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2013 and Earlier - Audi A6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • a6apa6ap Posts: 2
    Please evaluate:

    New 2008 A6 3.2 quattro
    Phantom Black Pearl Exterior
    Premium Pkg
    S Line Pkg
    Nav System
    MMI Package
    17" wheels
    Sport Suspension

    for $788/mo......on a 36 month lease @1.62 % APR with $2000 down.

    This deal is from SONNEN AUDI, San Rafael - CA. The most important reason for me buying the car from Sonnen Audi was the salesperson (Jay). He is extremely meticulous and knowledgeable .......and he also tried his best to nail a good deal for me.
    I am still not sure about the "deal" that I recieved.........but the service that I have recieved so far is undeniably "Top Class".
  • I think it is not a good deal. I got a quote for my local dealer in MD with premium ,NAV, tech pckage with 12k miles for 567 permonth with 3k down. But I ended up buying since I got better price and 0.9 apr. In VA dealer.
  • What was MSRP on your deal? I have been trying to buy a 2008 A6 4.2 MSRP 63,915. Dealer will sell for 52,465, but will not combine with the .09 financing. Is there anyway to combine the selling price they are giving me with the financing?
  • I bought it last week of Aug. It is black with nav, tech, premium , cold weather pckge, iPod , lane assitent for 49,100.00 inclusive of taxes , titles, Reg.
    That time audi has.9 apr.
  • Thanks do you happen to remember your MSRP or was that your MSRP? Thanks, Greg
  • I belive the original msrp on the window sticker was around 55k
  • a6apa6ap Posts: 2
    MSRP was $53,500....I negotaited the cost and the best they could come up was a monthly installment payment of $788 (I added Audi Care to it and total payment is $809).....inclusive of taxes, fees, interest rate (1.62%) etc
  • Pretty loaded 2008 A-6 - Nav, Prem Package, Cold Weather Package, IPod... MSRP $48,100 - Leasing for 42 month, $630 per mo, all in (tax, etc.) Good, bad or fair?
  • Is this something that is worth buying? It's $650.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    Does that extend the included maintenance to 4yr/50K? If so, it's a bargain...

    Ever see a service bill for a Euro import?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I live in Salt Lake City and today pricing for a A6 Quatro were about $10,00 to $12,000 below MSRP-should I stick with this when I go and try and purchase the vehicle this weekend? I am paying cash-is this a fair deal???
  • Yeah-I think it is a fair deal because that is what I was quoted today for a loaded A6 in Utah
  • So you guys are telling me you can get a A6 for $12,000 off MSRP?????????
  • Why does anyone ever talk about MSRP? Start with the invoice and work your way down (or, if absolutely necessary, up) from there. MSRP is basically a car maker telling you that this is what they would like to make on the car. Who the hell cares what they would like to make. For the time being at least, we're still in a capitalistic society. The car's worth what the market says it's worth. And that generally has far more to do with how much the dealer had to pay for it than what the manufacturer would like the world to think its cars are worth.
  • So how much below invoice can I get for the 08 A6 right now?
  • It will probably depend on the model and what options you want. With the '09s eventually hitting the market, the more inventory on the '08, the lower the price. Especially with gas prices, my guess is that the quattros will be priced lower than the CVTs. At least that's been my experience in sunny CA, where there's really no need for the quattro.

    For what it's worth, after reviewing the posts on this board I'm starting to think that people talk about MSRP because they like to think the car's worth more. As in "I have a $65k car that I got for $54k." No you don't. You have a $54k car.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    At least with MSRP, it's a real number...

    Get invoice off of Edmunds or KBB.. then, head to your dealer and have them show you their invoice..

    Invoice is whatever the dealer wants it to be... MSRP is MSRP..

    Negotiation is a different matter.. but, when someone posts that they got ABC car for $500 over invoice... you still can't be sure what that number means..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I know what the invoce for the car is. The reason I ask is that someone posted they got an offer from the dealer for $12K off MSRP, thats roughly $8000 below invoice. I am wonder if this is what 08 A6 are going for now, thats quite a discount. I know I can get that discount for a MB E350 right now, but I didnt think I can with A6 since there is no factory cash back like the E350 which have a $4000 back offer.

    What are you guys getting for offer from dealer for the 08 A6. I was hoping for a 09 A6 with the supercharger, but if the 08 is going for so much less, I might just go for the 08.

  • The dealer wants 13,900. The car is in excelent shape one owner 56k miles on it. The bluebook value is about 14,450, but Edmunds TMV says only 11,320. How should i approach this situation in a means of negociating?
  • hey guys,
    some help please would be appreciated. hows this sound:
    a6 3.2 quattro

    48000 pretax.
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Is it an 08 or 09?
  • 08, dont think 09s will be out for months still.
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Being an 08, I think you can do better. Several posters on the various Audi forums are reporting better deals.
  • You can do better, I just bought the same car for $47000 and right after that, got 2 better offer.
  • Sounds like a good deal - where did you purchase the car?
  • dm1212dm1212 Posts: 59
    Just purchased a 2005 Audi A6. CPO Ofcourse

    51k Miles.
    Oyster Gray.
    Prem Pkg.
    18 Inch Wheels.
    Cold Weather Pkg.
    Rain Sensing Wipers.
    XM Radio.
    All Wheel Drive.
    Ski Sack.

    Paid 22,500.
    Threw on "Pot Hole Insurance." $500.00

    Total was around 25,200 with all fees and tax.

    Good Deal?

    My Question is how much would the Nav cost to install? I saw some "Nav" kits on eBay, but my dealers head mechanic said they can't be installed, nor do they work. He said the nav job would cost 4,000 for them to install the nav, because the whole car needed to "Re-Wired" and I need a new "Shark-Fin" The dealers head mechanic also said that the Ipod adapter can't be installed either on the 2005.

    Some Concerns with the Quality of the Car I'm Afraid

    First Week Problems:
    Sunroof "Spring" came lose, was out a car 4 days to Fix and Order parts.
    Rear Seatbelt "Plug-in" got sucked up in the retracter.
    Rear Cupholders broken; Did not deploy.
    Front Passenger Seatbelt outlet broke.

    I love the way the car drives, the look, the performance, and the AWD.
  • dm1212dm1212 Posts: 59
    Doesn't sound to good of a deal.
    I bought a 2005 last weak from a very respected Audi dealer in Jersey, loaded. 51k miles, which may sound like a lot, but its not considering the CPO warranty.

    Paid $22,500
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Did you get the 4.2 or the 3.2?
  • dm1212dm1212 Posts: 59
    I went to the dealer thinking I was going to lease an 09 A4 actually. To my surprise the deal was 399 a month, 4300 down, but a 21k buy out which is ridiculous, because when the lease is up in 3 years you could probably buy the car for 18 or 19. My dealer talked me into the A6, and honestly the 05 A6 drives better then the 09 A4 anyway.
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