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Best tire for 2011 Acadia SLT2?

luvmyacadialuvmyacadia Member Posts: 2
edited August 2015 in GMC
Hi All, 
I have a 2011 Acadia and I'm hunting for the right tire for it. I've got 60K miles on my car and need to replace my set. I've read some pretty bad, but older reviews of Goodyear and am thinking I need to say away from that brand! I'm wondering if anyone has recently purchased Michelin tires for the "11 Acadia with a good review?? Hoping for an assist here ;)


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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited August 2015
    Did you have Goodyears originally on your Acadia? 60k on a set of tires is pretty good!

    I'm not a huge Michelin fan although I'm running a set on my '09 Grand Caravan right now and they are doing very nicely. Costco will be having their usual sale soon - $70 off a set of Michelins iirc.

    While waiting for other Acadia owners to check in here, check out the reviews on tirerack.com. Remember to take them with a grain of salt; most are written when the tires are new and it's harder to find reviews where people have put 10,000+ miles on them. Any new tire will likely feel great for a little while.
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    luvmyacadialuvmyacadia Member Posts: 2
    Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. I purchased the vehicle with 40K miles on it, with a set of "touring plus" tires, unsure of the brand, but not Goodyear or Michelin,. I'm not sure if it's the original set, but I am trying to make sure that if I'm going to spend "good money" on a set, that it's a brand with proven success on the Acadia :) I work too hard for my money to spend it on something that won't perform well ;) 

    I will definitely check out tirerack.com, while I wait to see if other Acadia owners might respond. Thanks for the tip!
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    avs007avs007 Member Posts: 100
    What qualities of a tire are important to you? I had Goodyear Fortera Triple Tread on my Jeep. Very good all around tire... I even made it up our hill a few winters ago, when we had a record snow storm with 27" of snow on the ground... I was the only vehicle that made it up our hill without getting stuck... I passed at least a dozen cars/suvs that got stuck and had to chain up.

    On our MDX, I wanted a tire that had better performance than the stock Michelin Primacy, or whatever garbage tires they came with. Those things hydroplaned like crazy... I got some Conti DWS on there, and those tires are phenomenal for an All Season performance tire. Great Wet/Dry traction, and almost as good as the Fortera in the snow... I only took the MDX in 12" of snow, but again, I didn't have any issues ascending our hill, while there were many cars/suvs that got stuck... The tires that came with the SUV were Touring Tires, and the DWS are Ultra High Performance All Season, but the weight limit on the tires are actually higher than the stock touring tires, so I figured they were good to go on an SUV. So far, I love them.
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    texasestexases Member Posts: 10,796
    Go to Tirerack web site, read the customer and, especially, the tire rack reviews, see what they recommend. I've had good luck with Michelins over the years.
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