need to get 6.9%. Are they just playing w/ me or what? I'm wondering what's the best rate you can get?

  • I forgot to add one more thing..
    I got $9,540 off from MSRP..
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    "Personally I would never buy and Audi with out a warranty and I'm sure otheres here on this forum would agree. Maintenance is very expensive and and out of warranty service is EXTREMELY expensive."

    Would you buy any luxury performance sedan w/o a warranty?
  • dolsey01dolsey01 Boston, MAPosts: 79
    Excellent point!
  • theomtheom Posts: 2
    I've been reading this forum for a while now, it's been very helpful and I'd like to add my experience. I just picked up an '06 4.2 from Audi of Alexandria in VA, with tech and cold weather packages, 18" wheels, and heated steering wheel. I called them and over the phone they said $5000 off invoice. In the store, it was $6000 off and they threw in valet service. They weren't going to combine that with the low financing. In contrast, Tyson's Audi had a similar car with 4700 miles that they were asking about the same price for (mine had 78 when I test drove it). By the way, the '06s have maintenance for 4 years, while the '07s have 1 year. If you want the 4 years on an '07, it's $550.
  • Not too bad for 4 year. It's only $140 per year. :)
    I certanily wish I can get $9300 off MSRP, that will be wonderful! ;)
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Technically, the maintenance plan for $550 kicks in after the free first service at 5000 miles. The 07' does offer some nice changes too.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 147
    Are you sure about the '06s coming with 4 years free maintenance at this time of the year? I read somewhere recently that Audi dropped that program around April, but I will admit I have not verified that with a dealer.

    Also, what are the changes you like for the '07s?
  • bbydadbbydad Posts: 58
    maintenance is included for all model 2006s no matter when you buy it. I was almost going to get an 06 in July and it was included. I am also waiting for the 07 -- what are the changes that are significant? I've heard that it is harder to get individual options -- things come more as large packages....
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I am very sure that all 2006s get the maintenance; it helps them move the dealer said it was included back in June when I was looking at 06s. I do think that the deals on the 06s are really good now, especially with the maintenance.

    2007s have new rear camera and back up system that is very nice. Electronic steering wheel adjustment is new, and the former Premium pkg is now standard on the A6.
  • I must thank you.
    You did help me A LOT!!

    I signed the deal on Saturday.
    Same dealer as you.
    MSRP is $50,990. I tried hard to get it at $41,500 but the
    fact that they had to bring in the car from NJ probably
    hurt me a little (I really wanted a NAV and all the nearby
    dealers had no NAV ones). I was starting to really annoy
    the manager, lol~
    In the end, it was $42,000 even. (pre- tax and reg. fee)
    I guess that's 8,990 off MSRP.

    Oyster Gray + Titanium interior,
    Sunroof pkg, Premium pkg, XM radio, NAV

    I'm not crazy about the color (I had little choice), but
    I'm extremely happy with the deal. :shades:

    So, once again, Thank you bigblock66.

    I saw at least 10 3.2 Quattros still around in the dealer's
    database, you can probably get it at $40,000, you should
    run and grab one.
  • I have seen posting from people about buying the 2006 Audi A6 for ~9000 less than MSRP. I live in CT and my local dealer is offering one at ~7200 less than MSRP (sunroof, premium, Nav, heater steering, 18" tires). Does anyone have experience in getting a better price in CT/NY/NJ area ?
  • Look at the post above yours...
  • I'm sorry to report that the deal i posted did not
    happen in the end. The dealer in NJ failed to update
    the database of his current stock promptly, and sold
    the car to someone else. :mad: I was so angry, I
    almost made a deal on an acura RL.

    Nonetheless, I think the price I posted is very valid
    for anyone who can find the car for the spec.

    In the end, I had to change to A6 4.2Quattro.
    Much more car and yet another awesome deal I
    couldn't refuse. Following are the details.

    2006 A6 4.2 Quattro
    MSRP $60,190 / Final price $50,000
    Technology Pkg.
    Cold Weather Pkg.
    18" tires
    Heated Steering Wheels
    Power side/rear sunshades

    Invoice is $55,466 (I might be a little off here)
    Incentive is $6,000 (As you already know)
    So I basically paid $534 over invoice.

    There were obviously features that I did not want,
    but I'm pretty sure this is one of the very few
    A6's left on any lot in the Northeast.
  • Oh, I forgot to mention that the color is Silver ext. /
    Black int (which is what I wanted all along :shades: ).
    BTW, in case you couldn't tell, I'm so shocked that I got
    such a good deal. More than $10,000 off MSRP just for
    waiting it out for a few months.

    My friend got a 3.2 at the beginning of this year and
    paid more than i did!!
  • Hi Truehat,

    Was this at the same dealer in RI? How many days after you put the deposit did you find out that the car wasn't available.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience ?
    I recently put a deposit down at the same dealer for an A6. They are getting it from another dealer in MA. I am supposed to pick it up next week. Wondering if I need to do something special to ensure that I do get the car.
  • Hi newbuy,

    Well, I honestly don't know how to ensure that the car is actually coming. I honestly thought that deposit and signature ensured everything (and it should have!), but I was proven wrong.

    My case has got to be unique. I signed the deal on saturday after other dealers closed. The dealer in RI found the mishap on monday morning.

    So, my guess is that your deal is good since you probably did not hear anything from the dealer so far. (I'm guessing maybe you already picked up the car~ lol)

    I got a call on monday that the car actually arrived. (Thank goodness!) I'm picking up the car on thursday (I have to take care of insurance/parking situation).

    Anywho, I hope you got a good price.
    Maybe I'll run into you at the dealer? :shades:
  • Thanks Truehat. You helped me a lot.

    I picked up the car today.

    2006 Audi A6 Quattro with premium, sunroof, nav, wood/leather steering, rear shades.

    MSRP 51,530 I paid $8800 less.

    Same dealer (Inskip RI). Great service. Couldn't have been happier.
  • Whoa!

    I picked up my car today(well, yesterday now), too!
    I guess we just missed each other.
    Congratulations on your car!
    I'm very very happy with mine, too.
  • dkla76dkla76 Posts: 41
    Guys, Im in So CAL and looking to get the same deals like u guys. 9000 off MSRP. I wonder if any of the dealers have the 06s in stock anymore. if so, is the dealer 6000 cash still valid?

    also, did any of you get the 9000 off msrp PLUS the special financing rate incentive?

    if i do find a car 3.2 CVT (fwd) that has only sunroof options, you think i can still bargain for 9000 off msrp?
    That means its gonna be ~$34000.

    ps. i hope im not too late in this...
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