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Chevrolet Malibu Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    What are "supplier" and "Conquest"? Does that price include destination, fees, etc.? Good to see the LTZ can now be had with the 4-banger.
  • tsgraysontsgrayson Posts: 9
    It includes destination and fees...

    Conquest is if you do not own a GM car
    Supplier is pricing that you can get through the military or a dealer
  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    Thx. I'm very interested in the Malibu although I'm leaning towards an Accord. I need to test drive this new version of the Malibu (4 cyl./6 sp.) if I can find one.

    EDIT: I just checked Chevy's "Build It" site. The 4/6 package is there but I'm a bit put out that they charge the same for the 4 as they do the 6!! I suppose your savings come at the pump... :confuse:
  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    "EDIT: I just checked Chevy's "Build It" site. The 4/6 package is there but I'm a bit put out that they charge the same for the 4 as they do the 6!! I suppose your savings come at the pump..."

    Apparently, the "Build It" site I visited was incorrect (it was NOT Chevy's official site, which still does not offer the Spring Special as an LTZ option). I just saw an LTZ with the "Spring Special" package priced at a $1075 deduction at my local dealer. For the particular car I saw, you were essentially trading the V6 for the Ecotec 4, a sunroof, and the rear power pkg. EPA was 23/32 (if I remember correctly) averaging 25MPG. Methinks this Malibu just jumped back into contention with the Accord EX-L (if I can fit with the sunroof)!

    BTW, the car was white with a cocoa/cashmere leather interior - a color combination not found on Chevy's official Build It site. Apparently we're beginning to see some new color combos.
  • tsgraysontsgrayson Posts: 9
    That is the one I am getting...spring special!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    A reporter from a national newspaper is looking to speak to consumers who just purchased a new Chevy Malibu within the past six months and whether it had anything to do with gas prices. If you’re interested in speaking to the reporter, please contact Chintan Talati at with your daytime contact information no later than June 23, 2008.

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  • kslupkslup Posts: 10
    hello all.. i am looking at two cars Chevy Malibu 2lt and the ltz.. big breaker believe it or not is the brick leather available with LTZ. LOVE it. what numbers should I expect???? :cry: , I am waiting to hear from 2 dealers in NY on both models. So far got a quote MP $390 w $1800 total out of pocket on a LTZ.

    looking forward to the replies!!
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    What terms are you looking at? A typical LTZ in the $26-28k range runs around $400'ish give or take on a 36, 12k lease. Not the lowest numbers as there are no lease incentives with such a hot car, but not horrific.

    Just make sure to deal on actual price in the first place, trying to get near or at invoice, and then from that price work with the lease numbers.
  • tepestepes Posts: 1
    Purchased a 4 Cyl. 2008 Malibu LTZ with sunroof, rear power package and adjustable power pedals for $24k before tax, tags and processing fee on July 31st. It came to $25600 out the door in Montgomery county - Maryland (6% tax).
  • cubsmancubsman Posts: 1
    Note: 2008 Prices will be much better and you should get a better deal...however I went with a 2009 so I didn't have as much negotiating power.

    First Visit Wed July 29....test drive and leave never discussing price
    Call to schedule 2nd test drive of LTZ this time on Thursday 30th....never show up..I no called no show....
    Manager calls me Fri July 31st (end of month, end of quarter and I believe end of fiscal year)....I tell him we are not going to buy a car today and after 15 minutes we hang up....
    I show up unannounced now at about 6pm and we test drive the LTZ

    MSRP = 27720
    First offer from them = 27720
    I offered 26200
    They come back with 27478...way to meet me half way
    So I tell them sorry guys...but that's not 26200....invoice is ~25600 so I know I'm giving them some profit with that....we walk out the door (and they let me)....keys in hand when the sales guy comes out to say by (i.e. stall) followed by another manager who starts chatting with us. I say 26200 again is my final and he says invoice is 26600....we argue because I know what it is and he goes to grab the invoice sheet.....Their invoice includes fees for advertising and also included the destination fee so I was right and so was he I guess....He offers "his" invoice price of 26600 and I accept figuring it's probably as good as I'm getting. We walk back in and I tell him....I won't do the deal if I don't get the incentive 6.9% financing...since my bank quoted me 7.5% I figured 6.9% was decent. They never tried to screw me on came out 6.9%

    I had no trade in. I bought NO extended warranty....NO car care kit for $500!!! and no gap insurance for $795 (reduced offer of $595)..figured thats a nice chunck of change for about $3000 of insurance...didn't make sense.

    Besided tax, title, etc...there was a $399 doc fee (after the fact I see it squeezed in there)......all in all I feel I did ok considering it was an 09.

    I think finally it was just below $28000 with everything. (3% state tax)
  • mvc753mvc753 Posts: 1
    Got a quote today for the above stated car at $24,625 + TTL. Any good? The dealer has to go get the car as well.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    Picked up a 2008 2LT with sunroof,premium stereo,power package on 9/2/08, the last day of the original employee pricing.

    Pretty simple. MSRP was $25625, paid $23429.50

    I hear they now extended employee pricing to '09's. The six speed would have been nice but not worth the bump up in MSRP to me.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    A marketing partner would like to speak with Chevrolet Malibu owners who live in the Washington DC and Baltimore areas. If you are pleased with the car, please respond to with your daytime contact information.

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  • Today received a quote over the internet, no haggling:
    2009 Malibu LTZ, V6,Sunroof, Rear power package:
    LIst price:$29,315
    Price: $26,724+TTL
    How does that stack up to other deals?
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    I don't know if GM's employee pricing calculator is up for the '09's yet, but a $2500 discount is about what the 6 cylinder '08's are. Still a very good price though.
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    Purchased 2009 Malibu LTZ, 4 cylinder, 6 speed, dark gray metallic with no sun roof.

    GM employee pricing of $24608.30. Dealer honored $300 coupon from website.
    for a cost of $24308.30. Documentation fee was $45. Registration $139, inspection $10, tire recycling $12.50. That's it. It was as simple a deal as possible. No trade in, no finance and F & I was not pushy. Deal took about one hour. They also gave me 6 free oil changes. NYC sales tax @ 8.375 came to $2035

    Dealer: Meyer Chevrolet in Queens NY
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Congrats! I love the LTZ-4 combo, and you certainly had a nice and easy a fantastic color;)
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    In my area of Queens, Middle Village, there was a 2009 Malibu LTZ sitting on four cinder blocks, the four 18 inch tires stolen.

    I'm picking up my Malibu on Wednesday. My question: What devices can I buy to minimize the treat of theft? New York is notorious for car thieves.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    locking lugs are for honest folks..they can be broken off and rims stolen....locks are to keep the honest folks out IMHO....lo jack seems to be a success in recovering a vehicle...but since its passive in nature.....its not a defense from keeping it from theft.....most people ignore horns and flashing lights these days....a passive system that disables the engine is the best one......I beleive GM employs a passive system already in there keys and ignitiion
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    I read somewhere if you use wheel locks, instead of one on each wheel, use five. It might get you a little more protection. What do you think?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,637
    Then you'll need a different key for each wheel.. seems like a pain..

    What kind of wheels are you putting on a Malibu? 32 years of car ownership... never lost a wheel..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • May be buying a 09' Malibu LTZ. With moonroof. Anyone know what I can expect to pay? So far they said Approx $3300 off of sticker of approx $30,800

    I am a little nervous with what is going on but, I just like the look of the car it is very nice. I have always owned, Mini, Honda, or Toyota my whole life. can anyone say anything about their experience with this car? Is it really as good as they say online. I drove it and it felt nice to me.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    I don't have an LTZ, but I love mine , and it is only a 4 cylinder. Like you I loved the look of it at first. I remember looking at a Car and Driver comparison between the Malibu, Altima,Accord and Camry . The malibu just looked so much more different and better than the others I was sold.

    After driving it I realized that GM got their act together on this one. After 4k miles I am still loving it, it is just so much fin to drive.
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    just weld the wheels on . no on will get em off then.
  • I can get an 09 Malibu LT1 w/sunroof and power convenience package
    in NY for 22000 plus cost of plates. I think this is a very good deal,
    Should I take it
  • got a quote from a dealer
    2009 Malibu LS base model, brand new one
    17300+ fees = 19500 OTD price
    do you guys think it is a good price
    btw, my location is Chandler, Arizona
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    17.3 is a great price.
  • Already hearing it from my friends. What your trading your car for a CHEVY???? I feel a little dumb but, I know what I drove. They like the look. But, they think it is no good. I have always had imports my whole life. I am eager to get this car to show them the difference. I will have to make them rethink. I don't care what they think. If more people do this. GM would get some extra love.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    That's what it all about for Chevy, changing peoples perception one car at a time. It's a shame the economy tanked right when GM was getting some good products(Malibu, CTS,Traverse) out.

    My neighbor that used to own a repair shop came over to check out my car just after I bought it. He was always an import buyer, but after looking at and driving my Malibu he said it was at the top of his list to look at.
  • I am still a little nervous about this. I had thought about and entry level Lexus or Bmw but, I just like the looks of the malibu. It makes it tough when all I ever bought was imports and now that I am at a point in life at which I can spend more on a car it is odd to me and my friends that I am looking at a malibu. I wish they changed the name. hehehe......It is so nice looking to me though.
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