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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid



  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    The $5K rebate is still active.
  • 3pinfever3pinfever Posts: 10
    Just bought an 06 xc70, $29995. If I'm a previous Volvo owner 82 240gl, 92 960, I should be able to get the $500 volvo customer loyalty right? Dealer is saying it is restricted to S80s. I think they are trying to pull a fast one.
  • clarkuclarku Posts: 14
    FYI, I just saw a TV ad for a NH Volvo dealer offering 8k off all '07 XC70s in stock, they have over a 100. I traded my '01 xc70 a few weeks ago for an Audi Q7. Although I love the new Audi, I really had a hard time trading in the Volvo, it was a great family car.
  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 437
    Nowhere near the greatest price on earth, working with a small dealer in a strong market for Volvos (eastern NC)...

    picking up a 2006 V70 2.5T with premium and climate packages...
    retired demo (never titled so "new") with 11000 miles...
    $28642 plus 379 doc plus TTL

    I'm sure I could have done better but not within at least 100-200 miles of here! I feel like it's a good, but not great deal.

  • obelusobelus Posts: 1
    I have a quote for a new XC70 with the adventure package for about $33,800 plus tax and tags. I understand that the dealer's invoice--minus the $5000 dealer's incentive--is $29,601. Furthermore, the Volvo website indicates it is offering the adventure package for $4500 (down from $8,764). I'm wondering what the dealer's invoice is for the adventure package, and what, if any, additional dealer incentives are being offered by Volvo. Since I've found several dealers who are willing to make a similar offer, I wonder if this is as good a deal as it appears and if the dealers are making more money on new XC70 than is evident from the info I have. Anyone have any insights to offer? Thanks.
  • tlambtlamb Posts: 11
    I have no previous experience with Volvo cars, but am now interested in possibly purchasing a 2004 XC70 with 72,000 miles. This particular car is a Toyata dealership resale of a (said to be) Volvo Certified Vehicle.

    Two questions to all with any opinions:

    (1) Is $15,900 (down from original asking of $17,900) a good price for this vehicle, which seems to be in "good" condition per Kelly Blue Book definitions? and,

    (2) Is the Volvo Certified Vehicle 6-year, 100,000 mile warranty transferable to me as a "second" buyer of this Volvo Certified Vehicle from a Toyota dealer, as opposed to buying it from a (certifying) Volvo dealer? The salesman at VOLVO (not the Toyota dealer, which is selling this car) said "yes" to this inquiry -- but I can see reasons why the Volvo Certified Vehicle 6-year, 100,000 mile warranty would not be transferable to me as a "second" buyer of this Volvo Certified Vehicle, especially when it is not purchased from a Volvo dealership.

    Any and all guidance is appreciated.

    Tom, looking and wondering in Eastern North Carolina
  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 437
    Hi Tom...
    I'm surprised the Toyota dealer gave you a price and let you escape without buying the car!

    To your first question, that looks like a damn good price, at least compared to the asking prices I saw on a lot of other Volvos in the Carolinas... even if the CPO warranty doesn't transfer.

    As for the warranty, that sounds like a question for Volvo corporate/warranty folks.

    If there's a way to send a message offline, try it... I think we're dealing with some of the same people here. I bought my '06 V70 from Parkway, and early in the process I had shopped a RAV4 at the Toyota dealer, so perhaps I could share a tidbit or two.

  • tlambtlamb Posts: 11

    I would like to compare notes about our experiences with Toyota of Wilmington as soon as possible.

    FYI: Volvo warranty person at Parkway said the CPO does not transfer.

    Do a Google search for "benzidine lawsuits nc" for my info. I'll be in the office tomorrow.

    (My wife and I looked at that same 2006 V70 over at Parkway, ironically.)

  • ucscucsc Posts: 48
    Hi Obelus,

    $33,800 is a good price. Could you please email me the dealership and contact sales to Thanks!

  • Has anyone established exactly what the invoice price of the Adventure Package is? I'm trying to figure out what the base X-Plan cost of an '07 model is at this point (including dealer incentives). Obelus - where'd you get your numbers from?
  • budsjpbudsjp Posts: 25
    The invoice price of the Adventure package is $8,764 with a current "special package price" of $4500, a "savings" of $4264. Note it includes about anything you would want from the prior offered packages.
  • Thanks for the response!

    That would seem to make an Adventure Package equipped 07 XC70 $35,101 with X-Plan pricing (4k off of invoice for incentives, plus 4500 for the package).

    Never having purchased a car new before, should I expect to see the incentives creep even higher as we approach wide availability of the 08s? Or is this pretty much the floor of where the 07s will go?

    thanks again!
  • budsjpbudsjp Posts: 25
    That was the deal I made on 10 July when I bought mine. My guess would be a better deal might be had as the '08s come on line in September. Dealers are also discounting the overall price as well - the $35k sounds fair at this point.
  • Thought I'd add my info as a data point and - now that we're almost into September - corroborate that last post: Got a new '07 XC 70 w/climate, convenience, premium packages + built-in booster option for $30k from Volvo Danbury (CT). (They also paid off the balance ($1,200 more than their initial trade-in offer) on my '01 Audi A6 avant Quattro). They seemed very motivated. I like the look of the new '08 XC 70, but everybody knows to avoid the first year production run of a new model, no matter who the manufacturer is, so a leftover '07 seemed like a good choice. Especially at the price.

    This is my first Volvo family hauler...So my fingers are crossed!
  • henry69henry69 Posts: 5
    Hello, is $30K a lease price or purchase price? It sounds very low for purchase price. Thanks!
  • Sorry for not being more specific. That was for a lease.
  • finnerfinner Posts: 10
    Was looking to purchase the same vehicle. Is the price that you paid a lease or purchase? Don't worry about Volvo's, we currently have a 1998 S-70GLT and 06 S80. Both cars have been good to us. :)
  • It was a third party lease. Apparently Volvo has an additional Factory to dealer $5k incentive for such a lease, so that, coupled with the original $5K (I think) Factory to dealer incentive (+ a little negotiating on my part) brought the capitalized cost down from $43k to $30k.

    The lease worked out a little better than the Volvo "sign and drive" promo lease.
  • Hi All,

    My wife just got t-boned in her door this morning in her pristine V70 (71k '98, not a scratch on it) this morning. She walked away (okay, she was taken by an ambulance as a precaution) with only a laceration to her right hand - we can't figure out how that happened, but we're soooo fortunate - the first cops on the scene couldn't believe she was conscious and semi-coherent - some clown crossed over the center line on our rural road and slammed into her door at about 45 MPH)

    so now we need to buy another car. We were talking about Priuses (Priusi?) idly for the last year or so, but now the only thing she wants is another V70. With leather and climate and premium, with auto, what should we be expecting. As you can tell, with her car being a '98, we purchase our cars carefully and normally take our time since we do this only every 15 years or so.

    But yes, it will be another volvo. It's her first car (she was late to the driving scene), and she is now a believer.

  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    When two vehicles collide the result is that the vehicles exert equal, but opposite forces, on each other. The direction of the force on either of the vehicles is called the PDOF (principal direction of force). In the type of T-bone your wife was in the PDOF would be roughly 45 deg CCW from the straight ahead direction.

    This means that as a result of the crash her arms and, to a lesser extent, legs would move roughly toward the left A-pillar. So her right hand laceration could have been caused by her hand sliding forcefully over the steering wheel and amybe striking the dash board. There should be a smudge or even some blood or tissue at the main point of conact.
  • What was the lease deal you got with those numbers? I am curious as to whether they just raised the residual value and what the money factor was. That would have been a great deal if it was a buy, but one never knows how they play those other numbers. I went to a dealer 2 days ago and get the same numbers, but the monthly was real high. :confuse:
  • I don't have the residual in front of me (I'll post when I do) but I leased for 48 months, 12k a year and the monthly payment is $440.
  • I took a look tonight at a new '08 (see my post on the 2008 XC board) and was singularly unimpressed. Thinking that the currrent deal from Volvo was 10K off MSRP on '07s, I casually asked the sales guy if he would go 10K off list. Well, they called the dealer principal at home in RI (this is a small dealership in MA and the guy runs it from his boat, no joke). He came back with 7K off list.

    I thought that the present factory incentive was close to 10K off list on a purchase? What should I pay for a new '07 abeit now one year old XC? Please advise (although not a penny more than the dealer paid for it seems the best answer).
  • After months of trying to determine what I wanted to get next, I settled on an 07 XC70. I traded my extremely troublesome (but well loved) 01 V70. I got a deal from a newspaper add - you know the one, they advertise a leader and give a good price to get you in but it doesn't exist. Well mine did exist and now it is in the driveway. The buying experience at Sandberg Northwest was superb. All in all I do like the car but will mention a few aspects that I don't like.

    I am getting ready to drop the car off for the third time because the center console wood dash pieces 'creak' like crazy. I have to turn up the radio just so I won't hear it. Twice I had the car in and they put some type of felt tape/anti-rattle tape to remedy it: well it only is good for a month then it starts up again. Like I said, this will be number three. You can keep the wood.

    My 01 V70 had a much better interior build. This 07 XC seems to have so many little creaks and groans and rattles. I am surprised that it is this way. After a 7 or so year run with this bodystyle you would think that they got it right finally - it is not the case. the radio and sunroof help hide the creaking sounds.

    The other issue is more of a personal taste issue: I do NOT care for leather. Though the seats I have are buttery soft and extremely comfortable I would rather have cloth (which the V70 had). Too much upkeep with leather and I don't like the eventual cracking look. Just look at any used car with leather and see how the driver seat wears. My cloth interior looked like it just came out of the showroom - even after 6 years.

    I considered long and hard about waiting until the 08 model. But after having a first year (01) and years of living at the repair shop I learned never to purchase a first year model ever. Everything that could go wrong went wrong with my V70. Ironically I really, really enjoyed that car. The XC is a major improvement in terms of quality and performance - I just hope that it will not be as trouble prone.

    Lastly, I have been so often to my dealer for repairs with the V70 and now with the XC I just haven't experienced any mechanical issues to date that it seems sort of weird not taking the car in.

    If all these little 'creaks' and 'moans' drive me nuts I will end my 'career' with Volvo and get something more sensible. I will miss the volvo wagons!
  • Rick,

    Would love to know the deal that you got. We are in the Seattle are and thinking about hitting Barrier and Sandberg in the next week or two. If you don't mind, please post what the specifics were.

  • Rick, agree with everything you said except about all leather "eventually cracking" . We have had our '01 XC now for 86K miles and several dogs, including an Irish Wolfehound, and the leather looks good with almost zero care. I think Volvo had the world by the you know what when they came out with the XC wagons in the late 90's but they haven't kept up.

    Although some would say it is not a direct competitor, take a look at the BMW X3: 5K less than an X5 but faster with more room; compared to the XC it has more zip and is a lot more fun. The Volvo value proposition is getting less and less compelling than it was a decade ago: the cars have stood still and are now quite boring, the dealers are no better, the customer service hasn't been benchmarked against contemporary standards, and there are now many other alternatives. The XC is only a good deal if you can steal one cheap!
  • Hi,
    From what I've been told, the big incentive (10k) ended on 9/3/07.
  • Looks like Volvo is getting more aggressive in trying to move the 2008 XC70.

    They're running an advertisment in the Sunday paper here (Long Island, New York)
    offering the 2008 XC70 with premium, climate and metallic paint for $399 a month with 3443 cash down and 10,500 mi a year. MSRP for this car is $43575. This includes a complimentary dual screen rear seat dvd entertainment system (which I really don't need or care about).

    The car I'd be interested in leasing would add climate, PCC, BLIS, active bi-xenon headlights and Sirius prep. Building this car on the Volvo website shows an MSRP of $45145.

    Can anyone tell me what the lease payment and residual should be for "my" car for 24 months?

    Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving
  • I just sold my 2001 xc70 78K miles ($9K) great car...I found a 2008 xc70 for $38,285..Allin tax and tags...$41,691..not totally crazy of 2008..I tried for a 2007 but none to be had ny this a good price
    blue (metallic) beige interior...prenium/climate packages blis and the "free" dvd headsets in rear???
    tks for info
  • Anybody know what kind of rebates to look for on 2007 XC70 still on dealer lots?
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